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This is a server that is for my twitch channel. I love all my followers and I treat them well. I like to make sure this server is running to the best of my ability, so if you have any suggestions/problems, DM me, or put it in #ideas.
» Mało pingu everyone i here
» Oblegany własny serwer Minecraft
» Zrzeszamy streamerów i youtuberów
» Ład i porządek na kanałach
» Kontrowersyjny układ kanałów
» Kanały do różnych zajęć i zabaw
» Wszystko ładnie i schludnie opisane
» Pomoc dla nowych użytkowników i nie tylko
» Sympatyczną administrację
» Miejsce dla każdego
» Teamy do różnych typów gier
» Turnieje z nagrodami
» oraz wiele innych rzeczy...

Zaprasza Administracja SaiGaming
Игровое сообщество для поиска пати.
Общайся... Заводи новые знакомства... Играй вместе... Развлекайся... Приятного времяпрепровождения друг!
Our server's purpose is to make a community of people who need people to play Among Us. If you don't know what this game is ~ Among Us is a free to play murder mystery game. There are two roles: crewmate and imposter. The crewmates' jobs are to either complete all their tasks or to eject the impostors. The Imposter's job is to kill all the crewmates. Join and meet some new people to have fun with!
Le grenier de Sckrim

Bienvenue dans mon grenier, ici on partage en communauté ma passion pour le Stream et le Graphisme
Je joue en live sur Twitch après 21h, à tout type de jeux, FPS, survival, énigmes, horreur
Mi humain, mi streamer, je ne vis que pour les produits laitiers et les bons fromages !
Chacun peut montrer ses talents, demander des conseils, et faire sa publicité !
Toutes les créations seront valorisés, et mises en avant

À bientôt sur le serveur !
Welcome to the home of DemonShadow90. This server is for everything stream related. Talk to the streamer himself, talk about the games he plays, get involved in giveaways and become a valued member of our community.

I already have had an overwhelming group of support and I thank you so much for your guys continued love for the channel and server.

Look forward to seeing you all <3
PŘIDEJ SE na náš komunitní server, který byl založen za účelem vytvoření zázemí pro hráče a fanoušky mého Twitch kanálu. Je zde vítán každý, a to bez rozdílů. Doufám, že si zde každý najde svoje v časech, kdy zrovna jejich oblíbený streamer není online.
anmarii team - это сервер Картавого Стримера, который ждет именно тебя! На стримах вы увидите такие игры: Terraria, Minecraft (моды, выживание), Civilization, Smite (арена, поединок и завоевание) и League of legends (teamfight tactics, aram, обычка и ранг). Но главное, что тебя именно тебя ждет на сервере стримера?

- Общительная администрация с 24/7 онлайн
- Приятный коллектив разных возрастов
- Собственного бота с кучей приколов
- Постоянное развитие сервера и обновы для подписчиков
- Уютная атмосфера и красивое тематическое оформление
- Прокачка своего профиля за счет автоматической системы выдачи ролей
- Выборочные уведомления (никаких everyone и here)
- Оповещения о моих стримах, опрос зрительских предпочтений, стримы с подписчиками (да, я с радостью беру вас на прямой эфир)
- Магазин ролей и система экономики с серверной валютой, зарплаты и заработок
- Ивент - вечера с призами, стримы в дискорде с вебкой и совместные просмотры шоу
- Музыкальные вечера
- Смешные мемы, милые картинки животных
- Вдохновляющие ролики и арты для души
- Интересные развлечения в скрытых каналах (18+ контент прилагается)
- И еще много интересных плюшек!
Активный и общительный, любишь игры и смотреть стримы, ищешь тимейтов для игры и хочешь получать подарки? Тогда тебе к нам!
Anarchie est un serveur communautaire, on accueille toute sort de communauté. Le nsfw est autorisé. Venez nombreux pour agrandir notre armé, et allons marcher sur le capitalisme !! Vive Staline
Welcome to the
☆**Internet Cafe **☆

