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A brand new Fairy Tail rp server with some some bots to make things fun and interesting. Come join and make your original characters in this fun world that all you fans love. We have a shop, giveaways, and a music room!


The year is XX and peace has spread amongst the three continents of Ishgar, Alakitashia, and Giltena. Legal guilds are flourishing and the Magic Council has grown stronger to keep the balance, but in the midst of all the peace and harmony, a group of dark guild masters have formed an alliance (The Dark Council) to take out the magic council by collecting 9 magical stones (Fire, Water, Thunder, Moon, Sun, Leaf, Ice, Dusk, Shiny, and Dawn) to summon forth a powerful demon with the ancient spell known as Ancient Spell: Ashura Summon and recreate the world in their image after the destruction of the magic council.


-Heaven's Tear


-Treasure's Eye (Private)

-Balrock Beasts
Owned by Zay / Acnologia and Kirby / Laxus

Anime Haven is a new Discord server that has a small fandom area for the following Animes
-Fairy Tail
- Boku no Hero Academia / My hero Academia
- Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai
- The Rising of the Shield Hero
- Sword Art Online

Heres what we offer!

🌏 A small Community as of now, that's trying to make it big! With channels for interests!🌏

😛 We offer Roleplays and the chance to sign up to be Canons and even your own Anime Characters!😛

📺 Talk about the Provided animes or any other! 📺

✏ Share your theories and thoughts! ✏

🎱 Emojis! 🎱

👾 Mudae and Bots!👾

✨ You can join Clubs! ✨

⚪ You can request for roles! (under construction) ⚪

👦 You can apply for Moderator / Admin at anytime! 👧

So what are you waiting for? Join our new community today! We always look forward to new members!

【◇=◈△◈=◇】 O̲t̲a̲k̲u̲s̲ ̲R̲ ̲U̲s̲ 【◇=◈△◈=◇】
welcomes any O̲t̲a̲k̲u̲ or anyone that just loves 𝔸𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕠𝕠
◐𝔸𝕟𝕚𝕞𝕠𝕠 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕄𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕒◑
◐𝕂𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕠𝕜𝕖 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕕𝕒𝕪◑
◐𝕎𝕒𝕚𝕗𝕦 𝕓𝕠𝕥◑
Based in the year x112 in an alternate world from the original, where ancient powerful magic is common, with no council to control the power of Dark and legal Wizards. It's your journey to becoming the most powerful wizard in the kingdom of magnolia and further.
A new and developed AU Fairy Tail Server! Dependable staff and balanced systems.
At random points in characters’ timelines, they have been pulled back or forward in time - to age 777. However, they’d been brought to an Alternate Universe where they had to rebuild from the ground up. They thought it was empty, however the Civilisation living there was so under developed that it just seemed empty. Slayers already existed there and had done for many years, dragons, gods and devils openly out in the world - they had no ill will against the humans either, living side by side with them easily.

Age 777

On entrance into the age, some of Lucy’s keys snapped due to the pressure of the universe change. The keys being: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Capricorn. Whilst the Black Key fell out of Yukio’s possession and fell into the Magic Council’s, they thought it must have been Zeref’s doing. The Alvarez Empire hasn’t been set back up due to Zeref not wanting to create it yet. All of the spontaneous time portals popping up else where got his attention. Meanwhile, all of the Legal Guilds began to rebuild their halls. Recollecting their members. The Dark Guilds had formed once again, hoping to continue Lord Zeref’s work. Within the year, the Magic Council had already rebuilt itself and taken Zeref into custody - their best cell made, custom for the Dark Mage himself.
Age 778, the current Age

All of the Legal Guilds had managed to rebuild and recollect their correct members. The Dark Guilds had gone silent, in hiding. The Magic Council was wondering what they were doing but tried to keep order. The Empire was silent too, maybe it’d been rebuilt? Zeref was safely locked away in the Council Prisons. Once Zeref had been locked away, they questioned him extensively on the Black Key. To which he denied making it or even owning it, giving them all logical reasoning as to why. But they gave him the key for him to snap permanently, as they thought it was his doing. The key now resides in the corner of his cell. The other keys however had regenerated around the world, waiting for a Celestial Spirit wizard to find them.

