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Hey guys, The 🎗💥SSBU LOUNGE💥🎗 is a place where we prioritize smash bros over anything else, if u dont play smash dont worry we got other things as well, like music, art, pokecord etc. Come join!!!!
An Inclusive World...

☆ We are a Literate Rp, Canon Character only Pokémon Server! We value roleplayers who put their time into posts, and explore every aspect of their character.

__What Awaits You:__
☆ Many trainers from ALL your favorite pokémon regions to chose from! WE NOW HAVE GALAR CHARACTERS!

☆ The ability to interact with any character regardless of game.

☆ A small server story to mix it up from the main games and anime shows.

☆ The ability to customize your team to represent the trainer you auditioned for.

☆ Friendly community with a shared love for the pokémon series.

Start your adventure today!

The United Gamers is a Server which is a platform for Gamers from all around the world. The members, here, have the full independence to play computer as well as mobile games, add friends and play multiplayer games while conversing on a voice chat in The United Gamers. A lot of text channels are featured for the gamers to chat!
The gamers are offered ranks from Newbies to Top Gamers, chat more to go up!

The server also features a variety of bot games, like Unbelieva-bot games where you can compete to be on the leaderboard and the well known Pokecord games. The United Gamers offers the pokemon trainers a variety of text channels to spam, trade, duel, shop, and even challenge Gym Leaders to achieve badges. Go up the ladder, collecting badges and after defeating the Elite 4, be honoured in the Hall-Of-Fame, where others can see and take inspiration from you.

Well, that's not all about The United Gamers! To know more about it, join today!

[ Pokemon Gym Leaders are being recruited right now! Thus, join us today! ]
Welcome to team rocket ordering services we are a server
That can help you a lot on breeding if you want some Pokemon you can order some our services are!

ᴘʀᴏɢʀᴀᴍ ᴢᴇʀᴏ:
A cool invite reward program which is for getting more pokemons if you want more, one Pokemon is for free though without any invites!

