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Welcome to Stardust a server which offers plenty of emotes, a level system etc, our goal is to make a friendly environment for all kinds of people, not just anime lovers where everyone can stay and enjoy their time. So feel free to chat and join our discord we always welcome new people!
Komunitas Fate Grand Order dan Fate Franchise Discord Server Indonesia. No toxic, cancer, bad words, and Elitist. Exclusive server (tidak aktif selama satu semester auto kick) yang ditujukan untuk player yang care, toleran, cinta tanah air dan aktif berkomunikasi.
Un serveur discord convivial où on parle d'anime de manga et de bien plus encore
Welcome to Chaldea! As the name suggests, we're a small community of Fate fans that come together to chillout and talk about Fate. If you don't play FGO, don't worry! We're happy to welcome anyone with open arms!
A simple place to post your anime and figure collections.
- Nendoroid
- Figma
- Gunpla / Gundam
- Pokemon Cards
- Monster High Dolls
- Bjd / Ball-Jointed Dolls
-gatcha rolls and gamers tags
-resin kits/garage-kits
- Anime
- Wifeus
No bombards of pings, very chill environment with some simple questions before getting a member role.
A cool and chill place to listen to music, meet other anime fans, and watch anime on together!

Welcome to Gacha City 2.0, where all of your .jpg waifu dreams come true. You don't have to be into gacha games to join, anyone is welcome to join and talk about whatever it is that may be. We have a good bit of channels dedicated to certain games, which are:

- FGO (Fate/Grand Order)

- Azur Lane

- GFL (Girls' Frontline)

- Cool Emotes

- Destiny Child

- Magia Record

- Soccer Spirits

- Epic Seven

More channels for certain games will most likely be added in the future, but for now that's all we have. We of course of other channels that aren't gacha related, and there's also a role that hides the whole gacha category if you wish to do so.
-New Discord server (and YouTube Channel) 📺♦️
- Fgo
- Anime
- YouTube
- Mods And Admin
Come and join Lack Knowledge
New so still working on it but
Enjoy ☺️
Welcome to Fate/Genesis!

Fate/Genesis is a server where there are different lores and locations, where each and every plot suit your own taste. We have events ranging from irp, to just in general. The server is constantly updated by 6 people that each of them moderate and update their lores in one of the seven categories that we have.

What do we have to offer?
We have...
-A money system, to buy character slots or a residence (In the future, we are expanding the list).

-A website dedicated to Fate/Genesis server.

-Plots suited and constantly updated to tailor the majority of the people's needs.

-6 amazing moderators! (they are awesome)

-Giveaways! It could be irp currency, or if you're lucky, one month nitro. (Though one month nitro is very rare)

-Advanced and Normal templates!

-7 categories with each of their own plot and conditions.

-And much more!

In all, I hope you enjoy this server and we will be happy if you can rp with us in this small community of ours! This is the Genesis Team and we welcome you to Fate/Genesis.

-Genesis Team
We are part of FGO Wikia (
which we are the official Fate Grand Order discord server for the Wikia. Come join us, we have friendly staff, exciting channels suitable for anything (not only for Fate Grand Order players, friendly community so come join us!
Welcome to Fate Lost Order

An alternate retelling of the Fate Grand Order story, with characters from all around the nasuverse joining in.

Many different things happened that caused changes in this timeline but the threat to humanity still remains. Enter as a master or become a servant of the Throne of Heroes. This is a battle to take back our future!
A roleplay server that set in an alternate retelling of the Fate/Grand Order storyline.

After the events regarding Solomon, Chaldea has expanded in order to better prepared against the various threats against humanity's history. This story centers around a Chaldea located within America, and their plight concerning a girl and the mysterious society she came from.

All are welcomed!
Nauja Fate/Grand Order lietuvos bendruomenė. Aptarinejam, padedam vieni kitiems, bei dalinames patirtimi.
Server Fate/Grand Order nói riêng và series Fate của TYPE-MOON nói chung. Tham gia ngay!
Come masters of Chaldea, its time to take back our future.

Join our discord server to meet other masters and take on the hit mobile game Fate Grand Order. Find new friends and throw salt at the whales.

Come join now. It is your destiny. We can't wait to meet you! and see what you summon.
Welcome to SE.RA.PH A friendly and safe platform for all trading, buying and selling of FGO, Epic7, FFBE, FEH, BBS, other gacha games accounts.
You will find all the information you need to carry trades/sales. Come introduce yourself in the Classroom, new student!
Welcome to Fate/Elysium!
This is a Fate roleplay server combining systems from the likes of Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Stay Night all into one.

Featuring things such as:
• A well-balanced economy and progression system
• Unique lore and setting
• Quests and Missions for any and all sort of character styles
• Friendly staff willing to help out
• Complete creative freedom in the character you make, even allowing the use of canon Fate servants and masters

and more, there's bound to be something for everyone to enjoy!

Make sure to ask for help if you need it, but, above all, have fun!
Avalon is a server I crated as an offshoot of another to provide a one stop shop for almost anything Fate. Currently our specialty deals with the mobile game, Fate/ Grand Order, as many of members play the game and know it relatively well. The best part to deal with that is long, easy to read, and unbiased servant reviews that I hope to one day involve every servant with. Along with that, there's channels set up for other casual conversations. My only goal is to create my own little Fate community where everyone can go and talk about whatever they want, with next to no rules attached.
A new server that can't decide if it wants to focus on Fate/Grand Order or on sexy stuff... come here for either or both! I made this server as a joke but it turned out pretty good anyway. Strictly LGBT+ friendly.
We're a new server that's focused around RP and discussion of the Fate franchise.
Welcome to The Terra Cell, O Mighty One! Are you brave enough to travel to the Throne of Heroes! Here in this world lie secrets untold throughout the ages. Waiting now for you to unlock them in this heroic realm! Participate as a Master or Servant of your choosing and begin the fight for the Holy Grail! Do you have what it takes to uncover the secrets of Akasha???

We Offer the opportunity to partake in a dedicated Type Moon based roleplay with staff willing to offer support and help you both grow as a roleplayer and to have fun!
Join as either Master, Servant, or both! You can roleplay as either a Canon character or as an Original Character!
Over 7 Sectors to Explore! See what these massive lands have to offer with your very own eyes and witness history at its prime!

We hope to see you soon within the Throne of Heroes! Good Luck and Have Fun!
A server all about loving the fluffiest FGO Berserker, Asterios. Chat about FGO or just how much you want Asterios to hug you or just post images of Asterios!

NSFW is opt-in only.