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We're a group of chill m8s that just wanna chill with other m8s while talking about... I don't fucking know, whatever you want to talk about, we don't give a shit. We also have hentai and pokecord (separated from the main channels for your convenience). So why wait? Join now!
Servidor casual para conversar , hacer amigos, echarse unas risas, escuchar música, jugar minijuegos, etc.
En este server tenemos:
- Pokecord
- Paisley Park
- Bots de musica
- Bot de roleplay
- Distintos roles
- Canal de memes
-Canal de arte
Welcome to the Land of Eevee!
We are a pokecord and just pokemon in general based discord server. Some of the things we feature are:
~Fun Events
~Friendly Staff
~Many Bots
~And much much more
We hope you have a fun time here in the Land of Eevee!!
This a Pokémon and café themed server! Make friends to play pokemon and POTCG with here!!

we mostly have:
-pokemon themed roles
-monthly steam game giveaways
-cafe themed roles
-leveling and shop system
-daily competitions for exclusive roles
Server has a community of people who gather to chat and train their pokemon on pokecord! Pokecord is the main bot of the server and we like to use it. We create giveaways with the pokemons or credits on it.
👉Dank memer
👉OwO bot
👉Unbelieva boat
👉Shadow lugia
👉Trusted and nice staffs and owners
👉Making partnerships
👉Rockruff squads main server
Are you bored? Want to meet new friends? Enjoy your time here we welcome anyone with any personality. We have lots of rules to control our members of our community. What are you waiting for! JOIN NOW ITS FREEEEEEE.
WLR is a Pokémon Discord Community with over 10,000 members! While we specialize in Pokécord, we also have a lot more to offer! From a Gaming section that grows everyday and includes tournaments for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, to members who enjoy Pokémon Showdown, you’re likely to find a home somewhere within our server!

🔰Over 10k members!

🔰Consistent Giveaways
•Handing out Pokecord Credits, Pokemon, and occasionally redeems daily.

🔰Newbie friendly FAQ and question channel!

🔰Pokecord Gym System, as well as Elite Four

🔰Frequent Karaoke/VC Events where you can win prizes


🔰Pokecord Tournaments

🔰Showdown Tournaments

🔰Various Gaming Tournaments
•Such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers
PokéTown is a server for catching pokemons and for live auctions, where you can buy and sell pokemons after winning the auctions!
We have many interesting stuff here, so feel free to join and check them out!
What Our Server Offers:
⦿ Pokécord bot
⦿ ShadowLugia bot
⦿ Active chat
⦿ Active members
⦿ Active pokemon spawns
⦿ Friendly and helpful Staff
Hope to see you come visit the family pack that is the F.A.C, or "Furry Art Club" if you prefer. We are a small-ish community server dedicated to the furry fandom and art with some extra focus on having an open and warm community spirit!
We have a very welcoming staff team from around the world and 300+ members. We strive our hardest to provide as good of a small server experience as is possible. To achieve this we are dedicated and open-eared to our community and their wishes.
Below are some highlights of what we have available here at the F.A.C!
- We have a number of dedicated discussion channels dedicated to various topics such as pop culture, politics, cute stuffs and more!
- A good all-round general chat operating at a solid tempo, neither too quick or too slow.
- NSFW channels for you lewd boyos owo.
- Arts of all sorts, ranging from music to drawing and all the way to game development!

(please remember to @ the welcome role so you can get verified and given the appropriate roles)

Welcome to Limitless Universe, the premier Pokemon Roleplaying community! Come on in and join our lively crew of writers and roleplayers for a grand adventure with a focus on interesting and fun RP's based around the pokemon; Create your very own character, be it a Munchlax, Ninetales, Aegislash, or even a Buzzwole and bring them out to any of the regions in the games and carve out your own story!

We have our own take on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games as well! With a special region, Solstice, you can forge your own adventure, whether it be in the frigid wastes of Aurigu Arctic or the sunkissed Constellation City~ Have your character become part of the Trailblazer's Guild, or even just be a traveling painter, the options are limitless!

Formed back in 2010, we're a long lasting community having made the jump to discord so come join our growing numbers, awful puns, and expansive narrative journeys! ^^
Voici le serveur NintenDiscord est un un site qui permet, depuis plus de 10 ans, à des joueurs francophones du monde entier de défier et partager leurs expériences sur les jeux Nintendo les plus célèbres. Un nouveau site, créé par des joueurs actuels et anciens du site a désormais son propre serveur.

Tous les week-ends seront organisés :
🔸 Des quizz
🔸 Des blind test
🔸 Des tournois

Tous les jours :
🔹 Des parties effrénées
🔹 Des news

Un escape game sur les jeux vidéos sera monté sur le serveur.

Ne manque pas l'occasion d'assister à la naissance d'une magnifique communauté de joueurs passionnés !

Rejoins nous et sois bon(ne) joueur(euse) ! 🎮 🔥

Pokémon , Pokemon go , Mario Kart , SSB , ACNL , jeux PC , fortnite ? C'est ici !
Come join us today in our Pokemon Forum Roleplay, currently based in the Sinnoh Region where Team Galactic resurfaced 12 years later under new leadership; none other than Cyrus' sister, General Ariadne, who plans to do what her brother failed to - reshape the world into the perfect Utopia!

Will you fight against Neo Team Galactic or join them in their conquest? The choice is yours.

Create a biography for your character (trainers only, you rp your Pokemon) today and start on your quest with any non-legendary level 10 partner Pokemon of your choice! Be it a Coordinator, Connoisseur, Breeder, Ranger, or even a Pokemon League Challenger! Take on the Sinnoh League today!

