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Welcome to Parea! We are a 30+, SFW server that values camaraderie, tomfoolery, and an affable atmosphere.
We are an adult, friendly, accepting, hate-free,
non-cliquey, drama-free

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 30+ UP ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

If you are tired of keeping up with the cool kids or fighting to be heard, and just want to talk to someone nice, come on in! 🌝

🔥 We offer:
Memes & Media
Varied interest topics
Opt-in NSFW Member Content
Movie nights
DND server sessions
Oddities corner

✨Avoid the toxicity!
✨Hideout with us! ☮️✌️😉

Up and coming small-ish server for aging stoners 30 and up, but anyone is free to join (except you, Bill). Do you enjoy boobs? Do you, like boobs, need support? We also have a collection of boobs (read: our goofy members) who enjoy sharing music, laughs, memes, and regular VC sessions! Oh, we also have, like, 9 bots--one of them being BoobBot itself. Mid-Life Stoner (30+)--come for the friendship, stay for boobs (but not you, Bill, we mean it!). ...BOOBS.
A humble SFW 30+ server for people who just want to talk, find new friends or just hang out.

Over 30s discord server

Come and make new friends and talk about being old lol
The Expanse is a simple, ocean themed (because why not?) 30+ community server for easy going, rational adults. Drama free, friendly staff and Partnership Opportunities, check us out!
Discord tends to skew young, but sometimes its nice to talk amongst women who are more your age. Golden Girls is a server for women 30+ to find community and chat about there lives.