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♕ Welcome to GAMER'S DEN! ♕
GAMER'S DEN is set in the realm of Ciridium; a land rich in magic, lore, and opportunity! Citizens may explore the secrets of ancient ruins, enjoy good company in the local taverns, dance in the castle gardens, earn wealth and renown through the guilds, be an engineer on steam-powered trains, study magic in the region's capital, search for adventure through the forests--carve your own path however you wish! Find love, defeat enemies, and create powerful bonds of rivalry and friendship in a world touched by magic and innovation!

✦ Roleplay Features include: ✦
[❀] Unique races/species
[❀] In-depth lore & magic
[❀] Guild quests
[❀] Create unique & creative characters
[❀] Sfw & Nsfw roleplay channels
[❀] Public & Private roleplay channels
[❀] Contribute to the lore & world-building

✦ Community Feature include: ✦
[❀] 18+ users only--must verify!
[❀] LGBTQA+ friendly
[❀] Strong emphasis on inclusiveness & intolerance for racism and homophobia
[❀] Active staff & admins
[❀] Channels for gaming, art, advertising, & conversation
[❀] Custom-coded currency system, used to buy custom roles, characters, channels, and more!
[❀] Server-wide events
[❀] Memes, bruh
[❀] Open to partnerships!

♕ We look forward to having you! ♕
Looking For a friendly community To hangout with your friends and people and much more fun things to do? Then You should totally join This friendly nice community to have fun with friends and people, Make new friends, Play with fun bots , Fun channels and active and nice staff to be friend with!
Join today what you're waiting for?
Cya all In The Sea!!
Come join our minecraft server based on Avatar the last airbender series!

Come learn an element based on the series of avatar and help your nation grow.
With Subelements available to all. As well as active staff as well as a no greifing policy. We hope to see you there!
Do not join this server for the sake of satisfying your curiosity. This is not a place for everyone. We only accept people 15 and older. What we deal with is real, and NOT to be mistaken for any sort of roleplay/ARG/Creepypasta.
We are always welcoming members and we are always seeking assistance. In order to find out more, you may join and ask a moderator.
A Discord dedicated to the TF2 Harbl Hotel map. Harbl Hotel is the celebration of ancient 4chan/internet culture and with it, the spirit of what a real classic community server was like! Join now for the IP to our TF2 server!
𝐬𝐰𝐢 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐬
a roblox community server for designers and those interested, holds more info listed below! join join join
• public chats
• cool members and bots
• make new friends
• self promo and services
• nitro/robux giveaways
• looking for active chatters and server boosters
• designer resources
• active and fun atmosphere
• activity channels (qotd, wyr, ratings, anonymous confess, food delivery, etc.)
• notifs on roblox group
• hiring STAFF TODAY
• +loads more!
╰───── >
server link:
We are a community server running Pixelmon Reforged, which is required to join our server. We strive to be the best community server ever seen, bringing unique events, an amazing and well balanced staff team, and so much more!

Check us out! And lookout for our updates! (PLEASE NOTE WE ARE STILL IN DEVELOPMENT AS OF RIGHT NOW)
MeinPvP ist ein deutscher Minecraft PvP Server.
Ehemaliger PvP Server #1 Deutschlands.

Wie du uns erreichen kannst
• Discord:
• Minecraft-IP:
• TeamSpeak:

Wir bieten dir:
• einen eigenen Root-Server -> weniger Laggs und schnelle Fehlerbehebung
• immer erreichbar durch 99.9% Uptime
• Eigene Spiele wie GunGame
• Nettes, hilfsbereites Team
• Eigene Plugins
• Jede Woche ein Event

Warum wir?
Wir haben für JEDEN etwas dabei. Unter anderem PvP & GunGame für zwischendurch. Wir bieten dir ein komlettes PvP Server-Netzwerk zum spielen an, damit dir nie langweilig wird
The Refuge - gaming/server. A community of gamers.

Enjoy our active community, make friends, and come play on the tf2 server. Our Developers look for feedback from the community and implement good ideas into the server.

We ensure the discord is friendly with staff that moderates the server and discord 24/7.

