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Welkom to the Discord server of Elanticcraft!
It is possible to chat and talk with all the other players from Elanticcraft.
You can invite people with this link! :
A Minecraft Server that was popular back in 2014 is being brought back to life. Join us and enjoy the ride!
Mc-Donalds Fan Server, is all in the name! Talk about recipes, share fan art. Everything Mc-Donalds Related.
We are a fun mini games minecraft server come and join our discord where the ip to the server is located so you will be able to play with us.
Hello! TavernCraft is a new community server and we are currently working on a unique and amazing Minecraft Towny server with custom coded plugins!
feel free to join us on this adventure and become a part of the community at TavernCraft.
Are you interested in Minecraft MinePvP? Where you mine ores to unlock special items including Tools, Swords, Armor, Custom Items and More! There will be a BattlePass each season which has tiers where you redeem XP to custom enchantments for your tools and swords! Have challenges to unlock daily to also get rewards! We even have KOTH to where you fight to capture special items! We also have daily drop events where we drop special crates! There’s even other Minigames! The Minecraft Server releases July 4th! Don’t miss this! Join the server right away to get sneak peeks and EARLY ACCESS TO SERVER!
Server is Friendly!
Infinite Server Invite Link!
Welcome to 6th street.
▾No server links (unless you have permission this is for the safety of others.)
▾Treat everyone the same, Don’t treat someone like they are worth nothing
▾Everyone has freedom, Everyone can make their own emoji’s, Everyone has a chance to be admin.
▾A few of our bots include: Dank memer,Server stats, Waifu bot,Dyno, Gambling bot,Yggdrasil
▾This server supports everyone, Including LGBTQ+
▾Everyone in this server is very kind
▾We are a gaming server/ Streaming/Anime/Ect ect
▾Some of the members.
▾Callmecarsonfan (co-owner) What if yesn't (Mod) Isaiah (Mod) Pimp (Former mod)
▾ age range; Most members are over 13.
▾ time stats; Everyone is mostly in different times.
▾Hardly any rules,
▾This server is a safe place.
▾This server has over 40 members.
▾We are open for partnerships!
If you hate mars then we've got the place for you
(P.S we have cookies)
This is the new SMP Earth discord server that will include factions since the official SMP Earth is removing factions.
Want a Fun Experience on a Brand New up and coming Minecraft Server?

Well now, you're in luck! Introducing The Garter!

A New Minecraft Server that has Recently Opened and are looking for new Players to join! We offer a lot of fun games inside the server as well! Stuff such as,
And a Ton of Minigames as well!

We offer a ton of unique minigames and originals as well, such as Hunger Games, Skywars, and our game Cake Clash, just to name a few!

What are you waiting for? Come on down to The Garter!
We are an ever-growing community with the aspiration to make a safe and fun place for players of all ages to join! We offer plots of 3 different sizes starting from small to large! We host minigames as well as have a server wide roleplay set to open soon!

You can join our server at !
We would love to see you there!
Welcome to infinitum, this is a server which has many bots such as dank memer, pancake and more! We even have the taco shack robot which is not well known but still a blast
Wanting to have your realm get more members?
Looking for a good realm to join?
Do it all here, completely free. No drawbacks, fees, or other advertisements getting in your way.

Welcome to the Minecraft Realm Hub, the original non-profit discord server dedicated to providing realms with no catches or fees. All of our services are completely free and are easy to use. Have your realm advertised without the cluster of other advertisements getting in the way of your well-deserved recognition.

Our server is always striving for a larger and better advertising platform. Join today with the link below!
Please have the ios app “plugpe” to join. That is how you join the minecraft server. But that is optional, you can join just to chat if you want :)
Fivem/FivePd Roleplay Server, Custom EUP, Custom Scripts, Hiring Staff, Active Roleplay, Active Development, Fun community

=============== FivePD RESPONSE=====================
Hello, Welcome to FIVEPD RESPONSE, we are a growing FivePD based server looking for people to come and RP with us as a community.

**Where can you find us?:** You can find us in the FiveM Server list by searching "FIVEPD RESPONSE"
We would love for you to join us on the discord aswell and come and hang out and experience the amazing new resource "FivePd" that lets you interact with AI's

**Applications?** YES! We have open applications these applications are:
**Staff Applications**
**Dev Applications**
**Whitelist Application**
Why is law enforcement not an application? Because you dont have to its FivePD! come and patrol the streets however you like (Aslong as it is legal)

**What do we have?** Custom LEO Vehicles, Custom EUP Uniforms, Custom FivePD Scripts, Custom Callouts, Active Admins, Friendly Community

**Heres the link give it ago what do you say you might love it like we do**
This is a small community server to just chill and talk in. Thats it. No special roles and not necessarily any rules you have to follow. Just hangout and meet people I guess.
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