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We're a Bleach community that is awaiting the return of the Bleach Anime. How best to do that than to interact, commune and know each other as bleach fans. The server is really warm and active. It's got everything and whatever it doesnt have, suggestions are completely welcomed. We also have Bleach Brave Souls players in the server! So come join us Bleach Fans. If you make anime art, come join us and share it while conversing!
this is a server dedicated to forging your own story in the soul society. based in Bleach universe. create your own character and story! it i very active and a lot of people to roleplay with. come join us! we would love to have you.
An online anime based web game, no flash required, quickly create an account and enjoy from over 15 animes, 160 characters to play with against other players! Rank up and enjoy missions .. Join us today!
--- LORE ---
In this world only bloodshed exists, large wars followed by smaller wars, killing off everyone who previously managed to survive. The human world was left mainly untouched. Those who attempted to flee were considered traitors to their kind and were left as exiles to rot among humans. Many shinigami died during the main war which causes completely dismay, no one knew who to look to. Tensions are still high among all, particularly the shinigami and quincies.

It has been 50 years since the last minor war with the major one being over 500 years ago. Hierarchies are still unstable leaving many to climb to the top although it won't be long until tensions rise too high again leading to another war... one which may end all.

Welcome to Re-Origin RP. It has been many years since the thousand year blood war and most of our old Heroes have been forgotten, carving out the path for new hero's to rise up and take their place. The Soul Society has recently had a civil war causing a lot of chaos and distrust between all the different factions. It is up to you to join forces and protect your ideals to create a 'better world'.

What We Offer

1: Dedicated staff who will help you with your needs.

2: A community of friendly people

3: All races are available including ones that are anime/Movie exclusive.

4: A unqiue race called Espers, a group of humans who derive their power from lost souls.

5: A server that is active and hosts events and giveaways
・゚✧:・゚✧:Wolf Pack:・゚✧:・゚✧

Welcome to Wolf Pack. We're a fun and fast growing server dedicated to anime and gaming. We're also a community of the game Bleach Brave Souls. so if you're looking for an active BBS community, you'll love our place

What we offer:

★ Friendly admin and staff
★ Active community
★ Channels dedicated to discuss your fav shows to your heart's content
★ Cutom role color of YOUR choice
★ Fun bots (Pokecord, Waifubot, Mudae etc.)
★ Economy system and buyable roles unlocking various permissions
★ NSFW channel and bots
★ Music bots and channels
★ Partnerships

Bleach Brave Souls:

★ Special roles and private channels for YOUR guild (get the role by contacting Soul King/ Zero Squad)
★ Channels for advertising your guild
★ News channel always being updated with the latest news of upcoming events
★ Friendly vets willing to help you anytime with pvp/gq
★ Channels for coop (we also run iz/xtreme together)
★ Roles determining your rank and league that helps you choose who u wanna play with
𝐁𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡: The Incarnated Hollow

This is Bleach: The Incarnated Hollow. A new bleach server based on an complete different universe from the canon counterpart. An action pact, story filled and overall fun roleplay experience. Of course, there are reasons to join aside from the fact that new and unique bleach servers are few and far between. Regardless, we bring you, Bleach: The Incarated Hollow.

❯─────────────────「 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐒 」─────────────────❮

:bar_chart: I A familiar ranking system!
✧ This ranking will look quite similar to one some of you may have seen on a now deleted server. This is because this server is something of a spiritual successor to that now dead server. If you look amongst the team of owners, you may find some familiar faces. Instead of basing rank up's solely on fighting and combat. We based it on development, and story impact. Along with combat.
:crossed_swords: II Skilled-Combat Roleplay!
❅ We want only the best for the roleplayers in our server. If they need help getting better, we will gladly give it to them. There is no criteria of writing prowess for this server, however, more than one line to start would be nice. The combat roleplayers we take in are great, exciting to roleplay with and overall pretty cool people. Honestly, come check them out. The goal with combat was to help people who need help to provide a better experience, but also provide a great experience for the pros.
:fleur_de_lis: III A successful-staff team!
✦ The staff on this server hails from all over. The team that made this server has all done bits and pieces to help make it true, and all have had experience with NPCing characters for others, accepting bios and managing a server. Each one of them will be working hard to get everything done as fast as possible for you.
Bleach Ignition
→ Fully Literate
→ 16+

→The Shinigami are regaining strength in the Seireitei after heavy losses were suffered during an attack on Hueco Mundo that went horribly wrong. Join the ranks of the 6 Court Guard Squads and unlock the true power of your Zanpakuto!

