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A small server for nier and drakengard fans to hang out.
That black box looks'd be a shame if it were to collide with another. :)
Come one come all, this is a chill AND RP based 18+ server. Please be sure to check the rules and taken characters! NSFW IS INCLUDED, though you are not inquired to engage! Please stop by!
It's the year 11,945 and humans have been forced of off Earth for years and years, due to an alien invasion.

They now live on the Moon.

An organization named YorHa, composed of androids, fight for humanity against robots and aliens.
Elsewhere, in another age, the world is very different, full of magic and fantastical creatures, dragons.

But it is a dark one, full of misery and pain, the end of times is nigh, they say.
⭐ Zapraszamy na naszego Discorda YoRHa members Ver.Discord
⭐Serwer gwarantuje wiele botów, roli oraz kanałów.
⭐Serwer jest nowy serwer oraz stale rozwijany.
(Upcoming Roleplay)

"It's been over 9,000 years since the outbreak of the White Chlorination Syndrome in 2009, which commenced a sequence of events that led to the near extinction of the human race. If the remaining human population hadn't escaped to the moon, the entire race would've been doomed in the hands of the alien machine invasion.

This brings us to the beginning of NieR: Schicksal in year 11,945. Thirteen wars between man and machine have gone by, each one of them giving birth to a new generation of man-made androids that would be sent down to Earth in a conquest. Will you be part of the newly engineered android brigade, designated the name "YorHa" and be shipped off to Earth to initiate the Fourteenth Machine War in the hope of breaking the eternal cycle? Or will you align yourself with either the Earthling resistance forces or machines?"

This server offers:
x A narrative spin-off story to NieR: Automata
x Firm rulership to ensure literate, sensible roleplay
x Several 'sides' you can pledge your allegiance to
x In-depth lore to bring everybody up-to-date with NieR: Automata
x Several short rp-related stories
x Nice people only! Have off-topic conversations, debates, or even music sessions
x Occassional giveaways including unique weapons, abilities and roles
x #DramaFree
If you ever wanted to roleplay in the Nier/Drakengard setting, now you can!

OCs are allowed.
Hi! We are a roleplay server where you can make custom characters and have them live in the world of Nier Automata. The server takes place before the game. Pick between a Yorha soldier, resistance member, or any of the newly made up factions. Come on over and have a wail of a time with us.
A server for all of Yoko Taro's insane games! More information listed in the server~ The Commander, Intoners, and Operators are all there to answer any questions you may have ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
A community who just has a love for the Nier series and wants to spread it across the Discord world. See our server for more!