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𝐇𝐞𝐲 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞!


I see you’ve noticed our server out of the pool of all the other ones, well let me ask you a few questions then! Are you seeking for adventures? A balance between fighting based and story-driven roleplay? Maybe you want to join in and just hang out or maybe you are feeling dangerous and want to be the lead in a full-front assault against an alien army! Well, let me introduce you to the world of... 


シスチキラミこちりり !


Long after the events of Planet Vegeta, human as well as galactic civilizations evolved through the eons, reaching an advanced stage in the progression of cultural human and alien evolution

Planet Earth has changed alongside humanity and has evolved into the planet we know as Octavia, a planet open to extraterrestrial life like Namekians, Saiyans, Arcosians, and even some new races never seen before! Many years of trying to adapt have led the inhabitants of Planet Octavia to be able to live together and help each other thrive for years and years to come! However, not all is as peaceful as it seems, evil is slowly revealing itself and it’s up to those who have the strength to take on and threat to fight against the strongest of foes and the mightiest of villains for the better of the world! 

In this server, we wish to show we have many things, we try to be welcoming and help people get into our story as we fight with many factions and enemies to show our unique rp styles. There will be development and character progression, power growth through training and rivalries with our bond system, this world is a vast playground for all warriors, scientist or simple spectators to come and enjoy the world we’ve built

What will happen in this amazing world you ask? Well! You’ll just have to find out by joining and figuring out what’s next, on Dragon ball Octavia!

らそかちひにち ! | 𝘿𝙍𝘼𝙂𝙊𝙉 𝘽𝘼𝙇𝙇

Welcome to insomniacs. We are a chill community of people with tons of interests. If you need to talk to someone you can come in here and we will be glad to have you.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* RP central *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
-different RP events (all sorts of things!)
-we hire story/event planners & assistants
-occasional nitro giveaways!
✧✧✧Teen Hideaway is a place where teens ages 13-17 can make new friend and hangout with other people their age.We are also looking for partners and partner managers. This is a brand new server so I really need active members + a staff team so feel free to apply for staff. The server has an aesthetic layout and lots of fun bots to mess around with. I also take open suggestions so feel free to suggest something you want in the server. Now I hope you will give this server a try if you even read this I hope you have an amazing day and an even better week✧✧✧✧
Welcome to Pon-Go!~

✲ We are a brand new server who is searching for members! Our server centers around writing and art. We are a cafe themed with a rank system! Our staff is pretty chill and friendly. We all have our own hobbies and tastes! Talking to our members is our favorite thing to do. We want to gain people who like to read and critique skills from art to writing as well.

✦ Once we get a solid amount of members, we will hold game nights and contests for everyone as well!

✲ We wish for you to give our server a try and help us along the way in hopes we grow slowly. Hopefully, a really positive and great community develops here. We are all super supportive and wish to help people find who they are here and have fun along the way! Thanks for taking the time in reading this description. :)

(We are open to partnerships as long as you agree to our terms which are quite simple.)

゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩

┊ ┊ ┊ ✫

┊ ┊ ✩

┊ ⊹ ✯

Welcome to My Hero Academia: Age of Heroes!

Recently strange things have been happening at UA, even though school has only just begun! A massive attack that left many students badly injured, not enough help from the existing administration? This is a time for heroes to rise up! Now, will you become a student yourself and assist your fellow aspiring heroes? Or perhaps will you be the hero everyone needs? Or hell, will you throw all that aside and become a villain to tear it all down? The choice is yours.

Here we offer:

➤ Wide variety of quirks for your character

➤ Organized Channels

➤ Exciting plot

➤ Tupperbox

➤ Become a Student, Hero, or Villain
Aura is a synonym for vibe and this is Chill server with a cute aesthetic, where anyone and everyone is welcome <3 Gamers, weebs, kpop stans, etc etc. Server events and giveaways every week! No bad vibes allowed !
༓.·:·.✧ Come to the Cosplay Carnival!! ✧.·:·.༓

A fun hangout for Cosplayers of all ages, a safeplace for people of all beliefs, backgrounds, and interests!! We have created somewhere where people can gather and discuss common interests and discover new things and friends within the cosplay community!!

