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Heya!!!! I'm Deven the server owner! We really want you to join our server and hang out with us!!

-Server Includes-
Friendly Staff
Special Rooms
Special Ranks
Reaction Roles
Active member roles
Partnership Rooms
and more is going to be added with each new member's help!

-We Need-
Room Ideas
More Rank Ideas
At least one more admin and 2 moderators
Did I say Members? No?

-We need more members!-

The Gamer Republic
The Gamer Republic, is a gaming server. If you thought it was anything else, you'd be right and wrong. We have several text and voice channels for your favorite game genres, but if you're not a gamer, then you can still come in for normal conversation.

We got a meme channel so you can cure your depression. We also have some good bots, and a level system with reward roles. If you're into more serious things, we have a channel for political topics. We also have an NSFW channel, if you're horny. The server is also fairly active, so you should drop by and say hello to your fellow Gamers.

Join the Gamer Republic today!
MARCHOLETTE ♛ is an online community based on interaction, sharing, conversation and more! This is a place for open-minded people with various topics to present and discuss. Admins and moderators are always available and open to suggestions for the betterment of the server.

Come and be a socialite now!
A Growtopia Community That Owned By DeeJayez . You Can Get Any Growtopia New In This Server . e.g.
-Daily Quest
And More Features
Welcome all!!
The people in this server a lil bit toxic jus saying. It's kinda dead too so PLEASE revive it!!! you won't regret it uwu.

✯ We got bots!
✯ We got a welcoming community
✯ We have reaction roles!
✯We love to have fun in a friendly environment!

Only one thing is missing: YOU!

So come on over and we will have a fun experience in a server like no other!
Gelişmekte olan harika bir sunucu👍
İçeride neler mi var?
Her şey burada sana göre aramıza katıl keyfine bak☺️
Join my server with the most active players around! We play GTAV, Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League and MORE!
Hey! This is my dumbass server where me and some friends and love interests just do shit! We usually (if there are people around that wish to volunteer) play Jackbox, a party style mini/not-mini game collection game series, CAH, Cards Against Humanity, and Uno, self-explanatory.
We Have:
🙂 Nice Staff
🤬 Raging Retards
📦 Jackbox Competitions
🤖 Bots
🎵 Music Shit
🏠 Homestuck people I guess
🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Friendly
🏳️ Clubs
+ Etc

Welcome to Red Gaming Evolved! We are a Gaming Network based in many games. These games include, but are not limited to: Minecraft, Ghost Recon, ARK: Survival Evolved, Terraria, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Europa Universalis IV, Assassin's Creed. Established in early 2017, RGE consists of experienced, dedicated gamers who are willing to play and interact fairly and peacefully.

Many of our older members are beginning to become inactive, and we are beginning a massive expansion campaign to recruit new members. This brand new Discord server is part of that campaign. You can help by joining us, and building up the team to one with an active and fun environment.

We have a Steam Group! Keep in mind that it is largely outdated, as it focuses on ARK: Survival Evolved, the game that the network originally started on:

Upon joining, please visit the #information channel before proceeding. You will be able to chat after 10 minutes for security purposes.
In this server, You can meet new people, and make new friends. Not only are we a growing and friendly server, but we also help each other in times they need it most. Play games, listen to music, talk to others, do pretty much anything here. After an admin abused their powers we lost everybody in the server. We currently on our path to 500 members.
Come one, come all to beautiful Seattle, Washington. It's always raining and wet, so make sure you're prepared and you can handle it. If you want to break the law, uphold it, or be a completely law-abiding citizen, you can do what you like.

Now, lemme give you the rundown. You just moved out of your parents house into a small apartment, and they gave you $5,000 to buy your first car. Life is hard, but will get increasingly easier as the money starts coming in. Make sure you follow all rules and roleplay a lot, so we don't have to kick you.
A public server for all VALORANT players alike to meet and play together. My aspiration is to make a close and tight-knit community with members that can rely on each other and never have problems finding a squad!

⫸ Mainly an English-speaking server
★ What we offer:
▸ Self-roles
▸ Leveled roles
▸ Auto-moderation
▸‎ MEE6, and music bots!
╭┈┈┈↷ welcome to snake den!: ↶┈┈┈╮
┊ a friendly server meant for everyone!
╭┈┈┈↷ we include: ↶┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈╮
┊ 🐍 :: self-assignable roles
┊ 🐍 :: active + friendly admins
┊ 🐍 :: friendly community
┊ 🐍 :: custom emotes
┊ 🐍 :: multiple bots and vcs
┊ 🐍 :: lenient partnership
╭┈┈┈↷ permanent link : ↶┈┈┈┈┈┈┈╮
Heyyyy I don't have any friends, let's try joining up in resistance against tyranny. there is literally no one in this server :) but I would love to talk to yall about witchcraft, anime, and various things

We have fun role names
Lots of channels
NSFW channels
Not PC humor
Most of the potential joiners are anime fans
Idk what else to put here pls join
«•☆•๑۩۞۩๑☞ W€ŁCÕM€ ! ☜๑۩۞۩๑•☆•»

Le public visé par mon serveur Discord est essentiellement les joueurs, qui peuvent
utiliser le logiciel pour communiquer avec les autres joueurs de la même
équipe, dans les jeux multijoueurs. La communication par la voix donne un
avantage indéniable en compétition, permettant aux joueurs de garder
ses mains pour l'action dans le jeu, et non la communication écrite.
Il est parfait pour ceux qui jouent en ligne et qui ont besoin de transmettre
des informations rapidement.
Türkler için açılmış bir topluluk sunucusudur.
Kaliteli ve güzel bir ortama sahiptir.
Hadi, bize katıl!
Hey Sen! Buraya girerek hayatının dönüm noktasını yaşayabilirsin. Corona'dan kurtulmak için bu sunucu sana lazım. Bu sunucu içeriğini çok güzel barındıran orj bir sunucudur. Hala anlayamadıysan içeri gir ve bu maceraya yelken aç.

Not : Dini konular ile dalga geçmek yasaktır.
Welcome, we hope to see you in our server! This server is made mainly to be used by friends playing together or just chatting. We have a channel to look for people to play with if alone. Consider joining as you can play with the Owner and his friends if you want to or get the chance to. We have many roles that you can get. Donating is happily accepted and you can get a special role but it is not necessary. Hopefully you choose to bring you and your friends to populate the server! Have fun and have a good day.
kuralları az olan eğlenceli çeti akıcı,belirli zamanlarda görüntülü sohbetler dönen troll çevirebileceğiniz bir sunucu.
Basically just a public server No nsfw, dyno bot runs staff, there is alot of cute stuff in there as well. wip for description