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This is a Pokemon server. we use the pokecord bot. we are a friendly server with plenty of giveaways and events! we also include gyms!

A kind community, who welcome everyone!
What we offer is down below
- Bots
- Gym Battling
- Gym Badges
- Need Partnered Gym Leaders (Apply today ^.^)
- Giveaways
Hey you :exclamation:
Stop right there :exclamation:

Anime Fandom welcomes you and any of your friends to come join our server :exclamation: :exclamation:

This is a new server, but there's lots to do here :exclamation:
☞ Memes
☞ Roleplay
☞ Anime art
☞ Pokémon
☞ Cool Bots
☞ Music
☞ Anime Suggestions
☞ Emojis are going to be added frequently
!And so much more!

This is a casual server and we're all really nice! There is absolutely no judging allowed in this server so feel free to be you!
Like I said we're small, but we're growing and we would love for you to come be a part of our family!

:heartpulse: :heart: Join us! We'll be pleased to have you! SO PLEASE JOIN!! :heart: :heartpulse:
Pokemon cafe is the pokemon sever you wanna join
it have :
200+ real members and is still growing
pokecord and manny other pokemon bots
4) Have almost ur favorite music bots like Astolfo, rythm etc. & other bots too.
5) Have special pokemon channel for pokemon fans!
6) Have different meme channel.
7) Have a level role System! more u chat higher the level u reach eventually.
8) RP is coming soon!😍
9) Weekly events on every Saturday & Sunday night according to indian timezone (indian timezone is 9hrs ahead of usa)😃
10) Have mudae bot! make ur favorite anime character ur waifu or husbando!
You probably have not heard of this server, but its very fun, Join PokéStudio!

With a small but growing community of trainers, feel free to join us for


-Plenty of chatter, and Pokémon spawns!

-A friendly, active, light-hearted community :D

-Music channels

In addition to all that, we also have channels targeted at

-Trading Pokémon

-Grinding levels on your Pokémon. Time to give that other Haxorus some good ol' ass whoopin' when you next meet it.
Hello there! I see you have stumbled across this sever. So you might as well join.
Note: this sever is not complete.
We have:
⌲ ♡friendly staff♡
⌲ ♡Active community♡
⌲ ♡5 gyms♡
⌲ ♡weekly giveaways♡
⌲ ♡invite rewards♡
⌲ ♡looking for partners♡
⌲ ♡anti raid system♡
⌲ ♡private channels♡
⌲ ♡many bots♡
⌲ ♡no snipe (to keep things fair)♡
⌲ ♡pokécord♡
⌲ ♡roblox♡
⌲ ♡unbelievaboat♡
⌲ ♡roles/permission♡
⌲ ♡private channels♡
⌲ ♡pokécord♡
⌲ ♡Pokedex♡
⌲ ♡unbelievaboat♡
⌲ ♡Tatsumaki♡
⌲ ♡ReactionRole♡
⌲ ♡nadeko♡
⌲ ♡dyno♡
⌲ ♡GiveawayBot♡
⌲ ♡InviteManager♡
⌲ ♡Disboard♡
⌲ ♡Aki♡
⌲ ♡DankMemer♡
⌲ ♡Z-Bot♡
▽Plz join and make ur self at home▽
Just a new Server without any lovely people in it. If you like it weird, but sweet n' warm, step in! Ima give u lots of luv. <3
In this world you are the protagonist of your own Pokémon Adventure. You'll explore all of the regions and meet new friends and battle new rivals.
Welcome to pichu's playground! A pokemon roleplay server where you can play as a young pokemon growing up in Floroma Grotto or a student whom traveled there from abroad for the famous adventuring academy! We have a detailed lore, an overarching story, and unique battle mechanics!
Here's an intro to the world we've built up:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon! In this world humans have never existed and likely never will. Instead many Pokemon live in tightly woven societies. While choose to live in tribes and migrate from place to place, the vast majority occupy small villages. It's thought that they were likely driven to this when Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie were awakened for a war between the gods. The combination between the powers of Knowledge, Willpower, and Empathy, the gifts to people that were never granted, awakened a greater intellectual power to them. They began forming much more advanced societies, developing trading, farming, and economies. Across the thousands of years since, the people grew to know the cute, charming villages today as how things always were and the ways of their ancestors who's only emotions were fear and rage as a thing of the distant past. Even still, some Pokemon have not progress in this same way. In fact, some actually regressed; splitting the world between the awakened Pokemon and the 'savages' hiding in the shadows. Why were a select few Pokemon not awakened? They are few and far between, blinded still by the hate and fear of their predecessors. The most likely answer is that they were awaked but only to be immediately corrupted by greed. This poses a threat especially to the tribal and detached Pokemon who's homes are often threatened by them. While you are more likely to be facing thieves or gangs in dungeons, more modern threats, occasionally these Pokemon neglected by the enlightening rays washed over the others, will be encountered. Though of as less, they were killed on sight for centuries before people started searching for ways to uncorrupt them. It is now an adventurers duty to search for these Pokemon and bring them the remedies that will bring them the enlightenment they have long since earned.
This is the New fast growing, fun server. If you like Pokecord, this is the spot, you receive 5k Pokecord credits just for talking and leveling up using Mee6. Friendly staff makes the stay welcoming. This server has, daily polls, gyms, tournaments with prizes up to 300k, and Daily shiny giveaways
A server for those of you who are pokemon fans! No matter how you relate to pokemon their place for all pokemon fans in this server! We have very few people right now but joining us makes all the difference!
-Have A LOT of pokemon bots
-Have normal average everyday bots
-Accept suggestions to the server
-And a lot more!
Hey there! We're a small, friendly pokécord server looking for new members! Meet the staff, get to know new people, and most of all have fun!

