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An organized community for Halo part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Welcome to Halo:The Human-Covenant war! The year is 2552 and the Covenant are on the brink of victory, and the battle of Reach is imminent. This is an alternative universe where their are no canon characters and we make our own canon, and the possibilities of characters are near limitless. Be a great Sangheli Warrior,A Forerunner A.I safeguarding a forerunner installation,a human in the insurrection fighting back the UNSC,A warlord in the banished,or even start your own faction! We accept all people here,and we are fairly patient so take your time. I hope everyone has fun here and Welcome to the community.
The 1-46th Infantry Regiment server was created to bring together all types of gamers who enjoy milsims. As a Community have created a place for everyone to join whether they are new to milsims or someone with lots of experience.

We are active on Xbox, PlayStation and Computer. Here all gamers are welcome!

We specialize in the following milsims:
GhostRecon, Halo, Battlefield, and Star Wars. As well we are looking to add a WarThunder division in the future.

Welcome to the 1-46th, we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
Tired of playing the same custom maps in different servers? Don't like the fact that discord servers for halo have a mix of xbox and pc players and sometimes you don't know who plays what? Tired of getting people that screech in mic in voice chat and leave? Luckily you've came across this server! We are a tight knit server that are always online. We have a lot fun playing a game that we all cherish and hope you join us to have as much fun as we do!
This is a crossover rp server that takes place in the RWBY timeline. The server has star wars, dbz, Godzilla, transformers, halo, ect. You can play any of your favorite characters, and you can oc's but they aren't allowed in the main story if they are on a main character team or if I say they are allowed, the rp is more about main characters from other shows/games interact with the main cast of rwby. But if you don't feel like rping, that's fine. We have a few nice chat rooms where you and your friends can hang out. This server is done, but it will add on when time gose on. Ex: more channels, and bots. We are a nice community and we'll be happy if you join us. For this is the rp story of.... RWBY, Power Within.
Task Force Kraken
Task Force Kraken is recruiting for strong minded and well disciplined soldiers to join our ranks. We do Conscription, re-evals and honor previous conscriptions.
Marines: OPEN
Spartan II Program: OPEN
Spartan III Program: OPEN
• Willing to follow orders
• A Working Microphone
• Halo MCC
If interested in joining, please refer to the contact list below.
Jester B133
Jerome CDR S092
Linda S058 A
Jester B-133#0133
SIII C A259#0259
Jerome CDR S092#4768
The United Nations Space Command is the main hub for the people of the UNSC to come together in a friendly and welcoming environment moderated by a professional staff team. Everyone in the Halo Community is welcome to join our server. We hope you see you as a part of our community soon.
Salutations Spartans, bienvenue sur le Discord officiel de la communauté 👋

Au programme :
💬 Des discussions variées sur les jeux, l’univers, les collections ...
🔍 Des canaux de recherche de joueurs
🔊 Des canaux vocaux à volonté
📝 Un suivi quotidien de l’actualité officielle
🎨 Des partages de créations en tous genres
🎮 Des événements avec la communauté
🔥 Et surtout ... des fans de Halo ultra passionnés !

Nous avons créé cet espace entièrement personnalisé, pour proposer la meilleure expérience francophone autour de l’univers Halo ! ❤️

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mais ce n’est pas qu’un serveur Discord, c’est avant tout une plateforme communautaire complète !

Depuis 2001, s’engage auprès de la communauté pour apporter :
✅ Des actualités officielles et communautaires quotidiennes
✅ Une chaîne YouTube complète
✅ Le Wiki Halo français le plus riche du monde
✅ Des réseaux sociaux Twitter et Facebook animés
✅ Un forum de discussion dédié
✅ Un espace de partage et de découverte de créations par millier

Retrouvez tout ceci sur notre site !

A très vite Spartans, et Vive Halo ! ❤️
The Metal Uprising Halo Clan,

is returning this Holiday Season when Infinite Drops! We also have turned our Clan Discord into a Clan Recruitment HUB so you can spread your recruiting Network even further! We also have a Battlefinder Channel.

(Competitive) ⚔- TMUR Halo Clan will have a Competitive MLG and raid Battalion! We already have 2 MLG Coaches waiting to teach you how to play competitive Halo!

(Battalions and Sections) 🛡-We have sections within each Battalion that you can choose that suit your play style as well as a casual battalion just to play with your friends!
We will also be introducing TMUR Sangelli Battalion and UNSC Battalion for Roleplay skirmishes and action!

