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Our Goal is to Help others and be there for people that are in need of Pokémons or a group of people in wild Pursuit of Pokés. We never leave anyone out of anything and we always do our best to help our members grow and catch pokés.
Our Server is Different than any other Pokémon server on discord.

=====What Our Server Offers=====

✯ Custom Server Bot

✯ Pokecord and Music!

✯ 20 Gyms and Elite 4 [ Soon There gonna be 2nd Division for Gym Battles ]

✯ Active and Friendly Members!

✯ Rapid Giveaways and Fun Events!

✯ Leveling System!

✯ Custom Community Emojis!

✯ Custom Roles

✯ A Simplified but Unique Ranking Structure with Promotions Always Available for the Pokés you catch and your activeness meter!

✯ Lots of Gyms with Good Prizes

✯ 900+ Members and Growing!

✯ Fun lotteries that you don’t want to miss
Finitium Pokémon is a server where all Pokémon lovers come together!
We have -Pokecord, Pokemoin and Toasty!
Join for milestone events, gym battles more!
The Best PokeSociety Server So Far.
This server has been re-created with some new things.

The best Server. Mainly Pokemon but include other games too. We are looking for members too. Come and Join us! Here, This is a huge list of features :
* Pokemon Games
* Pokemon Resources
* Pokemon Fun Facts
* Pokemon Talking
* Pokecord
* Pokecord Tournament
* Pokecord Daycare
* Pokecord Training Center
* Aki Bot
* Pikagirl
* Fangame-recruiting
* Youtube Channel Promoting.
* Ranking System
* RPG Games
* Battle Royale
* Active Moderators, Admins and Ultra Admins.
* Pokemon Rom Hacks
* Pokemon Memes
* Premier Memer (Dank Memer Too)
* Media Share
* React-Roles
* Problems Channel to help you find your way.
* Events
* Pokecord Pokemon League
* Pokecord Gyms
* Pokemon League
* AMV promoting.
*We also have a fan game creator who is creating a game
* All in One Features.

So, Join the best Discord Server Now!
Hi welcome to the SafeZone!
This a very brand new server.
This is a friendly community i want to make as non toxic as possible.
hop in enjoy some company for all your gaming or whatever needs you may have! you wont regret it!
🌌 Zorua's Void 🌸 Many categories and channels 🎀 Pokecord-based server 💖 Friendly community (& staff!) 🤝 Fun events and giveaways for everyone 👾 Active Gyms (WIP)
Devenez membre du serveur Nintendo Weeks !

-Des événements toutes les semaines (sauf première du mois)
-Une communauté sympathique qui aime Nintendo
-Des distributions, des débats pour rendre le serveur un peu plus actif
-Nous tournons autour des licences : Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Zelda, Yokai Watch, Fire Emblem

N'attendez plus et rejoignez Nintendo Weeks !
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
A pokehuman server dedicated to telling the story of a war between Legendaries using roleplay. Safe spaces for all ages and NSFW areas for adults.
Welcome to ClanWars! We are going to become 100% international.
Create your clan and dominate the server!
Endless Abyss

This is a new server, it's not perfect, but you can call it a hangout of sorts. Anime lovers are free to join. Our spot in the abyss features:
-Occasional Bounties
-Voice chat rooms
-A music channel
-Creative channels
-More to come

This is a place where you wont regret falling into.
Hello there! I am Mac-chan! Welcome to the Pokeplay! Pokeplay is a roleplay server, where you can chat, make friends, share pictures and obviously roleplay! I would be so pleased if you could check us out! Ah, yes! What do we offer?
Advaced anti raid system!
Before you can join the fun, you have to introduce yourself! Tell us about your personality, hobbies and everything else you want! Huh? Too shy to make public introduction? No problem, cutie! You can also make introduction which only our staff members will be able to see!
A LOT of regions and channels!
You can choose between one of pokemon regions and locations! You can play on route 1 in Kanto region or on route 119 in Hoenn!
Possiblity to play as pokemon!
Yes! You don't have to be a trainer! You can belong to your master as well! Does it sound fun? I bet it does!
And the most portant...
Cutest owner ever!
Yes! I am Mac-chan and I created this server! I bet you know me already and you are my fan, because I'm famous! Right? You heard of me before?? Please...?
Hello, and welcome to Gajinka Academy! We're a brand new rp server looking to expand out, and gain new members! In here, you're able to rp as any pokemon you'd like! This server doesn't have any trainers though, so you directly rp as a pokemon. It's a normal high school rp, mixed with pokemon for double the fun! You can meet new and amazing people here. We have some great staff and members for you to chat with. Though, we have some rules that we expect everyone to follow. If that happens, then everyone will have an amazing time!
Poké Dynasty, home to over 1000 members! We have an amazing non-toxic community! The staff are always there to help as well!

