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waifubot and pokecord for those who want to play with a nice community.
If you're looking for a new and active server then you've found it. We're a community that is adding more stuff so feel free to join today!

Server Features:
👋| Helpful Staff
👀| Staff Applications (Looking)
💬| Active Community
🔞| NSFW Chats
🎮| Pokémon
🏳️‍🌈| Color Roles
🆓| Self Roles
🙀| Custom Emotes
🆙| Ranking System
🤝| Partnerships
🔰 | Events

Discord Invite Link:
Panther Squad/PokeWorld
Welcome to Panther Squad/PokeWorld here we have a lot of Pokemon bots and we have other bots as well we have bots for entertainment and most bots have their own channel for their own purposes! Below is what we have in our server! Owner: The Real Toothless#5697

<3 On the road to 100 members!! (prevoius server got deleted but lets not talk about that)

<3 We have Pokemon bots! (in the process of getting more!)

<3 We have so many other bots including Dyno and MEE6!

<3 So many new members to meet and make friends with!

<3 Always a mod online so we look out for raiders.

<3 We are open to suggestions for anything!

<3 When staff applications open (when we hit 100 members) be the first to apply!

<3 No NSFW our server is family friendly!

<3 Tone of giveaways mostly pokemon giveaways.
A great, new server for Pokémon Trainers, where we have 3 popular pokemon bots and an awesome, growing community! We are hoping to make the server bigger. Hope you enjoy the stay here!
Hiya! We are a brand new server thats looking for friendly new members. We have Pokecord and Pokeverse if you want to play with bots. We also have some RP channels for those who like to RP. If you dont like either of those things but love pokemon you can still join and talk with us. We are looking forward to meeting you all.
this is a awesome roleplay server where you can make any type of character we will not deny it!
you can make up to 2 characters!
we also have entertaintment bots if your bored e.g. Pokecord!
we are open to suggestions!
we have much more so join and findout yourself!
Note: Server is new so not many people will be in this server!
Chatting, gaming, music and much more to talk about in this friendly discord. We're a small discord looking for new members to come and join our community.

We have:
- A Friendly Community.
- A Friendly Staff Team.
- Custom Emotes. (with new ones being added every so often)
- Color Assign Roles.
- Level System.
- Pokecord.
- LGBTQ+ Friendly
- And Much More.
This server is for Pokémon and non Pokémon alike So come and join us it’s completely chill and we will be updating a lot hope to see you there
A server for those just wanted to chill and talk with others, we are still small are growing and would love t have you here, we have...
•Mudae and other games like Pokecord
•Fairly often VC’s opened for anyone t join
•Custom Role Colors
•Level Up Roles (as well as applications to become admins for active members)
Oh? Well hello there, seems that this server has caught your attention, yeah? since you're taking the time to read this so why not join? We would be happy if you did so since we are just starting out.
The wars against the gangs of different regions have changed the life of many. Humans and pokemons fighting against or with each other for a source of power. And as time ticked on, more and more has joined. This was likely the biggest war humanity has ever seen, but that is not important. The anarchy group known as skull gang has made an alliance with the infamous and feared mafia, team rocket. The two groups had somehow driven the ultra beast out of their home place of alola and into the world unknown to them. For a couple of years, all knews about thair appearnce has vanished and the world thought they were good as dead but in recent times, a few rumors here and there drifted into your ears and lo and behold, it was confirmed that the ultra beast was found in the Nova region which was previously known as the unova region. Like a switch, thousands upon hundreds of people flooded nova in hopes of taking the ultra beast for their own personal needs, are you perhaps one of them? Or are you here for another reason....?
🌧Welcome to Meloettas Paradise!🌧

Pokemon is everything in this server! We have many pokemon bots, including:

🔵and more!

Our server also includes:
🎇Giveaways(which been on hold till active)
🎆A daycare(which we need)
💥Gyms(need more leaders)
💥An Elite Four
🎇and events!

🌪Currently we’re looking for partnerships and active admins & gym leaders!
🦈We want to build a friendly active community and need your help to do it!🐬

🐊Please come join us at Team Meloetta!🐊

also be sure to check out #🐊reaction-rolls for part of your roles :)

❤️server has been pruned so if u wanna be active feel free to rejoin💙
ARC is a Showdown based League where trainers are challenged to battle across multiple metagames, restricted to 3 Pokemon Types of their choosing in order to become the reigning, defending ARC Champion.
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
Ein Server vom rund um Pokémon und vom Youtuber PokéTen mit einer sehr sympatischen COmmunity. Spiele mit lustigen Gaming-Bots und vielem mehr.
Partner bei, gelegentliche Gewinnspiele mit Nintendo und Events von uns aus. Level dich hoch und erhalte tolle Rewards. Sei auch im Stream dabei oder in Youtube-Videos.
Welcome to PearlHub, a place to have fun, hang out, and talk about your favorite topics! No matter what you're trying to find, whether it's fun bots, cool people to hang out with, or a place to talk about your favorite Nintendo Games, I am sure everyone can enjoy our server, and all the amazing feature it provides!
Welcome to PokeSpace

We are a great Pokemon server!!
We offer many things so make sure to stick around


x Pokecord
x Pokespace
x Giveaways
x Daycare Services
x Dank Memes
x Gyms
and so much more!!!

We have an amazing community full of Pokemon fans and an amazing staff team that is here to help if you have problems.
chill hangout w/giveaways for games such as league of legends, steam, & what not, custom roles, leveling, economy, pokemon, other fun bots, 300+ members
We're a chill Pokecord server that will, at a higher member count, hold tournaments for Pokemon, credits, and redeems.
All Families start small, I welcome you to our server lets have some fun!

Pokemon Fans of all sorts can find themselves at home here. Like to Roleplay? Do you draw Poke art? How 'Bout Mystery Dungeon? Battle in Pokemon Showdown? Well we do too! We Hope to Expand the server so we can call you family.

Fight us and gain the title to become "Gym Leader" (Currently occupying 5 - Bug, Electric, Rock, Dragon, Steel) or even become our "Server Champion".
A small light surrounds you and teleports you to a place of white lights and peace. A swan like pokemon appears before you and gifts you with entrance to a new realm named “Starfield”. New players can be met here alone with pokemon friends to be made! There is even a home for newly created pokemon. Cresselia has only opened the gates to her Starfield but with every Trainer or Pokemon just like you, an untold adventure is waiting to happen.
The Starfield currently offers
-Roleplaying rooms for all types
-Art channel
-A sister server for Pokecord
-And a vast region to be molded

If you're looking for a fun filled place for role play and a great community.
Then join us, and step into the light
Hello! We are a new, friendly, social and hopefully growing server. Our server includes Pokecord (our GOD!) and giveaways but not limited to: we have many other bots too. We also include gyms, some roles that you can pick and we accept partners! Join us for a whirpool of fun!
Our bots are:
-Dank Memer
-Pancake (music)
-Server configuration bots
Can't wait to see you there!
Welcome to the TikTok Discord Server, where all your favorite TikTokers are here! We got Memes, Economy, Pokecord, Giveaways, Events and everything TikTok related. So feel free to join us and meet the most awesome TikTokers
Welcome to Graal era. Immerse yourself into a 2d mmorph full of guns, cars, and gangsters ready for the war of a lifetime!

Join the server for a community following this game :p