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Neste servidor buscamos ter uma boa experiência com roleplay, mantendo o conteúdo lore-friendly e em consonância com esse maravilhoso universo criado por Tite Kubo.

Nós temos:
-Diversas raças para escolher
-Histórias empolgantes
-Eventos ocasionais
-Comunidade atenciosa e proativa
-Tiro, porrada e bankai

Entre em nosso servidor e mostre do que é capaz! Bankai!
Polski serwer Role Playing Game, mający miejsce w uniwersum Bleacha! Wydarzenia w naszej grze dzieją się po tych, poznanych w mandze.
Welcome, to literally the brand new and fresh Bleach RP! Have you ever wondered what its like to be a soul reaper, quincy, or a hollow? Well now you can become one in this bleach rp! You can fight hollows or even lead your own squadron. Join now! Also nothing has been decided because the owners don't have much of a community to base limits and buffs on! Though, if you join now, it might help them out!
A new bleach server where canon characters were never born and you make the adventure. Searching for staff and people to help build the server.
It's a new bleach server a few of my friends and myself started. You can be just about anything you'd want to be in this rp. We're just looking to get this off other ground, come join us!
Hey! Welcome to Ichigorra Server! This is a server where everyone has fun and promotion is greatly accepted. Have fun!

200 years have passed since the ending of Bleach. New Soul Reapers, Arrancars, Visored, humans, Fullbringers, Quincies, Sinners and Bounts have been revived. Although the Thousand Year Blood War had ended in a terrible tragedy in all worlds, gradually things have slowly become more and more normal again. Peace had loomed the land of the land once more. Would Danger come again or will peace prevail?

Hi there! We're a Bleach Role-playing community. We would love for you to join us.

Serious Role-Players only please.

1.) Train your very own custom character through, our unique training system, created and modeled after the Manga's system.

2.) Complete customization over your characters future, goals and aspirations. When powerful enough create your very own Shikai, Bankai and it's abilities. Add them to your character sheet for all to see.

3.) Start off as a Gillian Class Arrancar, A fullbringer, Quincy or even your standard Shinigami. Follow the rules and use the role-play training system to make your character. One of the strongest to have ever lived.

4.) User friend API. The discord bots will help you settle in if any high ranking admin is offline.

5.) Intense and fun role-play battles
Serveur français (et Anglais) consacré à l'univers de Bleach. Vous trouverez de nombreux salons dédiés au jeu mobile Bleach Brave Souls (BBS) par exemple un salon recrutement pour les joueurs qui désirent recruter dans leur guilde ou si vous êtes à la recherche d'une. Vous aurez aussi à votre disposition de nombreux salons vocaux pour vous aider à communiquer durant les quêtes coop ou juste pour parler. Et bien évidemment des salons discutions et de partages comme tout autres serveur à votre disposition. J'espère que vous vous amuseriez bien et que vous trouveriez se vous cherchiez ! Sur ce je vous laisse ! Bankai !!!
There was once a war between the Shinigami, Hollow, And Quincies long ago in the 12th Century CE (1100's). This war was caused due to the Quincy pride getting the better of themselves leading to them wanting to have proxy wars to prove they are better, upon this happening eventually, the proxy wars had then gotten out of control.

The war was mostly at a stalemate until the Quincies and Shinigami developed mass destruction weapons to lessen the masses. With ninety-nine percent of the Shinigami, Quincy, and Hollows fighting, the weapons eradicated the majority of the quincies, humans, and hollows races along with the majority of the Shinigami until there was that 1% left within the three main races. Once this event had came to pass the war ended in a draw. Twenty years later, the population of all three races began to rise gradually, allowing for new beings to rise in power along with that of new races.

You are now apart of that population of four who began to rise gradually. What will you become and what will you make of yourself?

Join today and decide on your own accord, the New Generation awaits you.


Invite Link:
Server Owner: @Zenten


•New Server
•Constantly Growing
•Seeking Staff
•Fun Bots!
•In need of experienced users at making servers.
•Home to all role-players
• Original Character Creation Template
•NSFW 18+ Content allowed

Join our server today! And be along side us in our journey of growing and fun roleplays!
this is a new server dedicated to forging your own story in the soul society. based in Bleach universe
still under development. any help is appreciated!!!!
meme loving fucks
htey fight boredom and only afraid of a few things

join the shitcupe today we're the most ironic fuck ers in the game
Bleach: The Uprising is a Roleplay server based around the anime Bleach, in it you'll be able to create your own Zanpakuto (Sword for those who don't know.) and it's Bankai and Shikai (Evolutions for those who don't know.), you'll be able to choose between 10 races and explore many settings in the Bleach world such as: The Hueco Mundo or maybe The Soul Society, the choice is up to you! we also have a custom lore (Which is still in progress though.), the number of roleplayers isn't very high right now but we're still growing so there's much room for expansion!
In this server ther is NSFW but you can only ERP in dms or in the NSFW channel,oh and also if you're fast enough maybe you can claim the role of Quincy,Hollow or maybe Soul king, in this server you'll found a very nice community (Probably.) hope you join! been 20yrs after the great fight of ichigo and Aizen. The Zanpakutos have been spread out or passed down and new Zanpukatos have been found.Even after the great fight hollows still roam around and new strong captains have risen up along side many powerful enemies so what will u be in this a Good Guy or A Villain
Join it and you will get why™.
We got an working system that prevents Mary Sue.
We are an Anti-Toxic Community.
^^^^Erp is kinda supported but heck nah^^^^
We got Semi-Canon Characters and an Arc story system.
We are dying please save us aaaaaaaa.
A roleplay server for the amazing anime and manga series Bleach!
Takes place right after TYBW arc
A bleach rp that is open for suggestions and always ready for improvement to help its growth
join and mostly importantly...***have fun***
Welcome to Ashi-whatever high! We are an highly advanced High-School for anyone who wants an quality education.
We got:
-Dorms (cuz why the heck not?)
-An 10% chance of obtaining an excessive magical power(any power you desire)
-An working roleplaying system.
-An working job, life and payment system.
-An entire tokyo-life in discord form.
-An bots that makes this whole thing easier.
The several universes of the famous shonen jump franchise has collided in some universal accident merging them all together. All the dead villains & heroes have returned due to this accident.

Will the heroes defeat the now reanimated villains? Or will the villains team up to take down the heroes standing in their way to whatever their end goal is?

~This Server Consists Of~
🌺 ~ Active Staff
🌺 ~ Active Community
🌺 ~ Etc
Currently no rp, as it is being created. You are, however, free to join and talk to others, even create a character if you feel so inclined
A brand new server that is offering a brand new rp experience for bleach