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Do you still want your Global Emotes? If yes, you've come to the right place. A lot of Global Emote servers have survived the Emote Apocalypse: Our server offers hassle free access to 100's of global emote servers. We also provide access to promotion servers and nitro emote servers.

+ 100's of Global Emote Servers.
+ Growing Number of Verified Artists.
+ Active Bot Games Community
+ High Quality Porn and Hentai Channels
˜”°•.˜”°• Welcome to Blueberries and Mangos! •°”˜.•°”˜

Want a place to just hang out, talk to some chill people and catch some pokemon? Come join our server!

We've got;
✦ Pokecord
✦ Mantaro bot!
✦ Colourful roles
✦ LGBTQ+ friendly people

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ What're you waiting for? Join now!
Join our little cute server with funny and active people we talk about pretty much everything!
we have creativity channels you can post your peoms, drawings, memes, dreams and more! We have bots
you can play with! If that's not enough you can suggest anything and it might be added we can make this server beautiful and strong!
♥🌷Purplish🌷♥ is a fun and kind server! It is still kind of in development! It has bot games and roleplay! Music and alot more! Join today!
This server will try to fit all of your needs so why don't you give it a chance
This is a Discord server with pretty much everything you can think of. It is for gaming, chatting, trolling, etc. There are a few rules but they aren't anything crazy. Come on in and make some friends.
♤♡☆Join here to make new friend's,see funny memes and do whot ever you want ☆♡♤
This server is about the Roblox game Bubble Gum Simulator. We have bot games, some giveaways, cool emojis, a meme channel, and much more! Join now!
Peepz zone is a hangout! We've got most things every server probably can't fit. All we need is you and your friends! Our server is a friendly server with loads of channels, also please do remember to read the rules and use the self assigning roles. 💖

Little more info.
◘Bot games
◘Friendly Admins and community
All your hobbies are here like...
◘Weeb talk.
◘And more.
Welcome To The Land Of uhhhhh "Time To Get A Watch", what type of name is that? Like seriously bruh, you ain't got nothing running in your brain?

Anyways let's see what this trash has:
• Pokécord
• Good Community
• Anime, Weebs, Otakus
• A Lot Of Game Bots (RPG, Mantaro, Tatsumaki, Mudae etc...)
• For Some Reason, A Bunch Of Music Bots (Rythm, Wakk, Astolfo etc..)
• Greatest Memes Known To Man
• Sum Hawt Joosey NSFW
• Last But Not Least, Your Favourite Discord User, B̴̳͆o̶͖͆t̶̎͆ :p

Run by this loser @B̴̳͆o̶͖͆t̶̎͆#3089 (a.k.a. Jesus)

this server is for having fun with bots, currently we have 2 bot categories: bots and bots games, bots is for general bots. bot games if for games made with a bot.
there is also the bot-status channel, here bot's announce when they go online and/or offline.
how to get your bot on the server

we have a developer role, this role get access to the bot testing category were they can create a channel to test their bot before they movie it to the server.
if you would like this role, just ping me @vivax . (this might change in the future if the server gets big)
current bots
rulet bot:
play rulet in the rulet channel
more to come :-)
Welcome to TheMeGaming. Let DISBOARD give you a quick tour on how our server is like and the awesome features!

First of all, when you join the server, you will INSTANTLY (if the bot is online) denied permission to all channels except the verification, rules, partners, updates, and announcements. This is for preventing raiders. Next, your next step to do is to verify. Type ?megaming-verified in the chat for access to our next step.
Next, the bot (depend on uptime) will follow you to our #general channel and have some fun. After 5 minutes of your fun, you will be guided to our bump page for DISBOARD, and bump it! (Bumping is required to continue else only #general and info channels. If someone already bumped it, tell staff and then you'll go into the next step. Your next step is to check the #information-center channel, for your FAQs and information in this server.
Next on, you'll be redirected to our social media, and feel free (optional) to follow them.
Next, you'll be asked to check your rank. Do !rank and it will show up. Keep leveling to be more active.
Next stop, a quick 1 minute stop to #100-counting . That is our counting channel, and count some bit (1 minute is required for you to stay)!
Next stop, our self assignable and reaction role messages, and fill out some spaces!!

Next stop, you've successfully unlocked ALL CHANNELS!!!! Get some hype on and be ready to meet others!!!!!!!!

Here are some of our public features, and make sure you check them out!

