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Welcome to The Lost Legion. The date is 24/08/2552. In one week, the glassing of reach is a week away, and you are fleeing to a fleet to escape the covenant. The goal of this server is to be an exploration based fleet after finding unknown space. Both UNSC and Covenant are available as playable races.
Soon after the covenant war (Year 2553), an Orion-Class Assault Carrier by the name of “Fairhaven” has gone MIA on an unknown planet, leaving the troops scattered. The survivors of the ship crash have gathered together to construct a makeshift FOB on the surface on the planet, and later, a secondary camp.

The UNSC Fairhaven has been transporting a batch of fresh UNSC Naval and Marine troops to the Outer Colonies, which were still threatened by remnants and insurrectionists after the war. Most of the service members have been in cryo sleep for several years now and many do not know that the war has ended. (Apart from several individuals such as ONI agents or Officers.)

On this unknown planet, they face the wrath of a Remnant leader who’s name remains unknown. This Remnant leader has been allied to a rogue SPARTAN-II (Eli-424).

Some of the wildlife has been proven deadly, but not to a major extent.

With several holes in the chain of command, some of the privates may face promotions to compensate for the lack of NCOs and Officers in command.  It seems that a group of Sangheili warriors who call themselves “Swords” have befriended the ONI personnel. These split-jaws seem to be working with us.

Now, the survivors of UNSC Fairhaven must survive together, arm by arm. Their goal is to destroy the Remnant activity in the area and repair the ship so they could return home.
A few hundred years after the events based around Master Chief, the universe has become more populated by UNSC, Covenant, and flood. Five of the Halo Rings have been detonated, leaving one left. The UNSC and Covenant have split into a few major sub-factions, mostly to assist in the control of planets. This Roleplay is based on a specific solar system with five planets, two controlled by the UNSC, two controlled by the Covenant, and the last one with flood, plus a ring world in which all three fight for.
So, what are you waiting for? Team up with a faction! Decimate your enemies!
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Halo RP takes place in 2552 on Reach before it fell, as the time progresses, the location will change. We will go through the years and always a chance to fight! Who will you join? The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) or the Covenant Empire? That choice, is up to you.
if u wanna play some video games, or if u wanna talk to people, or maybe if your looking for a life partner then join ;) i hope u enjoy your stay.
Utrone is a planet dedicated to be the centerpiece of the universe - where members of all species come together and mingle. From Mass Effect to Halo to the Furries outside the galaxy. The planet houses plenty of fun activities for its citizens ranging from game nights to roleplay to creative show and tell. No matter if you are a furry, alien, anime nerd, or even a normie Utrone welcomes all! Show your art, come rp or just sit around and chill.
Welcome to Halo: First Contact, this RP is set in the Halo Universe as you may have guessed, starting before the first contact between Humans and The Covenant. You will be able to be apart of the Marines, Navy, Air Force or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as a new recruit on the UNSC Marathon Class known as Breaking Dawn.

This will take place throughout the games, starting when the UNSC makes First Contact with the Covenant and will continue past the Human Covenant War. Each mission will have each branch doing their part whether it be the Navy fighting the Covenant in space, the Marines, Army and ODSTs fighting on the ground with either vehicles or boots on the ground or even the Air Force fighting Banshees and Seraphs in the Air while deploying ground troops and vehicles.

In this RP you will be starting as an E-1, working up the ranks and eventually maybe even one day becoming a Spartan when the time comes. Here we care about your thoughts and appreciate any criticisms or suggestions for the server you have so we can improve it.

Here we will try to keep as close to lore as possible although we will take some smaller liberties on certain things, but will keep as close to the canon as possible.

Rule #1: Please be kind and understanding to each other, I get that viewpoints are different but we really don’t want fights out of character here.
Rule #2: Listen to staff, if you have a problem with something contact the owner.
Rule #3: If you have a problem with someone please tell staff, they’ll try to solve it.
Rule #4: You need PTK when it comes to combat with another player, but be prepared for the consequences if you do kill another UNSC member.
Rule #5: When in combat be realistic, you will take hits at times or even get badly messed up, but it makes RP better for everyone.
Rule #6: Please don’t use only one liners, we want more from you in actions, but it’s understandable with Dialogue.
Rule #7: Use logic in RP, don’t fight a Brute or Hunter in hand to hand and expect to win with only your hands.
Rule #8: Please be sure to stay as UNSC, this is set before Halo 2, also ask staff for a Spartan but don’t freak out if they say no.
Rule #9: Please don’t ping everyone or certain roles for no reason or even if it’s just a video.
Rule #10: Don’t advertise your servers here, if you want a partnership ask for one but don’t freak out and spam it because someone says no.

Please have a great time and Welcome to the server!
We are fairly new and need new members. We have put lots of work and time and are still adding onto this chat that has potential. We now need people to join and have fun.

War on All Fronts is a mass-universe, detailed and literate RP Server!

We have various RP universes such as Halo, Destiny, Star Wars and even one of our own creation!

