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We are a community based mainly around strategy games!
What do we offer!?
✅Minecraft Content
✅World of warships players!
✅Hoi4 games that are scheduled occasionally
✅Server promoted YouTubers & Streamers!
✅Private rooms for our long term members
✅More coming soon!
Сервер посвященный играм компании Wargaming. World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Xbox/PS4, Total War: ARENA, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships Blitz.
На этом сервере, вы можете встретить много удивительных людей, которые могли бы стать вашими друзьями, созводными, соклановцами.
Our unofficial fan-server is to gather a lot of people who have interests in World of Warships, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and a few other titles created by Wargaming. We also have channels for other games/communities like War Thunder, Youtube, and anime. We want to have interesting conversations about topics relating to these games such as news, and real-world history. We are a really chill club at the moment and our fan-club is also present on Xbox One if you want to check it out. [English only]
A world of warships server to play with friends and have a good time rank up by inviting people and having a good time. GOOD LUCK AND FAIR SEAS.
Welcome to Bravo’s Command Post. Here we have daily streams with many games being streamed! We have custom emojis, bots, games, you name it. We have everything you could wish for in a server!
This is the Official Discord for Daniel Rusev's YouTube.
Hello! This discord community has come a long way from the start! we focus mainly on games but we have channels for everything! Not to mention great bots, and active/polite staff!
We strive to be a great community in the wide world of video games and hope for great things!
Welcome to The Drusev Fleet!
The Lounge is just a general gaming server to hangout in, discuss and play different games, history nerd corner and so and so forth. We have a small community that has potential and we do streaming events as well.
we play a lot of wargaming games

help use grow the server more and fast and more
p.s thanks for use our server
Due to lack of finding a fully Finnish discord related to World of Warships and finding some people to play with, I decided to give a shot at building one!

It's still a bare server and it's not really that fancy since I don't even know if there's other Finnish players that feel like I do.

To be clear, this is not a clan or anything you need to dedicate in to! It's a hub with potential I guess. Feel free to join in and start building it with me! [But to be clear, this discord will be restricted to FIN players]
A cafe-themed anime community that loves ship girls :3
The Institute for Casual International Gamers (or ICI Gamers; for short) is an multi-gaming community which is always looking to grow. We value some fun banter and gaming more than the die-hards. The whole idea behind our community; real life comes first and we understand if people are not online 24/7.

Our only requirement? You have to be born before 31/12/1999.