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(We're looking for anyone with experience GM'ing for Staff Roles, if that's you! Hit us up!)

Fairy Tail: Everlast's Rebirth is a fun and friendly community packed full of people who are open and willing to roleplay at just about any time. Witness as the server has its own flow, its own plot but still doesn't mean a single person is left out. The server has a handful of guilds that are custom made by the very players of the server and a well organized Job Board set-up for your character to make money with ease and to climb up the ranks to become one of the very greatest wizards Fiore has seen.

Everlast includes but is not limited to
- Helpful Staff Members
- Original Story
- Active Playerbase
- Organize Wizard Jobs & Guilds
- Interesting quests
- Custom Magics and Spell templates
- Custom rewards!
- And much more!

Yes! We're back baby!
AKA: Fairy Tail's New Generation :D

All the incredible mages that we have come to love have all disappeared 10 years ago, into the midst of history. A possibly stronger generation of mages and wizards rise up to take their places! However, don't forget that the evil can grow stronger as well...

The lore may get updated, as I am very un-creative ...
Years ago, the dark guild known as Draconia brought up the destruction of dragons. Legend has it that if all dragons perish then the two strongest dragons of them all will appear, the Dragon of Life and the Dragon of death. In hopes of resurrecting them, they brought about what is known as the Great Dragon Slaughter. However, five dragons decided teach five different mages their magic in hopes of when the times comes they will be able to use their magic and defeat both dragons. Even the Demons decided to help with teaching mages their magic as when the two dragons of life and death should arrive, even they would cease to exist.

Years passed and everyone forgot about the Dragon Slaughter. Draconia found out the plan being devised against them and sought out to slaughter those who were taught to oppose them, and even those who were not taught. However they couldn’t find them. The dragons and demons had wiped the memories of their students in order to keep them safe, putting a seal on them that will unlock their true magic when the time is nigh.
As the slayers roam around today, they are completely unaware of anything that is to proceed. With magic being so plentiful now a days, the Draconia guild begin make their strides in attempting to bring about the end of the world. And with the amount of magic power Draconia’s forces have, the lost slayers will not be enough to win this fight. They need strong friends, warriors, who will guild them and fight alongside them. The question now lies, who are you in this AU story of Fairy Tail, where the events that transpired never existed. Are you one of the 10 lost slayers, are you a warrior ready to fight for your comrades, or will you fall to path of destined darkness? Join us and surely you will find out.

But for now, I shall only tell you this quest that you shall embark on: whether you are a lost slayer or a strong mage and warrior, be wary of those you meet. You never know who just might be friend or foe.
In this AU of Fairy Tail, Natsu, Gray, and all those never existed. This is an original plot roleplay. Everyone’s character will have importance to the plot! We hope to see you here with us!
Calling all Fiore Wizards!

Fiore is running low on wizards and missions are stacking up high! Join your favorite guild and create long lasting friendships! Create or join a team and go on missions! Or prove your strength and take on missions solo! Earn Jewel and fight for the title of Strongest Guild through events! Feeling lucky? Take the next step up and prove to be the strongest wizard in Fiore!

This server welcomes everyone! We have Roleplaying, Art, Chat rooms, Voice Channels, Games, and much, much more! Don't have what you're looking for? Make a suggestion and we will accomodate you as soon as possible! This server strives to be the best for our users so feel free to give us your feedback and help us improve and grow so everyone can enjoy their time here at Fiore Kingdom!
Hello Fairytail lovers!
If you like Roleplay I think this is good enough for you!

-Emotes Coming Soon
-Chat and Pick Colour Roles
Welcome to Fairy Tail RP, where fairies are born!

This is a literate roleplaying server for those who are passionate about Fairy Tail. Feel free to weave your own narratives and create your own OC's story! Even those who barely know the lore of Fairy Tail may join for fun, magic, and casual roleplay.

We have:
+ SFW roleplay
+ RP as an original character or apply for canon characters such as Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and etc.!
Timeless Mage (Also known as Magic World) is a Roleplay Group set in the Universe of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Set in an Alternate Reality 100 years in the future from the main canon of Fairy Tail. This means that your characters can indeed be related to past characters, they must be grandchildren and you can only use characters that arn't taken, unless the player already using a character agrees to have a sibling.

The RP is set mostly in Crocus, with guild embassy's and branching locations outside the city if needed. We have a constantly flowing Roleplay, Job Boards get regular updates and even basic level members can create jobs for others. We have a very good admin team that keep approvals swift and as quick as possible!

Current Guilds Are
Fairy Tail
Blue Pegasus
Grimoire Heart

As people join more guilds and even originally created Guilds will open up.

We have constant magic battles aswell as events such as the grand magic games in planning. A current Story Arc is close to beginning so please, come and see what Timeless is about~

Based in the year x112 in an alternate world from the original, where ancient powerful magic is common, with no council to control the power of Dark and legal Wizards. It's your journey to becoming the most powerful wizard in the kingdom of magnolia and further.

𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐚 𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲.
Hi, please join our discord as we're very friendly to people.

In our RP we will offer marriage, and giveaways and various items and a change to make new friends and reach out to people and new sources.

We just ask that you be friendly, respectful and have fun!
A brand new Fairy Tail RP Server with an original storyline created by you!

