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-*"A warm welcome to all who make their entrance, in this grand, melting-pot metropolis. It truly is a- wonderful sight for sore eyes - to see so many new faces, on these packed urban streets, but then again; New York City has truly always been a place of world renown and class. The current year is 1920, and while the past may have presented us with a few, complications, here in the US's east-coast - we have learned to get by still - relatively uninhibited. However, while the family does get by on their usual plots for economic gain - winds of change are looming, stirring, and awaiting to beckon something else. Will it be a new power to challenge the main family, or perhaps the end, of their current criminal era? No matter what, however, powers surely are changing. The prohibition - the civil rights movement, and the women's suffrage. This, will no doubt be a time, to be remembered. Although, whether this memory will be remembered fondly, is up for debate."*

**__In this server, we offer the following__:**

-A highly literate roleplay that has its roots in 1920's history.
-Plenty of information to help out both newcomers to rp, as well as veterans, in both writing more in, and out of rp (I.e. character making).
-A friendly, open and knowledge community.
-A kind staff team, who are always willing to help anyone in need.

Much more is to be found on the server, but it is up for you, to take the curious step; to see all that we have to offer.
A Discord server for a dedicated community of Mafia games franchise and the official discord server of r/MafiaTheGame.
Периодически играем в мафию по кастомным правилам (без вебок). В свободное от мафии время общаемся на разные темы, играем в другие игры, а некоторые даже кодят. Пока что людей маловато, но пытаемся расширяться.
What is our server for/about:
Its about anime stuff and is for weebs

What we have:
a lot of weebs with whom u can discuss about anime
chill people
Super-active and friendly staff
Lots of bots to play with

What bots we have:
1.WaifuBot 2.Android 21 3.Pokeverse 4.Koya 5.Mudae 6.Rythm 7.DankMemer 8.OwO

What else we have:
Cool memers
Friendly People
100+ emojis (Nitro ones can be used for free too!!)
We're a new, small mafia themed server looking for friendly members! We have the occasional anime/movie stream as well as VC and game nights. Come be a part of the mafia family!
Hikoto is a fascinating city with magic and crime lingering through its whereabouts. It is a vast, entanglement of a place that spirals almost every inhabitant into unconventional situations. It is a city of both great prosperity and large amounts of poverty, with the highest crime rate not only in Japan, but across most of the world.
The year is 2011, magic is still unknown to those who don't posses such a unique ability. Many locals would tell you of this vast city and the myths surrounding it, but you might dig yourself into a deeper hole and find yourself at the top of whatever your heart desires.
✶ A friendly and welcoming community.
✶ Fun times had by all.
✶ Plenty of interactive RP channels!
✶ Friendly voice chats.
✶ A welcoming staff team. :)
(ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง
HEY HEY HEY! What's cookin' good lookin'😏😌😉

̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
Welcome to the *drum roll*
(ꎤノಠ _ಠ)—̳͟͞͞—̳͟͞͞o𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕄𝕒𝕗𝕚𝕒𝕒𝕒ヽ(o⌣oヾ)
It's a growing Server so have paTiEnCe, that i don't have.

(`▽´)▬▬ι═══════ﺤ *˖̿ ̿’̿’/̵͇̿̿/ε(-_-))
̿̿You don't need a talent to enter the Mafia!

pls use:
-common sense
-don't take things to seriously
-get some humor, yes.

we have:
-dAnk Memeeeeer moneh giveaway
-self rolez
-daily memes
and moooooorrrreeeeee to COME!
PS. We're a friendly Mafia :D
(ง •̀ゝ•́)ง (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง
Ce serveur est constituer de plusieurs groupe de personne , Le Cartel (les mafieux) , les citoyens , Et les autres que vous pouvaient créer . Dans une petite ville des Etats Unies , un Cartel c installé , Malgré la discrétions absolue des membres de cette mafia , Un bruit cours que le Cartel seraient dangereux .
Hey wanna socialize we fun bots like mafia and mudae and pokecord we do karaoke as well soo yeah come and chill
✅Здравствуйте дорогие пользователи сайта✅.
Не будем писать какой у нас:
" уютный дискорд сервер с приятным камьюнити".
Просто расскажем чем вы можете у нас заняться:
1. Просто разговаривать в различных каналах с людьми на сервере.
2. Играть в мафию (в 20:00 по мск, через день. Подробности все на сервере!)
3. Играть в различные настолки
(когда хотите, для этого отведены отдельные каналы)
4. Играть с друзьями в видеоигры
(Для этого так же отведены отдельные каналы)
5. Смотреть фильмы с друзьями или просто с людьми на сервере
(для этого отведены отдельные каналы)
6. Повышать свои роли.
(С повышением роли, у вас будет больше прав, подробности на сервере)
По остальным вопросам можно обращаться к одминистратором.
Мы в этом деле новенькие, по этому могут быть траблы в различных аспектах. Просьба отнестись к этому с пониманием, и за помощь в этом мы так же будем награждать. Вся остальная информация вас ждет на нашем сервере, в текстовом канале ✅Information
7. Так же в новом обновлении сервера был добавлен отдельный, аниме канал, в котором вы можете обсудить аниме ,посмотреть его вместе , а так же узнать новостях из мира аниме👽

