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Pokemon seasons storm is a pokemon rp that takes place in the Massat Region. Every roleplay channel has a description of what the rp area looks like and there is in depth lore about how the region came to be. In this server there is a class system that reaches across several pokemon franchises to allow:
Pokemon Rangers
Pokemon Trainers
Pokemon Hunters
Pokemon Themselves
and the Regions own custom enemy team, team Eon.
We are also open to suggestions if you would like to include another class that wasn't mentioned from the media we looked into.
The Massat region is in danger and it needs your help to stop the evil Team Eon from disrupting the peace and bringing chaos to the land

hope to see you there!
Join this server for VERY easy to use competitive Pokecord matches with 8 Gyms and the ELITE 4. Beat these to have a chance at battling The CHAMPION!. Do you have what it takes? Read the Help-And-Info tab for all the needed information and guidelines.

You can sign up for any Gym if you meet the requirements. The server is hard to work on and it is still a pretty big WIP server, But if we fill up all the gyms we can work on it easier. Gym leaders can also make the stretch to the Championship
En este server puedes hablar con otras personas. Es pequeño, pero con tu ayuda puede crecer poco a poco.
Welcome to our server
In here we welcome people who are interested in gaming and chill
Also we are a huge fan of ark survival evolved game
So make sure to join our tribe
Join now today!
Also we made this server to bring people together and maybe they can make friends to play with so make sure to join us!
Welcome to Pokécorner! We feature many things here, such as;

•Helpful and Kind Staff

•Gyms (some are still open, so hurry before they’re all gone!)

•Special in Server Teams

•A Kind Community

•Lots of Pokémon!

•We’re currently preparing for our first tournament

•We’re always open to suggestions! So come join!
Hi this is fall of naganadel, we made this server because we are a fan of pokemon and if you're a fan to make sure to join us!
We're server that tries to focus on having fun with Pokemon on pokecord and we have a shop that we are going to be opening soon that you can request items or buy items from and you can negotiate prices depending on your rank (NEW RANKS COMING SOON)
A pure pokemon nsfw and roleplay server for those who have pokephilia. Super active too! Also pokecord and other nsfw too if you like that

Server made by: 惇(Sparkle)#4135 and Ms. Ross#6969

Invite links here:
The region of tbd, a region that is unlike many others. The town's and residents started to notice a strange phenomenon. After the fall of a meteorite and a few days. The pokemon began to speak like a human and thus we were able to understand them. It took a little longer but the pokemon began gaining more humanoid figures. Battles became less common as the people and pokemon wanted to live in a more normal harmony. That doesn't mean battles don't happen, just not how it used to be.

In this world the pokemon look and act only slightly more human, this brings their sexual desires up. The are willing to mate with whoever they want here.

We accept anyone who may be seen as an outcast here. You can be almost anything you want here. Being a pokemon allows you to be able to do move and stay strong, creating strong connections with your partner. As a trainer, you can catch pokemon to form bonds with, become closer with them and have a good time, breeding is a good way of doing this since some pokemon like to get intimate with their trainers. So good luck, have fun, and enjoy the world of pokelove. Team void has been formed! Team void is made up of members of the past failed teams, looking for a more confident leader then those beaten by 10 year olds. Team void has teamed up with Giratina, who is planning to use their help so he can defeat arceus

Monster trainers? That's right, we now allow your trainers to range from humans to fantasy creatures, literally any non-godlike being is welcome npw
Want to grow your discord server or social media and chat?
⤷ If you do, then you are invited to join Thunder League!

What does Thunder League server offer?

⚡️ An unlimited advertising channel, limited only by a 10 minute cooldown.
⚡️ You can post your ad UNLIMITED times per day limited by the cooldown.
📌 Self Assignable Roles!
📈 Channels to advertise your Discord server, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Websites etc.
⭐️ Level up rewards
🎮 Discord Games like Pokécord, DankMemer, Idleminer etc.
💬 A community to chill out in! Chill server that is lenient on the rules.
🎉 Giveaways
💙 Friendly and Helpful staff
🤝 We offer partnerships
😀 and much more to come!

Come join and meet new people!
We welcome all people who play pokecord old and new. for the stronger trainers we are looking for people who can be gym leaders and elite 4 members. When you join you will be a guest go to verify and ping a staff member once and we will ask you some questions and make you a member!
Pokémon Elite

✦Pokémon Elite is an SFW community server. In this server, we are very strict to the rules, as well as Discord TOS. Meaning if you aren’t above age 13, we will have to kick you, and you will be told to rejoin once you are old enough. We want this server to be active and well kept so we hope you can enjoy this server as possible.
What we offer

•Assignable Roles
•Pokecord and Myuu bots
•A friendly community
•A Very High-Class Admin Team
•Semi-Weekly updates
•We are hoping to, once we expand, to host weekly events of all different types.
•We also are hoping to expand this server, and we want you, to help, so we will be holding polls about things changing in the server to get the communities opinion, since we feel the community should get to have a say in how this server devolops.
•We hope you enjoy your time here!

Our Story | The Pokémon Club. We want to provide you a helpful Pokémon community, weekly giveaways, Pokémon raids, Pokémon trades, Pokémon exclusives and more. So we built you a quality server, allowing you to build new friendships, and enjoy the game even more. We hope to see you soon and help us grow our heart-welcoming community!
hello there!
welcome to pokeland!
we are a pokecord server with:
elite 4
cheap daycare
Hey, welcome to this server! This server is full of people who are kind and respect opinions about Pokemon. (Unless if its about waifus, then we get serious). Other than that, we welcome people who enjoy Pokemon on the competitive scene and we welcome people who play for fun on Pokemon Showdown.
We have a gym system and elite 4 system in our server as well, and when we get enough members, maybe we’ll make a Battle Frontier, who knows? If you want to join and talk with other pokemon lovers, this is the place to be.
Do you love Snom?
Or Pokemon in general?
Check out our server: The Snom Appreciation Squad.
This is meant to be a chill server, to have fun and to hangout.
What we have:
~Many many Snoms
Would you like to help grow our community?
Then join us!!

We'll be waiting for you ^u^
-Mythical Snom
This discord server is just a fun discord for anything you like with Pingu as the theme as it is connected with my Instagram.

Lots of bots to mess around with and we talk a lot about anything.
Server Features:
✔- Listen to Music!
✔- Talk with others!
✔- Pokecord Games!
✔- Demon Squad
✔- OwO, MewBot, Snivy and Pokemize.
✔- Many emotes to use!
✔- Proper channel each bot!
✔- Also Gaming room!
✔- Anime/Manga!
✔- Memes!
✔- Giveaway!
✔- A lot of Funs!
✔- Chat with Cathy Bot!
Hi! Eevee's Rescue Team is a server dedicated to rescuing in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon titles. We are an "offshoot server" of Eevee's Mystery Dungeon (, so to speak.

We're glad to offer a streamlined, efficient server with dedicated, wonderful members. If you ever need to get rescued in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - any of the games - we'll be glad to help you!

Note: in the event this advert isn't working, our page should work. Do let us know if this advert isn't working though! The page is at