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Welcome to ☆☕ClubCafé🍰☆!

We're a friendly and welcoming server and a cozy community that just wants to chill and hang out! We have many types of people here and lots of things to do together!
☆Here's what we have!:☆

⬆ Frequent Updates!
✅ Self-Assignable Roles with 40 Colors!
📙 Events!
🌐 Multi Languages!
🤳 Selfies Channel!
📖 Study Club!
🎶 Music Channel!
🎤 Karaoke!
🤝 Partnership Available!
🍔 Food Channel!
😂 Memez!
🤖 Fun Bots!
🎨 Art Gallery!
😏 NSFW Channel!
💪 Auto-Moderation!
📋 Venting Channel!
💗 LGBTQ+ Supported!
👫 Dating Acceptable!
🍰 Birthdays!
📬 Open to Suggestions!
📊 Public Polls!
🎭 Roleplay!
📈 Increasing members!
👪Friendly and Welcoming Community!
🎀 Anime!

We hope you'll have a great time here!
This is a Multi-Gaming server,
Staff very attentive.
Do not hesitate to join him
This is a server mainly for Brazilians, but with an average support for the English language. The server is focused on making friendships and socializing.
Este é um servidor principalmente para brasileiros, mas com um suporte médio para o idioma inglês. O servidor está focado em fazer amizades e socializar.
Gamer Girl Count: 26
Best server, join for:
() Really inactive community
() Lots of bots nobody uses
() Mods that will literally fight you IRL
() You get to be picked on
() I’ll ban you within 5 seconds if I don’t like you

... So fucking join. Faggot.
Le serveur Ro-Studio interdiscord est un serveur Français Anglais , ce serveur peut regrouper la communauté furry et Gaming , tout jugement a propos des gouts n'est pas accepter

(se serveur est en developpement)

Ro-Studio interdiscord server is a French English server, this server can regroup the community furry and Gaming, any judgment about tastes is not accept

(his server is developing)

🔹Welcome to Ϯ♅ꂅ Ꮙ☻ᎥᎠ
🔸We have lots of voice chats to join 🔊
🔸 We have tons of bots🤖
🔸Listen to music🎵
🔸Chat with your friends😄
English people and artists are welcome !

[NSFW]Serveur Discord HENTAI ! La Religion Hentai est un serveur Discord où l'on s'amuse et où l'on partage des Hentai !
Nous avons pour optique de rendre le Hentai plus accessible !
Nous possédons une large catégorisation des salons NSFW : du basique, jusqu'au fétichisme !

La Religion Hentai is a discord server where you share and talk about Hentai !
We want to make Hentai more accessible !
We got many categories from vanilla to fetichist !
- Train Dragons
- Play as Dragons
- Your own Story
- Good staff
A roleplay server set on three main islands, dragons roam the lands and are tamable! The dragons in this server are from the popular television series and movie How to Train Your Dragon.
Hey wir sind eine Community die ausschließlich nur Dead by Daylight und Deceit spielt :) falls ihr die Lust habt beizutreten könnt ihr es gerne tun ^^
Welcome to the Soviet Union!

We have: Communism (Joke)

English And Russian chat

Self Assigning Roles

And much more to come!

Join the Soviet Union today, comrade
Welcome to Cats of Hollowed Woods! Everyone is welcome here.

LGBTQ cats are allowed!

Fogclan - They live in a fog forest and are intelligent and realistic towards problems (they don't sugarcoat anything). Essentially ninjas, if cats could be ninjas. Great clan if you want a unique lifestyle.
Groveclan - The medicine gurus, strong believers in starclan. Live in a flourishing redwood forest. Lots of prey and herbs, allies (in a sense) with Stoneclan. If you like medicine and healing, this is the clan for you!
Stoneclan - Hardy, stubborn cats. Live in rocky, rolling hills. Lack of prey and herbs, Stoneclan territory sometimes gets very hot. Good for those who seek a challenge.
Pineclan - Aggressive and ambitious cats. Live in a pine forest. A great clan for anyone interested in a moderate clan lifestyle.

Constellations: If your cat has had a very heroic life, or has done something memorable, they will earn a constellation dedicated to them so thet their story lives on.

