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๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑

**:game_die:Current Theme:**
:video_game:Final Fantasy VIII: SeeD Academy!

Balamb Garden is a major location in Final Fantasy VIII, situated east of the town of Balamb. Students (usually orphans) attend school in hopes of becoming SeeDs. Balamb Garden is one of the three Gardens in the world.

Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, Seifer Almasy and Selphie Tilmitt live and train at Balamb Garden, and Quistis Trepe works as an instructor.

The Garden works both as a location, and as a method of transportation around the world map. Using the Garden is made redundant by the game's end as the player obtains an airship that can be used to move around the map more efficiently.


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๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑

I created this Discord as a way to break free from the stigma of joining other gaming community servers that feel like just another number in the echo-chamber of the rules.

I was sick of every other server kicking or banning people for merely disagreeing with the staff or having unpopular opinions.

Not responsible for cuteness overload ;)

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It's a server about castlevania, final fantasy, and more! It's about my youtube channel
So........the world begins with your usual intro about almost every single RPG:
An X amount of gods or just one god came around, gave birth to the world, blah, blah, blah, gods were created to handle nature and all that stuff.

However......this case was different.

In the midst of all this creation, Bahamut, the king of dragons, managed to get his hands on the Lifestream, the planet's so-called "energy source" and was somehow able to create the legendary seven Weapons, biomechanical beings capable of mass destruction who served the Espers, a group of high-ranking gods and goddesses, with Bahamut included. However, Bahamut had programmed them to be sealed away under specific regions of the planet to prevent their misuse and when there was a danger to the planet, the seal would unbind itself and they would be called to action, using the lethal source of the gods in order to stop the threat.

Not only that, but man managed to become independent of the gods and fend for themselves, establishing beautiful, but complex technology fusing magic and machine together and produce thriving civilizations, almost becoming godly themselves. It seemed like man did not need guidance from the gods no longer. And so, ever since man's reign on Droichead, the gods have forever remained myth....until now.

The year is 205 AG.

Man has been at peace ever since the Cross-Magi War between Oscea and Meyclipso a century ago and has thrived with Magitek technology ever since it's creation.

However, a huge planet-like structure completely metallized had suddenly appeared over Droichead from some of sort of large-scale magical rift and out of it came mechanical alien invaders. Oscea and Illuso were able to recover and defend themselves from these attacks, however Meyclipso had lost a majority of its mecha force and was forced to call for reinforcements from Oscea, who gladly assisted them. However, upon seeing the enemy units in ground combat, it seems that the aliens also used the same Magitek technology and have the exact same class systems as Droichead's inhabitants.....

What is the deal with this mechanized planet? And why are its inhabitants functioning like the people of Droichead? Only time will tell in the story of Final Fantasy: Droichead.
The Castle that never was! We are a social/RP server looking for more people who are interested in making friends and playing games! This server only accepts people who are 18+! We keep everyone updated on the new KH3 game and updates on anything Final Fantasy related. We welcome streamers of the games as well as support them.
Learn how to code at fayer's farm today and join a final fantasy themed server! We have a custom bot, lots of job choices.
Mogtopia is a community themed around Final Fantasy.

The games we are support are -

• Mobius Final Fantasy

Our discord community has over 100 spectacular members. We are all just looking to chill, have fun, play games, hang out and help a nibba out.

We have very understanding, reasonable and kind staff.

Our staff members are:

• Ronney

• TrueAgidyne

• RatiugSon

• Lea

• Odinsknight101

• LegendaryGirlA (LGA)

• Delort

We all hope to see you soon, we appreciate you taking your time out of your day to read this and possibly join us, thank you very much.

Our invites to you: - (Our direct link to our steam group chat)

Thanks again 😋
!!Currently a work in progress!!

Basically this is the plot is Final Fantasy X's, just without all the main characters! Sin is unleashing chaos throughout Spira and it's up to the summoners and their guardians to save the day. However, the journey for Aeons and strength is a rough one, and many either give up or fail.
A fun RPG and Visual Novel server with great people to chat with. Don't worry if you don't wanna chat we have fun emotes as well! Soon we'll have events such as art contests, movie/game nights etc. Please join and have fun!!!
This server is dedicated to talking about the game Final Fantasy XV. In this server we talk about the characters and just overall have fun!
Kingdom Hearts no Brasil é um servidor para juntar fãs de KH para fazer amizades, discutir sobre as séries e manter todos ligados nas novidades do universo da série de jogos Kingdom Hearts!
Community of art lovers, gamers and screenshot addicts. Hosted by Alexia Rosenne, a growing Artist and digital illustrator offering to teach her followers her skills as she develops them herself.

Warm and welcomming community of gamers and artists. NSFW sections are also present here.
This is a Final Fantasy Based Role play server. We are LGBTQ friendly.
To maintain an action-packed and fun adventure within our FFXIV Community's Discord Server, we ask each user to adhere to the set of rules PROVIDED. The purpose of a Deep Dungeon community is to have a Discord server that will provide a comfortable environment for effective cross-server communications. Any deviation thereof may result in removal at the Moderator's discretion.

You MUST Get Roles so You Can Get Started with Deep Dungeon Adventures!!!
Final Fantasy fan community. Final Fantasy News/Reviews/Gaming. If you're a Square-Enix or JRPG fan, check us out!

A fan community for everyone who likes Noctis, Final Fantasy XV's protagonist, as much as we do!
Wir sind ein Multifandom Server mit den Themen Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Mittelerde, Final Fantasy und Doctor Who!
Wir freuen uns über Neuankömmlinge :)
Joint und lernt viele neue Geeks und Nerds kennen! ^-^
Willkommen auf den deutschen dissidia Server wenn ihr Lust habt guckt doch Mal vorbei danke
Quer compartilhar suas experiências no FFRK, pulls, feitos e ter uma conversa calma com outros jogadores? Então este é o servidor para você!