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A small server for nier and drakengard fans to hang out.
It's the year 11,945 and humans have been forced of off Earth for years and years, due to an alien invasion.

They now live on the Moon.

An organization named YorHa, composed of androids, fight for humanity against robots and aliens.
Elsewhere, in another age, the world is very different, full of magic and fantastical creatures, dragons.

But it is a dark one, full of misery and pain, the end of times is nigh, they say.
If you ever wanted to roleplay in the Nier/Drakengard setting, now you can!

OCs are allowed.
Hi! We are a roleplay server where you can make custom characters and have them live in the world of Nier Automata. The server takes place before the game. Pick between a Yorha soldier, resistance member, or any of the newly made up factions. Come on over and have a wail of a time with us.
A server for all of Yoko Taro's insane games! More information listed in the server~ The Commander, Intoners, and Operators are all there to answer any questions you may have ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