→The Quincy have returned to the surface after being hunted to near extinction, as the mighty Wandenreich makes its return. Become a Mighty Quincy , lead your army to victory and purge the world of the Hollows.

→While in Las Noches, the Hollow King awakens! Gathering his Espada to spread his rule beyond that of Hueco Mundo. Remove your mask and join the ranks of the Arrancar, joining the Elite forces of the Espada.

→In the World of the Living, the Fullbringers hold in their organisation of Tarot protecting the World of the Living from the increasing Hollow Threat. Discover your Fullbring and become part of the group tasked with Humanity’s last defence against these spiritual threats.

→And in the far reaches of the Soul Society, the Bounts have resurfaced as a powerful adversary not to be ignored. Unleash your hidden power and become a fearsome part of the Calore order.

{What we offer}

⇒ An Intricate and Expanded Lore with a Rich World to immerse yourself into.
⇒ Numerous RP channels, Five Expanded Races, and many Powerful Characters.
⇒ A friendly community (looking for more members) ready to answer questions or suggestions.
⇒ Literate paragraph/multi-paragraph roleplays.
⇒ Intensive, Well-written and Plot Focused Combat
⇒ Player driven plots with the chance of events by the Staff or veteran RP’ers.
⇒ Optional art, discussion, and Bot Channels for those who want to!
⇒ Taking partners.
The best new destination for Bleach R34! This server is a perfect place for any consumers and connoisseurs of Bleach hentai as well as any artists looking for a place to make their work known. Come hang out with us, or have some alone time... 18+ only.
We offer you:
♥A staff role if you join now! Hooray!
♥The most active Admin you'll ever see that's online for 12 hours a day. (Acts as the NPC characters)
♥This is the place to be if you're frustrated by inactive approvals, lack of events and a lack of NPCs. (they come into the chat, btw xD)

♥A unique story that you can only find here.
♥Exciting NPC RPs that you can play.
♥A quest system.
♥Rewarding character growth where you actually feel like you're getting stronger in less than a week.
♥You'll never be lonely as there is a plethora of bot characters that will give you quests
♥So without further ado, the lore:

The Thousand Year Blood War has ended and Yhwach has taken the place of the Spirit King, becoming a god. He crafted the world to his image, and destroyed both Huece Mundo and the Soul Society as we know it, creating his very own paradise for the Quincies and tilting everything to his favor.
The world of the living has immensely changed due to the Shinigami and Hollows who were thrown into it. Then the quincies proceeded to eradicate most of them, leaving Earth a barren wasteland that was thrown into a post-apocalyptic era, with only a few cities serving as bastions for humanity, worshipping Yhwach as their one and only god.
Thousands of years passed, and the standard for Sternritters has dropped significantly. Humans with a talent are shipped to the Gottesreich to become servants to the quincy or turn to the resistance with what little remains of the Shinigami and Hollows.
With most souls turning into Hollows, the Quincies and the Shinigami race to defeat them. If killed by a Quincy, they disintegrate and are gone for good. However, if they are killed by Shinigami, they go to Hell where the only superpower that stands against the hollows resides - the Sinners. With the balance of the world shaken, the Kushanada have disappeared, letting them do as they pleased and bolster their forces, travelling between the world freely.

