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You receive a blank book; how you received it does not matter, what matters are the instructions it comes within. The book has 100 pages, writing complete stories on them will grant powers from the core of the story.

Discover the 51st State of America, as you use your newfound powers for the sake of others or yourself. While no power can be given in absolution: All powers are possible in some way shape or form.

How powerful you are is determined by an administrator, so it will all come down to a question of how clever you are with such little power or if you're willing to give up another power to make your favored greater.

1 of 5 Events have been completed for this server where you can gain 10 Extra Pages for participating in role playing. Whether it be just starting your character's journey, or going all the way and interacting with everyone role playing. These events will be held on the first Saturday of each month (Pacific Standard Time)

Seeking active staff that are invested in the fantasy. Staff perks include include being apart of the process of documenting powers and how they work. Creating and playing as many super humans as you like. Making story lines, side quests, and items. The perks go in the same direction as your job, if these sound like perks to you, then become a staff member today!
Welcome to Arcana's Castle. A fantasy world where rifts into other realities drag creatures from all walks of life. You will find sentient beings from nearly any time and place, unfortunately the weave of magic interferes with technology so those from a more civilized time may need to learn new ways.

We're a roleplay server that focuses on character interaction and dynamic events triggered by the players. Larger scale events also occur, taking your character to various places within an entirely foreign world.
ERP is allowed within the castle, but outside we doubt you'll find the time.

Be aware that to make roleplay as enjoyable as possible there is a short creation period after accepting the rules before you have full access to the server.
"In the beginning, lived 3 gods, one of creation, one of destruction, and one of peace. The god of creation and of destruction fought and argued about how the world should be and fought until neither could stand, this battle lasted one thousand years. In the time of this battle the twos power collided making what we know today called earth, but this time, it was different. There were humans and animals of all species, race, and culture. Though this time during the battle, these genes combined, and mixed all different ways creating new races, giving us species like elves, dwarves, beastly men, vampires, succubi, and about any race you can think of. So it was now up to the god of peace to lay judgement upon this world, whether earth would live, or die. He saw that this earth was good and allowed it to live."

This server takes place in a different world created by the 3 Gods, the world of Abaloth. Although, several things from the land of Hyrule make their appearances here in Abaloth
Hello! I am Mid, the current owner and founder of the Delving into the Abyss discord server. We are a community of roleplayers who take part in an on going story based on Tsukushi Akihito's world of Made in Abyss.

We started this roleplay project out of love for the MiA series and the universe it takes place in. We aim to build a mature and friendly community where fans can come and create their own stories in the MiA universe.

Our community puts great emphasis on proper grammar, spelling, character building, and interactive discussion.

We offer a safe place for artist to share their work and grow their skills with advice and discussion.

Experienced and trusted staff are there to help with character creation and general roleplay advice.

By joining our roleplay community you're embarking on an going story in the Made in Abyss universe. Write your own character and join in the journey as we go delving into the abyss!
Holy vs Evil is pretty straight forward. A war has broken out between the Holy and Evil thousands of years ago and is still continuing today. Thousands of years ago, the Holy king Emerick was brutally murdered by the Evil king, Lord Audemar. With the murder of the Holy king’s death, came tragic events. Lord Audemar now overthrows the entire kingdom, killing protestors and any human or creature that dare challenges him or has Royal blood as well as using innocent humans as slaves for his own entertainment and amusement. Although the Evil has taken over the Holy land, there are still large groups scattered across the now dying land that are working together to take down Lord Audemar. These groups being Normandy, Andromeda, Tempest and Heleus. You may choose your side. you can either fight back for your land and freedom with the Holy or work beside Lord Audemar, overthrowing every city and landmark standing in his way.

So… what will you choose?

There will be other events alongside the main story that you all may participate in.

There are 4 available groups for Evil. These groups being:
Blood Pack
Grim Suns
RP server set in a fantasy world. We have extensive lore, a website, maps, and opportunities for players to add their own creations to the world. Our player manual will help you create a character, as well as our mods!

Check out our world at worldanvil:
Deep among the arid sands lies Akanthia, surrounded on all sides by rivaling city states and kingdoms, many of which wish to claim the oasis--the gem of the desert--for their own. Though Akanthia has largely shut itself off from the outside world, they will not be able to for much longer. As Akanthia's population booms larger by the year, their desperation grows in lockstep. Shadows of enemies loom larger over the withering city, and tensions within the walls near a breaking point. If the city means to survive, Akanthia possesses only one option: expansion. War, death, political intrigue, all driving forces of a new age for Akanthia, a new beginning, the dawn of an empire.