We offer:

Tf2 server
24/7 staff
friendly community
suggestions, that will get looked into by developers to be added to the server.
bots and levels.
🗣️Ai chief de caterinca? 🙋‍♂️Ești prietenos și amuzant? 🤩Acest server este perfect pentru tine. ✨Aici vei găsi oameni amuzanți, prietenoși și dornici sa te cunoasca.

♦️Info server♦️
🗣️Voice chat
🎮Voice gaming
🔒Voice privat
🤖Boți muzica
🤖Boți amuzament
🔝Auto roll level

👍Te asteptam!
What we have?
- Author's Discord bot (24/7)
- Lots of server templates
- an active community to help you !
-A staff that helps you create your server gives you tips and answers your questions, and helps you create your bot

Do not miss this occasion or you will regret it!
list of template server !
Welcome to RemnantMC, a post-apocalyptic earth server where you can rebuild society under any banner.

Reclaim the wilds, go to war, interact with an ever changing economy, get rewards from fun an unique events, and become part of a community where your voice is always heard!

- Post-Apocalyptic 1:1000 Earth map -
- Custom (& open source) plugins -
- Rank ups -
- McMMO -
- Buyable ranks, Tags & Map art! -
- DynMap -
- A staff team that is involved in the community -
- Discord bot you can invite to your own server -
- Towny Siegewar plugin for interesting war -
- Exclusive plugins: Brewery, Marriage, Religion, Bounty -

Join RemnantMC today, and be part of a server that is #4ThePlayers
Wanting to have your realm get more members?
Looking for a good realm to join?
Do it all here, completely free. No drawbacks, fees, or other advertisements getting in your way.

Welcome to the Minecraft Realm Hub, the original non-profit discord server dedicated to providing realms with no catches or fees. All of our services are completely free and are easy to use. Have your realm advertised without the cluster of other advertisements getting in the way of your well-deserved recognition.

Our server is always striving for a larger and better advertising platform. Join today with the link below!
this is a minecraft survival server. play on our server or meet people to play with. the owner is online a lot so dont be shy to ask something the ip is in the sever.
- - Webseite: - -
- - Server: - -
- - YouTube: - -
We're a discord community looking foward for more members, we love gaming and would like you to join us! We're looking for new active staff to help us out. We're mainly a community based server but we also love gaming! so come on down and join us! we love to see new faces here and it makes us happy to see new people. We have tons of good emotes if you have nitro and you will love them, join now!
Blossom is an amazing community server for everyone, especially for those who wish to express their inner-selves! Blossom is a welcoming and friendly community focusing on its members and their happiness.

You'll never know till you see what's inside.
▶ IP: ◀

We're a Minecraft Bedrock Server with a large variety of fun minigames to play! Our goal is to bring the best experience to players, which is why we really want to hear your feedback for us to improve! Join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter (@SkyBladeMC) to stay up-to-date!

To summarise, here's a list of things that we offer:
- SkyWars ⚔
- CoreWars (BedWars Equivalent) 🛡
- TNT Run 🧨
- Clash (All-vs-All PvP) 💘
- Spleef ⛏
- Bow Spleef 🌠
- One in the Chamber 🏹
- MINE IT (Mining Game) 🛠
- SPLAT (Team Paintball) 🐱‍👤
- Build Battle 👷‍♂️
- Punch (Sumo Equivalent) 👊
- Free-Build Creative 🏗
- Daily Rewards ✨
- Rewards System with Shop 🧰
- Over 30 Game Unlocks to Collect 💥
- Game Statistics and Leaderboards 🔢
- Monthly Tournaments 🏆

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and get playin'!

As a welcome, run '/redeem' in-game and enter code 'WELCOME' for a reward!

We can't wait to see you online! :)
Welcome to the OutLand Community. The Outland Community is for people who is looking for people to play with. It also has tournaments with prizes.
All servers are allowed.
Are you an owner of a server with no members?
Do you already have members but want more?
Do you just Want to join a cool new server?

Then you should join Advertising Court! A place with a great community of friendly people, and multiple channels for promoting your wonderful servers!