Fullbringers are now becoming the norm. Those born in the sheltered cities can be granted the status of Honorary Quincies to serve in Gottesreich, and the ones bred in the refugee camps join the resistance.
A small good civ server that is interested in mostly anime and games, with friendly members from all over the globe. Join us anytime (•◡•)

❀ Drink Bubble Tea
❀ Fate/Grand Order
❀ Bleach Brave Souls
❀ Anime
❀ Manga
❀ Kpop
❀ Art
❀ Asian
❀ Food
❀ Memes
Bleach: Era De Medianoche Is based off the Anime series known as "Bleach" and obviously this whole role-playing community will be based of that anime. We're fairly new but we do have documents, roles and everything ready to be used by anyone that's planning to join the discord for roleplay purposes.
Welcome, one and all, to the new Bleach: Lewd Society server! This is an 18+ server, revolving around eRP/RP and the Bleach universe. All RP levels are welcome. Create a character canon to the Bleach universe, or make your own! We have friendly, welcoming staff, out of character chats and an image section. Come, help us grow!

** Currently looking for admins and mods **
We are a Bleach community home to the Youtuber Platinum Equinox. Our server carries the art team Tensei Productions whom is working on the Thousand Year Blood War Fan Animation just like Retro Ryno.

Friendly and active community: Everyone here wants the best for bleach and any anime fan for that. As long as you aren't being rude to others, you are welcome

Waifu Wars: Yes, You heard it. We have Waifu Wars. Battle against others and clash to claim victory to prove that your waifu is number one.

Custom Role Requests: Giving free roles away. Drop by, ask for them. And we'll get back asap.

And much more. We really hope to see you there. Please Join us at the bleach Nexus. And don't forget to #SupportBleach.
For bleach brave souls players, as well a nice place to talk to new people, memes, funny vids, art & anime discussions go along too even if u don't play the game, we got nice emotes as well (≧∇≦)/
A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King

We offer 14 Races and still counting! With numerous new systems and constant updates coming Bi-Weekly (Or a little later, because we like flavor) we constantly look to bring joy and happiness to our players!
🎉 Serveur rencontre thématisé sur le manga 🎉

-Nous avons pour principale but de rassembler des personnes ayant des centres d'intérêts communs, ou juste pour rassembler tout simplement.

-Le serveur est thématisé afin de se démarquer mais l'aspect rencontre/rassemblement sera privilégié.

-Il est structuré en 4 factions pour rendre le thème plus authentique et nous prévoyons d'organiser des évènements afin de créer une compétitivité entre celles-ci.

-Le serveur est sorti de sa phase de développement et nous cherchons des membres pour qu'ils puissent, dans un premier temps, le peupler et le faire vivre puis dans un second temps, donner des idées d'améliorations.

-Nous respectons quand même l'aspect rencontre avec les réactions roles et les salons textuels/vocaux dédiés puis nous envisageons un aspect rp pour les volontaires, lorsqu'il y aura assez de monde.

-Merci d'avoir pris attention à notre description, au plaisir de vous voir le rejoindre !
The server takes place 18 years after the thousand year blood war. In this timeline all three factions got into a war with each other. This was mostly caused by Yhwach who wanted to remove the two other factions and make quincy’s supreme. This plan failed gravely and ended up in the destruction and disbanding of the Quincy’s along with the death of all the soul society captains and arrancar. All factions were in grave danger with them receiving large casualties that only got worse when a rouge substitute soul reaper when on a rampage against all the factions. With the new treat in place the three factions try to reciprocate and gain the strength they ones had to fight back.

-What we offer here!!-
-Amazing staff
-Our new SP System
-Helpful Staff
~~~Welcome to Bleach: New Life!~~~

We are an Roleplaying server which aims to follow the anime, manga and novel series of Bleach! We have a basic lore we follow. We offer 6 races in our server: Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy, Fullbringer, Bount and Sinner.

Two years after the final remnants of Yhwach's mind was killed by Kazui, the Reio (Soul King) was amongst the other beings that remained alive. There he lay dormant deep in the Dangai, protected by their leader before the Shinigami ripped him apart, awakened by Yhwach to their true heir before his demise. What stepped out was a pure being of four different soul types: Shinigami, Fullbringer, Hollow, and Quincy. A powerful being. Those who were 3rd seat or greater suddenly collapsed into reishi. An idealism of liberation of a reformed world before its demise using condensed reishi for the better. However, it could not succeed in its plan, resulting in a collapse of reishi. It cannot control the manipulation and absorption of reishi. Because of this, the Reio was sent deep into the Dangai once more. Reishi scattered, once more bringing the balance of power of different realms unseen since the fall of the Reio. 10 years passed since. Gradually, different races of all realms began once more in rebuilding their races once more.

