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300 years ago, a virus spread across the Soul Society that killed most of the gotei shinigami. Of those, the Kasumioji clan showed to be tolerant to the virus, only getting very sick, rather than the certain death that the virus showed. Due to this, the Kasumioji rose in power to be one of the 4 noble families.

Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo, the hollow race evolved to be natural arrancar, but different. All hollows became arrancar, whether they were a Vasto Lorde, or a new-born hollow.

This posed an extreme threat to the gotei, as they were severely weakened. The gotei re-formed from its 13 divisions, to 8 divisions, due to the lack of shinigami.

In the living world, tons of humans began displaying the ability to see and interact with souls. For an act to be allies, the soul society began sourcing Bakkoto from the Kasumioji clan to give to them, so that they can have power to kill the arrancar, and to defend themselves.

As well as that, Fullbringers and Quincies started to thrive, them appearing everywhere, including new races. Among them, some humans started developing Shinigami powers. They were called Shijigami (Living Gods, because Shinigami means Death Gods). Among those, there are Shijigami who have hollow powers. Vizards. They formed a group that helps defend their town. The group is called Oujoten.
The war was over the Quincy king lie dead at the feat of Ichigo Kurosaki. But this was a hollow victory as the soul king had been killed. There was no one strong enough to keep the balance and the world was slowly ripping itself apart. In one last act, Ichigo using all of his power managed to save a small portion of each dimension as they collided into a mass of reishi with nor form. The mass of reishi exploded bathing the surviving bits of each world in highly concentrated reishi. The reishi in the fragments of the destroyed worlds allowed them to slowly expand back to their original size but also had an effect on the souls living within them.
The Soul Society took a staggering number of casualties through the war and the worlds collapsing. The reishi that blanketed the soul society caused the few citizens of the Rukongai left to develop their own spiritual powers allowing the shinigami to bolster their ranks and start to rebuild. Although the colliding of worlds had severely weakened the barriers between the worlds allowing hollow free rain of the human world and the outside of the Seireitei it walls of Sekkiseki stone being the only thing keeping the hollows out. The number of squads had been reduced due to the lower amount of shinigami.
Hueco Mundo, the home of the hollows was also saved and like the other realms was covered in reishi. The reishi caused millions of hollows to form and for natural Arrancar to be more common. Hollows evolved faster than before instead of taking hundreds of years down to a few centuries. This and the weakened barriers caused hollows to swarm over the human world and the Rukongai of soul society. But the hollows kept their ravenous eating each other just as much as they devoured others for their power. The Arrancars that formed cast off this hunger and while being more common they were still few and far between. But there have been whispers of a new set of Espada forming under the dome of Las Noches.
As the portion of the human world was bathed in reishi the humans mutated, starting a new age of Quincy that were unaffected by the influence of the late Quincy king. As the hollows poured into the human world the survivors of their attacks birthed a new age of Fullbringers. The Fullbringers and the Quinces united in order to help protect their world and to restore it to the marvel that it once was.
The Espada are reforming to take control of the masses of hollows and use them to protect or destroy the remainder of the worlds? Will the soul society sink into its old ways and annihilate the Quincy and Fullbringers along with the hollows or will an alliance form that will stand the test of time? Will the Quincy and Fullbringers be unable to let go of old grudges and destroy the soul society along with the hollows or will they learn to forgive and cooperate?
The choice is yours.
A new bleach server where canon characters were never born and you make the adventure. Searching for staff and people to help build the server.
1.000 years ago, all soul reapers above the level of a seated member dissipated into nothingness, leaving nothing behind to show the cause of the disappearance.
200 years ago, one shinigami took responsibility over the shinigami, and formed a new gotei 13, becoming the brand new head captain
This server takes place right after the end of the manga. I hope you have fun in this server!

If you don't join, you are very uncool.
In this alternate bleach universe, Fullbringers and Shinigami have allied in war against the Quincy and Arrancar. This war between these 4 races arose on a day known as Dark Takura, which took place in Takura city. Just south of Karakura town, the Arrancar invaded Takura City and slaughtered all of its civilians with hollows. The shinigami wer unable to stop them, due to the efforts of Quincy who stopped them in their path and could not be defeated quick enough. Sadly, on this day, 2/4 of the captains lost their lives, causing a large number of the shinigami captains to lose their lives, and 2/4 of the Espada did as well. A large number of Quincy Sternritters were also lost, and this event caused multiple fullbringers to arise all over multiple areas of karakura town, especially from the survivors of the attack who migrated there. This went down as a large loss for Shinigami, and it became clear to them that their efforts alone could not fight off the opposing forces who have teamed against them, and even more worry flooded the soul society with the threat of Bounts also coming on the rise. To make up for this issue, the Soul Society began to welcome Vizard in to their ranks and Fullbringers in to the soul society as an ally, however they have not completely given in to the partnership, some resenting it.
A roleplay server for the amazing anime and manga series Bleach!
Takes place right after TYBW arc
A brand new server that is offering a brand new rp experience for bleach