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Welcome to Stardust home of the kindest, loving anime community. Our goal is to make a friendly environment for all kinds of people, not just anime lovers. So feel free to chat and join our discord we always welcome new people!
A role-play server set in an alternate retelling to the Fate/Extella storyline with devastating twists and a fun time for all involved.

That aside, a lovely community open to making friends and hanging out with memes and occasional community events.
Spiritual successor to Fate/Imperium

One hundred years after the defeat of the Umbral Star, and the crisis that soon followed. The Mooncell is finally at peace and continuously expanded the artificial world, which is now largely inhabited by servants and NPCs who gained self-consciousness and carrying on with their lives. The Three Regalias merged into one and for a time, was in possession of Hakuno Kishinami, the Last Master. However, Hakuno was one day merged together with the Mooncell, as their purpose was to expand the consciousness of the construct. In the end, Hakuno's sacrifice gave birth to the A.I self-awareness, creating a world where the line between artificial and life became blurred.

Cities were raised by the NPCs, stretching far and wide with Servants living and roaming the lands, often, swearing themselves to either Tamamo No Mae, Nero Claudius or Attila the Hun.

As a Servant, old or newly summoned into existence; A brand new world within the Mooncell has opened before you. The question is, what will you do? Join a faction? Gain enough influence and notoriety to challenge the status quo? Opportunities are endlessly laid out before you.

〆『Dedicated Admin and Moderator team for the plot and character progression』

〆『Heavy Roleplay Community, with mature and friendly roleplayers』

〆『Canon and OC characters allowed』

〆『Community based events like writing prompt and more』

〆『T1 Combat Rules』

〆『Active and ever-growing community with literate roleplay』
A casual, chill, dank-friendly server. Lots of silly stuff. Focuses on anime and on monster girl franchises like for example Monmusu Quest, Monster Musume and Monster girl Encyclopedia, and on various other anime game franchises like Fate, Azur Lane and Kancolle. Includes roleplay, erp, polls, silly bots and music channels. Originated as a server from 9GAG's Anime&Manga section.
Something has changed with The Holy Grail War, and the implications are… complicated. The war has increased in frequency, rather than one every 60 years, a war has the potential to begin at any moment. Master’s can come from anywhere, and summoning servants require next to no magic. The Grail has become easier to access than ever, and all you need to do is defeat 6 other spirits. Join The Holy Grail Wars, and take your wish.
Join the Fate/Climax rp server a dedicated Type-Moon, Fate in particular, role play server where you can partake in the Ultimate Holy Grail War all within the entirety of a vacant and abandoned New York City where a multitude of servants and masters have appeared.
Can you survive and win the Holy Grail and claim your wish?

>Some degree of writing and rp capabilities required
>At least basic Fate/Type-Moon knowledge is preferred but not strictly required
>Tolerance for memes in OOC channels strictly required
Welcome to Fate/Elysium!
This is a Fate roleplay server combining systems from the likes of Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Stay Night all into one.

Featuring things such as:
• A well-balanced economy and progression system
• Unique lore and setting
• Quests and Missions for any and all sort of character styles
• Friendly staff willing to help out
• Complete creative freedom in the character you make, even allowing the use of canon Fate servants and masters

and more, there's bound to be something for everyone to enjoy!

Make sure to ask for help if you need it, but, above all, have fun!
Fate/Grand Order Hub is a nice place to talk about Fate as a series, Fate/Grand Order, discuss strategies, swap user IDs, or just chill. We're open to newbies and veterans alike, and support both JP and NA versions of the game. Of course, you're not limited to just talking about TYPE-MOON franchises. We also have channels for other anime/manga, and games.
Komunitas Fate Grand Order dan Fate Franchise Discord Server Indonesia. No toxic, cancer, bad words, and Elitist. Exclusive server (tidak aktif selama satu semester auto kick) yang ditujukan untuk player yang care, toleran, cinta tanah air dan aktif berkomunikasi.
Welcome to Fate Lost Order

An alternate retelling of the Fate Grand Order story, with characters from all around the nasuverse joining in.

Many different things happened that caused changes in this timeline but the threat to humanity still remains. Enter as a master or become a servant of the Throne of Heroes. This is a battle to take back our future!
With the pursuit of knowledge, comes the consequences for such. With each Holy Grail War the stress of magic upon the world has caused both catastrophes and misunderstandings. The Reverse Side of the World being one of the Age of Gods. This side feeling that with the use of old magic, that is time for the two sides to become one once more. Each faction looking to either return things to the proper state, learn, or even further the process of the Age of Gods returning. Whoever you choose, is in your hands as a Master. Or even Servant if you happen to not align with their goals. Join, and have a great experience of both story, and even just our community as a whole!
- PG-15
- RP-focused Server
- Staff and GMs knowledgeable on Fate as to help others ease into the series itself we are based on.
- Currently there’s not many of us, but we are looking to hopefully expand between those of us on here.
- Can play canon characters Servant or Master! OCs, characters from a different IP even! Within the constraints of fitting into the universe, of course.
- Join a faction to fight off the encroachment of the Reverse Side of the World. Of which being 5 total. Clock Tower, Atlas Institute, Wandering Sea, Holy Church, and the Freelancing Romania Faction.
- Can be a Master, or a Servant who fights for such!
- Combat system made by yours truly, and refined by fellow GMs.
- Upon joining a role will be placed upon you that will hide the chats outside of the Important and General categories. To have it removed head to #Admin-Contact, and ask for it to be removed after reading the rules. From there, you may claim your character and start RP’ing.
Welcome to Fate/Genesis!