~~~What This Server Has to Offer~~~
>> Helpful Staff members
>> RP Events and Giveaways
>> Can Develop Your Own plot!
>> Partnership

Come and join building the New Life of Bleach!
Yosh les amis, j'espère que vous allez bien aujourd'hui je veux vous présenter mon serveur, ICHI Society.

Voici quelque bref chose de mon serveur :
- Des grades d'évolution et des grades spéciale "event" !!
- Des salons organisé et facile d'utilisation.
-un règlement stric pour le bien de tout le monde
-des events

Voilà en bref mon serveur discord, j'espère que vous viendrais nombreux et nombreuse ^^ et de vous détendre dans mon serveur ICHI Society.
Merci de votre compréhension, Ichi !
Hello! If you join the server, I hope you have fun.

How can one small difference make so much change? Lore in server.

Yes, you can use canon characters. To an extent.

Captain Yagamura from the 8th Division, was born a natural Prodigy, eventually wanting more power and knowledge. Unlike the average Shinigami, his thoughts were beyond the normal. So, he began working on a relic that allowed him to exist within the 3 realms, which was successfully done. Then, he began working on the Hogyoku, which was the only thing in existence to ever stop his plans, till the day he created White.
But, White escaped his lab, disappearing from him for Centuries, unable to track him down.
Skip to the present time, Yagamura created plans to betray the Gotei 13, get White back, finish his Hogyoku and so on, which he sort of did.
Another young prodigy named Musei Kurosaki got in the way, had White sealed in him.
Captain Darega from the 5th Division, just like Yagamura, was not your average Shinigami. He was born with immense powers, due to being the son of the Soul King. As time passed by, he began to wonder, just how far could he go with these powers. And so, he entered the Gotei 13, wandering and thinking on how far he could go. He stayed with them for a bit, eventually leaving for a short amount of time, creating the Sternritters after the Quincies elimination, which he did not a g r e e with. Then went back to the Gotei 13, continued being Captain, worked on his Hogyoku for a couple of Centuries, all the way to the present time. Betrayed the Gotei 13, has the Sternritter ready at any time, and so on.
Other than that, Bleach Renacido's story is heavily reliant on the RPers themselves. Everyone, if powerful enough, or maybe even weak, can change the flow of the story eventually. Though, the lore within Bleach Renacido is quite similar to Bleach's, but with slight changes or twists that RPers can find out in RP, or by simply asking questions. The majority of the original things that happen within Bleach Renacido, happen in the present time of the RP, rather than the past. Though there are hidden lores within the RP, this is all just one generalization, who the main villains are and so on.

🚨》Racial Evolutions!
🚨》Training System!
🚨》Arcs for every Main Roleplay!
🚨》Tier System!

What will your actions effect the Bleach World? The future is yours to command.

After a long, disastrous 500 year long war all realms remain in complete disarray. The conflict between realms and spirit entities stretched into every corner of the worlds. The reasons for battle now long forgotten for few of those who started it still exist. The human planet caught in the cross fire, large swats of land now erased from combat. Humanity hopeless to defend itself against these super-powered beings. To complicate matters further, being killed is not the end, not anymore. The lack of equilibrium now pulls the souls that lack a vessel to be reformed again. The question is: what will you be?

⛩Server Features⛩

💀Choose to be a Shinigami/Hollow/Quincy/Visored/Fullbringer/Bount!
💀Create your very own abilities!
💀Rise through the ranks and establish yourself!
💀Create your own plot that has server changing capabilities!
💀Great Combat RP!
💀Community made guides and RP channels!
💀Make friends and go on Assignments together!
💀Become a Faction Leader!
welcome to our nice server. it is brand new and since it is new you can be one of the captains or an arancar. the lore is that it is a non cannon timeline but you can get the zanpakuto of the soul reapers and others in a giveaway. we are looking for more staff as well

we would love for you to join us in our adventure. and have fun. we are an lgbtq+ safe community we support everyone. we have friendly staff. I hope you have fun here