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Enbee Hive is a brand new inclusive space made specifically by and for genderqueer and nonbinary folx. As you may have been able to tell, the server is themed around bees! We're small now, but come join us and help us grow!

Some of our features:

-A growing list of resources to help guide those who are new, questioning, or just need info about transition, funding, and support.

-Plenty of roles to assign to yourself including pronouns, orientations, and DM roles! Willing to create new roles if needed.

-Channels of all kinds, including venting and support channels.

-Safe and inclusive to all nonbinary folx who may typically feel unwelcomed in other trans spaces.

-A team willing to listen to your feedback and apply your requests to better the server.

Bee-come a member of our community!
Young Trans Peeps is our server for transgender, gender questioning, or nonbinary teenagers to just talk, hang out and make friends! We have channels where you can discuss your specific interests with other people, as well as channels where you can vent and get advice :smiley:

>!!!Please note: This server is only for those aged 13-20 and is not meant for dating. The server is also uncompromising towards transmedicalist/truscum opinions and mindsets along with other harmful ideologies, (alt-right, rightwing, etc.) and you will be kicked if you cause animosity within the server.!!!<
Hey there! Do you like the Dragon Age franchise? Are you looking for an inclusive community focused on the games, gaming in general (table top / digital), building friendships and more then you're in for a real treat here!

We have:

-General chit chat sections
-A suggestion box
-A spoiler free zone
-Animal pics
-A NSFW thirst room
-A vent area
-Specific channels for each game (including Heroes of Dragon Age - the mobile game- and the table top game!)
-Recommendation areas
-Fan art and fan fiction
- Future game predictions
- A super inclusive and welcoming close knit community!


Hope to see you in the server Ser!

(16+ only!)
This an ACTUALLY all inclusive LGBTQ+ discord server, everyone is welcome (including straight people) We can take a joke and we aren't super anal about every little thing.
Do you love playing dungeons and dragons? Wanna make some awesome new friends? How about building characters in a fun, open world? If that's the case, we have the discord server for you!

We feature homebrew content, vetted by our balance team. A world built by a group of dedicated lore team members that continues to grow and expand as well as react to players and their actions.

We have pickup games, scheduled sessions, and play by post games (longer missions for those who do not have time for live games).

We are centered around a main city, Remnant, with a massive, open world beyond just waiting to be explored. We have over 50 active players, and are always looking for more to help our community grow. Join us today!

We are especially interested in people looking to help on the staff and GM side of the server. If you join, spend some time here and want to help out please let us know!
Welcome to The Milk Tavern a community run by Milky#6381 in his quest to bring people together and actually make friends, While also making other people friends!
Hi! I created this discord to create a social hub to help people gather and get some games running! I always see people asking to game, and usually it's unorganised and people don't know when to join, now I hope to make a solution! This is a discord where we encourage socialising, and encourage people working together to build a community. If there's anything you'd like to suggest, such as a new category for a certain genre of game (Eg: We don't have a JRPG section, can we have one?), we will consider creating a category depending on the amount of people interested in getting involved. We encourage bonding and community making, creating groups and setting up social events for everyone, and we'd like to make the gaming community a better place!
This is a server where people can just talk and be there for each other. Yes, it sounds boring; we'll try to make it as fun as possible :DDDD

Hello! We're a relatively new group of SCP enthusiasts with the theme of our server being the Group of Interest, The Serpent's Hand. We welcome everybody that wants to read more whether you have read all 4000~ articles or you haven't read even a single one.

We provide every member with a unique role and color of your choosing, preferably SCP related, but can be anything.
We have a myriad of channels for every non-SCP and SCP related hobby, including a suggestions channel if your specific interest is not yet included.
The owner has a list of Tales and SCP's labelled and linked for stories that he has enjoyed.

We'd love to have you drop by if you want to!

We also have Mudae and an SCP bot.
Hello and welcome to TheYeetedGang. We are a fun loving community with nice staff and multiple channels.

We offer:

💫Secure channels
💫Voice chat
We are an inclusive community with lots of friendly staff. We have my own custom bot and a few others, and we have events! We hope you come and join us, we even have karaoke!
Welcome to The Closet!

Take a step into, or out of, The Closet in this server that centers around fashion and beauty with a focus on helping out all of our LGBTQIA+ friends! With server owners that are heavily into fashion and the LGBTQIA+ community, we are here to provide a safe, inclusive space for everyone, including allies! We are brand new and growing, and would love to have you be part of our expanding family!
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
What we currently provide:
-Self assignable roles with an expanding list
-All ages welcome
-Welcoming staff with applications coming
-Server Partnerships
-Fashion, makeup, and beauty chats!
-LGBTQIA+ chat
...with more fun on it's way!
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
A wonderful server for chatting about, or with tulpas!
We have an array of bots (including pluralkit and yagpdb) and channels that will ensure the smoothest experience.
Everyone here is very friendly, we are a close-knit server but we always welcome new people as long as they abide by the rules!
Both singlets and systems are welcome :)
This is a small community where you can feel included and welcome. There are many fun bots and fun games you can play. You can talk about anything you want and even assign yourself some roles. We also have emojis.
Hi everyone! This is a brand new server hoping to bring some new friends together. I mainly focus around the topic of Nintendo games, and making new friends in a wholesome environment. Since it's new, I don't have much here yet, but I'm very open to building this with you guys ^-^ Hope to see you!
Come visit the Sagacious Wild Woods. Our community is inclusive and diverse in practice. We believe tolerance is important and intolerance will not be accepted. We are 13+ and open to anyone who seeks a relaxed place to share and learn.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Welcome to YeetedIntoTheVoid for Mentally Ill And Definitely Chill We have a lot of fun here, with memes chats, and friendship *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
We offer:
☆» Active chat!
☆» Lots of fun memes and a community
☆» a rank system with fun colours!
☆» friendly staff and people, we want everyone to feel safe
☆» self-roles!
☆» +18 channels!
If it sounds like you would fit in here please join us for some fun! We don't tolerate bullying of any kind and are open and accepting!
A friendly community discord server, we have anything you could want, from channels with art showcases to writing showcases, we include anyone and everyone! No-one is denied!
~ About ~
This server is for transgender people to talk and make friends! We have many channels, and we have caring staff members. We have self assignable color roles! We are a bit new but we try to be as active as possible :>

>Please note: This server is for ages 13-20. We are a satire server geared towards truscum, truscum leaning, transmed, transmed leaning & anti-mogi-ers role playing as MOGAI<.
Cafe Queer is a general lounge and chat server aimed towards the LGBTQ+ community. It's great for people who just wanna talk. Hope to see you soon on the server!

a music server for Edgelords™.

the name of the server is meant to be sarcastic, don't take it seriously (please don't be so edgy it's annoying seriously)
Welcome to Berry Inc. We are an 18+, UK based, gaming community. We pride ourselves in being an inclusive group of people and we are looking to expand and grow our small community.