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This is an anime based RP with your favourite franchises
Sonic, Family Guy and even Johnny Test! Have fun in this epic battle
We are a role playing crossover server, We accept anyone.
You do not have to be a role player, You can be an artist or writer who wants to show off their work to others!
You can use any OC or FC etc. - And from any franchise you want!
You can also just chat here with others. But importantly have some fun!
Welcome to your new roleplaying paradise!

Meet new friends and people!

Roleplay with others!

Chat and talk about sonic topics or any other topics!

If you're looking to have some fun and roleplay. Then maybe check out this server. It's currently still developing and stuff like that. We have many bots and features. You can even request roles for yourself, they don't even have to be from Sonic! for example: "May I have a Claudette Morel role?" (Dead By Daylight) And either me or a moderator will give you it in no time. Kick back and relax a bit with our growing community!

We have zones from each game, even beta/scrapped zones! We are LGBTQ+ friendly. We accept all sexualities!

After Dr.Eggman's defeat, The Sonic of the Mania timeline returned to his world where he encountered allies such as Mighty The Armodillo and Ray the flying squirrel, The blue blur of the timeline we are familliar with continued in peace. But after Sonic and his friends defeated Mania Robotnik by sending him to a portal from the phantom ruby in the true ending of Sonic Mania Plus. But their gravest mistake was that, as the phantom ruby transported Mania Robotnik to another dimension, one where the Phantom Ruby is yet to be discovered. The one of Sonic X, Robotnik was sent to Sonic's world and not the human world in this dimension and teamed up with his nefarious self from that world to find the Phantom Ruby, upon it's discovery, Robotnik used it to it's full capabilites. After giving it direct contact with the Chaos Emeralds they managed to create a world where time itself has fused together, with iconic places scattered all around as different times fuse together. Somewhere in every zone there's a time portal which allows you to travel freely throughout this world. You can travel to alternate places from alternate times, and that seems positive. But time itself as fused and allowed Mania Robotnik and Eggman of Sonic X to summon multiple versions of themselves, from all different times. You can be from the same timeline, different times in that timeline, allowing for example. SA2 Shadow to clash with SA2 Shadow during the plan to fire the eclipse cannon. What will come to be of this world? No one knows. As this has had positive and negative effects. Armies of Metal Sonics are being summoned, Multiple Perfect Chaos's are being worked on and manipulated through the power of the soul emeralds, time gems, chaos emeralds and super emeralds. This world truly is a mix of everything. Multiple Phantom rubies are being summoned to create more timelines to merge.
I have completed a plot to reason this. All credit goes to my buddy in the server, Communist Sonic.
Mobius: Uprising is a dark and mature roleplaying server set in the Sonic universe fifteen years after Robotnik's victory over the Freedom Fighters. Since then, the Robotnik Empire has taken over Mobius and destroyed its atmosphere and having had enough, the citizens of Mobius have had enough and band together behind either the Freedom Fighters and GUN to put an end to Robotnik's regime.

We offer:
💍 A story set fifteen years after Robotnik's victory
💍 NSFW and SFW RP channels
💍 Ability to play as not just original characters but as canon characters as well.
💍 Play in six major regions.
💍 The Sonic universe complete with mature content
💍 Join four canon factions or become part of two custom factions offered.
💍 No stat-based character creation.
This is Meteor Herd.
A server that's pretty cursed but also chill as hell. The server isn't for the easily offended because there's no filter.
Feel free to talk about whatever you want as long as it isn't against the rules.
Welcome to the official ✨Fabulous✨discord! Here you can discuss all content as you wish, Anime, Steven Universe, Smash bros, Memes, anything goes! If you need anything from the mods, please ask for us by @ ✨Empress✨, @ Admiral, @ Commander, @ Captain, or @ Moderator
You can see what each channel is for in the channel description at the top of the window. And don’t forget suggestions are welcome!


