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A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King
~~~Welcome to Bleach: New Life!~~~

We are an Roleplaying server which aims to follow the anime, manga and novel series of Bleach! We have a basic lore we follow. We offer 6 races in our server: Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy, Fullbringer, Bount and Sinner.

Two years after the final remnants of Yhwach's mind was killed by Kazui, the Reio (Soul King) was amongst the other beings that remained alive. There he lay dormant deep in the Dangai, protected by their leader before the Shinigami ripped him apart, awakened by Yhwach to their true heir before his demise. What stepped out was a pure being of four different soul types: Shinigami, Fullbringer, Hollow, and Quincy. A powerful being. Those who were 3rd seat or greater suddenly collapsed into reishi. An idealism of liberation of a reformed world before its demise using condensed reishi for the better. However, it could not succeed in its plan, resulting in a collapse of reishi. It cannot control the manipulation and absorption of reishi. Because of this, the Reio was sent deep into the Dangai once more. Reishi scattered, once more bringing the balance of power of different realms unseen since the fall of the Reio. 10 years passed since. Gradually, different races of all realms began once more in rebuilding their races once more.

~~~What This Server Has to Offer~~~
>> Helpful Staff members
>> RP Events and Giveaways
>> Can Develop Your Own plot!
>> Partnership

Come and join building the New Life of Bleach!
A Roleplay server about the anime bleach. Join, rp, become a hollow, arrancar, soul reaper, quincy, or visored. And, have fun
Bleach Eclipse is a Bleach AU, where turbulent times are upon all the realms.

The Shinigami are recovering its forces in the Sereitei after heavy losses were suffered during an attack on Hueco Mundo that went horribly wrong. Join the ranks of the Court Guard Squads, rank up to a powerful Captain and unlock the true power of your Zanpakuto!

The Quincy have returned to the surface after being hunted towards near extinction, as the mighty Wandenreich makes its return. Become a Quincy Knight, lead your army to victory and purge the world of the Hollows.

While in Los Noches, the Hollow King awakens! Gathering his Espada to spread his rule beyond that of Hueco Mundo. Remove your mask and join the ranks of the Arrancar, joining the Elite forces of the Espada.

In the depths of the Valley of Screams, the Fullbringers hold strong in their domain of Andromeda, protecting the World of the Living from the increasing Hollow threat. Discover your Fullbring and become part of the Protectorate.

And in the far reaches of the Soul Society, the Bounts have resurfaced as a powerful adversary not to be ignored. Unleash your hidden power and become a valuable member of the Calore order.

Decent Literacy is required and above will be rewarded.
We are a community of non-toxic RPers.
Come join our server as we write the new story of Bleach.
Welcome, to literally the brand new and fresh Bleach RP! Have you ever wondered what its like to be a soul reaper, quincy, or a hollow? Well now you can become one in this bleach rp! You can fight hollows or even lead your own squadron. Join now! Also nothing has been decided because the owners don't have much of a community to base limits and buffs on! Though, if you join now, it might help them out!

