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Join one of many factions in the goal to conquer the stars, the factions include
The Covenant (Halo)
The United Nations Space Command (Halo)
The Galactic Republic (Star Wars)
and The Terran Federation (Starship Troopers)
The United Nations Space Command is the main hub for the people of the UNSC to come together in a friendly and welcoming environment moderated by a professional staff team. Everyone in the Halo Community is welcome to join our server. We hope you see you as a part of our community soon.
Welcome aboard to the Odin Agent. We are highly active OC only Red vs Blue style RP in which you will be roleplaying as an Agent who is serving aboard a privately funded military ship known simply as "Odin." The Odin Initiative is a precursor to the Freelancer Program from Red vs Blue however both groups operate in fundamentally the same way. Down below are just a few of the many things we've put into out RP to make it a unique experience.

• Ability to craft and create your very own AI, it's abilities, and armor abilities through our OC creation process.

• Our own economy using CR (Credits) that are earned by doing missions and other various activities in the RP.

• A fully working black market shop to purchase items for use in RP. Items such as the mighty gravity hammer, custom weapons, covenant/promethean weapons, and more!

• A very successful custom, in-depth story full of twists and turns, engaging missions, exciting plot points, and badass enemies.

We took the time to develop a custom story and narrative to this RP however this is not by any means a linear story and can be altered and twisted in any way depending on how interactions and missions go. If you're interested in joining please join the link below and to get started.
The roleplay is, indeed, set in the
beginning of the Human-Covenant War but we don't plan on staying in this timeline.

The UNSC is fighting a losing war above the agriculture world of Harvest and the ship your stationed on is sitting on the front lines. Fight as a Marines, ODST, Spartan, or an Army soldier to defend the breadbasket world.

The Covenant, bent on eradicating Human filth from the galaxy and not letting anyone halt the divine Journey. Fight as the Sangheili, Unggoy, Kig-Yar, T'vaoan, or the Jiralhanae to honor the prophets and the Forerunners.
Welcome to our Island! This is the last place on this planet to be glassed and were using every little resource to keep it alive. But we’re running out of time. To the UNSC, we are all dead, MIA, and this place is Glassed. But they don’t know that we are still alive and fighting. We don’t have backup, or extra supplies. So join us.


Jaeter Era is a halo RP server where the main focus is on the Jaeter Defense Force defending their home and the OPA (Outer Planet Alliance) in the joint occupation zone. Also a minor focus on Jaeter's Colonial Fleet that leaves to find a home away from the created.
We have a loose canon policy.
Spartans, ONI Agents and ODSTs can not be your first character.
Utrone is a planet dedicated to be the centerpiece of the universe - where members of all species come together and mingle. From Mass Effect to Halo to the Furries outside the galaxy. The planet houses plenty of fun activities for its citizens ranging from game nights to roleplay to creative show and tell. No matter if you are a furry, alien, anime nerd, or even a normie Utrone welcomes all! Show your art, come rp or just sit around and chill.
The year is 2553, The UNSC Orion-Class Assault Carrier “Athena” is occupying the world of Hesduros, a former Covenant World of Jul M’dama’s Covenant. It is on a warpath, attempting to destroy the remnants of the covenant. Several Spartan IV, III, and II Fireteams have been transferred to it, along with it being filled to the brim with Marines, ODSTs, and Navy Personnel. It is currently in the process of pacifying this former Covenant Remnant stronghold, before heading off again. The “Athena” is unique in the way that it has several Swords of Sanghelios units on board. Once the “Athena” is fueled up, under the command of Admiral Adria Denton, it will set off, to pacify more Remnant territory.
Hit me up if looking for partnerships
We are a server dedicated to keeping the peace, fun and helping other servers. We will advertise your server for you. Were open to partnership. We also have a defense force with a economy, elections, housing, and much more. We have channels for a lot of games. Everyone is welcomed!
Attention on Deck!!

Welcome to Daedalus, the Punic class ship with orders to eliminate any threat to the Human race. Your Job? Simple. Get on the ground and shoot!

This server is a Dedicated Halo RP and Discussion server, with room for newbies who are just now getting on board with either RP or Halo!! With friendly members, jokes, and activities for everyone!

Brand new to Combat RP, Halo, or even RP? Doesn’t matter! With staff thats on as much as possible, we are here to help you! Some features include:

Limited spots for Spartans, Swords of Sangheilios, and even Forerunners!

Leveling systems, custom Missions, and a constant surprise around every rp corner!

