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One Universe is een gezellige Discord server waar iedereen welkom is. We richten ons voornamelijk op een gezellige chat en voice. We hopen ook ons te kunnen uitbreiden tot een grote, actieve Discord server, waar we met z’n alle veel plezier hebben, goeie herinneringen maken en uiteindelijk elkaar misschien nog wel in het echt zien. Je kunt hier lekker kletsen, gamen, je creativiteit met ons delen en nog veel meer. Als jij nog leuke ideeën hebt, meldt het ons en wie weet komt jouw idee ook in deze Discord. Gekkigheid is zeker toegestaan, want aan strenge regeltjes doen wij niet aan. Neem gerust een kijkje en hopelijk zul je met ons een hele leuke tijd beleven 😊

One Universe is a cozy Discord server where everyone is welcome. We mainly focus on a nice chat and voice. We also hope to be able to expand to a large, active Discord server, where we all have a lot of fun, make good memories and maybe even see each other in real life. You can chat, play games, share your creativity with us and much more. If you have any great ideas, please let us know and who knows, your idea may also be in this Discord. Foolishness is certainly allowed, because we don't play by strict rules. Feel free to take a look and hopefully you will have a great time with us 😊

🙃 Hallo, hast du lust zum Chatten? 🙃

💚 Nette User

💙 Nettes Team

🖤 Server Bot

♥️ Meme Bots (Dank Memer)

🔰 Kannst dich gerne zu uns setzen. 🔰
Serveur NSFW pour les grands fans de Hentai. (+18)
Nous laissons les membres poster leurs propres images dans des channels dédiés. Une communauté amicale et un grand nombre de membres font de ce serveur un serveur idéal pour les discussions en tout genre. Rejoignez-nous maintenant!

NSFW server for Hentai fans (18+).
We let members post their own pictures in dedicated channels. A friendly community and a sizeable memberbase make this server an ideal one to discuss anything and everything. Join us now!
Bienvenidos a mi servidor, donde podeis conocer gente nueva, jugamos a mucha variedad de juegos por lo que sientete libre de venir y comentar tus esperiencias.

Por ahora el servidor esta empezando por lo que te animo a que le des una oportunidad, todos sois bienvenidos siempre y cuando os mantengais positivos y seais buenos con los demas.

Welcome to my server, we play a lot of games and we want you to come here and share your experiences as well.

For now the server is starting so I encourage you to give it a try, you are all welcome as long as you stay positive and be good to others.
A warm and friendly community willing to improve spoken English.
Focus on direct talking in voice channels and listening to 24/7 English streams.
16+ server, created to facilitate an exchange of language and culture between friendly people around the world. Casual conversations, politics and religion, gaming, translation help, anything at all. If you're learning a new language or would like to share yours with other people, this is the place for you.
Welcome to Study Japanese
📝 Meet new, exciting foreigners? practice your Japanese skills in a fun and friendly environment!
🤗 Friendly&Kindly users!!
🏅 Leveled roles and Language role! also there are language channels!
🤖 Many fun bots!
😍 Cool emojis!
📜 Partner, must have 10+ humans
👮 Looking for staffs
🤝 Help channel, if you need help, we will help you with Japanese/English within 3 days.
Queremos invitarte a nuestra comunidad social y entretenimiento!

somos una comunidad que
buscamos la unión entre todos para convivir día a día. ¡Únete y gana con nosotros!

Qué encontraras aquí?

🎁|•Diferentes tipos de sorteos variados, desde roles, keys de steam, criptomonedas y más.

💼|•Staff amigable que te ayudara en todo lo que necesites

💰|•Economia dentro del servidor

🎪|•Seguridad ante situaciones irregulares

🎂|•Entretenimiento en general

📡|•Bots de criptomonedas y transferencias

🔝|•Roles Vip

📠|•Novedades frecuentes



Ven y diviertete con nosotros, te esperamos!