-Custom Guilds/Magic/ETC
-Server Driven Storyline
-Any magic allowed (within reason)!
It's the next generation of fairy tail! Takes about 30-40 years after the current events of the anime.
200 Years have pasted since the end of the War with The Alvarez Empire, and Fiore has entered a Gold Age of Magic. However, all is not well, as a new Wave of Dark Guilds have began cropping up across the Country. Although many of the Country's Famous Guilds are no more, The Magic Council remains optimistic that the new generation of Mages hold the capability to maintain Peace!
**Fairy Tail Discord**

Hey, you ! Are you a big fan of Fairy Tail ? Are you looking for a community to share your awesome opinion ? Well, we got it here at **Fairy Tail Discord**. We’re a new group of chat and we all love Fairy Tail.


-()- New Community
-()- Role for all the magic type and for all the guild
-()- Role Play / RP chat
-()- Nice people
-()- NSFW room (18+)
-()- Level system (Mee6)
-()- Funny bots
-()- Helpful staffs members
-()- Custom emojis
-()- and many more...

So why are you waiting ? Come and join us. We’ll be *Happy* to welcome you !

Member count: 36

Under new ownership so let’s get this server rolling.

Looking for partnerships

So come be a slayer or make a dark Mage that is stronger then Zeref... join a guild go on adventures...

What the server has to offer here:

>>> once a week posting of the newest fairytail episode.

>>> A server that will grow and have fun.

>>>15 Self assignable roles plus 40 other roles

>>>Being a Small Server your treated fairly and not just another as a number

>>>Great staff, friendly non toxic atmosphere.

>>> Roleplay all over Fiore with 12 different locations including each major Guild Hall

>>>Opportunity to help staff the server.

>>> Plenty fresh plot and event ideas

>>> Always looking for partners
Taking place in a neighboring country to Fiore, The Kingdom of Eris, the previous #1 guild in the country was Phoenix Flare, a rambunctious group of mages with a blend of ideals and an interest in magic. The guild slowly lost its popularity after the untimely death of the Guild Master, Orion Sterling, an extremely popular mage, known for his power and kindness. Many members either defected or sought out other lines of work, leaving the guild virtually barren and forcing it to disband. While not as naturally gifted as her father, the daughter of the previous guild master, Aurora Sterling, took the initiative to reinstate the guild and vowed to return the guild to its original prosperity. Advertisements have been placed all around Eris about the newly reestablished guild in the hopes of recruiting new members.
《◊ Welcome to Fairytail ◊》

We are a brand new server with various things to offer!

《◊ Fairy Tail Lore ◊》
Several years have past since the adventures of Fairy Tail, and the world of wizardry has changed almost completely. These years would become known in the far future as the Dark Ages in history. The Magic Council has disbanded, members of former guilds have scattered to various places around the world in an attempt to flee from the growing numbers of Dark Mages. Without the Magic Council, there was no one to regulate wizards anymore. Crimes were committed left and right, and eventually, these groups of rouge mages would band together to form Dark Guilds. Yet one Dark Guild stood out amongst the rest, acting somewhat like the Magic Council, except for the fact that they were tyrannical and irrational. Their control extended to many areas and conflict arose. Only a few Guilds of Legal Wizards are left. Will you join together to stop the encroaching dark forces?

- First and foremost this is a OC server only.
- Canon and Custom magic are allowed.
- A multitude of locations for roleplaying .
- Custom Guild Creation.
- Weekly Episode Post.
- Money System.
- Friendly Staff and Ownership.

We hope you enjoy your stay should you choose to join our server!
Attention all fairytail fans a new fairy tail server has just popped up this server includes
- Quest generator
- Guilds
- events
- Nsfw
- Pets
- Giveaways
- etc
Remember small things come in small packages and this server has lots to offer so what're you waiting for click that join button ^^
Howdy! Welcome to Fairytail: Blazing Sun, a roleplay server with lots to offer!
-Friendly owner
-Lots of places to roleplay
-nsfw channel
-Plenty of roles for people
-Cannon characters to pick from natsu Gajeel to zeref, Lucy...come join and have fun

We are also looking to partner with others!
It’s been two years since the events at Tartarose and things have finally calmed down in Fiore. The Fairy Tail guild and many others have moved into a peaceful era, things seemed nearly perfect. However, word has spread that a new evil is arriving. Along with this, a new generation of mages have appeared, joining guilds across the land. Now as the evil grows closer, the old generation must band with the new to take it down. We will see our old hero’s once again, in Fairy Tail: Blazing Sun...
This server is created for Fairy Tail fans from all around to make new friends. Talk with other people in different chats, and hang out. Share all the things about the Fandom you found. Explore different channels. Make an OC and join your favorite Guild! Over All I wish you have a good time here, and have fun Role Playing!
Arcadia, a nation ruled by nine kingdoms. Each kingdom has a capital, a faction and more. Your character gets the chance to visit all kingdoms and become the best of all in this world! You will do jobs, meet new people and have fun experiences travelling and talking with others. Each day is a new adventure for all no matter what you’re caught doing!
Welcome all to Fairytail heros! This server is designed to talk about Fairytail, chat, have fun, and be ourselves. This server is for all you Fairytail lovers just like me! Everyone can be a character from Fairytail. If your lucky and some slots are open, you can even be a guild master! We even have cool bots here for you all to enjoy! Sounds fun! I hope you all cal enjoy and welcome to Magnolia's Fairytail!!!
Come join this awesome server , Were you Can make your own guild and have fun rping with some amazing ppl