What will our Hearty Heroes do?

What will the Valiant Villains do?

What we have:
Planned events.
Active and friendly staff members.

Join quickly for your choice at the canon character you wish to portray!
(Remember there's limited of these, good luck!)
Hello!! welcome to the server description,Our server is about chill chatting such as hobbies & anime/manga and other things you might enjoy talking about.And to add a bonus we have a fairytail roleplay section YOU can have canon characters, OP Oc's and use whatever magic you like.

Dank memer
Marriage bot
A bot for your rp ships
Mudae bot so you can marry whoever
Friendly staff

And much much more

This server isnt a very big server but has very nice people. NSFW is allowed and im only working on improving it. Make sure you get to know us!
This story is about a piece of land what heard that dragon live in an area. Making a gigantic war, Most of the dragons were slayed. But the powers were fallen into the wrong hands, Now war is declared on Fiore the land where the roleplayers live in.
You gotta train, become stronger, do quests, go higher in ranks, MAYBE even become guild master. TO fight back in this war and stop it. You could maybe be the one who stops it.

Searching for a Fairy tail roleplay with its own lore? Epic adventures? Custom Characters and your own story? This server offers this We give you the oppurtonity to explore the world of a hole custom idea. Gain magics, fight eachother, become stronger, rank up. And participate in custom and big events.
We offer the ability to roleplay in the world of Fiore, even though your custom character you still have the effect to have like your in the real fairy tail world.
Your allowed to make custom groups/guilds adventure together.
We have a full custom story
Custom big events.
Giveaways with strong magic
And Admin Roleplayed Quests.
This server always gives you the opportunity to do somethings while your roleplaying :)

If you want more detail DM Me or join the server for more details.
Timeless Mage (Also known as Magic World) is a Roleplay Group set in the Universe of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Set in an Alternate Reality 100 years in the future from the main canon of Fairy Tail. This means that your characters can indeed be related to past characters.

The RP is set mostly in Crocus, with guild embassy's and branching locations outside the city if needed. We have a constantly flowing Roleplay, Job Boards get regular updates and even basic level members can create jobs for others. We have a very good admin team that keep approvals swift and as quick as possible!

Current Guilds Are
Fairy Tail
Blue Pegasus
Grimoire Heart

As people join more guilds and even originally created Guilds will open up.

We have constant magic battles aswell as events such as the grand magic games in planning. Come and see what Timeless is about~

- Relaxed Environment
- Chilled staff
- Safe for LGBTQIA+ and all others
- Dedicated in world-building of the Fairy Tail Universe
- Literate, semi-literate, and detailed roleplays
- Help with character creation

Welcome to a new and emerging fairy tail roleplay! We are a semi-literate roleplay, meaning that we don't require you to write entire novels but we try to discourage those who prefer to one line from doing so. There are only three guilds to make it so everyone's not split up throughout the roleplay: Grimoire heart, Sabertooth, Fairy Tail. Join us now for the new adventure awaiting you.
**Fairy Tail Discord**

Hey, you ! Are you a big fan of Fairy Tail ? Are you looking for a community to share your awesome opinion ? Well, we got it here at **Fairy Tail Discord**. We’re a new group of chat and we all love Fairy Tail.


-()- New Community
-()- Role for all the magic type and for all the guild
-()- Role Play / RP chat
-()- Nice people
-()- NSFW room (18+)
-()- Level system (Mee6)
-()- Funny bots
-()- Helpful staffs members
-()- Custom emojis
-()- and many more...

So why are you waiting ? Come and join us. We’ll be *Happy* to welcome you !
Welcome to Fairy Tail RP, where fairies are born!

This is a literate roleplaying server for those who are passionate about Fairy Tail. Feel free to weave your own narratives and create your own OC's story! Even those who barely know the lore of Fairy Tail may join for fun, magic, and casual roleplay.

We have:
+ SFW roleplay
+ RP as an original character or apply for canon characters such as Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and etc.!
Several years after the conclusion of Fairy Tail, a new guild arises. Omega Fall. A rowdy guild who prove a friendly and challenging competition to the slew of current guilds.

