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Have you ever wanted to get YouTube subscribers and twitch followers without a subbot? Now you can! You can advertise your YouTube videos and twitch streams all in one place! Custom roles along with friendly staff that are always willing to help.
We are a stream community server or streamers, we have custom commands for when you want to play specific games and there is a great community.
↠ New, refreshing community.
↠ Variety of Bots (Music/Memes)
↠ Partner/Affiliate with Us!
↠ Chat & Meet New People.
↠ Open Staff Positions
↠ Leveling System with Colorful Roles!
↠ Open for Suggestions from any user.
↠ General, Gaming, & Music voice chats.
- New, growing community.
- Well moderated.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Varieties of VCs/Chats for all types of members.
- Private and Public VC channels.
- Giveaways
- Interactive Twitch streams with the owner.
- Open for suggestions from all users.
- Custom bot.
- Gaming, memes, music & much more.
Come connect with us!
'Bloody Red Wolf's World' is a place and a community for those interested in promoting and/or sharing self made gaming content - frag movies, streaming, showcases and much more. The community can also be used as a get together to organize premade queue ups for one of your favourite games - counter-strike, apex-legends, fortnite, sa:mp, gta v and more. We also have numerous amount of bots available for public use under the bot section - games, music, public profiles, etcetera - which we believe will make the community more fun and enjoyable than it already is. We also have regular giveaways such as Discord Nitro, free games and more. If you feel like this would be a suitable place for you to share your content or just lurk around, feel free to join us.
Anime/Manga/Gaming and a bit of Cats :3 We have our weirdness and other stuff.. like events ? maybe ranks ? leveling ones or honorable ones o.O ? maybe self assigned roles ? open up for suggestions about anything ^_^ So join up and maybe you will be part of our group :3 and yeah we lost this server once :/ 970 members.. and puff... Now we are back to 1270 :3
Bonjour à tous, je vous présente notre discord assez spécial. Il est relié à un site web de streaming de nouvelle génération, nous ouvrons les portes aux personnes qui veulent se lancer dans le streaming ,venir papoter et regarder des lives.
Venez participer à la création d'un projet: la communauté où le partage d'expérience est une activité fun et profitable.
Parsque oui tout le monde peut gagner de l'argent sur Jiffeo.
La team jiffeo vous attend les bras ouverts :D
Voici le serveur d'un petit streamer français principalement basé sur Minecraft, on est sympa et on a un serveur Minecraft que vous pouvez éventuellement rejoindre. Vous pouvez juste aussi venir chiller sur le stream ou le discord, alors venez ! ^^ #brakc
This server has many functions. Such as gaming. Stream and play games with the headmasters the school system. Of the rangers guards supports and berzerker. Keep to the system and pick a school

Rangers are scouts and long range people, assassins

Berserkers are the front line fighters

Guards are protecters they do things like build walls and other defenses as well as protecting the other schools

Support is the resource gatherers and healers and other support rules

Play many different games. Console to computer (computer advised to be used) ark, Minecraft, civ 5, smite, unturned, hexxit, star trek online, and return of reckoning

RP. The RP world is vast and various. Based off of middle Earth but with its own backstory and different creature. Fairing the 6 main races of the world. But vary many others. The Humans, Elves, dwarves, Orcs, lizard men, and the felines. the 5 mains kingdoms. Constantly at war with each other and brief times of peace. As of now. But tensions high. Vale the human kingdom. Cale the elf kingdom. Ordol the dwarf kingdom. Blayt the orc kingdom. Scar the feline kingdom. the history of God's and demons. And the beginning of everything. Become a knight and protect the weak. Be a lycan who uses blood magic. Be a thief who preys on the rich. Be anything. Or become anything. Rule a faction. Or destroy one. Truely its all up to you.
(Server is under a refit and reconstruction. The lore and the world of the Rp is not yet Finnished. Please be patient)
Welcome to GTrixs Community
| Gaming Channels / Chats
| Make new Friends
| Advertise almost everything
| A lot of free roles
| Fun bots and commands
| Music channels where you can talk with each other while listening to a song
| Multiple channels and friendly members
| No annoying slowmode
| Good staff and support
| Fast support
| Join and stay in the server, we really need people!
Just a server filled with friends and mods. Very active community. Many roles with many more soon! We do custom games with people a lot too!
A friendly server to chill in, hang out, chat, and do all the other bullshit you want.

Small server, a few dedicated active users, but don't expect us to be one of those big ones(we're kinda dead shhh)! We gotta get there first!

You have to get verified to enter!

Do note, owner is a twitch streamer so expect "I'm live" pings!
This is the official server of HellboundGaming. Come here to hear about his streams. And have fun here
Bienvenue sur ARCADEWAVE!

Tu es PCiste et tu cherches des coéquipiers pour jouer ou te poser?
(Bien qu'un joueur console puisse tout autant y trouver son compte)
Prends place autour d'un petit verre, rejoins nous!
(D'autant plus si tu aimes l'ambiance RetroWave!)

Apex, BO4, CS:GO ou encore Diablo 3 (et bien d'autres)? Des channels écrit et vocaux #Recherche-joueurs sont à ta disposition!

Pour accompagner tes sessions de jeux entre amis, un jukebox (bot Rythm) est présent.
Communauté ouverte et francophone, autour du gaming (nous avons une chaîne Twitch), de l'art et du partage.
Here you can advertise your twitch streams for a large audience

we need active members
LASTARMY 'Resmî Discord Adresi eğlenceli insanlarla dolu harika bir topluluk Oyun Ve Yayıncı Sunucusu
[Wanna join a gaming serverr? Well you came to the place!]
Gamers AF

[Great staff]
[Fun commands]
[Tons of gaming roles]
[Looking for members]
[Others discord ]
Join Now!
I am a new YouTuber and I am trying to grow big! I stream and record multiple things! Come and check us out! Join Twin Z City Today!
In this server you are taught how to make free and legit money by watching streams. There is lots of proof in the proof section and there are many people who have already been taught. We are always happy to teach and only ask for your support in return.
FrostReborn is a toxic yet welcoming & organized community!
There is something for everyone, Feel free to check us out!
Le Serveur The Oméga Brain , une communauté accueillante et chaleureuse où vous pourrez discuté et trouvé des mates avec qui joué, nous organisons des tournois et streamon de temps à autre. Nous avons aussi une petite communauté de filles active sur le discord qui ne cherche qu'à s'agrandir. Toute homophobie, racisme , sexisme , troll ou insulte sera sectionné d'un ban. Vous êtes tous et toutes les bienvenue <3
The Syndicate of Streamers, also known as SoS, is a community of over 250 users built around helping small streamers grow their streams and help provide a recurring follower base. We hope you come join us in our quest to become a large community.