♔ Engage with ever-expanding lore and world
♕ Join a noble house and feud for power and influence, building alliances or challenging rivals
♔ Forge your own path with the help of experienced, helpful staff
♕ Control which server notifications you receive with unique news stream with separate subscriptions for different types of news
♔ Progress naturalistically through the world through an unobtrusive, holistic purchasing system
♕ Become a central piece to the expansion—or the fall of Akanthia’s ever growing empire!
[Magic, Human/Shifter/Gods, Fantasy]

A time where gods thrived, some with passion and amusement; others with hatred and distaste. Gods of Corruption slowly become scornful of sitting in the shadows of their angelic counterparts and are beginning to spread anarchy. Is there a way to live in peace once more?

!! This roleplay is part of the Cosmic series, a variety of roleplays under a single name! There’s one for everyone, including: fantasy, all-species, canine, magic, human, demon, angel, vampire, semi-literate, horror, mystery, school, slice of life and more!
A Shadowhunter roleplay for one and all. You are welcome to be a downworlder, shadowhunter, OC, or and already known character.

We have:
Custom Emotes
Custom Colors
Active Staff

New and growing server. Mostly a free for all. No specific time period, meaning you could be from any book time period
Arbidias is a medieval fantasy roleplay server centered around a kingdom called Arbidias, a kingdom that was founded by refugees as a way to escape a war bred from a collapsing empire. It has been four hundred years since the kingdom's founding and two hundred years since the War of the White King, when the Lord of Summer came to rescue the kingdom from the White King's undead armies and the Northlands were frozen over.

The children of Gren took control of the desert land of Al'ardyn a century ago, and now tensions are strong between them and the people of Arbidias. Will war eventually break out? Only time will tell.

-A staff team that is friendly but won't stand for toxicity.

-This is a literate server with a character minimum of 400 characters (about a paragraph).

-NSFW-free. While nsfw is allowed, it all must be taken to dms and kept off the server itself.

-A decent-sized lore (20+ pages) to help you get your footing in the world and a custom bio template. The lore updates as needed.

-Self-assignable roles that allow you to get pings for certain things such as roleplay requests, mark your post length, etc. with more to be added as needed.

-30+ separate channels to roleplay in with more to be added in the future as needed, including the Northlands, Arbidias itself, and the desert kingdom of Al'ardyn. You can even roleplay in the Under Realm (underworld)!

-T-1 (writing-based) combat style. No luck-based rolling to fear!

-Server events that you can participate in with others, such as mysteries, demon attacks, and other exciting things!

You are burning inside and out, falling through the air at speeds that should be impossible. You break through the clouds, gasping for air, and leave a smoky trail behind you. You reach for the power which should be at your fingertips and find it burnt to ash. You are a God— were a God. Somehow, the burning hurts less than the wrathful faces of those you once admired, once loved so dearly. Exiled and disgraced, you hurtle towards Earth.

——— ✦ ———

MYTHOS is an urban fantasy roleplay about fallen mythological Gods.


⇛ literate roleplay that supports well-developed story arcs and complex character development
⇛ supportive, helpful staff who are often around and eager to help out
⇛ a friendly, encouraging community
⇛ a diverse range of fantasy races to play
⇛ extensive lore
⇛ mage and combat elements with a levelling system
⇛ interlinked events and arcs
⇛ spectator roles for anyone just wanting to hang and talk :)
⇛ LGBT+ friendly, with options for a variety of gender idenities, sexualities and romantic orientations

——— ✦ ———

So what are you waiting for? Fall from grace and join us at MYTHOS!

——— ✦ ———

(lore and history - wip)
The country of jesmea was a peaceful place until about 30 years ago when a rebellion sprung up, fed up with the monarchy this rebellion seeks to bring about the end of the reign of kings and instate a democracy. The rebellion has claimed enough land to become its own nation and is now actively engaging in warfare with jesma. The rebellion calls its country aspya and it has taken about half the land that jesma used to control however for the past several years no one has been able to claim more territory.

Both sides have secured the help of dragons, these vicious beasts fight for which ever side they chose and with their fierce power even one can sway the tides of battle. Both sides have also secured the help of warlocks and other magic users


🖤Like The Society on Netflix, the premise of this roleplay revolves around the event of high schoolers waking up in another dimension of their neighborhood, completely surrounded by an expansive, seemingly never ending forest.

🗡Unlike The Society, this role play takes a “supernatural” twist. Role players can obtain abilities, but they’re not insanely strong. They’re just to add spice to the role play❗️

🖤While you cannot role play as a canon character, you can make an OC. The character sheets are quick and easy to make.

🗡The server operates on RTK, aka Reason-to-Kill. There will be no random killings.

