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```Welcome to NibbaLand,
We are a meme,gaming,and hangout community as we just chill and joke around at times.
We are still a progressing server and would hope to grow in the future so just go ahead and click join to at least check us out ```
This is a place for all languages and cultures. We want to achieve exchange and improvement of language skills!
Get some help or talk with natives - everything is possible.
Our community is pretty new and a lot of languages need some native speakers!

C ya there! ;)
Well hey there... I mean you guys can join if you want but if you want to socialize and meet new people you can join and talk about anime life and more just follow the rules and smooth sailing from there.
Hello! We're a friendly and welcoming server for teens only (13-19) and we want to have an active server. We voice chat and game regularly, but we welcome any other hobbies. We have e-girls, Elon musk fanboys, gamers, cute relationships and more! We also have a venting channel in case you ever need emotional support. Come join us!
With a server with 150+ people and counting, we are still growing it. We have many languages to choose from, almost 20+ languages, we have active members as well. Come over here just to have fun, learn your language you are wanting to learn, and help others as well.
🎅Jingle bells - Multi-purpose discord server 🎅
» D A T I N G - And forming bonds beyond!
» S O C I A L I S E - Talk with others!
» S E L F - R O L E S - Over 30 self-assignable roles
» S e l f i e s - Selfie-members channel
» M u s i c - Over 5+ Music bots
» Active - Always Active VC and Chat
Join and get guaranteed 20 years of luck & get
your dream fortnite skin. Join now!
Friendly 16+, English speaking, server with an active voice chat.
Family themed, we have a lot of different channels that cater different tastes, such as:
Plenty of custom emoticons to choose from
Active voice chat
Custom roles
Twitch streaming
Cards against humanity, trivia, random facts, throw user and more fun bots to choose from
Coin game in which you earn money for custom colors, fun items and roleplaying
Roleplaying city
Lots of hobbies to talk about (such as anime, makeup, art…) and plenty more!

Come join, no matter how small or long your stay is, we accept everyone.
Looking forward to welcoming you to our family!
a place to be free make friends talk and be yourself
If your looking for a nice chatting community this is the place to be!
This is a roleplay server that's still in its production, for now just have fun.
Welcome to Ni🅱🅱aLand,
We are a meme,gaming,and hangout community as we just chill and joke around at times.
We are still a progressing server and would hope to grow in the future so just go ahead and click join to at least check us out 👍
Welcome to PLAYERS server

Just a friendly server to hangout and meet new's a small community but its still growing. Talks are about Anime, Games, Music, Photography and Life...

We Offer you:
➯Non-Toxic Server
➯Fun bots and games
➯Helpful Staff
➯Music Channel
➯Fun voice chats
Rhosyn Cafe is a welcoming server looking for staff! We hope to find people who have all different types of hobbies that they enjoy, and we sincerely hope that we can maintain a kind and supportive community. Come join us! (Self-Assigned Roles, Cards Against Humanity, and more!)
We are a community based on gaming. We have 7 users currently and would like more of you to join us.
We’re a small community at the moment looking for cool people to socialize with and such. Talk about stuff with strangers. Game together. Shitpost together. The server exists for the sole purpose of making friends and having a generally good time with one another so go nuts. But like, not too nuts. Ly guys.~
This server is mostly about coming out and taking to each other. My goal is to mix Depression with Happiness, and hopefully make people who suffer with Depression, Anxiety, etc. to make them feel better about themselves. This server is quite small at the moment, but my goal is to grow it to at least 30 members!

- In this server we have a Happy Zone and a Sad Zone, the Happy Zone is mostly about making each other happy. While the Sad Zone is to come out about your problems and complain.
- We have lots of bots to play with! (8+)
- The owner (me) is always active and here to talk.
- Active mod and admin applications
- LGBTQ+ Supportive Server
----more soon----
Hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh? Welcome to hit or miss, the dating server for everyone! We offer a wide variety of text channels to chat in, voice channels to talk in and many different bots with great commands (and more to come ;)) If you have any requests for bots, roles or anything else feel free to dm either owner or co owner. We hope you have a great time!
This server is made by me and my team, we created this so people could voice their troubles, chat and have fun!

We have loads of roles and we love new members. We might be small but with one click of a button you could make us one bit bigger!

A server for all those without a place to shitpost, people to hangout with, and friends to play games with. Whoever you are wherever you come from we welcome you, come hide with us.