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A new and growing community. Talk about anime, manga, games, or just general chit-chat. Active Staff.
1 minutes ago
A chill server to meet new people and talk about life.
1 minutes ago
Welcome to Lewd Zone, a place to hang out and let loose your inner perv, it a small community but we hope you can help us grow (18+ only)

We got
-Adult Channel
-Gaming Channel
-Self assigning roles
-Serveral fun bots
And more to come as are community grows, so come join us
2 minutes ago
`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! Currently under development. The school will focus on the various "dere" types, including Tsunderes, Yanderes and Kuuderes! Team up with your fellow deres, and fight for supremacy!`

----------------------------------------————-Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of the different dere types. However, dere's acknowledge their types and wear them proudly, essentially like school teams. Picture Harry Potter and how people are sorted into competing classes based on their personality traits. The reason for this is is that at the end of the year, only ONE dere class will graduate, all the others are forced to lie back. Staff members support their classes, and each dere class has a professor that basically takes the reigns.

Surprise RP events every night! Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! Dere territory battles will commence soon as well! The whole SCHOOL can be up for grabs, and each area can be taken by faction. More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
4 minutes ago
Welcome to Moiscord! We're a constantly growing Community Server with a very active chat. There's no strict rules so the chat often gets pretty funny. We have a big gaming section, an arts section, music bot, in-built Discord minigames, anime section, a nsfw section and custom server emojis!
5 minutes ago
Dirty talk, over 10k members with lots of events, active VCs, fun, gaming, females, nudes, anime, ecchi, hentai, lust, porn, politics and more! You can also date and hookup with THAT one person ;)
5 minutes ago
You're welcome to come join me. We're a friendly community and we welcome everyone! [We have support] and we're lgbtq+ friendly. You will feel loved here... I promise. This is also a growing server. It would be cool if you could help :) we have other things besides emo shit. Like really, check it out. We're here to help so don't be shy. We have events and active voice channels. This isn't a dating server but you could always find someone you love in here, it has happened before so maybe give it a chance. There are also optional nsfw channels. Come on in! :^)
5 minutes ago
Create the life you’ve always wanted. Join this server and explore a city full of possibilities.

Guide your characters through life, developing a career, finding love and pursuing dreams and desires.

Create your individual dream home - a house, mansion, apartment or even treehouse. It’s up to you.

We host:
- Movie Nights
- Game Nights
almost weekly! Suggestions are always welcome.

We accept anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a noob or pro at roleplaying. We all started somewhere.

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!
6 minutes ago
Hey! This is Y.A.O.I! It’s a server where you can do a range of things, this includes:
• making friends!
• Bots
And a lot more!!!
8 minutes ago
Hello fellow summoners,
Today I would like to tell you about a brand new League of Legends Discord Server for EUW players that allows people to contact and find new friends to play with. You can just use it as a place to chill and discuss league with fellow players.
10 minutes ago
This is a small server for people who just want to be chill and talk about things such as: anime, movies, videogames, music, etc.
11 minutes ago
We are a server to look at lots of hentai and hang out with kind, lewd people and discuss anime, manga and games. Find new friends and hentai here.
15 minutes ago
A server for people who are fan of hentai and anime. Where you can share your favorite anime, music, hentai pictures and just chill with other people.
15 minutes ago
[Looking for mods] [Looking for partners]

GAMERS WELCOME! If you love to play Games this is the server for you. We play Fortnite, League Of Legends, Minecraft, and More! Come and Join The Empire Today!
19 minutes ago
Sharingan - 写輪眼 is a server for discussing anime, gaming and other topics. There are Naruto emotes and quality looking voice chats. Although, it is considered an anime server, there are discussions about various games such as league of legends and player unknown battlegrounds.
20 minutes ago
A small comfy hideout for those tired of huge public servers and message rates that are impossible to keep up with. Come talk to friendly folk to brighten up your day. We're new, be among our first guests!
20 minutes ago
Welcome to Panda Diner! If you like to try to find a love one safely. You have stepped into the right doors. We have a friendly server that meant for people who are looking to make friends or possibly find a relationship. Hopefully you enjoy your stay with us!
24 minutes ago
A brand new Yaoi Server, we're striving to become an active and friendly community! We hope we can provide you with your yaoi fix ^-^
27 minutes ago
Welcome to chill chat a server to chill make friends and just interact with other people, we are a fairly active server with 20+ members, a lewder section for the older beans and pokebot. I'm always open to suggestions on how to make the server better. I'd appreciate it if you would join
28 minutes ago
Loving kpop server newly opened ! We are a loving community that welcomes everyone with open arms! We talk about a variety of things here including The Walking Dead, anime, webtoons, fan fiction and more!
28 minutes ago
سيرفر مغربي لجميع العرب ولغير العرب
للاوتاكوز للجيمرز للكل

moroccan server

مرحبا بكم 😃
28 minutes ago
✥ WONDERLAND 8 ✥ - Small and active community looking for new people to join and befriend!

An Alice in Wonderland themed server created for friendly people to hangout, talk about their interests and make new friends

✥ Our age range is 16 - 22 but we're preferably looking members 16+

✥ Server has an entertainment category which includes art, gaming and anime

✥ Looking to have movie nights every once in while - Server is currently too small to have active movie nights

✥ Roles that include color, interests and gaming

We hope to see you here!
31 minutes ago
This is my very first discord server I have created. Here we can talk about anime, gaming, life, and roleplay and even create fanfiction. If you’re looking for a partner to RP you can do that too. This is also for my YouTube channel. You don’t even have to roleplay. We also have a self promote channel to promote your own things. Don’t be shy come on and join!
Update: we have a NSFW channel so please keep +18 stuff in that channel only
32 minutes ago
This server is a place where fellow digimon fans can get together and talk about digimon! We even have a digimon debate channel where you can debate certain things about digimon! Come on and join if you’re a fan of digimon!

Update: since I’ve been getting trolls and spammers ever since I made the server here’s my message to the trolls and spammers joining just to raid my server in advance
Screw you! It isn’t fun to deal with freakin spammers and trolls! Your crap isn’t welcome here! If I wanted spam I’d create a server for it! If I raided your server you wouldn’t be happy! So don’t go spamming and raiding my server!
32 minutes ago