Note: The channels for majority of the places (Such as the Seiretei, Hueco Mundo, etc.) are all hidden until you make your Character and get the respective role.
The war was over the Quincy king lie dead at the feat of Ichigo Kurosaki. But this was a hollow victory as the soul king had been killed. There was no one strong enough to keep the balance and the world was slowly ripping itself apart. In one last act, Ichigo using all of his power managed to save a small portion of each dimension as they collided into a mass of reishi with nor form. The mass of reishi exploded bathing the surviving bits of each world in highly concentrated reishi. The reishi in the fragments of the destroyed worlds allowed them to slowly expand back to their original size but also had an effect on the souls living within them.
The Soul Society took a staggering number of casualties through the war and the worlds collapsing. The reishi that blanketed the soul society caused the few citizens of the Rukongai left to develop their own spiritual powers allowing the shinigami to bolster their ranks and start to rebuild. Although the colliding of worlds had severely weakened the barriers between the worlds allowing hollow free rain of the human world and the outside of the Seireitei it walls of Sekkiseki stone being the only thing keeping the hollows out. The number of squads had been reduced due to the lower amount of shinigami.
Hueco Mundo, the home of the hollows was also saved and like the other realms was covered in reishi. The reishi caused millions of hollows to form and for natural Arrancar to be more common. Hollows evolved faster than before instead of taking hundreds of years down to a few centuries. This and the weakened barriers caused hollows to swarm over the human world and the Rukongai of soul society. But the hollows kept their ravenous eating each other just as much as they devoured others for their power. The Arrancars that formed cast off this hunger and while being more common they were still few and far between. But there have been whispers of a new set of Espada forming under the dome of Las Noches.
As the portion of the human world was bathed in reishi the humans mutated, starting a new age of Quincy that were unaffected by the influence of the late Quincy king. As the hollows poured into the human world the survivors of their attacks birthed a new age of Fullbringers. The Fullbringers and the Quinces united in order to help protect their world and to restore it to the marvel that it once was.
The Espada are reforming to take control of the masses of hollows and use them to protect or destroy the remainder of the worlds? Will the soul society sink into its old ways and annihilate the Quincy and Fullbringers along with the hollows or will an alliance form that will stand the test of time? Will the Quincy and Fullbringers be unable to let go of old grudges and destroy the soul society along with the hollows or will they learn to forgive and cooperate?
The choice is yours.
☆ Cleaned ☆
A Bleach server aimed towards anyone who loves the anime/manga and wishes to discuss canon/headcanons, or anyone who just wants to mess around in a bleach themed server and meet friends who are also fans!

❀ 29 bleach emojis and accepting submissions for more
❀ LGBTQIA+ friendly
❀ coloured roles
❀ nsfw
❀ lots of love for everyone's fave bleach ladies
welcome to the new world of bleach, where you can take your own path as a quincy, soul reaper, arrancar or even a vizard, your fate lay in your hand
Join up bleach fans! In this server you are sure to have fun. In this server we have bleach streams, bleach picture posting, cool bleach roles, and bleach brave souls. We also have lots of things to do including, waifu games, gambling, and pokemon for fun and games.
A different world and different location that takes place by the sea. This city houses the Soul city! the afterlife for the USA, It's a vast city with many souls and soul reapers but Hollows and Quinces want to destroy it Because their God was destroyed by the soul reapers. Bounts Do get into conflict with the Quinces but Fullbringers Have to jump in to break up their fighting. Arrancars are straight up Rare, So they have no involvement.
We have Giveaways
We love Suggestions To help out
The is a Bleach roleplay community who hopes to have fun!
Welcome to the Anime Verse

This is an anime server where people can weeb out and express their love for anime!! We have lots of channels for gacha games, nsfw, memes and media, chatting and more to come.

Hope you have a great time. uwu
Serveur français consacré à l'univers de Bleach, mais surtout centré sur le jeu mobile BLEACH BRAVE SOULS (BBS). Vous trouverez par exemple un salon recrutement pour les joueurs qui désirent recruter dans leur guilde ou si vous êtes à la recherche d'une, ainsi que des salons tuto qui viendront à l'avenir. Vous aurez aussi à votre disposition de nombreux salons vocaux pour vous aider à communiquer durant les quêtes coop ou juste pour parler. Et bien évidemment des salons discutions et de partages comme tout autres serveur. J'espère que vous vous amuseriez bien et que vous trouveriez se vous cherchez ! Sur ce, je vous laisse ! BANKAI!!!
Lien :
”Right now everything seems...peaceful. Besides the minor hallow attacks the human realm seems fine, the Soul Society doesn’t seem to be having any problems, and Hueco Mundo is fine as well...But lately there have been uhh an slight decrease in the amount of souls passing into the soul Society and the Shinigami and definitely not slacking. Maybe it’s the Quinces...or something bigger. Well you’ll have to find out later.
Jay Higashikata Signing out!” That's the lore, we have friendly staff and fun rp members. Be sure to join and ask as many questions you can muster! also as usual have FUN~
A new bleach server where canon characters were never born and you make the adventure. Searching for staff and people to help build the server.
After hundreds of years of peace in the soul society there is a new threat. A new wave of Soul Reapers have taken over the soul society. It's a new age of stronger smarter and faster Soul Reapers. Unfortunately peace can never last forever a rogue Soul Reaper by the name of Inochi no onjin, he figured out how to transfer the sealed away Aizen’s power. Soon the news reached the Gotei 13 and the The Division 1 Captain Subayai shi called a meeting of all the Captains.He determined that a special squad of the best Soul Reapers would be dispatched to stop Inochi. The squad was assembled and headed by Subayai that came to see that Inochi could in fact receive Aizen’s power but he also received some of Aizen’s Soul making him even more dangerous. The battle was one sided Inochi swept the floor with all 12 captains except Subayai.The fight raged on Subayai not giving up he kept fighting until he realized that as he fought he became weaker. Inochi had only figured out how to temporarily hone his power but not for long. After a short while Inochi was completely powerless and sentenced to death. Subayai may have won but now that people knew Aizen power could be transferred to them countless of new enemies would rise from the shadows to receive the ultimate power. It’s been one year and Subayai doesn’t feel that peace will remain much longer.