A server for fans of the legendary TV show "The Sopranos". Enjoy gambling, watchalong nights, and theory discussion with likeminded wiseguys. Ah salud!
Psst toi ! Oui toi là le nouveau ! Bienvenue à Phoenix. Une ville américaine sans histoire enfin, d'apparence … mais détrompes toi ! La mafia rôde. Selon les légendes urbaines, il y aurait deux clans se faisant la guerre depuis la fondation de la ville. Mais ils ont un ennemi commun … Aussi longtemps que je m'en souvienne, la police courressait ces deux gangs avec plus ou moins de succès. Seront-ils à nouveau prêts de faire abstraction des différences pour les vaincre si nécessaire ? Trafiques de drogues, d'alcool ou encore d'êtres humains… c'est leur quotidien ici ! Gare à toi le nouveau, l'année 2020 réserve bien des surprises quelque soit ton clan. Qui es-tu ? Un enquêteur de la police ? Un membre de gang ? Décides toi vite car le parrain surveille tes choix…
Are you a fan of social deception games like Werewolf, Mafia, or Town of Salem? Join the Discord Werewolf community! Our werewolf bot is open-source!
This is an active community for BTS, KPop or just music lovers in general. Feel free to join if you want to play mafia and other fun mini games, share and listen to some music and hang out with us! Let‘s have fun together! 🖤
Though my server is in the works I hope you all take that chance and join my server!

The City of Arezia is a roleplay server where you can experience life with developing abilities and grow closer to those around you. From the college to the gang/mafia organizations you can hang out around it depends on whether your a good guy, bad guy or somewhere neutral!

Garlius Rave Storms was a millionaire who had done the most to protect himself but to also protect his daughters Aliciana and Xanthia. As old age and death started to gradually grow closer to his doorstep, Garlius didn't want to leave them with just money so he went to work. From construction companies, to water/power companies, to hardware/design companies, Mr. Storms had went to work designing and creating a layout of the gift and legacy he would then pass down to his daughters, Aliciana and Xanthia. From there, Mr. Storms had to call in additional favors in to make his dream a reality, holding fundraisers, charity events, calling in favors from old friends any money that he could get he invested it into this project. As 2 decades past, so did Mr.Storms, Xan hadn't once anticipated that to this day her father had been creating this city, had given all the hundreds of thousands of people in this city homes, jobs, an opportunity to do better for themselves just so that she would have a greater responsibility and a greater legacy to live by as she continued to grow and learn more about this city.

No serious rules just come on in and try and get situated!
Mafia and UNO all day, come join for just a fun community (we all also talk about pokemon too much)
Hello, hello, hello! May I explain,

In a future society that is ran by genius criminals and masterminds of all kinds, they all go head to head as rivals fighting to overcome each other after a great war happening that destroyed most of the city. From different leveling of crimes and illegal cyber acts. Working together but against from Mafias that run the economic part of the foundation to Mafias that work of assassinations and human trafficking. There are officially 4 Mafias to work or overpower from. The Supporters, The Narcotics, The Grim Reapers, and lastly The Braindead.

The Supporters run the foundation of money earnings and spendings, they’re data analysts and are one of the wealthiest Mafias out there, making up to millions every 3 months, they calculate and manage everyone’s credit accounts and cash stability. The Narcotics run the foundation of drugs, growing and making drugs, selling to buyers, drug smuggling and factory-like working. The Grim Reapers run the foundation of assassinations, murders, homicides, and the most cruel inhumane acts you could think of, torturing and hiring hitmen, all that is ran by this Mafia. The Braindead run the foundation of the internet and cyber acts like illegal purchasing, history searches, code dialogue, hackings and leaking are all included.

In these Mafias you can be the highest role, the mastermind behind the whole industry of their Mafia to the lowest role of being a mule for others' benefits. The option of being a normal citizen is still opened, but will you get caught up in the mess that is your government? Join to make stories that include thrill, mystery, romance, suspense, and hierarchy.

Server Boosted: July 5th, 2020

Here’s what we offer!:

◎ Simple but Professional Aesthetic (So No Overwhelming Fonts)
◎ Easy Navigation
◎ Semi-Literate to Advanced Roleplay
◎ Plenty Roles to Choose From
◎ Tupperbox, More Bots+
◎ Plenty of Emojis and much more!+
◎ A Chill Owner and Staff!

[ Brand New Server, Higher Rank Roles are Opened As Well !!! ]

This roleplay takes place during modern times in an area named Prospect City. At first, it seems like any other ordinary city. The wide streets are lined with buildings built so close to each other that you can barely fit in between them. Closer to the centre tall apartments and office buildings rise up like monoliths of concrete towards the sky. The streets are always full of people.