Constant additions, such as a brand New UNSC Fleet Rp! Become your own UNSC fleet captain, and fight those that oppose us. Buy ships, customize them, and lead them in custom channels dedicated for your fleet.
We are a small growing Gaming Clan
🎮 All Platform Friendly (PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo)

🎫 Events ( Movies, Game Nights, etc)

🌟 Self Roles (Games, Info etc)

🎁 Monthly Giveaways

💰 Functional Economy w/ Shop

🆙 Leveling System

👽 Global Emotes

💦 NSFW Friendly (NSFW Role Locked Channels)

🤝 Friendly Staff

🤖 20 + Fun Bots (Music, Gambling, Meme, Economy, Game Patches, NSFW)
& Much More,

Join Now and Be Part Of Our Clan!!
Note- the 2517 event has ended.
Halo: Pathways is a Halo Roleplay server which stems from an old forum based roleplay. Our story starts in 2511 and will go far beyond the end of the Human-Covenant War. The way our story pans out will be completely decided by the players. Every operation, invasion and mission will be decided by HIGHCOM- on both sides. Losses, whether they be of manpower or assets, will have an effect on the story.
In 2517, there was a SPARTAN-II Program registration event, and after this event no more SPARTAN II's will ever be created, unless they are from the SPARTAN-II, Class II event in the 2530s. We feel that this will make the SPARTAN II's and III's the best that our server can offer. Players will feel much more like veterans this way than if they were just 'dropped in' as a II or III in say, 2558. The hard work shown by trainees will be rewarded. Anybody will be allowed to register into the SPARTAN-II Program, however not everybody will survive training and augmentations. There will be washouts and deaths, which will be decided at random. Note that if your Class I SPARTAN II dies in training or augmentation, you will be offered a reserved place in either SPARTAN II, Class II or SPARTAN III Alpha Company. The same rules will apply to the SPARTAN-III companies. You can also play as a Director, Scientist or Trainer. As a Director or Scientist, you'll have a hands-on approach to future SPARTAN Programs, equipment and armour.
[Post-War Technology]
As suggested by the end of the previous paragraph, those involved with ONI and the SPARTAN Program will help to create newer technology which is not actually Canon. For example, a Scientist who worked on MJOLNIR MK VI could come up with an idea for a new MJOLNIR generation or even a whole new SPARTAN Program. You could invent a new ship, a new weapon. Anything, as long as it makes sense in the current RP situation.

(Requesting to revive a shut down Program such as ORION has a 0.0001% chance of happening. Don't ask.) This would require direct approval from the Founder. You would also need to figure out a reason for its invention, new augmentation procedures etc. It is unlikely your Program will be accepted unless its Director has a connection to ONI or a previous Program. You must also be able to answer any questions regarding your Program. You must also have players willing to participate.

All in all, we want to allow a level of creative freedom that no other server can or will. We want a level of realism that can be respected.
if u wanna play some video games, or if u wanna talk to people, or maybe if your looking for a life partner then join ;) i hope u enjoy your stay.
Greetings, satan here, this server is a safe place for artists and gamers alike. we are a very frendly and tight community, we treat each other like family, and we maintainin a healthy environment for everyone.
If you join stay. This is not a server made for come and goers. Respect the mods and everything will be fine. Everyone has something new to bring here

Join us now, talk about your ocs, make friends, and show off your art
New Atrius is a planet said to be the centerpiece of the universe - where members of every sentient species come together and mingle. From Mass Effect to Halo to the Furries outside the galaxy. We house plenty of fun activities ranging from game nights to roleplay to creative show and tell. No matter if you are a furry, alien, anime nerd, or even a normie. New Atrius welcomes all! Show your art, come rp or just sit back and chill with our awesome community!
Do you like roleplay?
Do you like halo?
Do you like Red vs Blue? Then this is the server for you. You can rp as a Freelancer, Sim trooper, Sanghelli, and Mercs and innies in our server and explore the areas!
Hello there! This is a freshly started server based on the halo franchise. This is halo based, but crossovers are allowed, and even explained in the roleplay. This is honestly my first server i've ever posted to the public, so i hope it's a fun experience for those who enter.
New story line to the server! This is now the fall of the covenant we are strictly being covenant until after then events.

Factions -
- Covenant
- Banished
- Heretic

Reason for the Banished is because we are doing multi-custom stories for the halo rp experience!

October 2545

Vao IV, an earth-like planet home to multiple U.N.S.C. and O.N.I. facilities has come under siege by a roaming Covenant fleet, The Hand of Reclamation. The local planetary defense force had made efforts to slow the onslaught, but eventually, U.N.S.C. forces were called to assist in halting the Covenant. The U.N.S.C. Apone, an Orion-class assault carrier is the first to arrive, with a full complement of personnel and vehicles. Among their arsenal is a company of SPARTAN-IIs and IIIs, ready to be unleashed into the warzone. The fate of Vao IV hangs in their hands.
A War on All Fronts is a community home to writers, artists of pen and animation and SFM, roleplayers, and everyone in-between.

There are always three RP universes with activity such as Halo and Star Wars, doing our best to write our own stories inside the various IPs (details at bottom). Not up for playing the "good" guys? We have factions that allow for diverse character backgrounds and motivations that don't always align with everyone else.

If you ever wanted a Text-Based style RP server with elements of DnD, you'll find nowhere better! Don't worry, we lost the dice fairly quickly.