We Offer:
✰ Friendly and Attentive Staff!
✰ Lots of fun and cute emojis!
✰ Organized leveling system!
✰ Raid Protective Entry!
✰ 50+ Self Assignable Roles to choose from!!
✰ Many helpful and fun bots!
✰ Multiple Channels to Learn and Share your Knowledge with others!!

Join us today!!!!
Hey! Anon Stan Server is a friendly hangout server. We're a community who doesn't allow toxicity, and keeps their server at the highest peak of friendliness
We offer. BUT, there is a twist! this is also an anonymous stan server so there is a category where that will go down, but if you're not into that, we have plenty more coming your way!

• a friendly community

• neat layout

• over 90 self roles and color roles

• lots of unique channels

• a good chat whenever you feel like it :)
Hop on in any time, you are awaiting friends

(Server Made On 5/18/20)
**Nel Server Puoi Trovare:**

「 💭 」Persone con cui chattare e conoscersi meglio

「 🧿 」Rank che si baseranno sul tuo livello

「 ☕️ 」Persone con cui divertirti e rilassarti in vocale

「 🔞 」Contenuti riservati alle persone con più di 18 anni

「 🎊 」Tanti giveaway dove si vinceranno molti bei premi

「 🎞 」Molti eventi

「 📖 」E infine una chat role per divertirti insieme a noi
" Part 1 Of The Lore "
Raging thunder a seemingly endless moon lit sky was upon them all in what seemed to be the beginning of the end for every person every race alike... two giant fortresses which lead to a castle, this castle was both dark one one end and light on the other, the treaty of the Demons and Goddesses, each and every last clan leader awaited in this palace, the foe they were facing was none other than their maker Chaos!, yet their power alone wasn't enough to take down this being calling upon their greatest power they merged it forming four different artifact, the strongest weapon that's ever been created in mankind, each blade, each weapon more so was the pure embodiment of power that was brimming from within that power sought out to corrupt anything or anyone that touched it's destructive power and grow off their own power, tamed only by the strong the demon king and supreme deity took up two separate artifacts being the strongest at the time and fought alongside one another taking on chaos on equal footing, the battle caused storms and erupted tsunami's the sheer pressure created shockwaves that destroyed miles of land anything that got near was a mere obstacle, the battle went on for years upon end, this seemingly never ending battle but that was until they all took up one final stand, each of the leaders banded together again and sent their power into the blade, the blades unified as one forging the strongest blade again, with this they sent the final blow to chaos, everything was... destroyed using the remaining power of the sword they reforged everything on equal terms, land for both angels, demons, vampires... until the demon lord sought out the power for himself betraying them all grabbed every blade and went on to escape until met by the leaders, being weakened by the battle and out numbered was forced to surrender, both his troops and himself sent into the underworld, as a final escape took two blades and escaped before anything else could happen.
Part 2 Of The Lore
With the demon clan in possession of the two powerful blades the world as we know it was plunged into darkness and betrayal leaving everyone on edge one clan saw another as a traitor no one could rest easily now, one where everyone fought to wield the blades of Babalon and so chaos was still “alive” within them all, until the day they each banded together again and placed a curse upon the blades and scattered the remaining two around the world and once that was finished each clan took their fair share of the land and split plunged in what could only seem to be a never ending war but maybe one day it could all change, that was all 200,000 Years ago the war still continues some clan learned to live amongst another with peace but they still carry their fair share of hatred and questions, the demon clan has risen up from their lands and have familiarized themselves with the land and blended it with humans wreaking havoc every now and then as the other clans scatter around to try and find these blades, so far their locations are unknown, what they can do is unknown, who can subdue them and make it theirs are unknown... your probably wondering where are you... well let me tell you, this is Seven Deadly Sins... Artifacts Of Babalon.

