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Anime and Manga 11
Welcome to the region of Stralis, this is a space themed Pokemon RP that is designed to give your character the freedom to be who you would like to be and have a huge adventure. Be a Team Blazar member, be a Protector of Justice as a Pokemon Ranger, a Skillful Pokemon Trainer or even a Stylish Pokemon Coordinator. Join now as we just started and have high position available such as Gym leaders, Elite four, and Team Blazar Commanders! Hope to see you soon, if you decide that this server wasn't for you, please tell us your reasons so that we may improve it.
1 hours ago
RPG Games 7
๑════๑ ೋღ❦ღೋ ๑════๑
Welcome to the Mini Frontier server, this server consist of a lot of things regarded to pokemon like;

•Ultra Sun/Moon Gyms & E4.

•Shiny hunting.

•Single Battles

•Double Battles

•Multi-Battles and FFAs




C’mon down and play some Pokémon with us!

Just don't annoy the Admins and have fun! we are also looking for Gym leaders if anyone is interested!
๑════๑ ೋღ❦ღೋ ๑════๑
1 hours ago
RPG Games 34
Please join and take part in this growing community where everyone who loves Nintendo games can talk and hang out!
1 hours ago
Welcome to our Pokemon highschool, a completely different universe than you'd expect. This is a 99% Romance roleplay where you can make friends with people of the same interests!
1 hours ago
Anime and Manga 53
Hello @everyone! Welcome to the land of Pokemon, with a little Lord of the Rings mixed in there! Have fun with the friendly community, battle other trainers, earn all the badges, and prove you are an amazing pokemon trainer!

What can you expect here?

A pleasant community of quite a few people! Growing fast!

Friendly and Helpful Staff Members!

Several Different Pokemon Chats!

Several Different Gyms, with Leaders!!

Levelling Systems!

Owner: Wallace!

Server Invite:
2 hours ago
On this server you can request any Pokemon role (if the Pokemon isn't fanmade) then our staff will create the role and a chat for it (chats require at least two members in the role), and give you the role you can also choose your typings and class using the bot on the server.
join if you want to have a great time :wink:

simpler explanation if you use an eve pfp you could join, request the eevee role and I would give it too you. The server is mostly Pokemon based in the sense that you choose your Pokemon role than go from there
5 hours ago
Adventure Games 19
Pokémon Aerium is a Pokémon server dedicated to community. Updating you with recent news, and aiming to just be a place to chill and talk about Pokémon. Its a great way to meet new friends who are Pokémon lovers like yourself, come on and join us if you are hopping above the hype train
11 hours ago
[Pokemon WorldWide]

Pokecord serving. Gym system and pokeleague growing. Come grow with us!
12 hours ago
hey!!! rob here and im really want u to join my server!!! we have pokecord, lgbtq+ ppl (love them theyre valid) and much more!!! join today pleasw
16 hours ago
Welcome to GaleWinds! A Pokemon roleplay server based in the Kalos region.

We Have
*Friendly Staff
*Plenty of roleplay channels
*User owned RP Channels
*Custom Roles
And More!
17 hours ago
Stratia is a Pokemon Roleplay server based on the Hoenn region, however we plan to extend to other regions such as Alola.
With many areas and things possible, come join us!
Our lore has grown to be a rather unique system, including Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and two community-made main teams in our server lore.
Our server is still looking to expand and improve!

We are in great need of staff and city leaders!

Invite :
Director : Simul#3840
17 hours ago
┏━━━༺༻ ★ Welcome to Moe Cafe! ★ ༺༻━━━┓
Moe Cafe is a server based on another kawaii server! Join everyone!
It's name came from my favorite game, Moe Girl Cafe. This server is open to anyone cute, baka, normal, tsun-tsun, weird, weebs, nerds and many more (๑・ω-)~♥ ”
Hope everyone have a good time staying here! (๑ơ ₃ ơ) ♥
┗━━━━━━━━━༻★༺ 🌸 ༻★༺━━━━━━━━━┛
18 hours ago
Community 24
A pokecord team server.
Want to find people that work together to collect pokemon and get stronger? Then join Team Pyroknites.
18 hours ago
Adventure Games 7
This server was made Tuesday April 17, 2018
This server was made just for people to play pokemon on discord, it is really simple to play. I hope you guys enjoy the game and we can get to be the best pokemon server ever

What you gain from this
1) You have fun
2) There are gym battles
3) You can interact with others
4) Catch pokemon
5) Battle others

Hope you enjoy the server
1 days ago
RPG Games 20
A pokemon chat for anybody to join and have fun in! Chat about your favorite games, pokemon, or anything of the sort. LBGT+ friendly with pronoun and sexuality roles to fit your every need!
1 days ago
Hello and welcome to our new and improved server, this is a remake for one of the other servers by the same creator and is updated. We are Pokémon roleplaying community with friendly members. So if you enjoy Pokémon and are a rather respectful person, feel free to join. Please no server jumpers though, if you have no intentions of staying then please don't even join the server in the first place.
Some of what we offer:
-A Music Channel with Pokémon game music remixes.
-A well organized server with active staff.
-A rather immersive rp that takes place in a fan-made region.
1 days ago
All Games 13
Welcome to the secret room,. A place were secrets are kept,and fun times are to be had,... We are primarily a Pokemon/Gaming channel,... With a good staff.and friendly people.
2 days ago
Community 10
I'm starting and I would like to have some help to grow up my server. You will have a lot of things to do here and we willgrow a big built up Greek god community. Feel free to join whenever you want, you won't regret. I would like you to help me with the management of this server so pls join.
2 days ago
A Pokemon Roleplay server based in Unova! We still allow for a wide range of experiences and fun here as well as a fair and organized character creation system.
3 days ago
Other 14
Welcome to PokeSquad! A server for Pokémon fans by a Pokémon fan. We are user-friendly, disabled swearing, and a friendly community. We currently have 7 fun little bots enabled for everyone's use! We are currently looking for some active users who dont swear or abuse others. -WarMage
4 days ago
come join us, if you want access to nsfw, dm me or an admin
4 days ago
Welcome to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay, an area where only Pokemon exist! We offer many opportunities to Pokemon roleplayers. We also give away lots of free roles, and you don't even have to wait more than 10 minutes to get one! Along with that, we include a wide variety of dungeons and outside areas to explore. Not only that, we serve a side campaign mode along with that, just like the games! We're in need of a variety of roleplayers and roleplaying types, so come join!
4 days ago
MMO Games 7
This is a pokecord server. Free join and free to play. Enjoy pokemon and compete with other people.
5 days ago
A School open to organisms of almost any species. (Pokemon included)
5 days ago