(Ranking System)arrow_double_up -Your rank in the Clan will Depend on your rank in our Discord so the more active you are in-game and in chat and voice channels the quicker you will rank up. We have over 160 levels of ranking with over 20 ranks ( So far)

The metal Uprising Reforged
Come check us out!
𝙐𝙉𝙎𝘾 𝙂𝙧𝙚𝙮 𝙇𝙖𝙙𝙮

Hello and welcome to a server that has been running since the 26th of October, 2019! Since then, we've been from Reach to New Mombasa, but there we drew the line. The server has recently had a complete wipe; inactives purged and characters remade, ready for the server's second, more ambitious iteration. So, here's what we have!

𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎:
☠- A fair, lore-influenced set of events, missions and campaigns.
♟- The starter roles as a Marine or Naval Crewman.
♙- The chance to become ODST, a Spartan or even ONI through hard work.
♝- Development through many roles, go from a Rifleman to a Sniper or more!
♗- A constantly evolving environment, reliant on the players.
♜- A custom-lore home vessel which allows us to write our own story!
♖- Chronological development, allowing for eventual S-IVs and SoS!
♛- Awards and Promotions to earn through dedication and forward-thinking.
♕- Responsibility coming from your character's rank.
♚- A section for Verified users, who have proven their age.
♔- An interview process for ODSTs and Spartans, to keep high standards.
♞- A roster to keep track of all of the members.
♘- A dynamic Squad system.

The UNSC Grey Lady is a Reaper-Class Battleship that officially doesn't exist. The soldiers stationed on this mighty vessel are supposedly running security jobs out on some far-stationed colony in the midst of production, according to their families. However, the Grey Lady is purely of ONI interest; a testing ground for the worst weaponry and most high-tech gear known to mankind as of yet. The Grey Lady's true task was to assist ONI Research teams to hunt for artefacts that were rumoured to be long-since buried.

Upon the Grey Lady is a contingent of Marines, ODSTs and Navy Crewmen aplenty. Looming over them constantly are the near-mythical Spartan-II graduates and ONI, giving them something to always look out for in this Battleship.

𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎'𝚛𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛:
♠- Logically-minded individuals who put effort into their roleplay.
♤- Semi-Lit to Literate Roleplayers.
♣- In-character drama and camaraderie.
♧- Relationships and emotion.
♥- Effort and love placed into characters.
♡- People willing to become Staff, should they want to.
♦- Partnerships and Partnership Managers.
♢- Those daring enough to undergo the Officer Training School.

As of the day of this latest update, the server has encountered the Covenant on Harvest. The date in-roleplay is some time in early March 2526, ready for the 5-Year Battle of Harvest.

Last Updated 24th May 2020, by Six.
💠 • SERVEUR NIV.2 avec 23 boosts !
🔊 • Groupes Vocaux tous les soirs
📺 • Events Twitch toutes les semaines
🎲 • Mini-jeux et bots Halo EXCLUSIFS !
🎖️ • Système de rang à débloquer
🎨 • Créations issues de la communauté chaque jour
🇺🇸 • Premium Translator bot

Halo Création est un serveur de partage et de promotion de créations basées sur l'univers Halo, le tout dans une ambiance sympa et chill !
Cherchez des joueurs pour vos parties, et découvrez des façons créatives de jouer (tricks, speedruns, etc.)

[Note to non-French speakers: we do have a translator bot so you can join and speak in whatever your language is!]
Halo: The Great War is a Halo Roleplay server that mainly focuses on roleplaying and community. We recently reached the year 2526, short before the events of Forward unto Dawn and we will go far beyond the end of the Human-Covenant War. The way our story pans out will be completely decided by the players. Every operation, invasion, and mission will be decided by HIGHCOM- on both sides. Losses, whether they be of manpower or assets, will have an effect on the story. 
The year is 2525, shortly after the first contact and it will feature the whole Human-Covenant War.

Want to become a fireteam leader who leads his troops into battle? Or a Naval Officer who has the command over a certain area or amount of troops? What about a pilot to carry around the troops or take part in bombardments? Or should it just be the simple soldier of the Army or Marine Corps? You can also try to apply as a game master!

The things that set us apart from other Halo rp servers is that our server features a Hierarchy of the whole UNSC, variants of roleplay coming together where team leaders operate together with their teams to succeed in missions, upcoming planned and strategic roleplay events with war plans and combat tactics as well as lots of awards that can be earned for outstanding service.

We are constantly on the lookout for new staff members and those who are willing to improve our server. We hope to see you all soon.
Servidor de HaloRP con el objetivo de tener un rol serio enfocado en el MilitaryRP del juego Garrys Mod. Ofrecemos una comunidad activa, seria y con muchas ganas de avanzar; aparte, podrás experimentar una de las mejores experiencias de MilitaryRP de GarrysMod.