Fate/Genesis is a server where there are different lores and locations, where each and every plot suit your own taste. We have events ranging from irp, to just in general. The server is constantly updated by 6 people that each of them moderate and update their lores in one of the seven categories that we have.

What do we have to offer?
We have...
-A money system, to buy character slots or a residence (In the future, we are expanding the list).

-A website dedicated to Fate/Genesis server.

-Plots suited and constantly updated to tailor the majority of the people's needs.

-6 amazing moderators! (they are awesome)

-Giveaways! It could be irp currency, or if you're lucky, one month nitro. (Though one month nitro is very rare)

-Advanced and Normal templates!

-7 categories with each of their own plot and conditions.

-And much more!

In all, I hope you enjoy this server and we will be happy if you can rp with us in this small community of ours! This is the Genesis Team and we welcome you to Fate/Genesis.

-Genesis Team
A little server with more than 70 completely original emotes for nitro users to freely lurk and for not lurker to chat or just chill around
Hawking's Collage of Hypnosis is an erotic roleplay sever with themes of Mind control and hypnosis. We're using the FATE system to add more tension and enjoyment. We hope to see you there.
Avalon is a server I crated as an offshoot of another to provide a one stop shop for almost anything Fate. Currently our specialty deals with the mobile game, Fate/ Grand Order, as many of members play the game and know it relatively well. The best part to deal with that is long, easy to read, and unbiased servant reviews that I hope to one day involve every servant with. Along with that, there's channels set up for other casual conversations. My only goal is to create my own little Fate community where everyone can go and talk about whatever they want, with next to no rules attached.
Welcome to Fate/RISE

New server
Well put together easy to navigate.
Nsfw channel
Lots of characters to be
Become a master or a servant or both

Welcome to my mother's basement. Here we play different Table Top RPGs. We're a fun community that really needs the members and some more GMs. So come on in, sit down at the table and be ready to try to kill some monsters and roll very badly. I hope to see you there. Oh, and we have lots of food.
Join Fate/Next Generation!
A Fate-RP server set in the world of Fate/Stay night 50 years after the 4th Holy Grail War.
-Kind And Friendly Staff And Members
- RP-focused Server
- Staff and GMs knowledgeable on Fate as to help others ease into the series itself we are based on.
- Currently we are very new, but we are looking to hopefully expand.
- Can play canon/OC characters Servant or Master!
- Join the fight for the omnipotent wish granting holy grail.
- Can be a Master, or a Servant who fights for such!


50 years have passed since the events of the 4th Holy Grail War. Once again, we come to the same setting. The new holy grail war has been announced, and the mages are now in a flurry. Whom will be the new servents? Who will be the masters? And who, will win?

Join the fight now!
We are a small roleplay server that is open for new members that are looking for a fresh roleplay! This is a roleplay that finds itself in the Nasuverse, more specificaly: the Fate series!
A server where people are meant to gather together and enjoy the act of Role Playing together. Themed around the Fate universe and the Girls Frontline Mobile game, we also welcome any other OC or Anime character. Come on over, Stay for a drink, and leave if you wish. We look forward to your visit
Welcome to the newest Fate server.
Member count: 44
~Are you a fan of the fate/stay series? If your answer is yes then this server is perfect for you!
Tired of the big servers treating you like a number?
We have friendly staff and wonderful owner on hand to help guide you through making a bio
~One thing that separates this servers roleplay from others is we don’t have have the master so everyone can join in and roleplay
Keep in mind this is a combat oriented server

All servants classes are available and your allowed canon characters or oc.

—>We have channels for:
the funniest memes
FGO game channel
Sharing your favourite music or lyrics
Artwork channel
A lot of categories to roleplay in and even a non storyline battledome to help sharpen roleplay skills.

This server is also looking for the following staff positions (Admin)

And we are also open to partners
Fate/Resurrection is in alternate universe where the a Sixth Holy Grail War takes place. With the Fuyuki Holy Grail becoming active once again after a century, the masters and servants are summoned to compete in this brutal and bloody war. The Mage's Association seek to retrieve the Grail but is stopped in their tracks by a resistance, naming themselves the 'Magus Killers' who ruthlessly slaughtered the head of the Association and the team who was sent to retrieve the Grail during their expedition. With the situation becoming chaotic after the death of the leading group of the Association, the remaining members activated the summoning system but in doing so, the 'Magus Killers' managed to activate their own summoning system as well, allowing an abnormal amount of servants that are allowed to be summoned. The Grail itself summoned two more from a special class to moderate the War.

Featuring two opposing factions, the Divine Faction, whose members are from the remaining members of the Mage's Association, and the Demonic Faction, representing the 'Magus Killers'.

Which side will you join the Sixth Holy Grail War?
A new server that can't decide if it wants to focus on Fate/Grand Order or on sexy stuff... come here for either or both! I made this server as a joke but it turned out pretty good anyway. Strictly LGBT+ friendly.