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Welcome to the Starshit Enterprise, a Star Trek server for general discussion, ship talk, headcanons and fan work.
A community of older adults (25 Years and older) that want to chat without the teenagers.
This is a Space City **SELECTIVE** ERP server. All are welcome!
Fandom and roleplay server. If you're a Trekkie looking for a community or somewhere to roleplay, then you've come to the right place! The server is still small, but we're hoping to attract more members.
(I know the borg dont have feelings but for the sake of role play they do here) Welcome human. Are you ready to join us on our quest for perfection? This is one of the only role plays where you can be a borg! Remember to have fun and use your seat belt!
These are the voyages of the USS Seraph, a Dauntless class experimental science vessel assigned to a remote corner of the Alpha Quadrant in the year 2419. The Seraph will encounter new life and new civilizations on its journey well out of known space, and there is room for all sorts of roleplaying styles.

The USS Seraph is a democratically-run text based roleplaying server. This means that all active roleplayers will be able to have a say in the way the server is run, and the staff team is elected through serverwide votes. Our staff team is devoted to listening to the will of the community, and we value the input of all of our community members. There is still plenty of room in every department, and plenty of opportunities for promotion.

Come join us on our new adventure today!
Discord. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Roddenberry and the U.S.S. Infernus. Their ongoing missions. To seek out new users and new server partners. To boldly go where no RP has gone before.
This is the Star Trek: U.S.S Victoria Text-Based Role-play server!
We are a community driven Role-play Server focused on making a Unique
Role-play Experience in a Star Trek setting.
- Friendly Community
- Active Player-base
- Active Admins from all different Time Zones.
- Custom Characters
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, on board the U.S.S. Universal, first long distance research and exploration vessel in the fleet.
Captainned by Kosmo Turing, leading his crew through this long journey to explore strange new worlds, to discover new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!
Roll title sequence!!
The USS Valiant

This is a Star Trek server based on it one time line aboard a defiant class ship

Gaming, Sci Fi, Sims & Music - Share game-play, chat & listen to music, Read the Live Gaming Feeds to keep up to date, Check out the Now Live channel, and get your own stream added! Suggestions welcome, your input can make it fun!
Welcome aboard U.S.S. Enterprise, a constitution class heavy cruiser. A deep space explorer to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Be an officer of the infamous flagship of Starfleet! Enjoy your time here.
USS Churchill is a text-based Star Trek roleplay server! We strive to create a realistic, high-quality and fun enviroment for all users! Custom species are allowed provided they are decent quality

The USS Churchill is a Nova-Class Starship
The voyages of the USS Crusades, A Star trek based Rp in memory Beta Everyone is welcome, all skill levels, custom species, host an event, feel free to come and relax, and just chill.
The USS Beverly is a Star Trek roleplay server that is set on a hospital ship along the Klingon Border. Its main prerogative is to respond to various distress calls for the purpose of humanitarian assistance.


With the Klingon War brewing to a boil, countless planets fall victims to the struggles and turmoil of the conflict amidst them. Many lose their homes, others face possible demise...
The U.S.S. Beverly intends to prevent that. With her staff of cunning and intelligent doctors, physicians, and scientists, she stands as a beacon of peace and hope in a space of agony and malice.
Will that beacon withstand the onslaught of battles and challenges ahead?

That is for you to decide.
We are an active community base for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, Fallout 76, FFXIV, For Honor, and many other online ps4 games. We are only accepting ps4 users, so no others need enter, unless you are a FFXIV pc player.
We have public events, giveaways, and more, so come on down and stay a while!
(We are lgbt friendly!)
(Must be 17+)
Based on Star Trek RPGX.
You create your own character and start as ensign on the U.S.S. Voyager.
Closed Alpha. You will have to write an application and biography for your character.
Welcome to the USS Phoenix, set in 2378 this intrepid class vessel is the first to begin testing the quantum slipstream drive, using schematics from the USS Voyager.

We try to keep roleplay to a high level though we're not completely strict.
Most key positions are open and though the server is small, we are hoping that it will grow rapidly.
The USS Sentinel is a play-by-nova role-playing game set in the Star Trek universe. If you are interested in joining our simulation, whether you have experience or not, you are welcome. All you need is a creative mind.

The USS Sentinel is an Intrepid-class starship that is part of Task Force 93's 'Themis Task Group' in Starfleet's Bravo Fleet. The Sentinel's primary focus is exploration and science-based discovery, but with the current state of the galaxy, we may be called upon to carry out other duties for the Federation.

The USS Sentinel's current mission is "Recovery." The mission is to recover the USS Sentinel! Stolen from Starfleet Surplus Depot Z15 by Orion pirates and taken into the lawless area known as The Triangle to be sold to the highest bidder. The crew must recover and return the USS Sentinel to active duty.

We are a 16+ rated sim

Visit to join our crew and begin the adventure!
Join the crew of an exploratory starship to the ends of the universe!
This is a new server based on star trek you can be in any department and have the option of 4 place to be posted at two on earth two on ship and a civ space station