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Welcome to Spec-Ops, you have been noticed by your superiors for your presentation of promise, that you have talent and your combat prowess proves this. Here you will be assigned and become acquainted with a squad, one which will hone your skills and perfect them, morphing you into a perfect killing machine.

This server will take place after the events on Reach and, like Reach, will focus heavily on squad tactics, that "Lone Wolf" stuff, stays behind, clear? You will be working closely with assigned members to certain squads and everything will be kept as lore friendly as possible.

Halo RP is a roleplaying server that takes place in the final stages of the Fall of Reach. Currently in late August of 2552, the siege of New Alexandria has begun. All UNSC forces are to defend the city and its citizens at all costs. The Covenant Armada is ruthless, and are always pushing humanity to its hind legs. Here, the city is your sandbox. Will you take arms and fight against the Covenant? Or will you be the opposition and have no mercy on the feeble humans? The sky is the limit, and the choice belongs to you.

On the community side of things, the server is very welcoming, whether you are new to RP or not. Every question you have about us is valued, and our staff are here to help. Even if you know nothing about Halo, we can assist in creating a character that you're proud of. While we deviate very little from canon, the Halo Universe is vast. There is plenty of potential for each individual to be unique, whether it be a Marine, ODST, or Spartan. Are you ready to join in on the welcoming and fun community with highly rated staff and an epic Halo experience?
C'est un tout nouveau serveur avec de très vieux joueurs/joueuses de la licence Halo. Un serveur créé à l'occasion des Halo qui vont sortir sur Steam (sur PC). Divers discussions, présentations, parties fun, bonne ambiance est au programme, etc.

Nous ne voulons pas de troll, un minimum de retenu est de mise. A très vite !
if u wanna play some video games, or if u wanna talk to people, or maybe if your looking for a life partner then join ;) i hope u enjoy your stay.
Jaeter Era is a halo RP server where the main focus is on the Jaeter Defense Force defending their home and the OPA (Outer Planet Alliance) in the joint occupation zone. Also a minor focus on Jaeter's Colonial Fleet that leaves to find a home away from the created.
We have a loose canon policy.
Spartans, ONI Agents and ODSTs can not be your first character.
The Year is 2559, and this is your chance to find your story, and forge your destiny in the Halo Universe. The Covenant is in decline, but Cortana is claiming the Galaxy with swift prejudice. Join the fight now, on either side, your Galaxy needs YOU.
Roleplay as Canon or Book Spartans from Halo, Or Be An OC, All are Welcome. Please Join.
Note: Admins are Needed to help me organize the Server, It's just Starting!
Though the server may look like it's all about Halo, it's not. Come join and talk about anything. We've got meme channels, general channels, NSFW channels, furry channels, and gaming channels, along with a few others. We're friendly and welcoming of whoever wants to join. We won't judge you, because most of us are part of some minority.
We're small now but hopefully with your help, we can grow.
This server was made for people who need some cuddles or just want to have a fun place to talk about video games.
welcome to The Halo Universe!
You have been selected to to enlist in the UNSC or Covenant and join many others in a rich Halo RP experince rich with lore and many roles!

Server is under development and this is what we plan to add
#over 200 roles
#over 100 chats
#all UNSC and Covenant Groups and roles
#The Flood
#The rebellion

A loosely canon based Halo Roleplay, starting in 2525. Seeking staff and dedicated roleplayers. Run by the Owner of The Halo RPG, a halo RP forum which ran from 2001-2017.
Halo is coming to PC. Get ready for the Custom game modes you loved. We're bringing them back. We play games, we meme. Sometimes pvp, sometimes team.
A roleplaying server that is made recently from scratch looking for new members and possibly future admins to add and upgrade our discord! Artists, furries, and any type of people can come here and enjoy the vr world of Pystec VR!
A Halo RP, taking place during the time period of Halo Wars 2. It’s 2559. The Human-Covenant War has ended, but new threats arrive. With the Covenant out of the picture, The Banished and The Created scramble to gain control of the galaxy. The UNSC “Origin”, in a scramble to escape The Guardians, use the last bit of their power to jump into slipspace, and wind up at Installation 07. This particular installation was created by the Greater Ark. Because of this, it’s roughly 30,000 kilometers in size, far surpassing the sizes of other installations. The “Origin” approaches the Installation, trying to contact anyone there, but to no avail. It was reported that there were in fact UNSC forces present on Installation 07, but when they landed, this wasn’t the case. The ring was abandoned by Humans, left to the Banished, Covenant Remnant, and the Flood. Every faction seemed to be stranded there, with no real hope of escaping. Because of this, the struggle to control Installation 07 began. Pick a side and choose who you fight for.