Come join us as we are always growing and expanding what universes we have available!

We are an 18+ server, so age verification is required (No ID needed)

But if you ever wanted a DnD style Text Based RP server, you'll find no where better than here!

So come join our growing community!

We currently have 109 members, with an average of anywhere from 20-50 members on at a time!
The year is 2552.....

The peak of the Human Covenant war...

And we're losing...

The Covenant had fought us all the way back to our home planet, in which we'll defend until we fall.

The UNSC has left, pulling away, leaving you to save Mombasa.


Active Staff
Expansive Roleplay Areas
Expansive Roleplay Positions
A recruiting staff team

We are new! Please be patient with us while we learn with you! :)
“Hello and welcome, You have Been assigned to the UNSC Armagedon, the first cross species ship in the UNSC the purpose of this vessel is to build our relationship with those in the SOS, And end any remaining Covenant,Brute, insurrection, and as of yet Unknown threats that may appear.”
set just after the trainees arrive at the fleetcom military compound, you get to start as a trainee or even a trainer as you adventure into the world that was the spartan II's life before action. Will you survive the spartan II's training?
Once an afterthought to me, I continued to wonder, "What would have happened if both sides were stronger". More so, "What if MORE Spartan-IIIs weren't to become martyrs for time?". So I went forward and made THIS server! A Halo: Reach Roleplay, without the canon of The Covenant's victory. To give humanity a standing chance. A future without a written outcome....

Join me and a few friends on this journey of a flashback to the Golden Era of Halo itself with new twists added in!
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The Osiris Program is a casual role-play server
loosely based around the Halo franchise.
Think something akin to the style of
RvB where it's essentially a whole separate universe.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We have a character format to help you get set up, an active community, fair staff, and generally a very welcoming community.
OH! We also play Halo Online but it's not required
so don't worry about that too much.
Welcome! You have been invited to join the Iris Program! Here you will go under a series of tests to prove your worth!
Coral is a community created Halo game created in Unity that focuses on a new Single Player/Cooperative Campaign experience with a deep story, and mini-game modes such as Firefight and Flood Survival.
A Halo Roleplay Conquest Server. Play as a UNSC Commander, and fight the Covenant, or be the Arbiter, and glass those human Heretics. This server is Economy Based, with credits used to purchase fleets full of troops. We are in need of Admins!
Hello, I am the Archivist. I represent the main recruiting side of the staff for Halo: Warscape. Halo: Warscape is a lore heavy roleplay based in the Halo franchise during 2531 during a theoretical battle for Harvest after the events of Halo Wars. Depending on your faction, you will either be thrown in to combat with the UNSC's Battlegroup Pacific, or serve the prophet's will as a member of the Fleet of Sacreed Consecration.
Jaeter Era is a halo RP server where the main focus is on the Jaeter Defense Force defending their home and the OPA (Outer Planet Alliance) in the joint occupation zone. Also a minor focus on Jaeter's Colonial Fleet that leaves to find a home away from the created.
We have a loose canon policy.
Spartans, ONI Agents and ODSTs can not be your first character.
A universe that’s a little separate from the original universe. This server is already been made and a template plus channels are already here. I’d suggest joining now as the server goes up because there is a limit on how many Spartans there can be. There’s a small lore channel in the server if you want to know more.
A Halo Roleplay Server where you can go through the battles of Reach, Installation 04, New Mombasa, and many more! We are in need of admins and staff.
This server is based off of the concept of Roleplaying, and World Collide. Thing of this as the Lego Dimensions of Discord Roleplay... but better!

In this server it is possible to create characters from different universes, and even custom universes.

The setting of the server is based around the Link. The Link is a Wormhole generated by an advanced race of Humans to travel across space. It was used for many years, but eventually during a terrorist attack, the Wormhole began to become unstable, and was pushed out of it's location. It began to succumb to Hawking Radiation, when it collided with the planet below. The resulting cataclysm removed said planet from the Star Charts, leaving a rip in Space-Time. After experimentation, it was revealed that this rip lead to the missing planet. Apparently it was a one-way trip, but light and waves were still capable of exiting, but not matter. Even further experimentation revealed that the planet housed beings from many other universes. Experimentation still continues.
Welcome aboard to the Odin Agent. We are a brand new OC only Red vs Blue style RP in which you will be roleplaying as an agent who is serving aboard a privately funded military ship known simply as "Odin." The Odin Initiative is a precursor to the Freelancer Program from Red vs Blue however both groups operate in fundamentally the same way.

In this RP you will have the option to create your own OC and customize their armor, weapons, and their AI. All agents will have an AI and one armor ability however you can choose to have either a canon armor ability or malw a custom one for yourself! Just make sure you check in with one of the Owners to ensure that the ability you want isn't taken.

We took the time to devlop a custom story and narrative to this RP however this is not by any means a linear story and can be altered and twisted in any way depending on how interactions and missions go. If you're interested in joining please join the link below and get started.