Server Features:
⏫ Level and Self Roles!
🦋 Pokéverse!
❤ Friendly staff!
🌸 Custom Server Emotes!
🎉 Giveaways for members!
🐾 Daycare Services!
⚔ Come challenge our Gyms, E4 and Champion and make it into our Hall of Fame!
🥇 Tournaments!
🎵 Music Bots!
🤝 Partnerships!

We plan on doing a lot more in the future! Hope to see you around!
Pokemon and Furry Discord Server!
This server is mainly NSFW. Recommend 17 years up cuz many furries that's into sexual stuff starts to seeking for a place where they belong with other adults with the same interest.
Our server is full of fun activity to keep you having fun and at least spend some time at that server per day.
We also have few bots that spamming NSFW content from Reddit and Pokemon spawning which is safe for work there so no need to worry about being spammed with NSFW content there at least.
We have fully active staff members and normal members almost 24/7 but can be quiet because not many chatting there so that's just sad. But we also have all kind of bot that will keep you have all kind of fun during your time staying in the server.
We also have a secure way to check every member who joins so we know what kind of member join the server as to check if they are in the right age and that they accept all the NSFW content but ofc we have SFW roles so you only see safe for work channels.
We do roleplay lot and we have few channels for that is pretty active but at the same time not because few are popular than other but ofc you can always request for more roleplay channels be texting the staff at DMs or suggest channel.
- We have 67 channels up and running right now.
- +130 members in the server + 20 BOTTO to have fun with
- Active members and staff
- Roleplay channel
- Gaming corner
- Pokemon catching
- NSFW Reddit spamBOTTO
- Nudes
- SFW corner
- Friendly members
- Music corner
-Event when something about to happen
- Server update 1-5 times a day (Role change, new bots, new channels and many more)
dDen is a server for peoples who want to be friends and family.We have a community of gamers,anime lovers,lovely people of all genders.In our server you can have fun by posting your moments or listening to music with other members.Voice chat like a family and most importantly we love our members :heart:.The server is active and helpful for any member to have fun with.
Thank you!
The Discord Rescuers' Guild is a new casual PMDiscord-oriented community where you can accept guild challenges, battle other guild members, rp, share art, and more.

Our server features self-assigned roles, a pokemon news bulletin, and more.
This is a server with a bit of people to roleplay with we would love to have anyone in the server to join in!
We have these items below:

1.) Pokécord, MEE6, Yui, OwO

2.) Character Sheets

3.) Roles and more!

4.) Music!

5.) Hilarious Staff
<----------------The hub---------------->
This is a server which mainly focuses on:
-art (all types are welcome)
-anime and other fandoms
-giveaways at milestones!
-role hunting
Other facts and info:
We have a monthly staff purge!
We have a second RP server if you are interested in that!
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the server we do ask that you dm a staff member
Enjoy your time!
PG-16. Here you can make your own plots in the Pokémon universe. Be a Human, a Pokémon, or a Gijinka! Play in forests, cities, oceans, space, anywhere, without the limit of a plot everyone has to follow! Or host your own roleplay documents with your own overarching plot for other players to enjoy! Gotta catch your dreams!
Nintendo event oriented server! Weekly and monthly events! Fun, chill environment! Very large and active server with over 2800 members!
This is an anime server, though it's just starting I hope you all can join if you can
Heya! Looking for a Pokémon roleplay? You're at the right place! The Pokéverse! Not to be confused for the bot, the Pokéverse is a whole different pokemon roleplay that focuses on realism, lore, and a full fledged world with a map, which is still in development. We have a non-toxic community, ranging from artists, writers, craftsmans, and etcetera. Join now, and the owner, me! Will be online and pinged by the welcome but to expect you! This server features NSFW, but is hidden from normal, and is only a part of it.
we do daily giveaway of decent pokemon and also weekly vip giveaways all you do is pay a 1000 credits and you have a chance of winning huge prizes
A server based around the comic Oversexed Eeveelutions. This is a loving community full of fun rps and erps as well as a place where everyone can come and relax after a long day. We hope to see you soon and become part of the family. ^w^