Diferentes facciones, como Covenant, Flood y Insurgente; podrás crear tu propio escuadrón o unirte a los Spartan para proteger a la UNSC de sus enemigos.

Incluyendo también partes de custom lore que podrás ir observando IC dentro del servidor, ¿a que esperas? ¡Unete ya!
Hello, and welcome to Halo: Eridani! This server is a roleplay server, taking place within the Halo series.

Halo is set in a timeline like our own, only many centuries into the future, with advanced technology that allowed humanity to colonize much of the Milky Way. In 2525, humanity discovered the advanced alien empire known as the Covenant. Instead of diplomacy, the Covenant chose war - to purge the heresy that is humanity's relation to the ancient, long-dead species known as the Forerunners, who the Covenant worship. Billions of humans were killed and hundreds of colonies have fallen to the Covenant during this war.

By the beginning of 2548, the war was looking grim for the human race. Colonies had been glassed, billions had died, and the Covenant showed no signs of stopping. Desperate measures are being erected to at least stall the alien menace from reducing humanity to nothing, even as the race refuses to band together.

This server offers...
- A fun, welcoming, and interactive staff team
- A growing community
- Freedom of choice: RP anything in any way you want!
- Available partnerships
- Open server suggestions: you want it, we can add it!
Your application to become a part of project Epsilon has been accepted! Welcome aboard!

Hello and welcome to Halo: Project Epsilon. This is a server where you work as a team and go on missions to many mysterious and mystical planets as you uncover the dark truth about Project Epsilon.

This is based off of Red VS. Blue’s project freelancer and it is custom rp server.

We would love to have you as a part of our server, however if you do not intend to create a character, then see somewhere else. We are an active rp server and we have welcoming and supportive staff who can help you if you have questions. We hope to see you there!
Lost Hours is a Halo-based narrative text roleplay server on Discord. We accept all mature role players who wish to have a story driven experience, while at the same time enjoying casual RP with our other community members. We have an expansive Discord with all of our information, but here is a sneaky peaky at what we provide our community.

EU + US based staff team to provide as much support as possible

Narrative-driven and leisure events

Multiple playable characters including Marines, ODSTS, Spartans, AI and more

Playable Covenant remnant factions; SoS, the Wraith (a faction in the server lore.)

In-Depth lore

Over 60 members

A unique experience for all Halo fans

Your mission begins here: You are assigned to the UNSC Athena with your brothers and sisters in arms. In early 2553 the Athena went missing while doing an emergency jump to an unknown planet (Refuge) from Gao after the Evacuation of Gao. 3 years passed by as the combat personnel aboard the UNSC Athena fought against 'Mdama's Covenant forces on the planet before making a slipspace jump to Ellandum, an Outer-Colony planet. It has been two years since the Athena landed on that planet, and with a growing number of Insurgents, the Parliament of Ellandum requested assistance from the UNSC Athena to combat the insurgents. Since then, Ellandum has been put under martial law, an engagement between UNSC forces with the aid of the police against insurgents (now identified as the Ellandum Liberation Front) happened at a meeting point with the Elladnum Governor, a key figure in the Ellandum Liberation Front was captured by the Athena after a raid on an insurgent building, and the UNSC Marines aboard the Athena now prepare for a patrol in the capital city of Ellandum.

(Note, the server is NOT a homebrew server).
After the end of the great war between humans and aliens, a small outer colony by the name of Chorus was abandoned and left to fend for itself by the UNSC. In an attempt to create a stable government, a faction known as the Federal Army of Chorus was created. Some saw the Federal Army as tyrannical dictators, and thus formed their own faction called the New Republic of Chorus. This led to the eruption of a civil war between the two factions, with the Federal Army seeing the New Republic as a terrorist threat, and the New Republic seeing the Federal Army as brutal, controlling overlords. The first general of the Federal Army, not seeing this small group as a threat, placed the entire war effort in the hands of the commander of Federal Army Outpost 37, better known as "Longbow". While the general attempts to maintain a stable government from the heavily fortified planetary capital Armonia, this commander and his troops attempt to crush the 'terrorist scum'. Meanwhile, the young New Republic and its leader try to spread word of their cause, while attempting to take back control from the 'sinister' ruling faction.

Red vs Blue RP. You can be Federal Army, you can be New Republic. I have something resembling a plan for the place, but there's no serious commitments to be made.
Project Freelancer: Rebirth

2545 - Project Freelancer (PF) is Formed with approval from Office of Naval Intelligence (O.N.I). The programs motive is to pair soldiers with Artificial Intelligence, as well as find a ‘magic bullet’ to win the war. The project at the moment is getting its bearings, and is intended to be provided with an A.I in 2547. Soldiers taking part in this project are the gateway to future projects, such as the hypothetical Spartan IV program. To account for this, they will be provided with the advanced medical additions and arsenal to account for this.

