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Serwer do kodów psc i pgsharp. 10 zaproszeń = kod do pgsharp😎💰
Społeczność Pokemonowa, zdystansowana i miła.
Isle Luna is a brand-new star in the Discord constellation - with parallels to Medieval comradery and battles, inside the walls you will find yourself entrenched in the Luna Clanspeople.

Centered around ACNH and SWSH we will continue to build out the server and provide you SERVICES across both games to keep you entertained and engaged all the time.

→ A RAID ISLAND with 4,000+ NMTS, over 16m worth of bells (royal crowns, gold nuggets), 900+ SEASONAL AND SPECIAL DIYS and an assortment of ITEMS for you to fill your pockets with!

→ Frequent ACNH and SWSH giveaways to keep you stocked on the latest MATERIALS | DIYs | ITEMS and Pokémon

→ A FULL ECONOMY with a store that can provide you GUARANTEED ENTRY to raids and events, CUSTOM INVENTORIES and ANY POKEMON in SWSH!

→ For the MONTH OF OCTOBER over 10,000 NMTS will be given away!! along with A RANGE of other EPIC and MUST HAVE giveaways to kick start your engagement in the server.

Come join us if you want - I look forward to seeing some of you soon!!
The Nintendo Switch Kingdom, (NSK) is open for all switch users to come and play! This server can be used for games like Animal Crossing, but the most popular ones we have are, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and Rocket League for the Switch.

Giveaways and tournaments are coming soon...
Even if you don't join, I hope you have a great day!
This is a Pokemeow server

-a clan server

-friendly member

After u join dm me if u want to join a Pokemeow clan

(Ok you knew electricity joke were coming, there is no turning back now xd)

High Voltage was made with a purpose to give people nice and chill place to RP/ERP, hang around or play games. I want to make sure it is all time positive and comfty place to be in, always with electryfing atmosphere. (wink wink)

What do we have? Well...
- Tons of RP and ERP channels
- Gaming channels for different games such as: LoL, R6, Smash, Pokemon, Minecraft, Valorant and more!
- Pokemon Showdown section with planned events/tournies
- You can request your private RP channels
- Nice and active NSFW section for you naughties out there (Like I'm any different :p)
- Category for artists to post arts and do self promotion
- Movie nights every week!
- Planning to introduce gaming tournies
- Pokecord's brother bot
- And anything you might want to suggest! Build the server with us to make it even a better place uwu

Storm in, power your pc and amp up your Discord! High Voltage Welcomes everybody!
Atenção: Vagas para staff e ajudantes já estão abertas.

Boas vindas ao servidor do Fã de Mario! Aqui nós conversamos e jogamos. Servidor aberto pra conversar sobre diversos jogos de diversas plataformas, mesmo com a nossa temática Nintendista.
Temos várias coisas à oferecer, dentre eles: um sistema de registro-gamer para indicar suas preferências e encontrar outros jogadores com os mesmo gostos.
Além de outras características:
.Cansado(a) da degeneração que você vê presente em vários servidores? Bem, não temos isso aqui!
.Bots especiais do universo de "Super Mario".
.Membros procurando parceiros para jogatinas.
.Servidor com seções organizadas para facilitar a navegação.
.Salas de "chat" exclusivas para jogos como "among us", "roblox", "akinator".
.Várias opções de registro de jogador, facilitando encontrar alguém com os mesmos gostos que você.
.Salas de conversa exclusivas para tópicos como "Pokémon","Nintendo" dentre outros.
.6 bots de Pokémon para te auxiliar na jornada para se tornar um mestre.
.English chat.
.Várias salas e bots de música.
.Diversos bots de diversão, como rpgs e "tacobot".
.Embora não seja religioso, o servidor segue ideais morais cristãos.
.Sistema administrativo organizado(procuram-se ajudantes).
.Salas específicas para jogar Gartic e Uno.
.Vários emojis personalizados e divertidos, feitos pela comunidade do Discord em geral.
.Cargos para pessoas que utilizam emuladores.