- No personal attacks or harassment. If you are just joking, that's fine, but do remember the Golden Rules: Racism/sexism/anyisms will not be tolerated.
- No spamming in the voice or text channels.
- Keep drama in dms.
- Do not post NSFW content of any kind in any other channel other than Specified NSFW ones.
- (For admins or other high-ranks) Abuse of power is not tolerated. In order to become an admin you have to show skills of responsibility, know your main tasks in the server, and wait for an application to be released.
-If you would like to join the steven universe channel head to # assignable-roles and press @💠DA💠 (Diamond authority). Doing so will give you that role and give you access to the Channel.
-A Smash ultimate bot is under production here! And a role system is being set up.
-If you do not want to see anything nsfw related ask an admin or go to # assignable-roles and press “no nsfw” the role @Priests will be given to you (note you will lose access to the nsfw channels with this role).





If you want to roleplay as some of your favorite Sonic characters but can't find a server for that, here you go! We have a friendly community and OC's are allowed! Just please follow the rules and don't be mean and you'll be welcome to join!
☆ Wanna have fun and get memes with sanic? Then Tails' Mysical Wasteland is for you! We do memes, talk and Roleplay! ☆

■ - We have channels devoted to the blue blur, memes, and Anime
- Great Community
- Video game chats
- Roleplay
- and MUCH MORE! ■

Come and enjoy your stay at Tails' Mystical Wasteland!
We are a general chatting (mainly sonic, memes, and gaming) server, where we either kno De Wae, or are finding De Wae. As long as you are with us, you shall never go astrae. We offer you:

- Uganda-themed server: sonic, gaming, memes, VCs, and much more!
- TONS of unique emotes you will not find anywhere else
- A tribe to whom you can belong to
- Dope vcs, games, bruddahs, and community
- Climb the ranks - From Bruddah to King!
Come join our sonic nsfw community yayayayyayayaayyayay ^^
A literate and story-heavy Sonic themed RP server based loosely round the Archie Comics / SatAM lore.
(Dark/Adult RP themes, 18+ only please.)
OC's are welcome, but we're also in need of people to fill canon roles for story purposes!
Participate in events, collaborate your own arcs with other players and join one of the server's factions.

In this iteration of Sonic Roleplay, Dr. Ivo Robotnik while a tyrant seeks to establish an empire of peace through dominion. Believing the Mobians will eventually come to conflict should he not intervene, he seeks to forcibly convert every Mobian into a machine programmed and controlled by him in a utopian kingdom of the Robotnik Empire. He is ruthless and will use any means necessary to bring his idealistic world of comfort and peace to Mobius, whether its inhabitants want it or not.
Welcome to a brand new Sonic server. We are a new Sonic server who are enthusiastic about anything related to Sonic.
This includes, Sonic rumours and ideas, multiple channels about the games and comics, fan art section also music bot and more. We want more members and are looking for admins once this server is popular enough so stay tuned and join the server please :)
Welcome to the World of Sonic! This roleplay takes place after the events of Sonic Unleashed, with Eggman up to his old tricks again.

It's a race against time for the Chaos Emeralds, are you up to it?

Server includes:
-Channels for the iconic locations from the Sonic games
-NSFW RP channels
-A dedicated moderation team
-Character application templates
-A meme channel

Original Characters are welcome, many Canon Character slots are still open!
---------------------~+ CHAOS CAFE +~----------------------

Hello if you have come across this server! This is a server based on the first episode of "Sonic Revved Up!" By LJ. We are a Sonic based community with a welcoming community that's glad to greet new members ( once verified ), various places to roleplay with your fellow customers, channels to talk about sonic related topic like: The recent games, original characters, theories, and more!
Once you join the server, feel free to ask the owner or any available staff about any questions about the server! We'll be glad to answer.
Come join us! We'd love to serve you in our lovely server.