Come and join our Community server and be part of our little home!
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ✩ ⊹

┊ ┊ ┊ ✫

┊ ┊ ✩

┊ ⊹ ✯

**We offer:**

> 『』Level 1 Boosted Server for better streams!
> 『』Higher Female to Male Role Ratio
> 『』 Come watch movies with us during __Movie Nights__ to earn rewards!
> 『』 Are you a streamer? __Streams__ on the server to earn rewards and promote your content!
> 『』 Join our occasional __Events__!
> 『』 Be one of the lucky members to win a prize in our __Giveaways__!
> 『』 And be in a sever community you can call __Home__!
> 『』__**NEW**__ Point System! Gain Points on the server to purchase Nitro, Your Server Promotions and much more!

__Come chill and have a cup of coffee with us!__
Welcome to my server! I am a small time twitch streamer that hopes to grow up and join the big leagues someday, enter the server and tag along with me on the journey!
This is a 18+ place. I do advice for minors not to join. It's a place to talk about stuff which it doesn't involved with minors. Maybe it's better to join when you turn 18 years old. This community is about IRL aka In Real Life and it's also connected to live streaming. Outdoor streams and more.
O comunitate de gaming formata din romani, KGB, ofera camere de voice chat pentru comunicare mai buna in jocuri, si camere de text pentru amuzament si momente cu prietenii.
Suntem foarte activi pe discord, si crestem repede, deoarece avem streameri pe server.
Streamerii primesc grade speciale pe server.
Va asteptam!
Join the LARGEST Bachelor Server on Discord! This hangout server allows fans to make friends, watch, & discuss live streams together!

🌹 LARGEST hangout server for Bachelor Nation Fans.

🌹 Streams Bachelor episodes on and shows alike, such as Love Island.

🌹 Make friends easily by discussing all things Bachelor related in our active chats before, during, and after viewings.

🌹 Add self-roles such as spoilers, time zones, and color roles to customize your role list and name color.

🌹 Enjoy the use of external emotes.

🌹 Receive frequent news and updates about all things Bachelor-related in our #bachelor-news channel.
Hello there!
Welcome to Chill Basement, we hang around here, often send memes, stream and game etc.!This server might be small, but hey, its chillin here.We often play Among Us, butalso play other games.Server might be inactive for a bit but if we get more and more members, it will get popular and active so join today and chill with our staff and community!
Gidday and welcome to Fame and Notoriety Advertising. Feel free to promote what you want (within reason, no illegal activity or sexual services thanks), in the appropriate channels.
Pro všechny české a slovenské hráče Legends of Runeterra od Riot. Vytvořme super komunitu.
Hola queridos les comento este servidor de discord es como una mini comunidad donde las personas stremean videos juegos y todos somos unidos los que quieran entrar bienvenidos seran muchas gracias los esperamos!!
In our discord server we have a friendly owner, friendly moderators, interactive bots, tons of streams with tons of laughter in them :D
Chiasa is a space themed community server for 13+ years of age! We have all kinds of features in the server. We also various live streams of anime. Weekly Comps and games. Join to find more.
With a big mash up of people including but not limited to: Artists, Streamers, Gamers, and overall just really insane, but fun loving members we shoot for greatness and love to help others strive for their goals as well. Whether it be a place to promote your streaming platform, a place to dump your art, or just a place to meet some fellow crazy people to game with, at the Abusement Park we accommodate everyone! And if for whatever reason we dont then be sure to message an admin and we'll make sure we find a way to accommodate you!
Server ufficiale di New_08; streamer e youtuber crescente.
Entrate tutti per fare nuove conoscenze e per divertirvi tutti asssieme!
Hey, we are a community of gamers ranging from retro rpgs/ strategy games to newer games like Rocket league, destiny 2 and World Of Warcraft. As a community, we are trying to grow and also help you grow in return! Please come help and join our Community!
Small community for playing games, watching and streaming your favorite shows, and talking with other people. We are growing, and constantly making improvements to the server.