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unofficial Final Fantasy : War of the Visions community server
◦゚º ゚◦ ஃ Apocrypha Etrea ஃ ◦ ゚º ゚◦
Why hello! I welcome you to the world of Etrea. A Final Fantasy for Fans and First-timers. This Roleplay is of course heavily inspired by one of Square Enix's most popular game series, Final Fantasy. Explore Etrea's immersive storylines created by our finest directors, indulge yourselves in our fleshed out, and efficient mechanics that will serve as a limiter to our characters. So what are you waiting for? Come! We would like someone such as yourself.
Red rose gamers is a gamer guild where if you are looking for people or need help we play many games!!! NSFW is not allowed but you can chill game be social and talk on mic!
Welcome to the world of Novisaela, where classes and races are based off of final fantasy XIV. Some classes are from the older games along with some of the magics listed here as well.
This is an oc server though there are references of canon places mixed on in with the lore. You do NOT have to know much about Final Fantasy to rp here, or you don't have to rp at all. Feel free to just lounge about and talk with each other.
There is no NSFW shared within the server, but we do allow relationships between two characters.
The staff here is definitely friendly, though please do expect some jokes here and there. Other than the jokes, the staff are great people and i hope that you too can get along with the staff here.

Now then within the server we have: more than one race, many different job/classes to pick from, we have stats (but you don't have to use them), lots of magic. 3 canon realms, 1 oc realm (Novisaela) that is divided up into 4 separate continents, and much more.
A roleplay server based on the world of Spira. The world is in the works, help create the lore! Optional NSFW content available, 18+
Join a server with a custom setting sewn from various Final Fantasies and a few other classic RPGS - each chapter unveiling new areas of the continent to explore! Currently very much a work in progress, interested in player input to improve and refine what is available.

Features include:
- NPC creation! Submit for public/personal use.
- Tabletop system to determine conflict resolution & individual strength is standardized across the board.
A place to send stuff about anime and games, and to just hang out with some legends.
The Castle that never was! We are a social/gaming server looking for more people who are interested in making friends and playing games! This server only accepts people who are 18+! We welcome streamers as well as support them.
It's a server about castlevania, final fantasy, and more! It's about my youtube channel
Welcome to the Usual Spot! This is a Kingdom Hearts RP server where you can create and share OCs, show off your art, and be any KH character you like. Any game, any character -- the possibilities are limitless! Come and join, and may your heart be your guiding key.
Greetings lonely wanderer (owo)7,

are you playing FF14 on Europe Zodiarc ? No matter if you're a veteran or new this freshly created server serves as a platform to meet friendly people to talk and hang around with. We're pretty small at current and just met each other as well so you won't feel out of place when you hop in !

Come and enjoy your stay, let's create some good memories all together !!

We are a smol gaming server for mainly Final Fantsy XIV. We hope to grow big and strong and offer the community a spot to play and talk with each other while also suplying the greatst amount of aditional servers with final fantasy based emotes.
Its uhh- Its a Final Fantasy Roleplay server that mixes FF7, 8 and 15 so uhh yeah you can join I guess?
This server is dedicated to talking about the game Final Fantasy XV. In this server we talk about the characters and just overall have fun!
A place where fans of Final Fantasy can join and meet other fans. Tell us your favorite Final Fantasy, or come play with us. We are still a small server, but with more members, means more events with games FFXIV or FFXV or even others. Chat with us in the VC or send us your art if you're an artist. We are always welcome to meet all kinds of fans.
We are in need of more active members and potential moderaters :)
Final Fantasy - The world's within is a crossover server linking all XV (fifteen) of the main games.

In this server we have some cool mods, a good community, and we also allow OCs. You don't need to know everything there is to know about Final Fantasy. Only knowing a specific character or having only played one game is enough to get you through the door, I'll handle the rest.

We are a small server, looking to grow and expand and become a community of amazing people and possibly make some new friends and have an adventure along the way.

If this seems like your cup of tea, or you just wanna knock the laughing scene from Final Fantasy X, come on in~
Welcome one and all!
Here you'll find the wonderful world of Final Fantasy in Roleplay form. We're a very small server looking to start out and attract all forms of fans of the series, new old, or perhaps even not a fan of the series but love to Roleplay!

The server, as mentioned, is based on Final Fantasy in general. Currently being worked on to improve and generalize for more customization and such. But still accepting members!!

NSFW content is allowed, however, we'll do our best to separate it for those who wish to keep a cleaner Roleplay and channels will be made accordingly.

We hope to see you soon Adventurer! And grow as a wonderful community of Final Fantasy lovers alike!

P.S. This server isn't endorsed by Square Enix and relevant companies/publishers and is a fan based server for the FF community and Roleplay purposes.
Team Tryhard is a small FFXIV community. Founded 03.04.2016 and still alive somehow.
Server meant for playing games, specifically FF14.
Welcome to a roleplay that seeks to honor a criminally underrated game in this massive franchise called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. This roleplay is fresh, new, and always looking for support and to improve over time. Perhaps I can even introduce you to this game! If your worried about never being able to play it, fear not, its getting a remake this year, for Switch!

But game talk aside, we are an open, welcoming, friendly, hilarious server and will do our best to allow even late-comers to have their moment to shine! We also, unlike many discord servers, have an admin team that ADMITS to their mistakes and ACKNOWLEDGES when they are wrong, so thats a huge fear that you need not worry about here.

Just come aboard, have fun, and make your town proud Crystal Caravaneers!
Welcome to Insomnia...A roleplaying Discord for Final Fantasy or Fantasy in general roleplay. Here we aim to get the best of roleplayers to give you a great experience. If you do not know about Final Fantasy 15, head to #channel and read about it. We are not strictly Final Fantasy based.
Join the server anyone is welcomed
Final Fantasy fan community. Final Fantasy News/Reviews/Gaming. If you're a Square-Enix or JRPG fan, check us out!

We are a group of like-minded fans where you can talk about all things JRPG! This community is uniquely organized with levels, role rewards, bots and more! If you're a JRPG fan you'll enjoy this community.

This is a Final Fantasy server for everyone that loves and is addicted to the Final Fantasy series of games. We mainly focus on FFXIV but we welcome fans of every Final Fantasy game there is. As Final Fantasy is a game for all ages, this is a 100% SFW server, and anyone posting nude/lewd images will be banned, no warnings given.