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Welcome! We are playing supercell games or we can play other games from your choice too if atleast 2 people play it. Thank you for understanding
Радий вітати тебе на нашому сервері.
Тут ти зможеш знайти собі тіммейтів для гри.
Hey guys check out my server for Pokémon & Clash Royale gaming. If you want a challenge try climbing the Dragon Mountain 🏔!
Pokécord League, Weekly Tournament, Fight Club, Teams, Gyms & E4. Gaming Organization made in Portugal.Games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, CS:GO, Pokémon, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, AFK Arena, eSports, giveaways, tournaments, leagues, prizes.
Rejoins la Communauté Française Clash Royale D'AK Blows !

- Discute avec des personnes ayant la même passion que toi !
- Fait de la pub pour ton Clan ou pour tes Tournois !
- Partage tes Decks, Clips et Screenshots !
- Rejoins un de nos clans dans le Top Français
- Écoute de la musique dans des channels spécifiques !
- Communauté active et accueillante !

Amuse toi bien sur le Discord d'AK Blows !
Welcome to the official FurryManiac’s discord server join if ya want to hang out with the FurryManiac and play games as well with him. What are you waiting for?😎
The Banana Cave®️ is a streamlined and simple discord server with intuitive e-chatrooms, self-assignable roles, banana emotes, Voice Chat channels, collaborative pokécord, our very own Clash Royale clan, partnerships, and game nights. Our laid back and Pro-cannabis culture lets members in our community make best buds and memories that last a lifetime, with 15 marijuana badges to choose from.

Geared towards Clash Royale and other mobile games, all people are welcome to join our friendly and supportive community, all while in the presence of ganja.

° Gain distinction and prestige your VC role by talking in The Kiwi Cafe 🔊

°Catch Pokemon in our #pokecord channel with your

°Join our clan. We train new players and play competitively.

°Flirt, socialize, and assign yourself a chatroom emblem. Tell others what chatroom you're a regular in.

°Custom reaction roles allow you to choose from a variety of cannabis strains and choose your color in chat

NOTE: This server is still in beta and under construction.
We are a clan and team working with people 4k and above join and come be a Mythical Player!
There's a whole lot of fun going on here! I host weekly tournaments and live game shows, as well as streaming content on twitch! Currently hosting Clash Royale and Rocket League tourneys + Speedrunning games. Join the foxo fam! 🦊

Home Of Spacegod BS
Mainly brawl stars but we have players from other games as well
NSFW channel included
Color roles, occasional tourneys, and more.
Please Subscribe To SpaceGod BS on yt:)
Heres what my server Clash Royale Server includes
1. Share your Clans
2. Share your friend requests
3. Share your Clash Royale moments
4. Share your Clash Royale videos
5. Go into a group chat with 2v2s, or a friendly 2v2
6. There will be game announcements like updates, or upcoming stuff
7. Also custom roles for what arena your in so you can chat with other people. In the same arena as you
8. Trade with others
9. See your stats
There still more to be added
Это сервер по бравл старс тут можно:
Набирать людей в клан
Находить тимейтов
И тд...
Заходи непожилееш
Non-Toxic group between the ages of 20-28
Our server is a combination of friends in RL & different games. We all enjoy playing together across multiple games and anyone interested in finding a genuine group to play with is more than welcome. We like to organize big fortnite custom games atm
Manic depressive run server. Might post nudes sometimes. Perma silver in CS. Am intimidated by joining a different server. Needs more trash people to play with.
Server for clan leaders only!
Have a discussion with leaders of other clans & solve ur prob whether it's related with clan or others related to game.
New up and coming esports team. We play Rocket League, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 4, Clash Royale , and many other games. I hope to see you there

.・。.・゜✭・NASA I Esports.・。.・゜✭・

——— __**About Us:**__ ———

🔹 *NASA I Esports is an international Clash Royale eSports organization that can help you improve your game skills to the next level. We’re currently looking for loyal & skilled & active players , Staff team ( Elders & Co-Leaders ) , Event Managers and Clan Designers!* 🔹

——— __**Features:**__ ———

🔘Clan wars.
🔘Active practicing.
🔘Friendly members & staff team.
🔘Can help to take your skills to the next level.

——— __**Requirements**__ ———

〰️Clan: NASA I Esports (#ygygyvpl)
〰️10+ war day wins.
〰️Level 9+.
〰️2300+ trophies.
〰️250+ donations.
〰️No toxicity.

——— __**Links**__ ———

Our discord server:
This server is dedicated to our clash royale clan. We have self assignable roles and much more feel free to drop by.