Damos soporte al idioma ingles!
We support the English language!
Hey guys🤗,
If you want to join a friendly👍 community hub for developers👨🏽‍💻, designer🌌 and gamers🎲 as well as for everybody🔓 who wants to be here🔽 than you are right in the ConfusingGang🌠

🔽What do we offer🔽
✔️You will get help, feedback🌐 and nearly everything you want⚜️
✔️Be in contact with real Programmer👨🏽‍💻, Designer🌄 and Gamer🎲
✔️You can share📢 your stuff and knowlage💾 with other people
✔️You can use our ConfusingBot🤖 ▶️- help◀️
✔️You can choose your intrests and programs🔑 so it is easier to find friends😄
with the same intrests💯
✔️VoiceChannels for everybody🎤
✔️The server is completely⌛️ free🔓
✔️The server is always🕐 online🔋

So what are you waiting for❓

Maybe you can give me some feedback📢 because only so I can always⌛️ improve🌄 the server.
Welcome to EnglishLearning!

This is a place for people learning English to ask questions about English grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the like.

All levels of learners are welcome.
Wir sind ein kleiner Kazuka-Server. Wir freuen uns über jeden der einfach chillen und talken will!
Wir sind ein english-deutscher Server.
Wir haben eine NSFW-Ecke (nur mit einer Rolle zu sehen, die die es nicht wirklich sehen wollen) und eine Roleplay-Ecke
🍩Wir sind gamer, Anime Liebhaber, Zeichner oder Meme-people.

~Dieser Server ist dazu da um andere Leute kennen zu lernen und sich zu unterhalten🌸
Um Spaß zu haben und einfach zum Entspannen.

Wir freuen uns auf jeden!:D
Außer die die sofort leaven, nyu.
(Wir machen auch gerne anständige Partnerschafften mit kleineren Servern die im Bereich Anime/Roleplay gehen)

🌸 Wir hoffen ihr habt Viel Spaß und willkommen in Kazuka! 🌸

We are a small Kazuka server. We are happy about everyone who just wants to chill and chat!
We are an english-german server.
We have a NSFW corner (only to be seen with a role, those who don't really want to see it) and a roleplay corner
🍩We are gamers, anime lovers, illustrators or meme-people.

~This server is there to meet other people and just to talk with others~🌸
To have fun and simply to relax.
Join us and be a part of us! ☺️
~~ Are you stuck on your homework or studying and you cannot find any help? or do you want to help people? We welcome you to rescue homework, the main goal of this server is to help you with homework, study for test and help with stress. In this server we all are students trying to help each other. The reason we are doing this is to help ourself and help others do well in school.
We have:
- study groups
- voice chats
and we have much more coming to help you be a better version of yourself. ~~
Hang out place, come here if you wanna chill,bring your friends here if you wanna chat when nobody is here too..
We will need that to make this server the most active possible.
Thank you to all those who join
-The owner

The Nexus is a highly active international community mainly focused on language learning via voice chat ( very active voice chats ). Come and practice the language you are learning by having interesting conversations with native speakers, expand your vocabulary and learn about the culture behind the language, immerse your self in a language experience.

English, Spanish, French and more.
Hello weary traveler, welcome to the MVPs (18+)

We usually main one game at a time, but are always down for co-op shenanigans so feel free to suggest other games to play.

We are all friendly and welcoming, and only ask that you treat other people the way you want to be treated...basic shit!

Level based system due to activity creates new name colours and unlocks perks!

We all look forward to meeting you and doing some good old killing together!
Welcome to this Discord for learnIng Russian and English language by chatting and speaking with others. English speaking learn Russian, and Russian speaking learn English.

->We are a gaming server. It is also both an english and filipino server so everyone is welcome to join us! We are open to advertising your stream! You could also look for someone to play with in our server. We keep our server age friendly for everyone. We also have giveaways, sessions, play and just have an amazing time socializing with other people! So come join us!!

fun emotes to use
mini games in the server
gaming sessions
DJ sessions

Definitely a server you wanna be in!
Be part of the team owl!
WE ALSO SPEAK ENGLISH *༉‧₊˚✧ Wir sind ein Cartoon-Server mit:
✩freundliches personal
✩sonderrollen und level-belohnungen
Balmy Cove, the perfect server to meet and communicate with people from all over the globe! Our server was designed to have a chill vibe and we monitor our server as often as possible! We provide fun bots for playing games, gambling and listening to music in our disco vc. Our server has a fine set of rules to keep everyone safe and make sure nobody is offended. 👍
We offer feedback channels and mods are always open to any problems or suggestions that you may be willing to share for our server to help keep our participants engaged and well.
We hope you enjoy your stay and best of wishes. XX -BC CREW