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The USS Vanguard

This Star Trek server is a text based rp based on a federation ship USS Vanguard.
It has been a year since the end of the Dominion war. It is time to move forward. It is a time for galactic exploration in a way you have never seen it before. Enlist today and join the crew of the USS FAHRENHEIT.
<<•In this server you will encounter•>>
-Friendly and dedicated staff.
-Good quality roleplay.
-A decent number of bots making the roleplay experience more interactive.
-OOC channels to chill and chat with fellow trekkers, accompanied by custom emojis.
All divisions are recruiting now!!!Are you ready to become a member of Starfleet?
A community of older adults (25 Years and older) that want to chat without the teenagers.
The USS Lionheart is a Discord RP oriented around Star Trek. Lionheart takes place in 2385, six years after the latest (chronologically) Star Trek installment, during yet another Borg threat. The Lionheart is one of dozens of other Federation starships sent to the region of the Beta Quadrant under attack by the Borg to - hopefully - once and for all beat back this decades-old threat.

If you are an experienced enough roleplayer and/or know enough about Star Trek, feel free to join and contribute to (I believe) Discord’s first Star Trek roleplay!
Gaming, Sci Fi, Sims & Music - Share game-play, chat & listen to music, Read the Live Gaming Feeds to keep up to date, Check out the Now Live channel, and get your own stream added! Suggestions welcome, your input can make it fun!
A brand new multifandom roleplay server for several mainstream fandoms, including Sherlock, Star Trek, Hannibal, Marvel and more! Fandoms will be added as the group gets bigger.

What we have to offer:
- An openly LGBT+ group of friends and plenty of roles to choose from
- Plenty of open character slots
- A Star Trek ranking system for levelling up
- Active members and community
- Writing and art channels to share your inspiration and creations and a venting channel talk about your problems
- Pastel pride flag emojis made by the server owner.
Join the Crew of the USS Independence, an Ambassador Class ship in a Voyager-esque scenario. Trapped in the Delta Quadrant with only the wits and resourcefulness of a Starfleet crew to save it and get it home. Senior officers are a first come first serve, but you’re free to join at any time.
A new server for all things science fiction related, especially Star Trek and Star Wars! Pls join it will hopefully be some fun. Also I need help running this server :)
so this is a relatively small community where you can talk about Star Trek but also just your daily life and such, all trek is accepted and you can also share your own art!
These are the voyages of the USS Seraph, a Dauntless class experimental science vessel assigned to a remote corner of the Alpha Quadrant in the year 2419. The Seraph will encounter new life and new civilizations on its journey well out of known space, and there is room for all sorts of roleplaying styles.

The USS Seraph is a democratically-run text based roleplaying server. This means that all active roleplayers will be able to have a say in the way the server is run, and the staff team is elected through serverwide votes. Our staff team is devoted to listening to the will of the community, and we value the input of all of our community members. There is still plenty of room in every department, and plenty of opportunities for promotion.

Come join us on our new adventure today!
Love sci-fi? Then this is the server to join! Love Star Trek? Well here is the server to join! Or are you looking for a server where you can just simply chill and talk? Well this is the server for you!
We are a new server looking for members who want to roleplay as someone onboard the USS Discovery
We are a new Star Trek roleplay looking for members.right now we are giving out high ranks.everything is open except first officer and captain. Are you ready to become a member of Starfleet?
We are the USS Discovery! Do you have what it takes to be a Starfleet officer. Come on and join your graduating class of 2256! Just so you know this is a WIP server. 😘👍
Die Star Trek Community ist ein Discord Server, der Anfang 2018 erstellt wurde.

Es handelt sich um einen Server, der die primäre Aufgabe hat den deutschen Trekkies einen Treffpunkt auf Discord zu bieten.
So besitzt der Server ein kleines, aber sehr produktives und engagiertes Team.

Zu einem dient der Server natürlich zum austauschen über sämtliche Star Trek Dinge, aber selbst verständlich auch über alle anderen Inhalte, die es so auf dieser Welt gibt.

Etwas später kam dann das Rollenspiel dazu. Wir wollten mehr Star Trek, es selbst sein, es spielen. Es entstand der Gedanke der USS Infinity NCC 1821. Das ist unser Schiff auf dem sich die Community fiktiver weise befindet. Seit dem verfügt der Server auch über ein ständig fortlaufendes Rollenspiel. Das ist natürlich auf freiwilliger Basis. Jedes Crewmitglied hat die Möglichkeit in dieses einzutauchen und seine Position im Rollenspiel einzunehmen. Je nach der Aktivität gibt es durch einen Bot, der diese Zusammenrechnet, die Möglichkeit vom Crewman third class bis zum Commander aufzusteigen.
Zusätzlich kann sich jedes Mitglied die Spezies aus allen, die in Star Trek existieren auswählen und einer Sektion in der Förderation beitreten, die den Arbeitsplatz im Rollenspiel bestimmt. Die Handlung wird auch so frei wie es geht gehalten, sodass theoretisch alles möglich ist.
Das Team bemüht sich auch darum immer wieder ein kleines Star Trek Quiz zu veranstalten.
Seit einiger Zeit gibt es einen ergänzenden Server zur Community: Die Star Trek gaming Community.
Im Sinne von Discord sahen wir uns schon fast gezwungen auch auf den Gaming Bereich einzugehen, aber hauptsächlich geschah das natürlich aus eigenem Interesse. Der Server beschäftigt sich viel mit Star Trek online, wo wir sogar eine eigene Flotte in einer Armada besitzen und momentan arbeiten wir daran den Sins of Solar Empires Satr Trek Mod zu intregieren. Aber es sind natürlich auch hier sämtliche Star Trek Spiele wilkommen und werden je nach Nachfrage in der Community etabliert.

