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A small light surrounds you and teleports you to a place of white lights and peace. A swan like pokemon appears before you and gifts you with entrance to a new realm named “Starfield”. New players can be met here alone with pokemon friends to be made! There is even a home for newly created pokemon. Cresselia has only opened the gates to her Starfield but with every Trainer or Pokemon just like you, an untold adventure is waiting to happen.
The Starfield currently offers
-Roleplaying rooms for all types
-Art channel
-A sister server for Pokecord
-And a vast region to be molded

If you're looking for a fun filled place for role play and a great community.
Then join us, and step into the light
Anything is allowed to be said within chats, all we just ask that you keep NSFW (porn/hentai/etc) in NSFW channels. There are a few bots that send nsfw pictures/gifs in the nsfw channels, along with memes in the meme channel. So, I would advise you mute those channels. Finally just enjoy yourself. Feel free to add whoever you like, you can even post your own server if you’d like. I’m just looking to make this server a bit more lively!
A Non-Social Community
˃ Pokecord (Pokemon Bot)
˃ Android 21 (DragonBall Bot)
˃ Discraft (Minecraft Bot)
˃ Mewbot (Pokemon Bot)
˃ League Bot (LoL Bot)
˃ Contest
˃ Tournaments
˃ Giveaway
˃ Bot for games discounts
˃ Anime / Manga rooms
˃ Meme rooms
The 100th member will get
a custom role :scream:
Hello, welcome to Load Screen! We are a community driven by a passion for games. Especially Nintendo's franchises!
Our focus on games doesn't stop us from also discussing things like Anime, TV-shows, books, technology and much more!
We also have:
- Mafia Games
- Specific channels for franchises like Pokemon and Splatoon
- Questions of the Day every day to share a bit about ourselves and make new friends with common interests!
- Various Events (like music sessions, and reading challenges)!
- Pokecord spawns and giveaways!

Whether you're a Pokemon fan, a weeb, a PC Gamer or simply someone looking for company we're sure you'll love it here, and we will love meeting you!
Are you new to Pokecord, don't know the bot well, or just like catching? Well come on down to Professor Wolf's Pokemon Server and catch some pokemon!
We are a community based server designed around a mix of different fandoms including Pokemon, MTG, PTCGO, MTG Arena, ESO and more! We are quickly growing, and it's going very well so far...also we have Pokécord, so feel free to come catch 'em all! There are even nsfw sections for pictures and chat, if that's your thing. Come join and have some fun!
⭐ The Snom Society ⭐
Pokemon: We have Pokemon Sword and Shield giveaways often and even hold tournaments from time to time. We also have a few Poke Genners in the server who can create any Pokemon! Pokemon Showdown is also welcome and we even do tournaments there!
Smash: We play Smash Ultimate and often open Battle Arenas! We have had multiple tournaments in the past and will go from casual to competitive.
Bots: We have the two biggest PokeBots, Pokecord and Pokeverse! We also have our own set of special custom commands!
We are often active, so come and have a great time with us!
Hello and welcome to the world of Pokéuno! A world where some Pokémon evolved to walk on two legs and talk. For hundreds of years, we have been staying in our world without knowledge of other universes and different versions of ourselves scattered in those universes until the year 2020 where we built portal gates in the country of Pokéichi to further travel down the multiverse and have extra-universal beings visit our world.

Pokéichi is the main trunk of the Pokéuno server tree. Be sure to check out the other servers.

We might not have a lot of features, but they might be fun to play with~

- 🌐Immersive world with different categories and channels representing different locations across the island🌐
- 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 and 👍race👍 friendly members
- This may be an 🔞NSFW🔞 server, but it has accessibility to characters under 18, with some restrictions like not being able to ERP with them
-Server events for not just 🎄Christmas🎄, but also ❤️Valentine's Day❤️, 🎉New Years🎉, and even non-holidays like ⭐May The Fourth(for Star Wars)⭐
- The ability to claim 😮legendary Pokémon😮 and edit their bio to how you see fit, with some limitations
-You may also claim 🤠Official Trainer Characters🤠 that appeared in the main Pokémon games. You may claim them by making a bio out of their likeness
Pokehub is a new community focused primarily on Pokémon, we're searching for new, or veteran trainers to join us on raids, server events, or just for a good discussion about the games.