(Galar RP coming 2020!)
Welcome to U.A. Pokemon Academy!

This is a Pokémon x My Hero crossover server based around catching, training, battling and trading with Friends and Rivals using the Pokecord bot.

Here at U.A. you'll find a lot of interesting things such as:
--A welcoming community and friendly staff
--A plaza for you to chill and talk to friends and other members of U.A.
--Gyms and a Pokemon league for you to challenge
--Daycare Service
-- + More...
Welcome to Poke Paradise! :D

A place where all people and pokemon are welcome :)

▶️ Cool invite Rewards - Want some credits? Join and help other people join too! 💸
▶️ DAILY Giveaways - Lots of regular as well as interactive giveaways in this server! 🎊
▶️ One of the cheapest and fastest daycares - trusted, quick and effective daycare levelers! 🍼
▶️ Cool, Active Memes Channel - cause Wynaut? 🤣
▶️ Competitive Gyms - Have fun battling with our gym leaders! ⚔️
▶️ Pokeverse Bot - Another way to collect and catch pokemon 😎
▶️ Auction Channels - A fun wait to collect them all and earn credits ⏳

Join today!
⭐️ Connect with other gamers & share unforgettable experiences.
⭐️ We’re a chill, non-toxic & active gaming community with 1k+ members, focused in Smash Ultimate & other Nintendo games, with weekly tourneys & custom bots!
⭐️ We have a completely anonymous confessions channel! Just DM our bot to post the confession.
⭐️ Spirit collector mini-game inspired by Smash Ultimate exclusive to our server! Collect spirits, level up & trade with friends.
⭐️ Private NSFW channels & more.
⭐ Community server -- Art, Pokémon, gaming, anime & events | MC server | Dedicated RP server | Monthly staff purge | 400 members!

Hi! this is a community server that includes art, gaming, pokemon (or furries we dont care). We have a very nice and active community in here that fits anyone's needs!
we are constantly updating it and keeping it updated so that everyone has fun and enjoys their time!
This is a fun little place for people to enjoy. We wish to build up the place and have semi active people online. This is mostly for roleplay, but you can talk and send memes too!
Summoners War/Pokecord

Primarily based on summoners war global server! We have numerous channels dedicated exclusively to the game and helping members share advice and learn from one another. :-)

Pokecord is also taking off rapidly, we have the start of a vibrant community that is learning and growing. We are starting up gyms, have 2 fully set so far and once 8 are taken and set up elite 4 will be following. Added giveaways to the server :-)

Come join us and help make a start up community grow!!
An official team server revolving around the Pokécord discord bot!
- Gyms and elite four
- Several obtainable roles/badges
- UnbelievaBoat bot (a server-wide currency system) where you can earn currency and purchase items (such as Pokecord Redeems and Custom roles)!
- Over 100+ total channels!
- Several Dyno Premium custom commands (?pokeball, ?loot, ?hug etc)!
- A variety of other bots (Tatsumaki, Mudae, etc)!
- Active & Helpful community!

Joining the Pokecord team (not just the server) grants you with special perks in the server and a Magenta-colored exclusive "The Predecessors" role in the Pokecord Official Server!
Budding and passionate community server centered around positive communication, bot interaction, giveaways (in and out of Discord), safe haven for expressing thoughts and all around experimenting on what makes a server 'fun'.
Our newly launched Pokécord focussed server provides constant pokémon spawns, multiple Gyms, Events, Daycare services, Tournaments, Huge Giveaways, Auctions, Well Managed Gyms, and so much more! With only 500+ member, our server provides a much more relaxed environment to catch Pokémon. Join our fun, and friendly community, and enjoy using the most popular bots up to date!
`🐠 Welcome to MagiKAPPAs! 🐠
We are a group of close friends in America that talk, have late night gaming sessions, and are always down to making new friends!
• Main interests of the group - Fortnite, League of Legends, Pokemon, WoW, Smash Bros, Overwatch, Anime, 90 Day Fiance, DnD, & More!
• Channels - We've got channels for Gaming, Anime, FN, LoL, GoT, T or D, TV, Movies, and channels for those that have tons of friends in the server!
• Roles & Colors - Choose your own color, as well as your own roles that describe you. Over 100 roles to choose from, and always updating! Some limited-time roles as well!
• Levels - As you level up from chatting in the server you gain perks: new roles, colors, and even your own channel!
• Bots - Pokecord, Pokeverse, Akinator, Cleverbot, Mudae, Waifubot, Senpai, Marriagebot, Kawaiibot, Medalbot, TruthOrDare, Yui, Miki, GamesROB, and lots more!
• Giveaways! - We have random steam key giveaways as well as member milestone giveaways often! There's usually at least one going on at all times.
• Advertising & Partnerships - Advertising allowed! You can advertise your Discord Server, Twitch, YT, FB, IG, Snap, Switch code, and whatever else!
• Partnerships - DM me if you would like to partner with our server! We are open to all partnerships of any size. No pings though!
• Join Now! - Join, click an emote to verify you're not a bot, and you're in! Welcome to the family. We look forward to seeing you soon. Bring your friends!
Hello and welcome to Load Screen! Looking to make new friends? Then we have a lovely community for you! We love to discuss all things Nintendo, but we also chat about things like Anime, Memes, TV Shows, and Webcomics! We also have:
- Mafia Games
- Questions of the Day everyday, along with some Pokemon Prompts!
- Channels for specific Nintendo franchises like Pokemon and Splatoon.
- Channels for anime, entertainment, memes, other gaming and other fandom related content!
- Pokecord & Myuu!

Whether you're a Pokemon fan who's hyped for the new games, a weeb or a PC Gamer we're sure you'll love it here, and we will love meeting you!