1. Advanced bots (like our starter guide).
2. Staff applications: moderator, bot developer, etc.
3. Server giveaways (free levels, server spotlight, etc.)
4. Levelling roles!!
5. Limited: Get to level 5000 and dare me to delete this server (that requires more than 5 billion messages btw)!
6. Amazing polls! Plus some petitions!
7. Amazing special events, chess, debates, speeches, Discord lessons, quizzes, etc.
8. Active community!
9. Counting channel!
10. And many more! Just get on our server and explore them all!!!!

Server Name: TheMeGaming
Server ID: 526410960949477376
Server Owner: [-]GODDERE2D[-]#7290
Server Co-Owner: N/A (why don't you apply?)

What are you waiting for? Come on up RN!!!!
Greetings everyone! We would want to announce our new idea to discord network. VirtoNet, a discord server themed like a virtual city.

Our government relies on minigames on the server. In VirtoNet you can work and rob to earn the city's currency, Virtos. With Virtos you can buy cool stuff like a falcon and a car. With your car, you can have more opportunity to earn more Virtos working as a taxi driver.

We also want to make weekly events and competitions so you can have free Virto or discord nitro. We want you to join us because we want to take your neat suggestions, so we consider it on future updates.

The president and his ministers would like to have a dedicated citizen to contribute to this community by giving suggestions. We want to have you on this server to give your opinion on the server's idea and how can we improve it.

Thank You!

President, HaMoOoOd25.
══════════════ 【★】 ══════════════
★‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Vanity☽༓・˚⁺‧͙★
══════════════ 【★】 ══════════════

━ ✱➤ Onze community is voor iedereen zolang het maar gezellig blijft, we proberen zo snel mogelijk en zo groot mogelijk te worden. We hopen dat jullie daarbij helpen maar join vooral en enjoy ur stay!

★| -Laat me vertellen waarom je deze server misschien wel leuk lijk!:


★ 》Vriendelijke staff,
★ 》Leuke bot-games!
★ 》Gezellige community,
★ 》Een active-level systeem waar je kan zien welk level je bent,
★ 》Veel nieuwe update's en meer leuke dingen!
✤ ~We hopen jou hier te zien~ @everyone

Server link:
A newly made server! come join me and perform scientific studies on video games and cartoons.

Looking for a crew to help start the server and get it going.
Our server is a hangout+gaming server :D
we mostly play league of legend and try new meta
we have a friendly community and staff, This is a teenager server but people from all groups can join xD
Its not a dating server but *meh* we do allow couples ^^
sometimes RP giveaway too :)
well we always there to help u if u r bored or sad :3
We are a small ps3 server and hoping to grow larger with this website. We have all sorts of players from minecraft, call of duty, and other popular and unpopular games. Come to our server, Online Builds Server, to have alot of fun. Our server also has many bots you can play games with such as pokecord, pancake, gambling bot, idle miner along with a few others. So please join tour wonderful server so we can do more things woth it and have more fun! (More roles, more bots, more members, more fun)
Fun, chill entertaining server with multiple music bots, leveling system, bot games including a fun way to rank up using the economy to buy ranks
I opened a new server called "Sinner's Heaven"!
It'd mean a lot if y'all could join it so we grow faster!😊
The Fools

The Fools is an community server for people to socialise with others. Here are some of the perks that you can get from joining the fools:

Special OG Fools role for early fools! (We have 11 bots)

Fun games with Trivia Bot, Cafe Bot, Box Bot and more!!

Various competitions hosting every end of a month starting from June!

Now recruiting new staff members willing to help the server!

Foolishness poll! It is to vote how foolish is an activity is.

Self assignable roles!

No limits on music! Play any song you want!
This server is mainly for gambling in all ways. We use many different bots to gamble in all different ways. Just don't lose too much money.

Golden Desert

Are you looking for a discord server where you can hang out with
amazing people and with a lot of freedom, and lenient rules?
Then you've come to the right place.

*⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥ Golden Desert ⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤*
≼ |⭐️| Premium Ranks.
≼ |⭐️| Amazing Level-up roles.
≼ |⭐️| Good looking server.
≼ |⭐️| A wide variety of color roles.
≼ |⭐️| Custom Roles.
≼ |⭐️| A lot of freedom and lenient rules.
*⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥ Golden Desert ⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤
≼ |💥| We’re searching for PM’s.
≼ |💥| We’re searching for Staff.
*⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥ Golden Desert ⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤*
≼ |💥| @everyone @here @partnerping
*⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥⟥ Golden Desert ⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤⟤*
≼ |💥|
≼ |💥|