However, the moment you take a turn down the wrong street, or you step into the wrong place and accidentally see something you really weren't supposed to see, the reality of this city starts to dawn on you.

This is a city run by corrupt politicians and plagued by crime. Two families are fighting for complete power. The Thorne family and the Romano family.

Will you join them in their fight? Or will you be the one to fight against them and put a stop to the endless suffering?
**__«KABUKICHO» ¦ RP ¦ FR ¦__**

School life


Bienvenue a vous, vous ne savez pas ou vous êtes ? Laissez moi vous expliquer, vous venez tout juste d'arrivé dans un conflit entre deux mafia...
Vous retrouverez la Casa Nostra, représenter par la couleur rouge, ils contrôle la ville de Tokainyoï, cette une mafia des plus classique, drogue, arme et esclavagisme au centre de leur revente, ils s'occupent également strip-club qui leur fait gagné énormément d'argent.
De l'autre côté, nous avons SMP, représenter par la couleur bleu, cette mafia est composer seulement de mercenaire, ils contrôle la ville d'Atzuika et la prison qui sépare les deux ville. Ce conflit est une énorme guerre de territoire, a vous de choisir votre camp...

Mais, reprenons depuis le début, je doute que cela vous intéresse pour l'instant nan ?
Voilà, alors laissé moi vous présenter Atzuika, la ville principale au nord du Japon de notre univers où les races et la magie si melange, c'est une metropole où il y fait bon vivre, pourvu d'un lycée, d'un hôpital et d'une police compétente,cette ville à pût se développer sur une base stable lui donnant des lieux de loisirs, des restaurants aux particularités surprenantes et un taux de criminalité assurément bas grâce à sa prison et son asile.

Tandis que la petite ville de Tokainyoï au sud de celle ci ne c'est pas du tout développé.
La mafia Casa Nostra à influencer celle ci avec leurs divers commerce illicite au point que la débandade s'y est installé, sa police à moitié corrompu fait de son mieux mais ils ont perdu le contrôle, laissant se développer un quartier chaud ou la prostitution fait rage et que les habitants se voit créer des gang poir mener des guérillas contre cette mafia.


Ce serveur est composé en deux petites villes et un entre deux ou nous avons réussi à mettre autant de style de rp différents que possible en 500 channel, les zones sont complète et réfléchi avec un peu de diversité.

De plus il est possible de prendre des personnages venant de manga, anime ou même de dojin si cela vous fait plaisir.
🍻𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠,🍻
🍻ℙ𝕣𝕠𝕙𝕚𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟: 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔻𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕 ℝℙ𝔾.🍻
🍾 This is a unique roleplay experience with tabletop RPG elements and an economy and progression system combined with freeroam text roleplay. It all takes place in the Brooklyn borough, New York City. The year is 1924 and America faces one of many economic recessions, but this time, during the dry law that witnesses the rise of the Mafia and gang violence goes out of control as every kingpin tries to whack out each other to dominate and control the bootleg alcohol trade. Join the server and roleplay as a gangster, be it an earner, an enforcer, or maybe get so big you'll have to start your own gang.
🍾 We Offer:
✧ Freeroam Roleplay in over 90 memorable locations all complete with descriptions and reference pictures accurate to the time. And the possibility to start your own business and have your own location!
✧ Economy system with a progression process where you start from the bottom and eventually rise up to the top, if you play your cards right.
✧ RPG elements like combat, items, skilltrees and more!
✧ The possibility to create your ideal gangster to roleplay as and eventually start your own faction or become a high ranking member in a faction.
✧ NPC characters roleplayed by gamemasters and an in depth custom lore mixed with real events.
✧ Active and trustworthy Staff Team!
✧ Active Community!
✧ 1920s Aesthetic.
✧ Realistic Roleplay.
✧ Multiple setup bots to improve your experience, including anti raid features.
...and much more!
🍾 So what are you waiting for fella? Give it a try, we're waiting for you.
Сообщество, мафия, игры, общение, именно так вкратце можно описать наш сервер. Открытая и готовая к критике администрация, удачного времяпровождение!
Need help with anything? Got somebody messing with you, that you don’t like? Come join Vincente’s mafia!
== -[Passione Mafia]- ==

Join the mighty MAFIA

We offer a lot of things, lets start our adventure!

We play every game!

We offer:

- Car showcases (win a prize for the best car)

-Car races

-VIP servers


-An active community where you will enjoy it

-Friends that can help you(you're in the family)

-Roles , where you can choose your fate

"No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them.All that remains in the end, where you will all perish.Eternal greatness exist only within myself.Sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished."
You know game like Town of Salem or Throne of Lies? Yes, our server is basically game like that but operates mostly via discord. Not to mention it's FREE to play and nothing is behind the paywall!