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A brand New Discord server for those who want to simply have a chat and make some friends.

We offer the following
-Many fun bots
-Kind and friendly people
-Self-assignable roles
-Many different channels
-Question Of The Day
-Many different emojis
-And so much more to come!
37 minutes ago
Welcome to **Thunder Advertising**
Here you can:

**Advertise your servers**
**Meet new people**
**Inviting Rewards**

Everyone is welcome. Feel free to invite your friends.

**Server Link**:
42 minutes ago
Welcome to the City of Oshiro! This city themed roleplay is just starting out, so bear with us! We hope you can step in and enjoy this wonderful city of beauty and mystery with us! Humans and Ability-users are allowed, we always welcome new-comers with open arms! Admins and a Co-Owner are desperately needed.
See you soon!
-Mayor DeLoyur
1 hours ago
This server is dedicated to anyone living in England. We have over 500 members and more joining every day. We talk about pretty much anything with the common ground being that most of us are from England.
1 hours ago
AnimeHUB is a growing Anime/Manga and Gaming International Community where you can explore your love for Anime and Games in general.
-We have easygoing and friendly people
-Mee6 Rank up roles
-Music and Weekly Karaoke
-Bots to suit your needs

(This is my first time (the owner) posting this online. I hope you join whoever reads this.)
1 hours ago
Just a chill server where people can hang out. We're a small server looking to grow. We have amazing people and would love to welcome you to the server as well. Also, we have movie nights every Friday : )
1 hours ago
Hi! Are you bored of weird servers? You want just talk with someone or find a friend for games? You are invited on "Underground''! Here you can find:
> Friendly People
> Many bots
> Pleasant staff
> Different roles
> A place for gamers
> Special room for anime lovers
> Advertising
> Partnership
> English and Russian languanges
2 hours ago
Welcome to Café Fur

Get a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and relax a bit with us.
We are a friendly Furry and Scalie community.
We respect your opinions.

What we have:
-Friendly Staff
-Casino Bot
-NSFW section
-Roleplay channels
-Game Bots

We hope you enjoy your stay.
6 hours ago
This server has english support. (Good for lerning german)
Hi, wir sind ein (noch relativ kleiner) deutscher Anime- und Communityserver. Unser Prinzip besteht daraus, dass wir verschiedene Interessen vertreten, welche von euch selbst gewählt werden können. Wir sind außerdem recht offen für neue Vorschläge und Inspirationen - macht also keinen Bogen um uns, sondern besucht uns und bringt Freunde mit.
Wir haben außerdem eine NSFW-Sektion
8 hours ago
The Golden Lotus welcomes all women (lesbian or bisexual) who are at least 16 years of age. Everyone is free to speak their mind, but there is zero tolerance for drama.
20 hours ago
Hey, on my server you can talk, play games with others, roleplay and have fun. Welcome! =)
23 hours ago
Looking for a fun & new Discord server? Then the Lekrkoekj Discord server is for you!
In this server you can:

- Talk with other people!,
- Discuss games!,
- Post memes!,
- Play games!,
- Catch, trade and battle Pokémon!,
- Obtain XP to level up and get extra perms!,
- And even send in your own ideas for the server!

So what are you waiting for? Join the server now:
23 hours ago
Philosophy Discourse and Dialogue

Philosophy Discourse and Dialogue is a small server based off of philosophical discussions and civil debates.

Topics include concepts such as:
knowledge (Epistemology)
the nature of being (Metaphysics)
religious ideas and proof or lack thereof (Theology)
what is wrong or right (Morality)

You do not need to be an expert on the subject. You only need a willingness to learn.
Feel free to join if interested.
1 days ago
🏠🏠🏠The Neighborhood 🏠🏠🏠 - an active and friendly server for fun talk about anything. It's a place for pleasant conversation with a community of awesome and nice people. Highly moderated no trolls or bullies
1 days ago
An active server where you can talk with friends , rp or do other stuff with people

we accept any kind of people , we do not care about your gender , sexuality , age , likes or dislikes , just be nice and you're welcome here

also you can assign your own roles here ~~
2 days ago
Story: Long Long ago, the demons got on earth, and were in a war with the humans for 5 years. The Demons won, and ruled over earth. The humans suffered through alot of punishment from The Demon Leader, it was like hell on earth. This lasted 10 years long, until The Angels decided to save the humans, and let them have their freedom. Also, other creatures decided to help both teams out. The Werewolves and The vampires joined The Demons, while The Neko's and The Kitsunes joined The Angels. The Angel side and The Demon side were in a war for 7 years long. Both of them realised that it was a draw, they both were equal in strength. So they decided to stop the war, and work together. What will you be?, Join and Decide your fate
3 days ago
[INTERNATIONAL] Buying GTA $ or level on this server
Write DarkModz privat to buy somthink

Main language: Englisch, German
4 days ago
Here you will play in London, in an alternative universe in year 2025 where nearly anyone has superpowers. You will be able to join the good, the evil or neither. The path your character will make is all on your own. Be it, not join fighting and find yourself a date or try to lead the battles to victory.

On this server, you should to take emphasis on 2 factors. One, this server is in a way about romance. You can do that. Two, this servers actions go in the way, how world sees super-humans. You shape this view.
5 days ago
Hello -or should I say- Gia Sou!

The Katoikia is a language server helping Greek Speakers learn English, and English Speakers learn Greek.
7 days ago
Dedicated community and fan site. Come and discuss game news and strategies!
7 days ago
Hey! We are a new server that's looking to expand. We are a teen-multilingual server that's open to new members. Don't be fooled by the name, it's just makes the server sound majestic ;P
8 days ago
This is a new casual Pokecord Discord server. Hoping to find some new players in need of help and assistance... and we just need more members in general <3
10 days ago
Veel lol samen, wij zijn niet 100% gaar maar daar moet je maar mee leren leven. Games, Films, Anime etc. we hebben hier alles eeeeeyy
11 days ago
With this server, you can learn English in an easy and enjoyable way as members share their experiences in language and help each other.

People also search for:
speak English with native speakers
practice my English language
exercise my English language
talk English with others
improve your English
12 days ago