«────── « ⋅ʚ🍓ɞ⋅ » ──────»
🌸 What we have to offer 🌸
[-] | ❃ A Pokémon Community
[-] | ❃ Music Bots
[-] | ❃ Pokécord
[-] | ❃ Voice Chats
[-] | ❃ Active Staff
[-] | ❃ Emotes
[-] | ❃ Roles

«────── « ⋅ʚ🍓ɞ⋅ » ──────»

Come join us to meet a close a community of gamers!
Our discord is here to bring gamers who want to enjoy playing online together.

We hold monthly tournaments for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart as well as weekly meetups/casuals.

we do ask that you are willing to voice chat.
we all play a wide range of games and are active so you won't have any problem finding a game to play.
look forward to meeting some new faces!

A place to exchange friend codes and organize raids, trades, and battles, or just hang out. Not too strict, not too stuffy, we're just here to have fun.
☽・☆・༓ Staff Applications are closed ༓・☆・☾

❥ Hello and Welcome to Cresselia Academy!

This semi-lit roleplay is set on a crescent shaped island, appropriately named Crescent Moon Island.
You start off as a Trainer-to-be, a student, who is attending school at this large Academy in order to learn everything needed to become a dependable Trainer. What sets this Academy apart from the others is that it's one of the few Academies that will personally "assign" students their very own starter upon entry to care for in order to give students a more hands-on type of study. While most other regional schools tend to be more strict and uniform with their curriculum, Cresselia Academy gives students more freedom to learn beyond the simple sciences of being a trainer. Through events and giveaways, students can earn more Pokémon to add onto their teams. You can make friends, form rivalries, and even battle to show off your teams if you choose.
However, your rivals may not be the only people you have to fight off. It seems something, or rather someone, could be lurking around in the shadows preparing for something.
Will your teams be ready if they strike?

☽ ༓ ·☆· ༓ ☾

All in all, this is a light-hearted slice of life rp, so while battles are allowed, they aren't the main focus here, outside of some side events. All events are optional. This server is for those who want a break from the travels and want to enjoy a more simple life with their Poképals to be.

What We Offer:

❥ A safe server with a hidden password system to prevent bots and raiders from having easy access
❥ A friendly growing community and staff
❥ A laid back and welcoming environment
❥ An easy Starter picking system with a large variety of Pokémon available to pick from
❥ Plenty of channels for you to roleplay in, including a City and Town you can visit off the Academy grounds
❥ Dorming for student characters
❥ NSFW dorming for 18+ characters and members
❥ Daily giveaways for rare Pokémon and Items
❥ Activity Rewards
❥ Server Booster Rewards
❥ An item shop for your convenience
❥ Easy ways to earn money
❥ Fun bots, such as:
· Pokécord
· Shipping Bot
· Waifu/Husbando Roulette
· OwO Bot
· Currency Bot
· Dank Memer bot

We welcome all suggestions and feedback so we can better the server for everyone's enjoyment.