Será um prazer ter você como parte do grupo.(:

● Welcome to PokeServer! ●

Here we focus on S/M/US/UM games and have battling and trading services. Here we can help with finishing dexs, evos and more! Our members are always up for a tough battle, we can help with you're team and any questions you have about competitive play! We have lots of other fun bots such as Rythm,the music bot, where you can share you're favorite tunes with everyone. Dyno, the moderator bot, with tons of fun commands for you to enjoy. Mewbot, the pokemon bot, where you can catch your favorite pokemons, battle and trade with other members! You can share your amazing art for the whole server to see, and enter in future art contests! We also discuss about other games such as animal crossing, legend of zelda, smash bros, minecraft and ninjala. We have a QOTD aswell for everyone to answer intruiging questions. We will also be hosting lots and lots of future giveaways for you to win! So be sure to join before you miss out on all the fun and our amazing community! On top of that we also are going to have a genning service for gen 7 and we have a Sysbot for gen 8
The Orange Islands is small up and coming Pokémon Server. We have Giveaways, Movie Nights, In server games, Events, Shiny Den hosting and more! You even get a chance every week at a Full Generation 1-7 Shiny dex through Pokémon Home!! Grab a ticket for the Showboat and sail over to check us out. Make sure to bring Sunscreen!
Hang out with fellow furries and post all the sexy images you got, anyone is welcome
Welcome to Beverly Hills!

Beverly Hills is a general discord server with various game bots and incentives. Right now, we are looking for more Pokémon players, specifically those who play Poketwo. We host numerous giveaways as well as other bots such as Dank Memer and Idle Miner. Come join and have fun!
If you beat the gym challenge, you get 10 SHINIES OF YOUR CHOICE!!!!
Beat Region 2 for FREE DISCORD NITRO!!!!
Join Clans to have fun with a group of people
Also things like Shiny Giveaways, Trivia Giveaways, Mewbot, Pokemon database bot, music, anime, and more!!
Pokemon Grey is a server for the pokemon Black and White games. You can talk about the games in the general chat or roleplay with an oc or a canon character. You can have your own adventure in the Unova region and meet new friends there.
What do we have, you may ask? Well, it has/ it is:
LGBTQ+ friendly
The whole Unova region to explore
A plot for everyone. We love to hear your ideas.
NSFW Channels
First or third person
And Very OC friendly
Remember, this is for fun, not for glory. Enjoy ;)
Note: we have 4 bots, so if it says that there’s 4 members on that means that nobody is online

the server is for clan members and non clan members alike. We do tonnes of lotteries and GA's.
✨We’re inviting you to our server if you got no place to hangout✨

El Mafiniti, a place where fake celebrities hang out at:
*Most of us around the age of 13-18y/o
*Usually active around 12am-3am
*Friendly mods
*Providing channel to encourage you to study
*Specific channels (e.g billie’s fan, weeb, etc.)
*Dank memer rob disabled
*You can also state your opinion on how to maintain our server on the channel provided

Feel free to join us :)
Global Raid Parties and Friends for Pokemon Go!
Having trouble finding a full group to join or to invite as a host? Check out my discord server fam!

