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Discord Education Community,

We are a small but hard working, caring and fun community. Here at Discord Education Community we can provide academic help with homework, assignments, courses and other education related issues, questions or queries.

Here at DEC we have an in-server currency system with in-server perks, a variety of study and club channels, verification system to discourage server raids and a dedicated staff team to ensure our server is a fun and safe place for everyone.
We're a very fun, loving and small community, we have a variety of members from all over the world. We host events and online chats together and we have a TTT, PropHunt Enhanced and Murder Gmod servers, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you.

--- Here is what you can find in WLO ---

> 💎 Memes and media channels

> ☁ Fun Mee6 roles when you level up + perks per level

> 🎲 Events and games (Late night game events like Cards Against Humanity, Uno,, Jackbox Games, etc.)

> 🎵 FredBoat bot, karaoke and music channels

> 🎰 Tatsumaki bot, with a secret NSFW room

> 🔊 Lots of voice and text channels + VC room you can own by donating

> 🛡 Friendly Staff

> 🔥 Custom emojis + animated

> 💣🛢 We have a TTT, PropHunt: Enhanced and Murder Gmod servers + donor packages with lots of perks

> ⭐ As the name of our community suggests we got your back, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you

> 🔰 If you can't or don't want to be staff you can still help us out a lot with the Community Aid system we have

Steam Group -
Donate here -
Hey cuties ! When I made this server I wanted to be for meeting new ppl ,chill together , play games , watch movies , events and have fun , seems boring ?! Yeee I know maybe a bit but I think it's nice to have someone around you can share every moment with either it's a moment of joy or also the bad times .. WE GOT YOU!
London is a brand new discord server for everyone, yes we said everyone! We have everything from english classes, big events, movie nights games and even more! We are growing faster each day and building the best community discord has ever seen! Make sure to be part of this brand new hang out place, Welcome to London!
Hey all! Are you looking for a multicultural non-toxic server? We are a group you can chill in and share things about your culture and country. Feel free to join us!
Sunucumuzda her kültürden insanı barındırıyoruz. Samimi ve seviyeli bir ortamımız var ve sunucumuza katılacak olan insanların anlayışlı, olgun ve sunucu içerisinde sosyal olmalarını bekliyoruz.
Welcome to ʏᴏᴜᴛʜ.™
We have:
● Giveaways
● Friendly users
● Achievable Roles, XP-Levels, Self-Assignable Roles
● Music bots
● Variety of entertainments channels
● Selfie channel!
● Spam safe
● Idiot safe....ish

Owner: @RaMeTo#7454
welcome to the English countryhumans server! theres many things you can do here! you can chat with others (there isn't many here yet), and all that stuff you can do
Nejire Hado here. We welcome you to this wonderful BNHA rp server "VILLAINS&HEROES". Do not get scared, we will welcome you with all our hearts. Don't worry about not being friends with anyone cause in this server, you can easily find friends. Well, that's all, be sure to have fun and enjoy your stay.
welcome ! this is a brand new server created to grow a friendly community of both English and Japanese speakers. we welcome anyone who wants to be part of a small, tight-knit community, or anybody who wants to practice English or Japanese with native speakers. we hope you enjoy it here

An active community focused on talking about life, making friends and building close relationships with people from all around the world!
This is a server has its own corner on the internet which has a community of English and Persian Gamers
if you'd like to be one of them join now!
Welcome to EnglishLearning!

This is a place for people learning English to ask questions about English grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and the like.

All levels of learners are welcome.
Ling is the server that is trying to be a cozy place where you can Learn and Practice English. From scratch to fluent. Everyone is welcomed!
Join to talk about politics pertaining to Israel. Members of all faiths are welcome. Any ideology is welcome here, including those who may be antagonistic to Jews, Israel, or any other aspect of our server. However, breaking discord ToS is not allowed, so no siegeposting. Dm @Général Charles de Gaulle#6803 if you have any questions.
This is a furry server for people who want to make new friends and have some fun. No Raiding please, any raid attemp will be instantly banned. This server is also minor friendly.
Hello, Guys. Wanna study Japanese? If you want, join here! you can study Japanese.
You will be good at Japanese xd
☆Active owner☆
こんにちは、英語を勉強したいですか? このサーバーに入って英語を学びましょう。
英語ができるようになります (•‿•)
☆Some funny bots☆

On our little discord server, you can join a community of mystic messenger fans!~
We speak English and German!💫
You can chat with your favourite MysMes Characters, who are getting played by real people
(If you get the opportunity to play a Main Character, please act like the character)!~
What you can do on our little server:
-You can get the MC of an special character and chat with him in and exclusive rpg room only you two can see and chat in
-you can talk about everything
(Of course there are rules, but we're not so strikt)
-you can meet new peoe and have an interesting adventure on our little server
-you can choose between RFA and Mint Eye!

for closer informations just come to our server, we'll be happy to see you there!~

Seven over and out! ;D
"Myshop" is a server based on sales, purchases, exchanges, services.....

Increase your sales!
The best server on discord where you can find people from all around the world and talk about different topics like (science, politics, countries,..... ). You can also have the chance to make new friends from different countries.
The Nexus is a non-toxic community that mainly focuses on language learning via voice chat. We welcome anyone who is willing to immerse themselves in a foreign language.

and more.