There's more to come as the server grows, so I look forward to seeing you all! ❤

☽ ༓ ·☆· ༓ ☾
`🐠 Welcome to MagiKAPPAs! 🐠
We are a group of close friends in America that talk, have late night gaming sessions, and are always down to making new friends!
• Main interests of the group - Fortnite, League of Legends, Pokemon, WoW, Smash Bros, Overwatch, Anime, 90 Day Fiance, DnD, & More!
• Channels - We've got channels for Gaming, Anime, FN, LoL, GoT, T or D, TV, Movies, and channels for those that have tons of friends in the server!
• Roles & Colors - Choose your own color, as well as your own roles that describe you. Over 100 roles to choose from, and always updating! Some limited-time roles as well!
• Levels - As you level up from chatting in the server you gain perks: new roles, colors, and even your own channel!
• Bots - Pokecord, Pokeverse, Akinator, Cleverbot, Mudae, Waifubot, Senpai, Marriagebot, Kawaiibot, Medalbot, TruthOrDare, Yui, Miki, GamesROB, and lots more!
• Giveaways! - We have random steam key giveaways as well as member milestone giveaways often! There's usually at least one going on at all times.
• Advertising & Partnerships - Advertising allowed! You can advertise your Discord Server, Twitch, YT, FB, IG, Snap, Switch code, and whatever else!
• Partnerships - DM me if you would like to partner with our server! We are open to all partnerships of any size. No pings though!
• Join Now! - Join, click an emote to verify you're not a bot, and you're in! Welcome to the family. We look forward to seeing you soon. Bring your friends!
Ever wanted to join an active server where you can meet people that you will see every day? Want to join a pokecord server with no annoying rules? Then Alolan Raichu's Hub is for you. In our server, you can have a fun time catching, trading, and doing more things with the pokecord bot. We have active giveaways almost everyday and custom emojis! If you are a pokemon sword and shield fan, there are also pokemon sword and shield channels! We hope you make the right decision and give the server a try!
Dans cette contrée baignée par les vagues, le temps ne s’arrête jamais. Séparée en deux grandes parties, l’une récoltant des siècles de décennies et les restes de nombreuses civilisations, l’autre en voie vers l’avenir et centre de prouesses technologiques et sociales, la région est un centre technologique et culturel mondial. La ligue de cette région est l’une des plus prisée des jeunes dresseurs car cette dernière est réputée pour être longue et complexe. Rare sont ceux qui ont réussit à se faire une place dans le panthéon de la Ligue de Médatéré. Nombreux sont ceux qui ont abandonné ce rêve depuis bien longtemps.

Il vous en faudra de la détermination, de la force et du courage pour parvenir au bout de cette épopée. De la hauteur de Dynamiville au profondeurs de Nyxoir, du froid intense de Frimacombe au chaleurs ardentes de Pyroscence, du calme d’Illusiâme à la violence de Bourg-Féroce, la route sera longue et semée d’embûches. Mais un tel voyage est formateur, et mérite d’être vécu. Qui n’a jamais désiré partir sur les routes inconnues pour rencontrer les étrangers ayant le même objectif que vous afin d’en faire les meilleurs de vos amis ? Parmi les 27 villes de la région, vous trouverez sûrement votre bonheur.

D’autres problèmes règnent dans la région. Outre la Ligue, la région est menacée par ses propres leaders. Les deux maîtres s’opposent pour des conflits idéologiques, laissant Médatéré en situation de nage politique. La révolte gronde, il faudra choisir l’un des camps. Et puis, il faut également découvrir les intentions d’une nouvelle brigade clandestine, nommée Team Dagger, dont les objectifs restent obscurs. Et aucun des légendaires ne se manifeste pour rétablir l’ordre en ce monde où le combat règne. Alors ? Participerez-vous au rétablissement de la Région et ferez-vous une place au sein du panthéon le plus prestigieux de ce monde ?

Voici quelques autres points pouvant vous intéresser :

>>> Légendaires Exclusifs : Les légendaires de la région sont totalement inventés et exclusif à cette région.
>>> Grand nombres de lieux : Notre Rp contient 37 lieux différents, dont 27 villes et 18 arènes différentes.
>>> Développement : Nous cherchons toujours créer des personnages intéressants d’un point de vue mental même si l’univers peut paraître enfantin. Les actions seront également décrites de façon correct afin de ne pas bloquer le roleplay.
>>> Events : Les events essayeront d’être régulier et intéressants.
>>> Ecoute : Le Staff sera toujours disponible pour les questions et les suggestions des Rôlistes et sera le plus sympathique possible afin de rendre votre expérience de RP agréable.
4) Have almost ur favorite music bots like Astolfo, rythm etc. & other bots too.
5) Have special pokemon channel for pokemon fans!
6) Have different meme channel.
7) Have a level role System! more u chat higher the level u reach eventually.
8) RP is coming soon!😍
10) Have mudae bot! make ur favorite anime character ur waifu or husbando!