We Offer:
•Fully active moderation team, for guidance and security.
•Relaxed Rules, go with the flow attitudes.
•Sign In regulation for all members to have easy access to username, friend code and team organization.
•Announcements of Research and Events, information to get you through your Pokémon Go adventure!
•Suggestion Box so you can give advice or suggestions on how to better improve the community experience.
•General Chat for discussing Any Pokemon Go related material.
•Gift and Friend Code section so you can get all the gifts you ever wanted.
•Bots you can command to give needed information like Raid Counters, Pokedex Entries, Boost Server.
•Organized Raid sections for 1☆ 3☆ 5☆ and all Mega Raids.
•Raid Roles so you can be notified of any desired raid that is happening and needs team members.
•PvP including all Battle League stages, in server matching, and soon to be a Server Team Tournament, fight to become your teams champion!
•Private Team Chats, a great place to organize your particular team, plan tournaments and show off what you have done to make your team the best there is!
•we offer 4 Team Choices, Valor + Mystic +Instinct + Harmony (for players without a team)
•Server Levels for activity in discussion and Ranks to go with it!
•Section for Meme's + AR Pictures, get your comedy on!
•Three sections for Showing Off! Including Shinies + 100% IV + Random Accomplishments.
•Pokémon Go Level showoff.
•Rant Section for the bad times.
•Cutest Pokemon Champion Tournament weekly, awards the winner with a special Role "Cutest Pokémon Champion"

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there!


Welcome to PokéWorld, Where We Make Discord Users Explore The World of Pokémon,

Our Pokémon Bots Are:

⭐| Pokétwo

      》Active Spawns


      》Very Helpful

🔷️| MewBot

      》Active Spawns

⚜| Pokéverse

      》3mil. coins giveaway daily!


💠| PokéMeow

🔶️| MyuuBot

🌀| Pokérealm


We Also Have Other Fun Bot(s)
Such as:

🐸| Dank Memer
Bien le bonjour jeune dresseur ! Bienvenue devant les portes d'entrées du serveur Un amour de pokémon !
Ici tu pourras rencontrer d'autres dresseurs et capturer pleeeeiiiinnn de pokémon ^^
(et peut être trouver ton âme sœur)
Et oui ce serveur et aussi un serveur de rencontres !
Allez, à bientôt sur le serveur ;-)
🌐Pokèmon Adventures🌐

🌅An official community server built for people with same interests which is pokemon.

We have multiple pokemon bots here to have fun with which include Mewbot , Onixian , Myuu etc. 😁

We also do
-Have fun with other bots like dank memer.😏
-Team challenges🤝
-Tournaments with big prizes 🙂
-Level rewards 📈
-Pokemon Gyms and Elite 4😼

I hope that You enjoy your time Here 😄!

💎 #1 Rated Osu! Discord Server 💎

✨ 130 Emotes
🏳️‍🌈 Friendly Community
🌸 Anime
🎮 Gaming
💕 Chill
🌹 Art
🎁 Events
Feel free to join my humble Pokécord/Pokémeow server. All respectful and kind trainers welcome!
Shiny dens will be hosted EVERY OTHER DAY! everyone can join! you can chill & play pokemon bot games (poke realm & varubot) Get remote raid invited to legendary raids in pokemon go!
New to the region of Galar, or are you someone who played through the game already-- seeking a new way to have an adventure?

This is a literate, trainer OC only server with developed mechanics to make for a realistic, fair experience. It's accurate enough to accommodate for those who haven't had any chance to play the game yet, as well as a new experience for those who've been playing and want to explore Galar in a new way!

We have:
💥 A Level 3 server boost to showcase our supportive, positive, and active community! We reached 61 boosts at our peak!
💥 Mechanics accurate to the game to ensure fair play and satisfying progression!
💥 The chance to become Champion of Galar with your very own legendary or mythical Pokemon!
💥 Room for OC's who've completed their Gym challenge to form an 'Elite Gym Challenge', a harder set of OC Gym Leaders exclusive to our server!
💥 Loads of XP systems for rewards your trainer can collect!
💥 Surprise giveaways and events!
💥 An accurate Galar experience constantly updating with new information and features, already with accessibility to the Isle of Armor!

Come join us in Galar by hopping into our server! 🌟 See you there!
Welcome to My Gaming Club here we offer:
1. Private In Game Channels
2. Friendly Staff
3. Friendly Members (just don't check cursed images ;-;)
4. Anime Channels
5. Grinding Area for Poketwo
6.Gyms along with the elite 4 (still W.I.P we are accepting gym leaders and mods)