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A server mainly for weebs who just want to meet some people and talk about the things they like with others
in this server just talk dont be shy we are weebs and there are some cool people here just have fun and hang out just have fun
Welcome to Ghost Garden! Where we are spooky all year round!

We are a place for ghosts coming together to hang out on Discord. There are many text channels to talk about anything spooky and delightful! We have chats for gaming, memes, anime, and interesting fandoms. We have chats for all levels of artists to share their creations. There are server wide special events, like movie night, gaming night, streaming, and exclusive chats for very active members.

This is a server fit for all ages (13+ guidance of Discord ToS). We do not allow NSFW content on this server. We are also very open minded so we are very LGBT+ friendly.

So, feel free to stop by and say BOO!~
˜”*°•.˜”*°• Welcome to Asian Haven •°*”˜.•°*”˜
Asian Haven was created as a hangout platform for us Asians and Chinks to have a home to call to and be ourselves and be a warm community. Join us and make new friends and homies :D

- Newly-made Asian community discord server looking for new people to join our little family
- Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming and non-toxic
- Don't be shy, everyone is willing to make new friends :)
- We have many channels and voice channels with music bots
- We have events such as Movie Night, Karaoke, and Game Night!
- 16+ [if suspected to be younger you will be kick]

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Join Asian Haven today ~ ♥

This server was est. 08.30.19 - banhbao c:
Welcome to The Weeb Safe Haven! A safe haven for all closet weebs! Post images, memes, and chat with others!
This server was created purely for fun. Make sure to follow the rules, you can always dm me if you want to know something or just wanna talk! 」( ̄▽ ̄」)
We are an anime focused community for weebs and gamers, feel free to join us anytime! Looking for wholesome peeps uwu
Hey! (it's not actually a dating server, but ay go nuts) come join the growing community of MikeCore's discord server, it's for my channel we are mostly revolved around vrchat but we have many other members that are just here for the people so come and hangout! ^-^
Albinius is a community of robloxians looking for love. We support autism and other kinds of retarded shit. Please, join us so we can be part of each other.
━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ▸🍁◂ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Space Drugs es un servidor con la única intención de comenzar a conocer gente si te cuesta trabajo socializar con las personas de tu vida cotidiana. Serás bienvenido con los brazos abiertos, sí necesitas hablar de tus problemas, de tu salud mental, estaremos para ayudarte. ^^

✯【1.】┊➴Sistema de niveles.➴
✯【2.】┊Bots de Música.
✯【3.】| Roles personalizados.
✯【4.┊Canales de anime, memes, arte...
✯【5.】┊Equipo Staff amigable, y flexible.
✯【6.】┊☯️Bots de interacción.☯️
✯【7.】┊Configurado para evitar spam, flood y trolleo.
✯【8.】┊Tienda Exclusiva del Servidor.
✯【9.】┊Roles de color y autoroles.
✯【10.】┊Canales para aprender inglés.
✯【11.】┊**Bot Exclusivo del Servidor proximamente.**

ヅ¡Entra al servidor!ヅ
Y no olvides de leer las normas al entrar, estarás muy cómodo en nuestro servidor, sí necesitas algo habla con algún administrador conectado.

``☘¡Buenas Suerte!☘ <3``
━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ▸🍁◂ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━
a bunch of nerds, weebs, dorks, cool kids, cat lovers who chill, talk, play games, share their love about cats & more.
☆.。.─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───.。.☆

・ 。 ☾*
☆∴。 * ・ *゚。
   ・ *゚。   *
  ・ ゚*。・゚★。
    ☆゚・。°*. ゚
Hello and welcome to the [Heiwana Anime Coffeeshop], the serious anime discord where we discuss and talk about anime, chill, and generally have fun. We have a range of activities including giveaways, events, there are also prizes to be won. In addition, the server is family friendly and the staff are nice! Join us, and have the best time! We look forward to meeting you!
Yo !! Come join our Anime/Manga/ Fun and games chill server right now !!

▪ Things we have
☆ Music bots
☆ Meebot
☆ Paisley park Jojo bot
☆ Slotbot
☆ Mantaro
☆ Mudane
☆ Waifu bot
☆ Music bots and a radio bot
☆ Koyamie one piece bot
☆ Astolfobot Fate night bot
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

▪ We also have stuff such ass
☆ Anime Quizes
☆ Events that give xp for better Roles
☆ Our own anime Death battle
☆ Stong Anime debates and suggestions
☆ Picture/art galleries
☆ Gaming channels
☆ A bunch of anime channels

We have everything you need plus we update u on the recent anime/manga drops. Join up now and become part of our everlasting family !!