2545/b - The program is now in full force after being formed 6 months ago, and as such, preparations must be made. To maintain a low profile condition, Project Freelancer has been gifted the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) Frigate Mother Of Invention (MOI). This ship can and will most likely be called into service during desperate times, and once again to maintain secrecy, will be fitted with UNSC Troops with Section 1 ONI Clearance, outfitted with a white set of Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) armor. Cover story for the project is still being fabricated, but is most likely unnecessary as of now. Units will be transferred in from their current stations one by one until all 50 agents are accounted for.

There are second chances for everyone, and Project Freelancer offers just that. Join Project Freelancer for an opportunity to be more than yourself, and taking part in what will become the future of how wars will be fought. Highly skilled, unique and personalized Agents is what give PF its edge. Here we value individuality, each with their strengths and weakness.

Aboard the Mother of Invention you will find all you need to maintain a healthy and balanced day to day lifestyle, with opportunities to grow and advance. Explorer different planets, doing a variety of missions. In this Roleplay we value both creativity, as well as trying to adhere best we can to the lore of Halo and RvB with a few adjustments here and there.

You’ll find:

Welcoming, members to rp with, active staff to answer questions and help.

Organized roleplay channels and ooc channels. Including a place to share your art, and a place to share your memes.

New locations and missions become available as they story progresses, along with plenty of room for character growth and advancement.
This server is a Red vs Blue/ Halo roleplay set in an alternate reality of Red vs Blue that while nearly exactly the same, has slight differiences such as the UNSC playing a much larger role, and taking place in 2551. The server is still under construction so please bear with us but if you are a Red vs Blue fan and would love to roleplay as a character during the Freelancer Arc then come along!

This server is an AU set in 2557, right after the events of Halo 4, where humanity, the Covenant, and the Promethean constructs have temporarily stopped fighting each other to combat a massive outbreak of the Flood. But without a formal treaty, conflicts between these factions and other groups of survivors is everywhere. As the parasite has claimed almost every inhabitable planet, the non-infecteds have been driven back to Earth. We will take back the Flood-infested worlds in time, with your help.

What we offer:
- Casual Roleplay: This server is meant to be relaxing and fun, play as any species you want!
- Army Building: With Unbelievaboat, amass an army of customizable troops and vehicles from all over the Halo universe
- A Building System: Prevents unit spam, which has been a problem with other servers I’ve been in
- Events: We plan to host a variety of events with in-roleplay rewards just for participation every week!
- Player-influenced Plot: Every player influences the storyline of this server
- Active Staff: Exactly what it says

If that sounds like fun to you, we hope to see you here, survivor.

Update: We now have small fleets with multiple planets available for conquest
"Welcome Spartans, and night sentinels to the United Nations Space Command INFINITY, this server is to socialize with people who like to be play HALO or talk about it but also includes another game DOOM, this server includes NSFW's you need to be at least mature or 18+ to access those channels, there will be a RvB and RWBY channel for people who just talk about Rooster Teeth or even the movies of Halo that 343i made, here in the United Nations Space Command We treat other Spartans with respect, Rank up to the Master Chief Petty Officer rank to be Handpicked by the staff to be Trusted or Captain, Good luck out there Spartans"
The war between human and the Covenant continues to wage on, with no end in sight. The UNSC is slowly being pushed back, losing colonies and fleets everyday of this war. The Covenant has located earth, humanitys last hope, Humanitys last stand. Will you fight for the Human Race, Or will you help The Covenant? The choice is yours!!!

-Both UNSC and Covenant playable characters
-Amazing community
-weekly events
-passive and aggressive roleplay
-developing story
-mostly follows lore

This roleplay takes place during halo 2, if you have any other questions just let us know!!! Hope to see you in the server. (:
A place for halo fans and other flavors of degenerate to congregate, post trash, and play multiplayer games, both old and new.
TeamRespawn is the largest Discord server for the Halo Wars community. We are objectively below average at best. We stand together.

We are objectively the best Halo Wars channel on YouTube. We are a group of friends who love to make fun of ourselves while playing games! Also known to play other awesome RTS games. TeamRespawn is the largest Discord for the Halo Wars community. Halo Wars 2 launched in 2017 bringing the Banished into the light. The Banished will be in Halo Infinite along with possible Halo Wars character appearances.

No more prophets! No more lies! We stand together! We are his will! We are his legacy! We are the Banished!