Note:- checkout rules Channel and take verify role to gain full server access.
This server is a community server that also has a gamers corner (the G in the name stands for game). We are a friendly server and like to have fun. We also do giveaways, Hunger Games, CAH and UNO tournaments and have bots to interact with. We will be starting a pokemon area with gyms and prizes for those who can defeat all the leaders very soon!
Heya! This server is currently going through a revamp! After the revamp is done our server will be about...
• Pokecord and other pokemon bots
• mudae and other anime bots
• identityv, robux and other games
• role play of the topics above!
Our team are really trying our best to make the server fun and more enjoyable for everyone! Hope you consider joining!
-- Our community is owned and ran by two individuals who grew up in a generation when their were only 151 Pokémon. Now the Pokémon world has vastly evolved, grown and taken over multiple generations and now, HUNDREDS MORE Pokémon to catch! With that being said, we accept and encourage members of all ages of the discord community that enjoy collecting, trading, training, buying and selling Pokémon to join us in our adventure to do just that!

-- You ever feel like that same role color has gotten boring to you? Well, we have a color role system which allows all members to make and apply their own color roles via Color Chan Bot! Simply type the command and boom! Different color!

· Always active giveaways
· Nice staff
· Events
· Accepting Partnerships
· Gyms
· Accepting donations for server giveaways
· Hiring staff
♡ Welcome to our Eeveelution Playhouse! ♡
We welcome all members and love making new friends!

❥ We have pokecord to catch pokemon and battle! We hold giveaways for pokemon or credits!

❥ You can chill out and talk to others in our chats or voice chat and meet new people and you can listen to music!

❥ You can choose any eeveelution role you'd like and be either the shiny or regular version of that eeveelution!

❥ We like roleplaying too! You can rp as a eeveelution or a trainer if you'd like!

❥ Everything in the channel is sfw besides some cussing! And if there is anything you think we need to add or fix let us know!

Enjoy your stay at the Eeveelution Playhouse!
A growing pokecord server whose mascot is gengar because who doesn't like a ghost made out poison.

We also have other bots such as tatsumaki , owo bot and Dank memer!

Hello, welcome to C5%0 (Political Party),
In this server you can make new friends,
chill,advertise and much more!!

There are specific rules for this server.

```1: Don’t spam or else you can get muted and after you get unmuted and you still spam it could possibly lead to a ban or a kick. ((You can spam in the pokemon chat))```

```2: Don’t bully people, it could lead to a mute or kick.```

```3: Don’t insult the moderators and the owner.```

```4: Don’t hog the music bot.```

```5: You can role play as long as you don’t god mod e.g.: ***Kills Mellow.***```

```6: Only use bots in #bot-commands-🤖 and use the Pokecord bot in #pokemon😃 .```

```7: If you need help ask an admin or a mod.```

```8: If you are mad or salty don’t let it out on this server.```

```9: Don’t beg for roles.```

Have fun. <3 - Jiatsu

Hey there! Looking for a chill place to talk, trade, and battle on Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon? Well you just found it. We have a small group of dudes eager for trading and thirsty for battle! We also have our own E4 which anyone can join and battle. Occasionally we have events and giveaways where winners are awarded pokemon like Marshadow and Darkrai!!

•cool dudes
•fun events
•free pokemon

So what are you waiting for? We're waiting for you to join our company! is an active browser mmorpg that is completely free!
No downloads, no P2W system and a helpful child friendly community!

Here at our discord, there's a variety of things to do!
-Need help or want advice? Ask away! Everyone's always ready to help!
-Got suggestions? Post 'em! We listen to all ideas!
-Want to listen to music with your friends? We've got Rythm bot!
-Want to share your art with others? We have an art sharing channel!

Like Pokemon, Monster MMORPG lets you collect, train and battle with Monsters. But better than Pokemon, it is an Online RPG game, with people cooperating and challenging each other all around the world!

Monster MMORPG is free - you play the game online, in your browser, with no plugins or other download required. To start your browser-based RPG and get to capturing, transforming, and battling with your Monsters, all you need to do is register!

Some of our core features are fully working live PVP battles, NPC trainers, Arenas, Individual values, Training Points, 2,000+ Monsters, 520 game maps, very fluent gameplay, extreme cheat prevention system, market system that supports buy, sell, trade, game integrated chat system, working private message system... Please check below for all of the features!



Monster Dex: