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✨ Since 1997, TSF has brought players with good attitudes together. We play numerous multiplayer games (PC or cross-platform) and you can create a channel for any game.

🥇 Whether you're looking for your next competitive group, are strictly casual, or are somewhere in between, TSF welcomes you to our server, whether you want to game for the next 20 minutes, or the next 20 years!
This is a World of warships server. We also got a little section for world og warplanes. We are looking for trustworthy staff but mostly. Members.
It would be so nice if you wanna check it out.
The Warplane Cult is a community of people from the Azur Lane fanbase who shares a fascination for naval aviation. Here, people love discussing human history, military, and aviation. As the warplane cult of Azur Lane, we are in full support of carrier cults such as the Essex cult and other aircraft carriers, and we would also like to invite Kancolle fans into our server as well. Our combined ambition was to overmatch and destroy the Sandy Cult, and now we want to expand the influence of our fanbase and other aircraft carrier cults across the Azur Lane community.
Szukasz klanu? a może kumpli do grania?
Świetnie trafiłeś!
Nasz serwer oferuje Ci:
-kumpli do grania
-wyrozumiałą obsługę serwera
-wielotematyczność prowadzonych rozmów
-pomoc w ulepszeniach okrętów

I wiele więcej! Jedyne czego nam potrzeba to właśnie Ciebie!
Welcome to Orca Gaming

We are a brand new gaming organization we will make channels for any game you want

If your looking for new friends to play your favorite game with this is the place join today

We have an esports team
┌─── ───┐
└─── ───┘

We are a lovely chill community server , Official partner of and Sponsor of Ruler of the Waves Tournament that includes many games from Wargaming products, PUBG, Fortnite, games and much more
Friendly Staff
Self assignable roles
Unique leveling system
150+ emotes
Weekly Giveaways
Weekly Events
Active Support
Looking for Staff
Looking for Partnership Managers
Casino Play rooms and much more

Get connected with us , share your thoughts and experience with others and most importantly have fun.

Boaty’s Basket of Deplorables is a gaming server mostly for World of Warships and is an “alliance group” or community server for those who are looking for more people to play the game with. We also have other channels for other games as well and will create more if there is demand for it. The server is rapidly growing and sees a very high amount of activity every day. Chances of getting a group of people going in this server are almost certain. (Depending on the time of day of course). Most of the members are from North America, but all are welcome! We look forward to having you!
Hallo Tankers, vliegeniers en schippers!
Welkom bij het enige echt onofficiële jonge Wargaming Discord server van Nederland!
Op zoek naar iemand om het slagveld mee op te gaan? Neem dan hier een kijkje. Ook om andere mensen voor je clan te vinden is geen probleem.😎
Een praatje of iets posten is ook prima.
Verder is het bedoelt voor iedereen. Er zijn geen eisen.
This is a World of Warships Stat Checker Join to check stats easily using our bots! Information is more legible and condensed compared to or WoWsNumbers.
Salut a toi,
Nous sommes un clan World of Warships francophone.
Nous sommes semi-compétitif sans obligations de participation mais aussi un clan fun qui utilise discord.
Il y a de tout age mais une certaine maturité est requise.
Play Games. Raise Money. Save Lives.

This server is building a community of gamers who want to give back. We are more interested in finding the right people than in rapid growth. If you have a desire to use your gaming powers for the good of humanity, you might be in the right place.

We hope you'll join us.
Witaj w naszym Porcie!
Masz ochotę pobyć w niewielkim lecz miłym i sympatycznym towarzystwie ?
Lubisz gry (w szczególności Azur Lane, Arknights lub World of Worships) oraz anime?
A może chciałbyś z kimś w coś pograć lub po prostu pogadać ?
W takim razie świetnie trafiłeś mój drogi kamracie!
Dołączając do nas nic nie tracisz a jedynie możesz zyskać świetnych kompanów do wspólnych rozmów lub wspólnego grania!
Dołącz do nas i miej dzisiaj wspaniały dzień! ^_^
Сервер посвященный играм компании Wargaming. World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Xbox/PS4, Калибр, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships Blitz.
На этом сервере, вы можете встретить много удивительных людей, которые могли бы стать вашими друзьями, созводными, соклановцами.
Objet: Bienvenue dans votre nouvelle entreprise, l'état industriel !

C'est avec un immense plaisir que mes collègues et moi-même vous souhaitons la bienvenue parmi nous dans l'état industriel. Nous sommes ravis que vous nous offrez le plaisir de votre venue et nous espérons que vous vous sentirez rapidement à l'aise dans nos "locaux" comme dans votre nouvelle fonction. Vous allez découvrir nos diverses activités et je l'espère vous épanouir, apprendre et faire de nouvelles connaissances qui vous permettront de collaborer dans les meilleurs conditions possibles. Je suis en tout cas persuadé que votre passage sera fructueux.

Nous vous souhaitons une bonne installation à votre "bureau" et bonne découverte de nos "locaux". Si vous avez la moindre question qui aurait pu nous échapper lors de la préparation de votre arrivée, n'hésitez pas à communiquer avec moi ainsi que mes collègues car nous sommes entièrement à votre disposition en cette journée comme dans les prochains jours.

Une fois encore, bienvenue au sein de l'état industriel.

Luu' le yōkai ECO+, Directeur des ressources humains de l'état industriel
Pizza Eating Rabid Virtual Superheroes [PERVS] is a laid-back clan of gamers who love to play all kinds of different games together. Most of us are Dutch, but we have members from all over the World.
we are underground misfits we are a gaming community we play world of tanks n world of ships n war thunder n star citizen n a lot of other simulators
Willkommen auf unserem Server! Wir sind ein Discord Server, der sich Speziell auf World of Warships spezialisiert hat. Es gibt vielfältige Möglichkeiten, die man hier machen kann! Sei es in einem Call mit mehreren Leuten zusammen spielen, oder einfach nur entspannen und Musik hören. Ein nettes, aktives und hilfsbereites Serverteam ist natürlich mit enthalten! Haben wir deine Interesse geweckt? Dann zögere nicht und tritt bei und lass uns die Gewässer sicherer machen!
Wir verstehen diesen Server als Anlaufstelle für Gamer von "World of Warships" und "Armored Warfare" welche im Team Fahren möchten, jedoch sich (noch) keiner Flotte / keinem Btl. anschließen wollen.

Große Hierarchien etc, gibts nicht. Höflichkeit und Respekt sind Voraussetzungen.

Ab zur Musterung und Anheuern
This server is meant to fill gamer desires with many bots for useful information/features and is built using many channels for maximum user custom ability for notifications. (Swearing is allowed)
We're looking for roleplayers who would be interested in helping start and developing this roleplay, as well as anyone who would be willing to GM/DM from time to time.

We're less of a WIP now! We're making some final adjustments and we will be ready to go soon!
70+ Members!
Giveaways almost every day
Fun clan wars
Chill Community
And more!
So come on and join today
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Welcome to Bravo’s Command Post. Here we have daily streams with many games being streamed! We have custom emojis, bots, games, you name it. We have everything you could wish for in a server!
We are a naval rp server where you can roleplay as a ship of your choice, form fleets, and rule the waves for your country
We are a german Server for many War Games like War Thunder, World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, Call of Duty, Battlefield and Hearts of Iron 4. We have a nice rank system with ranks you can choose yourself and ranks you get after being active in text-channels.