Naruto RP: "Shinobi True Ending" 刈取
Our server is extremely new and is going to be a work in progress until we do a full release, until then there will be tester benefits.

GIVEAWAYS This server will have giveaways for IRP prizes such as weapons and many more

CASUAL RP This RP is made to just be casual so you do not have to have so much trouble trying to RP.

Have fun on the server and we hope you enjoy your stay!!**
Server Lore
Long Ago, back when the concept of shinobi did not exist, A certain person bit into the forbidden fruit and obtained the power of chakra. And tired to end the age of violence, however in time, they became obsessed with power.
To maintain order in this world, dose one need power or love?
This Conflict would spark a long war, that continued through into the generations that followed.
Fun stuffs:

➢》 Create your own custom Character or Jutsu

➢》 Be in on of your favorite clan in the series

➢》Having a strong sensei and teammates

➢》 Becoming a kage of a Village to protect it with your life

➢》Also making new friends

➢》 Taking Missions

➢》Become Your village Jinchuriki

➢》Participating in upcoming Exams***
Hello, welcome to Bleach: Link Of Fate! We are a Roleplay server that takes place around the Soul Society: The Rescue arc and all before that but it doesnt mean there isn't arrancar and others
For those who stand on the precipice...
This server is affiliated with Bleachfanfiction.FANDOM, a literary RP wiki for deep fans. Create articles of custom characters, races, weapons, etc, participate in the site's RP sequel of Bleach canon, discuss the series (including Can't Fear Your Own World) with dedicated Bleach fans, and much more. We are a community heavily based on the series' lore, and we work to answer the unexplained questions of Bleach via story-based RP.
✧✧ ✧✧✧ __**Seireitei Reborn**__ ✧✧ ✧✧✧

**We are a growing community of literate role-players that value storyline and character development. Everyone is welcome here!**

__**What is Seireitei Reborn?**__

*SR is an original beginning to the manga/anime Bleach, taking place centuries before the canon timeline. This is the very beginning of the Soul Society. Before the shinigami took on their roles of cleansing the world, the soul society was divided by four great clans, each taking claim to territory in the four cardinal directions: Kami to the North, Kuchiki to the East, Shihoin to the South, and Katsumi to the West.*

*Legendary swords, great battles, secrecy and backstabbing. This is Bleach as you've never known it before. Be apart of our journey to discover what would happen if the canon was written differently. Read our plot for a more in depth, explained guide to our new world.*

__**Features and Benefits**__

**An active server!**

✦ Character progression!

✦ A story developed with multiple arcs and events to partake in.

✦ A place to meet like-minded roleplaying individuals that are ranked through roleplay samples. Join for literate, advanced roleplay and chances to improve on your writing!

✦ An active staff to answer questions.

✦ A creative environment where your character can reach any heights possible with time and effort!

✦ A fun, enjoyable server with amazing members!

**So what are you waiting for? Join now!**

Ищешь сервер для общения? Ты его нашел! На сервере Vaizer Federation ты найдешь активное и адекватное общение на любые темы! Заходи и общайся.
Interested in a roleplay server with its own unique system and a Custom Story Experience? Then this is the RP for you! We're a server that consists of a F2RP Sandbox-themed vibe. We legit have no script to follow. Here, You make your own story! It's that simple! Upon joining, You'll need to read the rules, then make your character sheet. Afterwards, @sayochii#0815 and she'll get back to you and help with your stat setup! Afterwards, the rest is up to you! Write your story!