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Onani Hentai Club FR est un petit serveur Discord français de hentai, avec que des gifs :)
The Servidor Aleatorio é um servidor contido com: aleatoridade, shitpost, comunidade ativa e algumas coisas ai
Entre no nosso servidor!
Fique a vontade

This server is a friendly, non-judgmental and teenager friendly. We accept you for who YOU are and allow you to connect with others who think they're alone. Whether you like anime, k-pop, Germany XD. Whether your not an English user, gay, trans or you still don't know you're welcome to come join me and the team. This server is interesting an loves to listen and help others grow.

~ We hold game events of different varieties!


~ Therapy and provide understanding that you will feel
comfortable with.

~ Have custom roles so you can be uniquely known on our server

~ Clubs are featured and you can make your own if the one you
wanted isn't there.

~ We welcome anyone under 18, whether you don't speak English or not you're invited to come join us!

☆We hope to see you there☆
we're currently looking for new moderators
we just started out and would appriciate any members between the age of 13-17 no exceptions
A chat for my school friends but i want you to join too because they're boring. You gotta be under 18. i'm a crackhead most of the time so don't expect me to be responsible unless ur being mean to the other people or are overaged <3 I'm 12
ERP Love (Rencontre FR) est un serveur consacrant uniquement le erp/rp et la rencontre que ce soit rencontre amicale rencontre amoureuse, sa consacre ses deux choses la, c'est un nouveau serveur à 10 membre et j'aimerai qu'il ce fasse connaître
Le serv es créer par Lola#4333. Merci de rejoindres ❤❤❤
An age regression server ran by a 12 year old switch. Caregivers, switches, littles of all genders and races can join! Please be under 18 if you do <3

Completely sfw
dans un monde lointain parallèle à la nôtre,
se déroule la fondation du monde d’Holöwin,

Ce monde,
Après une grande guerre entres les dieux fut divisé en plusieurs parties, formant ainsi plusieurs continents où les peuples furent obligé à s'adapter et ainsi évoluer selon leurs mode d'environnements : 

-Anfauglith, le continent des humains ; 

- Adanedhel, le continent des elfes ; 

- Deldúwath, le continent des nains ; 

-Tintallë, le continent des ombres ; 

-Atlantide (Eärendur), le continent des atlantes ;

-Adûnakhôr, le continent des sorciers ;

Chaques continents se retrouvaient à présent ennemis et une guerre pour gagner le trône impériale s'était mise en place, 
leurs but ? diriger le monde,

Vous en tant que soldats de réserves et habitant d’un des territoires vous vous devez de participer à cette guerre sans fin, femmes ou hommes, 
les enfants eux sont envoyés dans les 
psygeío ( des sortes de congélateurs à temps limité ( maximum 300 ans ) ) et ne seront réanimés qu’une fois la guerre terminée pour de bon, ainsi ils éviteront une totale disparition des différentes races.

( Ce RP est tout nouveau, et en reconstruction, il n'y a donc pas beaucoup de monde dessus ( voire pas du tout ), mais j'espère qu'un jour le serveur grandira et que vous vous y plairez tout de même !
Merci à vous ^^ )
╰─➛ 📬 ʏᴏᴜ’ᴠᴇ ɢᴏᴛ ᴍᴀɪʟ !


┏━━━━.✮。• *₊°。  ☆°。━━━━┓

ωεℓcσмε тσ cнσcσℓαтε ғяσgs!

┗━━━━.✮。• *₊°。  ☆°。━━━━┛

**Chocolate Frogs** is a server inspired and created to go with the theme of Harry Potter. .。.:*☆

In this server, you can meet other young wizards/witches to talk to and have fun. It doesn’t always have to be a conversation about Harry Potter, but many other topics, as long as everyone is having a nice time! .。.:*☆

(However, this isn’t really a roleplay server and is **not** a dating server!)

We hope to see you there fellow magical being!
Welcome to The Playground ♡

We’re a new 13-18 community meant to treat people with respect and have fun in a safe place! We strive to bring people in kink and non-kink communities together where no one will be judged and everyone can enjoy themselves.

What we have;
♡ Amazing staff!
♡ Bots to use and interact with
♡ A lot of fun self roles and colors to use and have fun with
♡ Many different channels
♡ Active staff and members
♡ No toxicity and drama!
♡ Very welcoming!

Come and play!
It is a -18 dating and hangout server with a lot memes and fun stuff there is very little people but the more people who join the bigger it will grow
We are an Australian based social and gaming server for teens (SFW ONLY)
Ages (13-18)
Enjoy loads of memes and make some friends
we run events often!
Cards Against Humanity
| Primary Games |
Rainbow Six Siege
Upon joining and being verified users will have access to more channels
Welcome to 感情的な!!

感情的な is a server for your gothic aesthetics. We support all here, even if you aren't here for the gothic aesthetic. This server is meant for making friend's and maybe something more. I guarantee you, you'll make a new best friend or Maybe a lover! ♡

If we find any pedophiles here, that'll resolve as an instant ban.

Heres what we provide

-Worldwide Chats

And more!!

Hope to see you there!
New server looking for new members and staff. We are growing at a fast rate tbh lmao so join in while we’re new to get those special roles
well we are a teen dating server so no adults allowed and our rules are pretty chill, but if you break them we don't mess. we have selfies verified selfies and a lot of text channels haha
Welcome to my "Fungeon" my fun dungeon. (This isn't a dungeon, I just liked the wordplay.) Here you can safely chat with kids from around the world. Moderate and mild cursing is allowed as long as it's not directed towards anyone, but an expression of frustration etc. - Bullying is NOT allowed.
- NO porn or hentai, this is a kid-friendly server
- all type of people are welcome
- must be under 18 to join, but you can stay as long as you want
Beajoun is a hanging/dating server that can be for people over and up 18 years old.
-Everyone is welcome as long as they are under 18
-Here you can meet new people around the world and maybe meet someone special
-The primary rule is don’t be an asshole
TEENS LOBBY is a place for teenagers (-18) to hang out, meet up and find partners! We aim to be a comfortable place for teens of all ages to hang out in when life just gets too tough.
We have nice people to chat with, roleplaying and NSFW channels.

YOU MUST BE UNDER 18 TO JOIN. The preferred minimum age is 13, but you will not be banned if you are younger.

Nesse servidor, você vai encontrar parceiros para duo! De qualquer jogo que queira! Ah, tem um chat pra quem fala, ou quem quer falar inglês! Poderá escutar músicas, conversar com novas pessoas e mais!!
Não importa a idade, entre e se divirta!

On this server, you will find partners for duo! Any game you want! Ah, there is a chat for those who speak, or who wants to speak English! You can listen to music, chat with new people and more.
No matter the age, come in and have fun!