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Anime and Manga 4
Der Offiziele Server für alle gleichgesinnten der Anime, Manga,K/J-Pop und Vocaloid Musik.
25 minutes ago
Community 30
Hangout with friends!
Weekly events!
Advertisement Channels!
Highly Secured!
Active Staff Members
And more!
2 hours ago
We are a server where we try to make everything simple, easy to use, fun and friendly! We like anime, gaming and have a great staff team, giveaways, partnerships, events and loads more brilliant stuff to do! We want to become unique, and we need you to do it! Join now! <3
2 hours ago
IF YOU HAVE A 3D PRINTER YOU NEED TO JOIN! We are small but are active and wanting to grow bigger we are the first public 3D printing server we are 3D printing hub
11 hours ago
MMO Games 9
SammyCraft is a small Minecraft server which hopes to bring joy to all of its players!
1 days ago
We're a server that was kinda sorta maybe not created as a joke that's someone active but kinda sorta maybe not active. Join this mess today!
1 days ago
Here at Lightning Server Listing, you can list your server through one of our AD Staff. (This prevents users spamming their servers in the channels!)

It's completely free and once more users join us, your server will be populair!
1 days ago
Welcome to NotGreat Needs a Life! This is a discord server for me. My YT is NotGreat. I will be posting Minecraft PVP and Fortnite. Please help me reach 100 subs and join the discord.
1 days ago
Sandbox Games 16
NitroCraft is the discord server belonging to the NitroCraft Minecraft server. You can chat with our players and apply for staff.
We offer:
- Chat
- Staff Applications
- Fun Bots
- Chat With In-Game Players
- Meme Channel
- Events
- Friendly Members
& More...
2 days ago
A small server made just for people to hang out and talk with eachother—just use your brain and you should be fine here.
2 days ago
A Nitro based collective animated emote server.
Can also support normal users at times.
3 days ago
A Nitro based collective animated emote server.
Can also support normal users at times.
3 days ago
A Nitro based collective animated emote server.
Can also support normal users at times.
3 days ago
Sandbox Games
Hello! Are you looking for an amazing factions server? Well, TwistedMC is the server for you!
Unique Features:
- Great Staff
- Weekly Updates/Changelogs
- Custom Plugins
- Good Support
- Hacker Catchers
- Even More!
8 days ago
Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe just your youtube? Or maybe, just maybe just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!

AYS offers anything you need to grow your server:

Discord Growth Experts to give you advice on how to grow your server

International Server Development, they will help you with any of your questions if you aren't English

Different channels for different server categories

Our own custom bump bot

Currently the biggest advertising server on Discord

What are you waiting for? Join now!
9 days ago
Gaming community for the small streamers out there...friendly and helping alot of people out there that want to get that affiliate status...come join us
10 days ago
This friendly server is open to new people! Come on in.

We have:

20 Channels 【 3 Unlockables! 】and 5 Categories 【 As of April, 2018 】
» 9 Self Assignable Roles, 18 in total 【 As of April, 2018 】
» Tons of events to choose from such as Movie Night, Game Night, and Egg Hunt
» Custom Emojis
» Ban Appeal and Staff Application
» Partnership

We really hope you join this awesome community! :">
12 days ago
Community 2
Hiya! ツ I'm AJ! I own this server called Elder. It's just your run of the mill chat server but we are all here to make friends.
12 days ago
The Glade of Dreams - Rayman Server is a server dedicated to updating Rayman fans on the latest news and a place to discuss the Rayman Series!
12 days ago
Dedicated and Growing Public Kpop Discord!
- 400+ members
- Friendly staff/community
- 250+ bias roles
- Lots of Kpop related fun
19 days ago
All Games 26
Official Minecraft Server Discord for - YulxVol

Looking for staff on both discord and minecraft.
Server Features; Creative & Skyblock
Insanely Nice Builds, Come check us out :)
20 days ago
One Stop Webhosting is a web hosting provider based off of our own dedicated servers. We have cheap plans and FREE SSL! :)
20 days ago
Have you ever wanted a server but you don't want to make it and/or don't know how and/or can't do it very well. Well do I have the thing for you. I am doing a free service where I make servers for people since I'm in way too many and I can't run mine very well. I will do everything from the name and logo to the bots and their setups. All you will have to do is tell me how you want it and I'll do it. You'll have your own great looking server in no time!

Join today for a server of your own
21 days ago