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Community 112
This server is dedicated to anyone living in England. We have over 450 members and more joining every day. We talk about pretty much anything with the common ground being that most of us are from England.
47 minutes ago
dies ist der discord server meines minecraft servers
12 hours ago
Spanish and English community to make new friends and chat freely (btw trying to make the server more active)


⬇️ | You can find

✔️ - English and Spanish info, rules & channels!
🎨 - Colours!
🎨 - Multicolour Role! (Rainbow)
🔨 - Friendly Staff!
🎉 - Role Giveaways!
🎶 - Variety of music bots!
🔌 - Variety of bots to use!
📈 - Level system!
20 hours ago
Community 14
*New Server*
Server for Furries and Scalies.
Have fun with our community.

What we have:
-Server Suggestions
-NSFW Sections
-Many different themed text- and voicechats

Awooo's are allowed now!
1 days ago
Anime and Manga 19
We are Ppl who likes anime and manga.
Join to us And say Hello.
1 days ago
Bienvenue sur le Serveur Gaming & Chill FR/ENG Fortnite
1 days ago
Community 17
disfisch is a english and german speaking growing gaming community.

🎶 MUSIC! 🎶
1 days ago

Here you will play in an alternative universe in year 2025 where nearly anyone has superpowers. There you will write your story with your motives and decisions, be it alone, ina pair, group or a big organization

This RP server is fresh, new and friendly. Feel free to check us out.
2 days ago
[NSFW]Serveur Discord HENTAI, Pas de IRL ! La Religion Hentai est un serveur Discord(en cours de croissance) où l'on s'amuse et où l'on partage des Hentai ! We also offers an English channel for people that don't speak French !
3 days ago
Community 102
English / French server about Slime NSFW
A lot of rank, lvlrank, and NSFW Channel
We are waiting for you :)
4 days ago
Hewwo! I'm one of the Owner from our (yet) little server named Nerds Multigaming! We really just started and only have 7 members yet ... What are we doing in the server you ask? Well, we don't own some servers in games or something, but in this Discord server we talk about all possible games! You even can suggest one if it isn't in yet! We will add more later of course! Me and Chan (the other Owner) and all my other staff would love to see you in our server! ^^
4 days ago
Hello, this server is too learn Japanese or English with an active helpful community, native in both English or Japanese languages! Come hang out and learn at the same time!
5 days ago
Community 260
🏠🏠🏠The Neighborhood 🏠🏠🏠 - an active and friendly server for fun talk about anything. It's a place for pleasant conversation with a community of awesome and nice people. Highly moderated no trolls or bullies
6 days ago
8 days ago
All Games 1
Hello we are a small group of io Gamer playing together
8 days ago
All Games 16
We offer you a free VIP Server in Jailbreak, and we give you the latest updates coming to Jailbreak! JOIN US NOW!
15 days ago
ENG : Welcome to Luftmensch, an english and french speaking server. (an english-only role is also avalaible). :) Join our community !

FR : Bienvenue sur Luftmensch, un serveur anglophone et francophone. (un rôle fr-only est aussi disponible). :) Rejoins notre communauté !
16 days ago
FPS Games 5
We have an English PUBG Mobile discord server with over 400 members. We are looking for English speaking players who know how to communicate and enjoy a good joke.
30 days ago
Community 275
A Discord server to help people with their math, science, social studies, English, computer science, art, or language homework.
31 days ago
FPS Games 17
Strictly Shooters is a clan made for Rust. Join if you would like to be apart of the clan, this includes growing it. We only speak ENGLISH! We also have a spot for people who just want to chat! -S.S.
66 days ago
English & French server

Speaking of Doctor Who mainly! Any new server that has just opened! We can create a beautiful community, all together! we have at your disposal the Bot but also a lounge suggestion for any other idea !
76 days ago
Language 9
The accessible languages are : english, portuguese, french, spanish, romanian, russian, mandarin, japanese, italian, german, Arabic, Danish , Swedish, Norwegian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, thai, polish and Turkish.
The advantages of using Discord are that we do not need to share personal things like phone numbers,photos and other things, You just have to create a loggin.
as soon as you access the link which is given below you will be in the "meeting group" where you are supposed to introduce yourself and then go to the specified group where the language that you are learning is spoken.
it's a small-but-rising group yet so it might be silent for the moment but we are working on it .you are not required to be in the group where your native language is spoken but we ask you to participate to its conversation helping people so that we can have a great group where you can help and be helped.
80 days ago
Community 0
PokéHunt is a Discord focusing around the discord bot called "Pokecord," a friend and I made it together and so it holds a special place in my heart, it isn't completely finished but I hope you guys will enjoy it anyways.
86 days ago
A server for all new and diehard fans of the show alike! Discuss the show, talk about upcoming seasons, rp with others, or just have a good time and talk to people that all have one show in common!
88 days ago