We are an 18+ server, so age verification is required under Rule 7 (No ID needed, only Date of Birth mm/dd/yyyy). Underage members are not prevented from joining but will be unable to access the NSFW sections of the server.

Pull up a chair, share your story, make some new ones on A War on All Fronts!

Roleplaying Universes as of May 22 '19

>Halo - Occurring after the events of Halo 3, the RP completely diverges into a Forum Canon timeline where intrigue and a shadow war plagues the galaxy as the Sangheili Alliance and UNSC attempt to rebuild. The Sons of Kerensky are prominent among human insurrectionists, the Sanctified Blades are dissenters from Vadamee's alliance, while the Brute-led Covenant Remnant generally hate everyone. (Nothing 343, Halo Reach the game is non-canon here.)

>Star Wars - Currently, the story is at the hours before Order 66, planning to transition into the Galactic Empire and Rebellion era thereafter.

>Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Concurrent with the events of the Official game, take up adventuring in the realm of Skyrim alongside others... or die trying.

>Destiny - Taking place between both Official games, the plan is to transition eventually into the Destiny 2 game concurrent with The Guardian's actions.

We currently have 125 members, with an average of anywhere from 20-50 members on at a time!
Like Halo? Like Roleplaying? Well you came to the right place. Here at Halo Origins, we take
halo lore a twist it a bit. Making it more fun for players to have their own character with their own story.
story. This R.P. is taking place during the time period of Halo Wars 2. It’s 2559. The Human-Covenant War has ended, but new threats arrive. With the Covenant out of the picture,
The Banished and The Created scramble to gain control of the galaxy. Pick a side and choose

-Friendly staff
-Many factions
-Ranking system
-And more!
Welcome to Halo: Lost Contact, this RP is set in the Halo Universe as you may have guessed, starting during the Human CovenantWar . You will be able to be apart of the Marines, Navy, Air Force or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as a new recruit on the UNSC Marathon Class known as Breaking Dawn.

This will take place throughout the games, starting when the UNSC makes First Contact with the Covenant and will continue past the Human Covenant War. Each mission will have each branch doing their part whether it be the Navy fighting the Covenant in space, the Marines, Army and ODSTs fighting on the ground with either vehicles or boots on the ground or even the Air Force fighting Banshees and Seraphs in the Air while deploying ground troops and vehicles.

In this RP you will be starting as an E-1, working up the ranks and eventually maybe even one day becoming a Spartan when the time comes. Here we care about your thoughts and appreciate any criticisms or suggestions for the server you have so we can improve it.

Here we will try to keep as close to lore as possible although we will take some smaller liberties on certain things, but will keep as close to the canon as possible.

Rule #1: Please be kind and understanding to each other, I get that viewpoints are different but we really don’t want fights out of character here.
Rule #2: Listen to staff, if you have a problem with something contact the owner.
Rule #3: If you have a problem with someone please tell staff, they’ll try to solve it.
Rule #4: You need PTK when it comes to combat with another player, but be prepared for the consequences if you do kill another UNSC member.
Rule #5: When in combat be realistic, you will take hits at times or even get badly messed up, but it makes RP better for everyone.
Rule #6: Please don’t use only one liners, we want more from you in actions, but it’s understandable with Dialogue.
Rule #7: Use logic in RP, don’t fight a Brute or Hunter in hand to hand and expect to win with only your hands.
Rule #8: Please be sure to stay in character, I don’t want to see Elites foresaking the great journey or Marines trying to join the covenant
Rule #9: Please don’t ping everyone or certain roles for no reason or even if it’s just a video.
Rule #10: Don’t advertise your servers here, if you want a partnership ask for one but don’t freak out and spam it because someone says no.

Please have a great time and Welcome to the server!
The Caustum

what is the server?

We are a roleplay server like few other, we have:

Character, Planet, Tech, Faction Creation and more.

A Fun, Friendly and Non-Toxic Community.

A Helpful and Open Staff Team.

A ton of Planets and Factions
Halo RP is a roleplaying server that takes place in the final stages of the Fall of Reach. Currently in late August of 2552, the siege of New Alexandria has begun. All UNSC forces are to defend the city and its citizens at all costs. The Covenant Armada is ruthless, and are always pushing humanity to its hind legs. Here, the city is your sandbox. Will you take arms and fight against the Covenant? Or will you be the opposition and have no mercy on the feeble humans? The sky is the limit, and the choice belongs to you.

On the community side of things, the server is very welcoming, whether you are new to RP or not. Every question you have about us is valued, and our staff are here to help. Even if you know nothing about Halo, we can assist in creating a character that you're proud of. While we deviate very little from canon, the Halo Universe is vast. There is plenty of potential for each individual to be unique, whether it be a Marine, ODST, or Spartan. Are you ready to join in on the welcoming and fun community with highly rated staff and an epic Halo experience?