- Gyms!
- Daycare!
- Appraising!
- Custom Roles
- Amazing Giveaways!
Be welcome to the Absol Meadow. An adult only Pokemon community to hang out and have discussion, we can host some roleplay and NSFW content and we have self assignable reaction roles. The doors are open for anyone
Welcome to Pokémon Legends!

We’re an awesome and friendly server who have a passion for pokemon, welcoming both veterans and newbies. We also have some of the followings:
• We are open for Partnership
• Weekly Giveaways
• Pokemon gyms. Challenge our gym leaders
• Mee6 Rank up roles
• Gambling, TG Pet and also our DJ booth

So if your looking for an adventure and an amazing poke family join us you won’t regret it! XD
If you play Pokémon Showdown than This is the best server for you to join! It’s the biggest showdown server on discord
If you play Pokecord than this is perfect for you too we even have a way to earn hundreds of thousands of credits!
This is a Pokécord and Pokéverse server where you can trade, fight gyms, hang out and make some friends! We have giveaways, events and we're open to suggestions!
Hello there! I see you have stumbled across this sever. So you might as well join.
Note: this sever is not complete.
We have:
⌲ ♡friendly staff♡
⌲ ♡5 gyms♡
⌲ ♡daily giveaways♡
⌲ ♡looking for partners♡
⌲ ♡anti raid system♡
⌲ ♡private channels♡
⌲ ♡many bots♡
⌲ ♡no snipe(to keep things fair)♡
⌲ ♡pokécord♡
⌲ ♡roblox♡
⌲ ♡unbelievaboat♡
⌲ ♡roles/permission♡
⌲ ♡private channels♡
⌲ ♡pokécord♡
⌲ ♡Pokedex♡
⌲ ♡unbelievaboat♡
⌲ ♡Tatsumaki♡
⌲ ♡ReactionRole♡
⌲ ♡nadeko♡
⌲ ♡dyno♡
⌲ ♡GiveawayBot♡
⌲ ♡InviteManager♡
⌲ ♡Disboard♡
⌲ ♡Aki♡
Please add a review if the link doesn’t work.
▽Plz join and make ur self at home▽
PG-16. Here you can make your own plots in the Pokémon universe. Be a Human, a Pokémon, or a Gijinka! Play in forests, cities, oceans, space, anywhere, without the limit of a plot everyone has to follow! Or host your own roleplay documents with your own overarching plot for other players to enjoy! Gotta catch your dreams!
Eevee's Mystery Dungeon is a Pokemon-themed social server founded in December 2017. In the months since, we've been proud to offer our members a warm, safe, welcoming environment where Pokemon fans and those not familiar with the series alike can bounce in and make wonderful friends! ^_^

We're also doing various server events now - we're looking to make movie/anime watches and Pokemon Showdown tourneys, among other things, a regular thing on the server! ^_^
Hey, hey you! yeah, you! looking for a fun-filled and active pokecord community?
Then you've found the perfect place, we're always happy to welcome newbies and those who are experienced. Along with the basics such as duels, trading, and even auctions. We have:

- Events (Such as tournaments and much more)
- Giveaways (Almost every day)
- Gym battles and an Elite 4
- A fully functioning daycare service to level your pokemon
- Art channels
- A sister server for pokemon roleplay!
- Individual-level ranks (With perks ^w^)
- Private rooms
- A "Battle Chateau", for your battling desires!
- A sister server for pokemon roleplay
And a great community that I'm proud to be a part of.
If your looking an active place to talk and chat with about pokecord and sometimes just talk in general!
Then step into the time rift
Hey guys! I'm a small YouTuber (1.3k subscribers) that makes Pokémon content! I just ordered a Switch last week, and I'm super excited to start making Let's Go videos. Please consider joining the server and subscribing. I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys! :D
This is a Pokemon server. we use the pokecord bot. we are a friendly server with plenty of giveaways and events! we also include gyms!

A kind community, who welcome everyone!
What we offer is down below
- Bots
- Gym Battling
- Gym Badges
- Need Partnered Gym Leaders (Apply today ^.^)
- Giveaways
Welcome to A Dreamers Club! A chill hangout server catered to everyones personal interests! Limited @ / everyone pings! Have fun! ☻

✨A Dreamers Club✨

This server is for any and all! It was only recently made and has all the chats and options set up for you!

*Here are some of our chat groups:

❁Receivable Roles!
⋆By Reaction, Giveaways, and Events!
✩Advertising Chat!
✩Great Bots!
❁Requests Always Taken!
✵Over 20 Different Hobby/Interest Chats!
❁Musicals and Theatre!
❁Earnable Chats/Voice Chats!

♥And so much more! If we don’t have it, YOU request it!♥

⫷We’re trying to expand our community slowly but surely, and would love for you to join and meet people with similar interests! Join a dreamers club and experience new things! Enjoy and have fun!⫸

Link: !
Banner: !