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Smug Pub is a relatively new server that has grown exponentially in the past week, and I would love anyone to join! We feature bots like Mudae, Tatsumaki, and Pokecord to more fully engage our members, even if they are most active to one specific channel!
Large and active community for gaming bots, laid back moderation so everybody can have a fun time. Come chat, chill, and trade!
The Hidey Hole, where you can hide away from your responsibilities however you want, collecting Waifu, catching Pokémon, or just with a cool ass group of people to talk to. Grab a shovel and join the Hidey Hole ayy lmao

Strictly an 18+ server.
The Kingdom is a growing and friendly social network, open to invite more people to come and just chill out.
We have self-assignable roles, a level system and many bots that you're able to use as you wish.
for big peepee niggas who want to grind on the weeb bot. and pokecord guys as well i guess.
Brand new!
While The Lounge is open to adding more bots in the future, we currently offer:
Jojo Stand Collecting Bot
Idle RPG
Box Bot
OwO Bot
Poll Bot
Giveaway bot
Reaction Roles

We are an 18+ only server, so please no minors! Come catch your waifus or pokemon while chatting with others!
If you need somewhere to rest, we are here at Kingdom of Mystery.
We have waifubot, mudaebot and pokecord to offer. If you wanna just chill with us, this is also fine.
Have Fun! uwu
Everyone is welcome to my new server. Featuring Waifubot. Trade, Claim and Flex.
A chill server meant for anime fans and perverts. Thats right! We accept pervs and people with a...well... unique sense of humor. Come join!

We have WaifuBot, Mudae, Pokecord, etc.
Please join to help expand our community!
✧・゚: ✧・゚: in waifu labyrinth, we have the WaifuBot, Pokecord, Mudae, etc. :・゚✧:・゚✧ we're all nice, feel free to make some new friends ✧・゚: ✧・゚: rules aren't strict, just don't be rude on purpose :・゚✧:・゚✧ join now! ✧・゚: ✧・゚:

A Little Bit Of Everything

This server is exactly what the name is, A Little Bit Of Everything. If you’re looking for bots we have them, if you just want to chat with people it’s here,
want to play some competitive online games with new people we got it.
⭐ Multiple bots such as pokecord, waifubot, pokeverse, duckhunt, discord ball Z, etc.
⭐ Friendly community
⭐ Level system which grants self advertising
⭐ Category roles so you aren’t bothered by something you don’t want to see
⭐ Constantly gaining new members
⭐ Game chats
⭐ Partnerships
⭐ Giveaways
⭐ Constant server updates |
I’m trying to get a big active community going so if you could join that would be great!!
Everyone is welcome here in Honey Hotspot! Our server is a great environment where you can make new friends and discuss your favorite interests with others. Along with that we have bots like mudae, waifubot, and pokecord for all to enjoy. Honey Hotpost is the perfect place to collect and trade on waifubot and pokecord if you are looking for an active community for these bots! Our server provides self assign roles along with a welcoming staff team to help you with whatever you may need! We are also open to recommendations to help improve our server. (If you are looking to partner with our server please contact our partnership manager).
You can catch waifus/husbandos, you can talk to new people, spamming isn’t allow unless certain role aka levels. You can also talk and listen to music in VC!
Place of Bots, a brand new server that's main audience will be users of many types of bots! I am Taco, the founder. I am currently still in the process of developing the server and would love if users came here with their friends to play with the bots I've added so far! I will soon be allowing people to apply for the moderator role for specific bots they may like. Please give my server consideration!
♡♡Hey Cuties! Welcome to Metropolis! ♡♡

We are a community based server with customizable roles and fun Game bots! They include:
✿⋆Waifu Bot
✿⋆Black Jack
and much more fun things to do! Join and have fun getting to know our friendly community server♡♡
Just a little pokecord server.

I take the time to create your own private room where you have all the rights, you can spam without fear of people stealing your pokemon, there is many bots that you can add to you'r room and feel free to suggest me other one <3

i have alot of time to give for members, i'm not looking for a super popular discord where people are just numbers to brag about.

If you just looking for a chill little place to spam and maybe make some friends this discord is for you <3
Hello, and welcome to Mahou no Gakkou! We are a small and starting-up discord server focused on giving members not only a welcoming community but also a place where they can RP with like-minded individuals. The role-play here is set in a modern fantasy high school in world full of magic and a variety of other eccentricities. We also have a number of bots to make your stay more welcoming! Such as:
✧ WaifuBot
✧ Mudae
✧ Pokecord
Well, have I piqued your interest? If so, why not come on in and say hello to the fellow students and make some new friends?
Hello there traveler, come be swept up by the vortex and be lead down a path of beauty and astonishment!
Or just spam memes and other media, who are we to judge haha
come chat use the bots or whatever dont be shy we're friendly

New server predominatly focused on mudae now with premium!, pokecord, waifubot, anime and games more to be added in the future. we have tatsumaki for experience based roles and other features too!

For anyone who is unawear of what mudae and pokecord are they are discord game bots. Mudae to collect your waifus/husbandos from random rolls, collect and hoard or trade come join the fray.
Pokecord is to catch and collect pokemon and level them up.
This is basically an otaku community where everyone loves anime. Doesn't matter which one. All anime is awesome. And so are us otakus. We also have Pokecord if you're a fan of Pokemon.
My Anime Club is a community where you can discuss non and anime topic. It's a place where you can have fun and enjoy sharing anime contents with other otaku's!
We are a Waifubot and Mudae centered server:
- we have giveaways!
- color role
- a dib system for mudae
- game nights
- helpful staff
- and other bots to play with : )

Welcome to Ramen Kingdom! We appreciate you for joining and becoming apart of this community. We accept everyone and have no tolerance for anyone that degrades or speaks bad onto others. We want this server to be wholesome and fun! There may be some strict rules on some of the bots, but it is to keep from toxicity and fighting. We wish for everyone to abide by the rules in order to make the server a safe enjoyable place. please don’t get upset if a mod or admin warn you, we’re just trying to do our jobs and keep the server fun and friendly :)
A relatively new anime discord which is growing rapidly. We already have a few staff members, but are currently looking for more. There are many bots on the server with active users such as Mudae, Pokecord, WaifuBot, and a few others. Join now to talk about anime, manga, video games, and many other things.