( Not Phone Friendly Server )
🌸Yo! This is a server about anime and manga!
🌸Currently, we need Active members do the chat will be always alive!
🌸If you like anime and manga and
you're active then join!
🌸We have 4 boosts already!
🌸We have Konosuba, Seven Deadly
Sins and Attack On Titan emojis!
The server is currently being rebuilded,
So there might be Disapearing emojis, and Channels 🚫
I made this server to clown around, watch weeb stuff and game with the boys. Then I started to add more and more people to contribute to this idea. This idea, being a place where everyone can clown around and take a break from life for a second. It do be kinda dead tho
Welcome to Taco's Teahouse where we love to talk about anime or rant about our everyday life, play games and overall offer a non toxic environment for people that wanna hang out with others. We also have special events and a level up system for our active users, so come join us and let us know who you are!
Hey Guys! Looking for a cool server to chill and have fun? Well, join **Stars** today:

¦| We have many **fun channels**

¦| **A nice community**

¦| **Chill Staff** :sunglasses:, at least sometimes :^)

¦| **Fun Bots** and channels

¦| **Safe locked** NSFW channels

¦| **Leveling system** and **activity rewards **

¦| **Many fun roles** (Reaction and granted)

¦| **Partnerships**

¦| **And more**


**In the future we want to host events through different games and giveaways for roles and honour :). But you can just play just for fun too..**

So join **Stars** now:
long long ago, in a land far away (new jersey), bugs had the idea to make a discord server where everyone could stay up too late listening to music, find cute people, laugh at nothing, and be gay. she forced jack, the owner, to create Melancholy Hill, at knifepoint. that’s how this server was born! please be nice to each other, and be yourselves! it’s way more fun that way 💞.
This is a community that loves anime and loves to talk to socialise. Join if you know everything about anime or if you are just getting into it. You will be welcome no matter who you are!
A discord server that provides for all! Anime fans will thrive here, as artists can grow and improve with others here. This could also just be a place where you can relax! I hope you join and we have blast together!
After becoming the peacekeeper of the temple, Rima lowered the first barrier that hid the temple from everyone. Rima wanted to make a safe haven for those who are in need. So if you're in need, come on by.
-Unknown messenger :>

What this role play has to offer...

-Simple template for students, teachers, and employees.

-Self roles.

-Familiars: become a pet and/or adopt a familiar using one of our templates

-Helping with origin story writing!
This server has changed alot from what it started as. We are a wholesome community of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Gamers, weebs, normies, you name it. At the moment we are still trying to grow so please do join!
Hello! Welcome Home :D

- Currently looking for partnership managers!

We are a very welcoming server, actively involved in providing a platform for people to have a voice and to be involved in all of the server's shenanigans!

We provide:
- Partnerships for other server owners
- An LGBTQ+ friendly community
- Positive Vibes and a non-toxic community
- Plenty of bots to entertain you 24/7
- A variety of group chats catering to different hobbies. Meet other people with similar interests!
- Competitions and talent showcases
- Memes Memes Memes Memes

We have a little bit of everything for everyone!

What are you waiting for? Come and call this server Home :)
【 RWBY: Rising of Remnant 】

The Kingdom of Vale has never been ruined and the Fall of Beacon never existed. Salem has her full intentions to possess all four Relics and absorb the powers of the Maidens, in order to crush Ozpin's forces and rule Remnant as its dark queen. Students, Huntsmen, and Huntresses take on these missions to protect the maidens and relics, hidden in the academies of Remnant.

Having survived the Grimm menace, Humanity began to turn against itself, spiraling into a series of self-destructive conflicts. The largest of these was the Great War, fought over issues of individualism and self-expression. Conflict also arose between the Humans and the subjugated Faunus, eventually sparking the Faunus Rights Revolution. Humanity suffers against now two enemies, both Salem and White Fang.

Most people now live within the four Kingdoms - Vale, Mistral, Atlas, and Vacuo. Through a combination of Human tenacity and the use of natural barriers, these settlements managed to survive and are regarded as "safe havens" and "beacons of hope" for Humanity.

We have:

A currency system with a currency called “Lien”, you can buy clothes, food, and all kinds of things IRP.

IRP Mission Sign-Ups - rewards like custom roles and Lien will be given

Upcoming Events & Giveaways. Giveaways will be rewarded with Lien, custom roles, cannon semblances, characters, etc. There will be fun upcoming events like the Vytal Festival.

Statistics. These stats aren’t at all the most important however, this will determine how strong your character is and can be trained to be stronger in the future.

Active, welcoming members. Our server is very welcoming! Especially when staff is on. I beg you, you wouldn’t regret joining.