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The holy church of taco is for anyone that wants to pray for the mighty taco 🌮
It’s a place for anyone that wants to join an have a pleasant time.
welcome to Planet Taco!

This server is the ultimate server for everyone!

✦ | Pokécord? Check!
✦ | Music Bot? Check!
✦ | Meme Channel? Check!
✦ | Poorly drawn emoji of a Taco? Check!
✦ | Bots named after taco ingredients? Check!

We have everything that you need for your entertainment!
You must join if you love tacos!

Except if you are a furry, if you are a one we kindly ask you to leave.
A random server where people play League of Legends and CS, also for some reason there is just random shit happening on this server, don't ask me. I don't know why
Have you ever been on Planet Taco server but was bored cus there was no hentai? no? Well I don't care join rn for some dark shits
Join the TacoClan! We have lots of fun things to do!
Friendly Staff! 👋
Dozens of roles! 🌟
Voice channels! 🎤
Great music! notes
Fun giveaways! 🎁
Competitive contests! 🎊
Leveling System! ⬆️
Fun Bots! 🤖

Thank you for joining! (if you do)
welcome to the chill zone!
we are currently a new server and we would like for you to join us in our journey of server ownership.
we offer reaction roles, a welcoming community, fun bots, tons of channels, and more! so join today and make a friend.
Welcome to Taco Bell! Here you can work your way up to become a restaurant owner.
Welcome to the Official Taco Bell server. You can order food here very quickly, and it is very good food. You can also socialize with other people that also love Taco Bell! Some day you may even be able to work with us! :D
- Taco Bell Manager