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The Knotty Room is a NSFW BDSM channel to explore, socialize, and be a part of a growing, mature community. We offer a lot of different rooms to chat in for different fetishes, game and movie nights, and host a lot of good conversation, as well as kinky convo as well.

~We have a multi-tiered verification system so you can feel comfortable posting you NSFW content, ensuring all users are 18+~

~We take maturity as an important part of our community~

~We have people from around the globe so there are always people active all times of day and night~

~Server Admins are some of the best people you can meet~

~React roles allow you to really define who you are~

~Lots of content based channels where you can express yourself from writing to pictures to memes~

Come Join The Knotty Room for an amazing kinky experience.
This is a dungeon quest server that is trying to become the best! we have giveaways and daily raids.
Welcome To This Server ! It Will Be Feauturing Giveaways And Carrys Please Join It Its Really Good!
Добро пожаловать в наш теплый и Ламповый Dungeon. Усаживай поудобнее свой ass, тебя согреют наши boys and girls <3
Bonjour à tous , je me présente , je suis le créateur d'un discord FR sur le jeu Dungeon Quest disponible sur Roblox . Notre but est de réunir tout la communauté de joueurs Francophone jouant à ce même jeu et pouvoir nous entraider pour créer une communauté active et sympathique.
A server for women who are interested in roleplaying with me as a slave irl. You can talk with me on DM for as long as it takes.

All terms and conditions regarding roleplay can be discussed with me on DM (Direct message). Just message me if you have any questions or suggestions.
A dungeon quest server that has people who will carry, we host giveaways and help out new players.
A discord community for the Roblox Game 'Dungeon Quest'! Come here to find carrys and sell and trade items.
Our server is friendly,with daily giveaways with stuff from Underworld [Nightmare/Insane] carries and raids sometimes :)
[ Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka ]

> A world where a blessing from your god/goddess can send you on an adventure <

For those willing to adventure into a tower that challenges your skill, and learn from your mistakes, this is the roleplay for you. Strength, Skills, Tactics, and roleplay ability will be severely tested. This roleplay allows freedom in many ways, but in order to rank up you must train your writing skill as a roleplayer. With many races and individuality, every day can be a new experience.
Hey this is my discord server, We host games on Roblox daily!
In this server we try to help everyone out, mainly in Dungeon Quest, If you didn't know Dungeon Quest is a trending game on Roblox and has over 250M place visits!
This is a server for Dungeon Quest Raids, join if you have the interest, we do giveaways and other stuff. Have fun chatting
- Giveaways & Carries sometimes,But the focus is trading/selling!
Гильдия ATF ищет игроков в DQ ищет активных людей для совместной игры и общения, от 85 уровня и с дальнейшим повышением его.
Dungeon quest clan! Most of the time active and OP giveaways, level rankings, and more! Join now!
We do daily carries IF ASKED, frequent giveaways (request). Fun Bots. Great people. But best rule of all... HAVE FUN.
this server helps people on roblox dungeon quest
everyone is welcome ^_^
Welcome to the Dungeon quest Clan called Dungeon raid! Here you can do raids, Trades,free carry's and more! (Note: There arent many People in this clan so no carrys yet.)
There once was a tale, one long and fearful. There was a hidden planet, named Orias. The planet held 6 biomes, one of hell, one of seas, one of forests, one of plains, one of deserts, and one that consists of volcanos. The people who reside in all of the biomes fear one man. Some call him the forbidden child, some mostly know him as.. Edward. Edward Warren was a child from two races, the father being a demon, and the mother being an angel. Once the authorities from each biome found out of him and his brother, an execution was forced on the father, and he died while his family watched. Edward's mother was shortly after taken away to be used as a sex slave, and Edward remained all alone to raise his younger brother, Charles. Once Charles turned 16, Edward disappeared and managed to persuade the demon realm to rise with him, more and more monsters appear everyday, as the population of people decreased. That story is yet to end, as the biomes work together tirelessly to stop this man from destroying the world.
We took over 70% of the world and now we super powerful.
This is a giant dungeon themed roleplay server with giantess as a side theme. Here you can roleplay with your friends as you explore a massive dungeon while being allowed to do lewd things along the way.