This is a brand new Sonic Server, so there isn't a whole lot there yet. However, I'm giving out moderator roles to help me build it up!
We have general chat, Art, and discussion of game and shows.
Join today if you love Sonic The Hedgehog!!
Play as Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix as they live life in the futuristic city of Grand Metropolis! Explore stages, take on missions, make friends, and battle your rivals!

Here at the Sonic Heroes RP server, we’re ready to show everyone the REAL SUPER POWER of TEAM WORK!
~~Welcome to the TURBOBOOST development server!~~

-=- What is TURBOBOOST? TB is a fast-paced 3D platformer developed in Roblox. It will feature many elements and a few handpicked levels from the Sonic franchise, while maintaining its own style. The game will have some sprinkles of 2D while maintaining the same 3D control.

-=- How many levels will be in the game? Currently, 21 levels are expected to be in the game, spread across 7 areas in total.

-=- What platforms can I play it on? PC and Xbox. There aren't any plans to have it on mobile.

-=- Is it open for testing? Yeah! We have a link in the server if you wanna try the levels out~
The Zone is a Sonic roleplaying server! We are always looking for new members to come along with us. OC's are always allowed. Just hop in and request a character!
Planet Mobius is a Sonic Fandom Roleplay and Hangout Server.

We created the world of our server to be a mixture of most, if not all, the elements within the Sonic franchise (Comics, Games, Anime), while retaining the originality of the alternative universe of our server.

Server Features Include:
Character Development System.
Embed Character Profile "Cards" to Bring up Fan/Original Char Info on Command.
No Original/Fan Character Submission Limits.
Chao Raising, Leveling, Competing System. (WIP)
LGBTQ+ Friendly.
Streaming Watch for Twitch, Youtube, Etc.
Self Promotion and Server Advertising Friendly.
Friendly Members and Staff Team.
Lots of channels to RP in.
Economy and Salaries.
Server and Player Shops, Black Market.
Quests to Earn Key Items and Various Loot.
Both, OCs and Canons are Playable.
And More Features to Come.

Features Planned:
Giveaways, Automatic Leveling Updates of Chao and Competitions Handled by Bot, Completed Offical Server Website with Web-Discord Bridge (Chat from Website), Improved Battling System.
Basically a Hangout Server! Come Geek out about Tons Of Different Video Games like Five Night's at Freddy's, Undertale, DDLC, All of Nintendo, Megaman, Sonic, Banjo-Kazooie, and More!
Official Sonic-Club's discord server. A friendly place where artists gather to show their appreciation to their favourite blue hedgehog and his friends.
RP channels, art events every month, art feedback, music bots, group voice chats, and much more.
{Unlikeable Crossover} is a server where roleplayers which like game series like Sonic and Pokemon are able to RP together, no matter if it is just liking to either one of the series. Even furries can be allowed to join too. The server plot idea is that similar to apocalypse surviving, yet not entirely the same time. The server is still a work in progress, thus a newly made server, so please expect there would be something missing or unfinished. However, in here, you can chat, post arts or do other stuffs with new people too in the future!! We hope you can have an enjoyable experience, have a nice time, and such. Stop by and join the fun!!

-The server is 18+.
-Respect the rules, and others.
-Staffs are fair and square, no need to worry.
-Be nice and kind to everyone, thank you.
Good morning! Our server is all about Crush 40 and celebrating the music of the Sonic franchise. Talking about whatever you would like is important to us so we would like to grow a big community to show our appreciation to Crush 40. Feel free to join us sometime!
Are you a Sonic fan?? Likes Sonic nsfw stuff yet nowhere to go and express?? Well, then come on down to {:} Sonic Eternal {:}, where you can roleplay or erotic-roleplay, even chat with other Sonic fans, share arts or listen to music!! It's a very new server, only one person is currently there, so please expect that most things are work in progress and it is much of emptiness. Hope you have time enjoying here!!

~Be kind and friendly to each other
~Minor dramas or political stuff
~Bots to enhance roleplay quality, or just for fun
~A NSFW channel where everyone can post porns