Each clan his its ups-and-downs, and each clan has special traditions! Be sure to carefully think over what you pick. You can make up to 5 characters to start, but make sure you can keep track of your ocs! Make a note of heroic deeds so when they die we can determine if they become a constellation.
Hi! We do giveaways, talk a lot, and share memes 😎
⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰

𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 TalkTime

⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰

There are many things to do in the server:


An awesome community! - You need friends? Well, say hello to our wholesome community!
Specialized text and voice channels! - Communicate and chat with others in a unique variety of channels
Fun and moderation bots! - Be secured and entertained with our approved and friendly bots
Verification System! - We enforce a verification system to prevent hackers or any raiders from trespassing
Music! - Treat your ears to your favorite and pleasing tunes with our music bot
And, much, much, MORE!


Why are you still here looking at this ad?
Join now!
💬 Welcome in MorePower 💬
We are an English community for gamers. Meet new people who also play the same games as you play. Participate in our events and Have Fun!

💎 What can you expect? 💎
- 📢 English Gaming Community
- 💬 Meet new people and game together
- 🎉 Events by our Event Team
- ⚔️ Partners (Coming Soon)
- 🎥 Youtubers/Streamers (Coming Soon)

✔️ Where are you waiting for? Join us!
Philosophy Discourse and Dialogue

Philosophy Discourse and Dialogue is a small server based off of philosophical discussions and civil debates.

Topics include concepts such as:
knowledge (Epistemology)
the nature of being (Metaphysics)
religious ideas and proof or lack thereof (Theology)
what is wrong or right (Morality)

You do not need to be an expert on the subject. You only need a willingness to learn.
Feel free to join if interested.
Bonjour et bienvenue sur notre description ! Tattoo life Discord c'est quoi ? C'est un énorme salon de tatouage regroupant 3 nationalités , Francaise , Anglaise et espagnol. Vous pouvez venir en tant que tatoueur , apprentie ou même perceur ou bien tout simplement pour visiter , demander des conseils , des rendez-vous pourquoi pas .. Nous vous attendons donc avec impatience !
Hello and welcome to our description! Tattoo life Discord what is it? It is a huge tattoo parlor gathering 3 nationalities, French, English and Spanish. You can come as a tattooist, apprentice or even piercer or simply to visit, ask for advice, appointments why not .. So we look forward to you!
Hola y bienvenidos a nuestra descripción! Tattoo Life Discord ¿qué es? Es un gran estudio de tatuajes que reúne 3 nacionalidades, francés, inglés y español. Puedes venir como tatuador, aprendiz o incluso perforador o simplemente para visitar, pedir consejos, citas, por qué no ... ¡Así que te esperamos!
A simple server where you can relax and discuss anime with other people. We have a variety of channels, catering to different tastes. I hope to see y'all there!
A community server for those residing within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We have custom emoji, self-assignable roles, and even a politics section for whinging about various Brexit-related issues.
**Under new ownership**
A general chat server for members of the UK. International members welcome. Regular events held with over 600 members!

We have plenty of channels for a variety of discussions, from gaming, cars, food, art, TV and more. There are bots such as tatsumaki and unbelievable for bot games.
Regular events are held such as the recent Halloween costume contest!
We're a very fun, loving and small community, we have a variety of members from all over the world. We host game groups, events and online chats together and we have a TTT and PropHunt Enhanced Gmod servers for our members, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you.

--- Here is what you can find in WLO ---

> 💎 Memes and media channels

> ☁ Fun Mee6 roles when you level up + perks per level

> 🔓 By supporting the server with your donation, you unlock all the perks of Mee6

> 🎲 Events and games

> 🎵 FredBoat bot, karaoke and music channels

> 🎰 Tatsumaki bot, with a secret NSFW room

> 🔊 Lots of voice and text channels + VC room you can own by donating

> 🛡 Friendly + dedicated staff

> 🔥 Custom emojis + animated

> 💣 We have a TTT and PropHunt: Enhanced Gmod servers + donor packages with lots of perks

> 🎖 Various staff ranks (ex: Mini Mod, Moderator, Sir. Mod, Admin etc.)

> ⭐ As the name of our community suggests we got your back, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you

> 🔰 If you can't or don't want to be staff you can still help us out a lot with the Community Aid system we made

Steam Group -
Donate here -
Veel lol samen, wij zijn niet 100% gaar maar daar moet je maar mee leren leven. Games, Films, Anime etc. we hebben hier alles eeeeeyy
( NSFW ) You have always wanted this place to exist. A place where NSFW is okay, the moderation is lenient, and people are active. (500+mem, events, etc!)
Just a casual gamer server with chill people and staff. We have almost 100 members. Feel free to join the server and find mates to play with!