ꜰɪɴᴅɪɴɢ ɴᴇᴡ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱ:
You can meet new people at our server and we can discuss our
Pokemon love and more!
Not completely SFW but we do have some NSFW things, come to chill out and talk, play games, listen to music or so on! We're really big on pokecord and this server acts as a safe space for those who just want to make friends and have fun, come join us! :)
Rising legend is a official pokemon discord server. Enjoy all the bot here with fun commands. catch and battle with pokecord .
1. Pokecord / myuu
2.Dank memer
4.Pokecord gym and battle
5. seasonal tournament
6. Giveaways inluding interactive and legendary
7. Application for staffs
8. Taking every small suggestions
``````````````````````````THANKS for JOINING``````````````````````````````
A server to connect with other Pokémon Go players, exchange codes, share tips and pictures, and make friends!
As of right now, our server is primarily geared towards general discussion, trading, and most importantly - art! - especially of the objectively best character in SwSh, Marnie
Wanna make new Buizel friends? Or just a fan of Buizel and wanna hangout with a pack of cute Pokémon who love Buizel?
The come down to our Den under the lake! Where we are a happy family of Buizel looking for new Friends, share art, and have fun to chat with each other!
Artist, Animators, and people who give critics to art are all welcome!

We also have:

And yes, we are a Pokémon server, just that we specialise in Buizel
Du spielst Animal Crossing: New Horizons oder ein anderes Spiel auf Nintendo Switch und suchst Mitspieler oder Leute zum austauschen? Dann bist du hier richtig!
Out Of Mana est une communauté conviviale dont le but est de rassembler joueurs et joueuses confirmés ou débutants dans une ambiance chaleureuse et détendue. La communauté est axée sur League Of Legends, mais également sur d’autres jeux vidéos tels que Minecraft ou osu!. Ainsi si vous recherchez une communauté active et sympathique, n’hésitez pas à passer sur le serveur Discord ! Nous avons également un channel pour publier les créations artistiques des membres où il est possible de recevoir des conseils.

Si vous voulez en apprendre plus sur nos aventures avant de nous rejoindre, nous possédons un wiki:
lots of giveaways, uncluding pokemon and credits
lots of dueling and talking
pokemon gyms
dank memers also! and memer Giveaways!
sometimes nitro!!
join now, updated 10/11/19
Alola, trainers!

- Trading / Pokedex / Safe Trades

- Battling / Tournaments / Gyms

- Max-raid battles / dynamax + g-max

- Hundreds of Sword and Shield players / Friend Codes / League Cards

- Giveaways / Pokecord / Mewbot / Myuu / Who's that Pokemon

- Discussions / Friendly Community / Fun

What are you waiting for? Join us today! :)
☽・☆・༓ Staff Applications are open ༓・☆・☾

❥ Hello and Welcome to Cresselia Academy!

This semi-lit roleplay is set on a crescent shaped island, appropriately named Crescent Moon Island.
You start off as a Trainer-to-be, a student, who is attending school at this large Academy in order to learn everything needed to become a dependable Trainer. What sets this Academy apart from the others is that it's one of the few Academies that will personally "assign" students their very own starter upon entry to care for in order to give students a more hands-on type of study. While most other regional schools tend to be more strict and uniform with their curriculum, Cresselia Academy gives students more freedom to learn beyond the simple sciences of being a trainer. Through events and giveaways, students can earn more Pokémon to add onto their teams. You can make friends, form rivalries, and even battle to show off your teams if you choose.
However, your rivals may not be the only people you have to fight off. It seems something, or rather someone, could be lurking around in the shadows preparing for something.
Will your teams be ready if they strike?

☽ ༓ ·☆· ༓ ☾

All in all, this is a light-hearted slice of life rp, so while battles are allowed, they aren't the main focus here, outside of some side events. All events are optional. This server is for those who want a break from the travels and want to enjoy a more simple life with their Poképals to be.

What We Offer:

❥ A safe server with a hidden password system to prevent bots and raiders from having easy access
❥ A friendly growing community and staff
❥ A laid back and welcoming environment
❥ An easy Starter picking system with a large variety of Pokémon available to pick from
❥ Plenty of channels for you to roleplay in, including a City and Town you can visit off the Academy grounds
❥ Dorming for student characters
❥ NSFW dorming for 18+ characters and members
❥ Daily giveaways for rare Pokémon and Items
❥ Activity Rewards
❥ Server Booster Rewards
❥ An item shop for your convenience
❥ Easy ways to earn money
❥ Fun bots, such as:
· Pokécord
· Pokéverse
· Shipping Bot
· Waifu/Husbando Roulette
· OwO Bot
· Currency Bot
· Dank Memer bot

We welcome all suggestions and feedback so we can better the server for everyone's enjoyment.

There's more to come as the server grows, so I look forward to seeing you all! ❤

☽ ༓ ·☆· ༓ ☾
We are Dark City, a small server of anime fans and yugioh players, made to have fun.

We host events for the community and dont spam you with pings. We are a nexus-based server, but are not limited to only nexus. There are currently open positions so if you climb the ladder you can eventually become a mod. Fully open to improvements and suggestions.

• Expert Deckbuilders
• General Anime/Manga Discussions
• Small Tournaments
• Server Rankings
• Pokécord (Pokémon catching server bot)
• Various Duel Related Bots
This a Pokémon and café themed server! Make friends to play pokemon and POTCG with here!!

we mostly have:
-pokemon themed roles
-monthly steam game giveaways
-cafe themed roles
-leveling and shop system
-daily competitions for exclusive roles
☕Welcome to the Pokèmon Café!☕

Come on in and grab a PokéPuff or curry and meet some new friends.
Meet people who play Pokémon Go, Sword, Shield, and other games on the Switch and 3DS. Post some of your art or have a friendly discussion on who the best pokémon is.
Ontop of being a friendly place open to everyone, you can catch Pokémon here too with MewBot and Pokécord.

Hope you decide to join us! 💕
We are a Community Server Focused on pokécord But we Have all of these too

•Idle miner
•Ender bot
•Rpg bot
•Music Bot
•Count Bot
•Elite Looter
•OwO Bot
•Dank Memer

•Pokémon Daycare

•60+ Channels

•Inv Rewards

•Daily Giveaways

•Steady Growth

•React Roles

See for yourself join us
THIS is a pokecord Server. This server has alot of giveaways And stuff the people here are great. Is a good place to talk to people and relaxed. Owner Name NZ joje ||collecting Vulpix#7342
Fluffy Pokemon a place where everyone is welcome to hang out and have a good time. We aim to be the friendliest Pokémon server out there. If you're looking for a place to meet new people and make new friends, then this is the server for you. Come check us out if you're interested.
- 38 non-staff text channels: Both SFW and NSFW available, including 10 RP-related channels!
Welcome to War and Peace Pokemon Style!

We are an active and growing pokecord server:

-Join a team of trainers and become the greatest pokemaster! There's 6 different teams currently!

-Build a team with you friends and rule the server as the best team!

- Tournaments!
- Join 6 Different Teams!
- Exclusive Titles
- Lots of Duels!
- Trading!
- Art & Music Channels!
- Kind Community!
- We partner with people!

And so much more to explore!
˚ ༘ ✰ We Have: ⇣

✅ *: ┊Regular pokécord giveaways;
✅ ೃ࿔┊Music channels to enjoy your favorite music while chatting to others in the server;
✅ ·˚ ༘ ┊Friendly, active and welcoming members and staff;
✅ ✯ ࿑┊Events such as tornaments;
✅ *: ┊Fun bots to play with (mantaro, tatsu, pokecord, mewbot and others);
✅ ·˚ ༘ ┊Special perks to people that help us grow!
✅ ✯ ࿑┊Gyms and other challenges for pokémon trainers!
WLR is a Pokémon Discord Community with over 10,000 members! While we specialize in Pokécord, we also have a lot more to offer! From a Gaming section that grows everyday and includes tournaments for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, to members who enjoy Pokémon Showdown, you’re likely to find a home somewhere within our server!

🔰Over 10k members!

🔰Consistent Giveaways
•Handing out Pokecord Credits, Pokemon, and occasionally redeems daily.

🔰Newbie friendly FAQ and question channel!

🔰Pokecord Gym System, as well as Elite Four

🔰Frequent Karaoke/VC Events where you can win prizes


🔰Pokecord Tournaments

🔰Showdown Tournaments

🔰Various Gaming Tournaments
•Such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers
Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen im
Fetzer's Gaming Club🙂

Was erwartet Dich hier:
👥Eine tolle Community
🎮Nintendo-Gaming und News
✉Text- & Voice-Chats
⭐Events und Tuniere
🎬Streams von Banetta
🤡Einen coolen Anime-Bereich
🔱VIP-Rang für die aktivsten Nutzer

Wir freuen uns, dass du ein Teil unserer Familie wirst.🤝🏻