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Spanish desc:
Bienvenido a "Astolfo Army", somos una comunidad con diferentes idiomas: inglés, español, estonio ... El servidor está listo para iniciarse y esperamos que se unan.
También tuve que decir que necesitamos más personas en el personal y que las aplicaciones están abiertas.
Muchas gracias por unirte.

English desc:

Welcome to "Astolfo Army", we are a community with different languages: English, Spanish, Estonian ... The server is ready to start and we hope you will join.
I also had to say that we need more people on staff and that the apps are open.
Thank you very much for joining.
*LEGO CITY HEY!*, I'm Freshman_Bill and I'm starting a small twitch community for smaller streamers and myself. Feel free to join and grow your channel!!!
~International (EN/FR) Hentai server, come for the hentai, stay for the mustard !
Serveur hentai anglo-francophone, venez pour le hentai, restez pour la moutarde !

The main theme of Hentai Moutarde is, obviously, Hentai, as well as the weeb culture. We also have more "open" channels, such as SFW pictures, memes or pictures of your pets, if you feel like making your cat a superstar! Your artworks are also welcome in our dedicated NSFW and SFW art channel.

Les thèmes principaux de Hentai Moutarde sont, évidemment, le Hentai, ainsi que la culture weeb. Nous avons également des channels plus ouverts dédiés, par exemple, aux images SFW, aux memes ou un channel pour vos animaux (idéal si vous voulez que votre chat soit famous). Vos oeuvres d'arts, NSFW et SFW, sont également les bienvenues dans notre salon dédié au dessin.
Welcome to Stream Central, the community Discord Server for the Twitch channel iTzCascadexX.

We have numerous things, including:
--> Hanging out in our numerous voice channels.
--> Showing off anything you find interesting in a positive, inviting way!
--> Engage with other Community members however often you like.
--> Give yourself roles for games to find other Community Members playing games you're interested in! See #joinable-ranks for more information!
--> Listen to music with your friends.
--> Apply for Moderator for Twitch or Discord.

We don't do Partnerships.
If you want to learn Spanish/Improve your English/hangout this is your server!
We have natives that love to help and very friendly yet responsible staff members to make sure the server remains safe and everyone has fun!
We have:
Jackbox Games!
Music Bots
Spanish lessons
Very friendly members
Amazing staff team

And we will be so glad to have you on our server!
Chat server for England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland and Ireland mainly but we have a few international members too. Rules are quite basic.
This is an Indonesian server made for English enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. We are tolerant of mistakes & respect each other. Join this server to develop your English skills with the members within.

For the events and activities within we provide:
-English Debate
-English Class
-Word of the Day channel
-Idiom of the Day channel
-English House events (Meme Contest, Singing Contest, Poetry Nights.)
❤❤❤Please join my server!❤❤❤
Man I worked really hard on this one and it would be a shame if you didn't join it!
Server pro milovníky černého humoru se skvělou komunitou. Žádné komunisty u nás nechceme. Každý měsíc bude soutěž o steam klíč, pro aktivní uživatele a občas i pro nějakého obyčejného šťastlivce. Pokuď se k nám chcete připojit jenom kvůli klíčům, tak vás u nás nechceme

Since a lot of foreigner are joining our server we decided to make an english chat

A server for lovers of black humor with a great community. We don't want any communists here. Every month twe will give a steam key, to active users and sometimes for some ordinary lucky person. If you only want to join us because of the steam keys, we don't want you with us
This server is to interact with the community of people interested in the youtube project: Death Note The Musical

Death Note The Musical will bring the english speaking community the musical we never got... although it will be in animatic form instead of broadway. The original songs were written in english before they were translated, so we will be bringing the original concept to life for those interested.
Hey, this is Kai. I am a catastrophe yet masterpiece and I invite you to join our loving and active community.

If you are wondering why should you join us then I would like to list few things we offer
We have dank memer premium for everyone, with daily giveaways worth millions and we love heists. (Rob and bankrob disabled within the server for that we have list of robable server which keeps increasing and increasing)
We have friendly and supportive staffs with non-toxic members.
Boosters and VIP perks for those who love us.
Always open to partnership with non-toxic servers.
Weekly event and daily activities.
We are mainly focused on bot games like owo, myuu, zero two, neko-chan, ygg-drasil and basically many more.