A universe that’s a little separate from the original universe. This server is already been made and a template plus channels are already here. I’d suggest joining now as the server goes up because there is a limit on how many Spartans there can be. There’s a small lore channel in the server if you want to know more.
Halo Rival RP is an amazing freshly new Halo Roleplay Server. We're welcoming to all new members who join, and possibly opening up advertisements and or partnerships. We've made a nice, fun and astonishing continuity, which will slowly be elaborated further, both by us and you guys! Roleplay with canon characters from the Halo story, or make your own characters!

We're inspired by Halo Movies, TV shows and many more! We have a friendly active staff in the server, and an organized server! The roleplay is based on the Halo Video Games, not much into comic lore just yet, but we'll get there! As we gain our player base, we'll be introducing a weekly event system with huge events with the whole server involved in a massive battle in the roleplay! We made our own lore for the server with help from comics and video games, basically rewriting the entire Halo story to start fresh. Come check out Halo Rival Roleplay!
Anything gaming a server about well Anything Gaming. Talk about all the different games you like from Mario to Halo and beyond, anything goes here.
Utrone is a planet dedicated to be the centerpiece of the universe - where members of all species come together and mingle. From Mass Effect to Halo to the Furries outside the galaxy. The planet houses plenty of fun activities for its citizens ranging from game nights to roleplay to creative show and tell. No matter if you are a furry, alien, anime nerd, or even a normie Utrone welcomes all! Show your art, come rp or just sit around and chill.

War on All Fronts is a mass-universe, detailed and literate RP Server!

We have various RP universes such as Halo, Destiny, Star Wars and even one of our own creation!

Come join us as we are always growing and expanding what universes we have available!

We are an 18+ server, so age verification is required (No ID needed)

But if you ever wanted a DnD style Text Based RP server, you'll find no where better than here!

So come join our growing community!

We currently have 125 members, with an average of anywhere from 20-50 members on at a time!
Welcome aboard to the Odin Agent. We are highly active OC only Red vs Blue style RP in which you will be roleplaying as an Agent who is serving aboard a privately funded military ship known simply as "Odin." The Odin Initiative is a precursor to the Freelancer Program from Red vs Blue however both groups operate in fundamentally the same way. Down below are just a few of the many things we've put into out RP to make it a unique experience.

• Ability to craft and create your very own AI, its abilities, and armor abilities through our OC creation process.

• Our own economy using CR (Credits) that are earned by doing missions and other various activities in the RP.

• A fully working black market shop to purchase items for use in RP. Items such as the mighty gravity hammer, custom weapons, covenant/promethean weapons, and more!

• A very successful custom story full of twists and turns, engaging missions, exciting plot points, and badass enemies.

We took the time to devlop a custom story and narrative to this RP however this is not by any means a linear story and can be altered and twisted in any way depending on how interactions and missions go. If you're interested in joining please join the link below and to get started.
A Halo Rp server,looking for staff,and happy to answer questions about the server
Halo PC LFG server for finding people in Halo on PC
Incoming Transmission from Command

Hey dudes, hello, hi, I heard that you need a tank?

It was short, and it was fast. It was a familiar voice, and a good one at that. It was Vic, and he heard about Red Team needing a tank. Hell, Blue needs a few Rocket Launchers. This isn't the previous simulation everyone is used to, this is a different one... A far more different one. You are all to be placed on Blood Gulch ASAP.

Welcome to RvB: Blood Gulch Chronicles 2! This is an RP based off of the other potential simulations of Red and Blue team. You play as either a Freelancer or Sim Trooper. We welcome LGBTQ+ and Semi-Lit RP'ers! We will follow the events of the show, just mixing things up a little.