The rp takes place about 20 years into the future after the events of Fairy Tail (There will be very little spoilers so don't worry about not having watched the entire thing).

Fairy Tail is participating in the Annual Grand Magic Games, a tournament to determine the strongest Guild in Fiore. While friendly fun competition, the competitions get tough and those friendly rivalries disappate in attempts to be crowned winner.

Fairy Tail and Omega Fall, among other teams make it passed Prelimenaries but a Guild called Hell's Crusaders seeks to knock Omega Fall down a peg.

Omega Fall and Fairy Tail made a bet before the main events. Omega Fall swore to win and they separated ways.

The RP starts during the Grand Magic Games, right before the destrution of Omega Fall...
I like to think that Fairy Tail is retaliating not only because they are their friends but because they can't just duck out of competition
Calling all Fiore Wizards!

Fiore is running low on wizards and missions are stacking up high! Join your favorite guild and create long lasting friendships! Create or join a team and go on missions! Or prove your strength and take on missions solo! Earn Jewel and fight for the title of Strongest Guild through events! Feeling lucky? Take the next step up and prove to be the strongest wizard in Fiore!

This server welcomes everyone! We have Roleplaying, Art, Chat rooms, Voice Channels, Games, and much, much more! Don't have what you're looking for? Make a suggestion and we will accomodate you as soon as possible! This server strives to be the best for our users so feel free to give us your feedback and help us improve and grow so everyone can enjoy their time here at Fiore Kingdom!
Fairytail nsfw server we have special ranks and as you level up you get access to more channels
This is a Fairy Tail AU rp server!

We have plenty of channels for rp'ing and are currently looking for staff!

We have a clear character creation guideline
Witam. Jesteśmy młodym serwerem Role-Play usadzonym w uniwersum Fairy Tail. Każdy tworzy swojego własnego Maga, którego imię może być otuchą lub zgrozą dla innych. Pomóc ludziom, którzy też mają różne cechy? A może wybić ich co do nogi? Prowadź w wątkach dyskusję, walkę, a nawet romans. Zależy to tylko od twojej wyobraźni i twojej relacji między postaciami.
Co możemy zaoferować?
- Spora ilość lokacji, w której możesz pograć.
-Możliwość dogadania z administracją o pewnych rzeczach, a nawet zasugerować coś nowego.
-Eventy, które mają na celu udynamicznić rozgrywkę.
Czego chcemy od was?
- Aktywności (o nie tylko nie to)
- Stylu książkowego w wątkach

Sto lat temu pewien naukowiec Alzel, wychodował 5 sztucznych istot. Nazwał on owe istoty Homunkulusami. Każdemu z nich wszczepił Lacrimę boskiego zabójcy, która wszczepiona w nich miała im dać moc ochrony Fiore. Niestety, Rada Magiczna, w Fiore dowiedziała się o tym. Wysłali oni magów z wszystkich gildi aby zabili Zabójców, gdyż stwarzali niebezpieczeństwo wybuchu wojny. Jednak po przegranej walce i stratach jakie poniosły obie strony. Alzel postanowił oddać się w ręce rady, sprawiając iż Zabójcy pozostali wolni i zdążyli uciec, zamieszkali w Imperium Alvarez i przysięgli zemstę na każdym magu.
This is a Fairy Tail Discord server! When you join, please enjoy your time here. Thank you! :D
Welcome to the Country of Destinia, a sizable Island Nation located off the West Coast of Fiore. The Island seemed to appear out of nowhere in Year X850 following a series of bizarre weather phenomenon. Currently the year is X852, Destinia has been colonized by travelers from various other nations seeking opportunity and glory in this new world!
This server is loosely based on 'Fairytail'. Basically the magic is from the series however people are allowed more creative freedom. The idea is to combine magic into spells one can utilize in battle.
There is also room to expand on the current magic with suggestions to add to the current list as well as additional creatures.
If you have no 'Fairytail' knowledge or lots it should not matter as it is all about creating your own spells and living in this alternate version. ie. it is presumed nothing from the series has occurred here.
Just for fairytail lovers!

Ps if you join then please change your name (nickname)to a fairytail characters first and last name and we will give you the role