(*cheeky* invite friends for 100xp each so u can climb the leaderboards easier.quicker.)
『𝕋𝕠𝕙𝕣𝕦'𝕤 ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕖 ~ 徹』

🎀~ English/French
🎀~ Chill community for all
🎀~ Mostly SFW
🎀~ LGBT Friendly
🎀~ Bots and Staff here for you
🎀~ Self-roles
🎀~ +13 Community (Less than 13 aren't allowed)
🎀~ NSFW bots and channels (After 5 Invites)
🎀~ Events and contests
🎀~ Come in my room while i'm playing Minecraft
🎀~ Depression is illegal

Cya there !
bisoux ~
french for hugs / kisses

what we offer - ! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
• a caring community and staff
• an easy leveling system
• cute emotes for everyone to use
• not really a theme.. just purple-!
Looking for lofi music? We play it here daily! We have art challenges every Wednesday and Saturday! Love anime? Come and share it down here. That's all?!??!? Nuh uh. We have daily polls and qotd for you guys to answer and some super cool bots to hangout with. Well, it's hard to explain all of it in one description so come on down and join us!
Anime kazoku is an anime/gaming server you can talk about anything you want here and enjoy your time with our active Members and we hope that you will enjoy you're time and we will welcome you with open arms
╰─•変態 オフィシャルハウス
∙ 🍒*..❥ allows everyone to do what they please it’s all dedicated to hentai and fun! so become a pervert, go crazy while you chat with random dumbasses, play with 10+ bots, and become known for who you are in our channels that you’ll waste time in..* •🌿
┊𝔥𝔬𝔭𝔢 𝔱𝔬 𝔰𝔢𝔢 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔰𝔬𝔬𝔫! ˎˊ˗
♡Welcome to Lewd City♡

What does this server have to offer?

-NSFW content with over 25 NSFW channels!

-We talk about Anime and Manga related

-Roleplaying chatting for both friendly & dirty (18+)

-We have friendly people in our chat and keep our server clean as possible!

-We have voice channels & Music channels

-Gaming & Memes channels for everyone!

-There are over 30 active users right now! (growing rapidly fast)

(We are open for partnerships!)
☕Junte-se a muitos membros em nosso servidor Discord da comunidade Ice Cream☕
☕ Chats ativos onde você pode conversar com muita gente e se divertir;
☕ sistema de nível engraçado;
☕ Vários cargos para se conseguir! Cargos de cores, cargos de evento, papéis de de RPG por nível etc;
☕ Muitos emojis anime / mangá de qualidade!
☕ O servidor adota um belo visual do anime Hyouka;
☕ Seção de Eventos: de onde você poderá obter novos rankings exclusivos ou outros prêmios e participar de vários eventos, teremos sorteios de jogos;
☕ No futuro, você pode se tornar um moderador e / ou administrador, exigimos apenas atividades e competência;
☕ Canais de música e voz com bots, nos quais você pode conversar com outros visitantes;
☕ Você também poderá, caso queira, ajudar o servidor com dinheiro e ser recompensado com cargos/
☕ Temos muitas outras redes sociais para nos seguir. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube ...;
☕ Nós temos uma equipe competente, estamos aqui para melhor atendê-lo, você pode brincar com os outros membros, desde que a pessoa não se ofenda. Mas seremos compreensivos nas punições
☕ Venha se divertir na nossa comunidade!☕
☕Brasil ☕Brazilian ☕Português ☕Portuguese ☕Anime ☕Mangá ☕Hyouka ☕Discord ☕Brasil server ☕Servidor Brasileiro Discord ☕Servidor Otaku ☕Servidor Gamer ☕Servidor Ecchi ☕Servidor Hentai ☕Servidor NSFW
🔥 Sammy's "Cat"hedral 🔥
Sammy's "Cat"hedral is an awesome server with super nice people that anyone can join and will fit easily, we have fun events like movie night and giveaways. If you want to know more your gonna have to join!!


💘 Friendly and active staff members
👀 Semi active members
😃 A fast growing community with lots to come
🤖 Great bots to keep you happy and interested at every moment
😆 And self roles so we can know more about you!
💞 birthday role when it is your birthday u will be showered with attention and love
💲A special person that does giveaways
Check Out Our New Website!
Discord’s Most Active Server with 120,000+ Active Members! ~1:1 Male to Female Ratio~ Over (120-200)+ Users Always active in VC & Chat Never Dies, Daily Exciting Events and Nitro Giveaway.
This is mainly a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out play games, talk to new people every day plus, we host events. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable.
Hope you enjoy being a part of our highly active community!