Der aktuelle Arbeitsschritt ist den Server auf eine internationale Ebene zu bringen. Der Server bleibt der, der deutschen Community soll aber auch sämtlichen Discord-Usern die des englischen fähig sind die Möglichkeit eines Einblickes in den Server bieten. Wir wollen außerdem deutsch und Englisch im Sinne von Star Trek in einem Chat aufeinander treffen lassen. Das ist experimentell, wird aber bestimmt auch sehr interessant und witzig.
So sind wir ständig dabei den Server auszubauen und nach den wünschen der Community zu erweitern. Wir versuchen stetig unsere Spannweite zu erhöhen.

Lebt lange und in Frieden!
Welcome to the Starshit Enterprise, a Star Trek server for general discussion, ship talk, headcanons and fan work.
Star Trek RP is a server meant for Role-play in the Star Trek universe.
Create your own character, choose your faction and play against other people in a diplomatic or war based scenario.
Willkommen auf der USS Daver!
Die USS Daver (Narendra-Klasse, Stapellauf 03.04.19) ist ein Raumschiff der Sternenflotte der Vereinigten Föderation der Planeten.
Hier könnt ihr an einem Roleplay mit spannenden Missionen die ihr entscheidend beeinflussen könnt teilnehmen. Dieses Roleplay läuft dauerhaft so wie auf vielen anderen Servern auch. Wenn ihr an Roleplay gar nicht so interessiert seid, könnt ihr euch mit den anderen Mitgliedern auch einfach über Star Trek oder alle möglichen anderen Themen austauschen! Da es nicht viele aktive deutsche Server zu diesem Thema gibt, würde ich mich über einen aktiven Zuwachs sehr freuen.

Ich freue mich schon sehr auf eure Bewerbungen!
Einen schönen Tag noch
Lebt lang und in Frieden
We are a new and up incoming star trek RP server!
We have lots of open positions!
What you can expect:
-Great Roleplay
-A good community
-OOC chat to talk about whatever you want!
Join Today!
Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Paramount. It's continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

It is the year 2409. Following the unexpected opening of the Cassiopeia wormhole in Federation space, leading to the Andromeda galaxy which the U.S.S. Belfast had discovered earlier that year, the brand new Expeditionary Fleet Omicron led by Admiral Thomas Garner, made up solely of volunteers from previous assignments and new recruits, consisting of the flagship, the U.S.S. Cepheus (A Galaxy Class), it's primary expeditionary wing consisting of the U.S.S. Paramount, Patroclus and Potemkin, it's Tactical Task Force, consisting of the U.S.S. Everglades, Eiré and Exclusive along with multiple other ships tasked with setting up a starbase in the Andromeda Galaxy which would become the primary hub for trade and exploration with any new encountered species.

The U.S.S. Paramount is a text-based discord roleplaying server made up of Star Trek long time fans and people who are interested in the genre! Our staff is catered to give you the best experience possible and to help you develop your English writing skills. We pride on our community being friendly and having a main goal of creating a place where people can come after work or school to simply enjoy themselves with other like-minded individuals.
Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Artemis! We are a wholesome, Star-Trek based community server that welcomes any and all crew members! We have movie nights every month, D&D in the summer, and plenty of channels to share memes, wholesome content, cute animal pictures, and more! We're glad to have you!
Welcome aboard the U.S.S Tau, the newly Ambassador Class starship launched by the starfleet.
Commanded by Captain Sigma Kingstone, join the crew as a normal crew member or as an Officer.

On this server you can find:
1. a new place to socialize
2. friendly staff (actually required)
3. a nice roleplay
4. And many adventures!

To access this server you must have a verified discord account. Once in we’ll welcome you!

Extra info: this server has as time zone UTC +1 hour. All rp session may take long by 1 to 2 hours circa and will be done all Friday and Saturday with some exception with events.
RP is on average levels to permit new and expert players to play altogether

! Actually Staff and Bridge crew is needed. Also a valid lore is required. Anyone who as a nice lore and would like to use it as story is welcomed!
This is a new server, so please do not except too fancy stuff! We’ll work hard to make it better day by day.
The continuing adventures of the crew of a ship set in the TOS era.
The continuing adventures of the crew of the USS Artemis, set post-dominion war and the return of Voyager.