If you are friendly then do visit us, you are welcomed ♡ just be aware of Chaos, I mean she doesnt bites but ye still be aware of her.
hello and welcome to NITRO GIVEAWAYS! In this server there are legit Nitro giveaways, drops, and cheap priced Nitros ! Join now !
Nous sommes un nouveau serveur CC sims 4 !
Viens sur le serveur pour qu'on s'entraide dans la recherche de perles rares !
Le but : t'aider à trouver des mods et des cc intéressants pour améliorer ton jeu.

We are a new CC sims 4 server!
Come on the server so we can help each other in the search for rare pearls!
The goal: to help you find interesting mods and cc's to improve your game.
Welcome to Language Learning
┏━━━━ ☙ ☪ ☙ ━━━━┓

Language Learning is a Discord server, created for people who love to learn new languages or are currently learning a language but want to get better at it. This server also has roles that you can add yourself that are related to the languages you speak already, need help with, or are learning. The owner is a Twitch Streamer and decided to make this server for the love of languages.

☁︎·̩͙✧ Our Highlights:
📚 Language Learning
🈹 Multi-lingual
🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️ Language help if you are learning

☁︎·̩͙✧ We only suggest joining if you are 13-30+. Do be weary if you do join you should understand we have a lot of members who are 18+ you will probably inquire some swearing, but we try our best to be weary of your age.

┗━━━━ ☙ ☪ ☙ ━━━━┛
Welcome to the Lonely Hub! / Bienvenido a Lonely Hub!

This is a bilingual server where you can meet people from around the world, we have different channels for different languages (Spanish and English channels).

Este es un servidor bilingue donde puedes encontrarte gente de alrededor del mundo, tenemos diferentes canales para diferentes lenguajes (Canales separados para Hispanohablantes y Angloparlantes)
Take part to this open-space SFW where to learn & practice English!
LanKey invites you to help each other with people from all over the world.
Meet, Chat and vibe together with our fellow mates.

> 🤖 Funny bots

> 💬 Text channels

> 🔊 Voice channels where to talk and listen music

> 🎱 Mini-games

> ❓ Ask to natives for any doubt about the language

> 💡 Active staff and accepting suggestions
^We are looking for people that can teach English seriously
〖Join us, join today!〗
- Announcing FREE GAMES from various platforms
- Many games server - Overwatch, Apex etc.
- New, friendly community
- Memes are always welcome
- Open-minded Owner for new ideas and suggestions
- Possible gaming events, if people want to participate
Welcome to Morty's Mind Blowers!
- New! Friendly and Mature Community open to all
- Common games include Valorant, Minecraft, League of Legends, Risk of Rain 2, Fall Guys, and More!
- Weekly Event Nights!
- Active Members
- Gaming Servers Coming Soon!
Welcome friends to the most friendly community that provides relaxed talks and chats with other people. Moreover we have many fancy features and activities in this server such as specific bots that have commands to play around with others , many events and giveaways. We treat all members equally and we have very active moderators that will always help with pleasure when there is a problem
We also have 100+ emotes, shop with custom currency and items , roles with special features and an active community for you to explore and have fun
We also have warm coffee and tea✅
Sup, gaming / weeb server here
Holmes themed roles
We love FPS, but we do enjoy MOBA, RPG and 2D games too
Some dudes volunteer to stream ( mostly stuff like Undertale or DDLC )
Vietnamese mostly, but we all can speak English
20+ bots, gaming and moderation
Please have common sense
This is Aestal's community discord server with friendly staff.

YouTube Channel -
bonjour, je suis une petite coquine qui aime toucher sa petite chatte mouiller 🥵 et aussi nude/erp contre de l'argent, j'suis chaude et j'ai la chatte trempez alors venez vite 🥵

hello, I'm a little slut who likes to touch her wet little pussy 🥵 and also nude/erp for money, I'm hot and I have my pussy soaked so come quickly 🥵
Join our server and practice your English speaking skills!

P.S. If you get an invalid invite from disboard, use ours:
This is a brand new server where you can socialize and play games like:
-Among Us
-Rocket League
-Fall Guys

We have :
-A good staff
-Nice configuration
-Friendly community