🖤ERP is strictly DM-based.

🗡Will you help recreate civilization... or will you seek its destruction ⁉️ Whatever you do, don’t miss out on 🖤𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙎𝙊𝘾𝙄𝙀𝙏𝙔🗡
Many years ago, A war between the human and sub-human broke out. The humans were afraid of the supernaturals Power, and these ‘sub-humans’ were tired of living in fear. After many bloody battles the war came to an end.

Historia high was founded to he a safe haven for both humans and subhumans, teaching them about real-life affairs and their powers. In the end, everyone is welcome!
Interested in fantasy roleplay? Interested in a land where Gods and Man fight in grueling battles that decide the fate of the land? Interested in massive battles that reshape faction territories on a biweekly basis? Come join Fantastical Chivalry, where the wildest of ideas become a reality. Create your own character, engage in quests, make money, purchase better gear, fight in the arenas, and climb your way to the top and make your faction the largest in the land.
!!This Is Not a Beginners RP!!
This server takes some prior skill to properly play in. Descriptiveness and proper grammar is a requirement.
Nisi Isles
If you are looking for an unique twist on fantasy rp then come check us out. We encourage creativity in customer characterization allowing a large variety of approved races. We currently have 40 white listed races with human races simply being listed as human though all human races are allowed. We offer a large map that is mostly unexplored as well as the option to build up the main town adding new buildings. We allow each person to choose up to 2 specialized magicks or powers for their character and the limit to what you can do with them is up to how logically creative you are. Our server is 16+ and we have a level up system in place allowing people to progress their characters and the lore more and more as they level up. Our islands Backstory is set though new lore is entirely up to the rp.
Welcome to the Sunderling Tavern! This is a small tavern where you can interact with others,and all around have fun. Enjoy roleplaying as a fantasy character? This is the place for you~
You have been invited to be a guest for Estate Von Alba, free of charge.

Set in modern Georgia within the town of Fata Morgana and Estate Von Alba, a roleplay server heavily focused on character interaction and creating personal stories. A modern fantasy setting where most character types from different worlds and universes are allowed in. A list of some of our features:

⭘ Roleplayers with the role of playing as NPCs, all that is needed is a ping at a café/area, and we'll assist you with spicing things up. Sharing and consent is caring. DMing scenarios and small character story ideas are also welcome (but will be regulated), within reason. Everything good requires moderation, after all.

⭘ RPers of all skill levels are allowed in, we try our best to be welcoming to give players a chance to improve or better themselves. A dedicated role for RP advice/help, too.

⭘ ~60 roleplay channels for public use by characters, ranging from forests, caves, and urban areas & stores. Private (bed)rooms for characters that may be customised to the character's needs. Characters are free to develop new skills through the play, as long it doesn't break the rules or result in a 'powercreep.' Based heavily on individual character skills and abilities.

⭘ Our character application team will ensure your character is balanced for the setting and world. We have a long list of rules in that regard that should answer most concerns. If not, changes have to be made to the character.

⭘ As long as consent is involved, characters may fight (or even perish) if both sides agree. Roleplaying is all about consent, so we want characters to feel free to interact as long as no rules are being broken. Combat is not the server-focus, but the story potential is *fun!*

We're an 18+ server, meaning that we allow NSFW content and interactions. We hope you'll accept this invitation to our humble Estate.
The world of Gemora:
Is an alternate reality to Earth, with a much different timeline than its counterpart. Magic run free there with beings earthlings only dream about. Our little world is an adventure all its own. With kingdoms and clans all sorts of places to be and things to see. With floating palaces and dragons you'll never get bored. With so much magic around who needs computers? This world is low tech. Currency is different where ever you go so be sure to check with the locals where ever you go.

📜📜📜History of Gemora:📜📜📜
While humans of earth fight wars for resources the beings here fight for power over each other. Wars between the light and dark fae have been raging for millennia. It has torn the world into too many times. 200 years ago the Light and dark finally stopped the fighting with a treaty. However, the time has passed and old memories fade people forget how bad it was, history is doomed to repeat its self.

Juno is a small town filled with magic, nice people, and deep dark secrets. You can arrive by boat, train or just fly in... No airport why have airplanes when you could just fly a griffin? Our currency as of now is gold and platinum, for every one platinum, there is 50 gold. 2 gold would equal a cup of fancy coffee or a meal at a fast food joint on earth.

1,500 years ago Juno Town was founded by Lumia Juno a Dark Fea who wanted a place for the Dark that was safe. 200 years after she was brutally killed by humans who pillaged and killed her town folk and friends. This left a curse on the Town and surrounding areas. Juno left behind no kin, the only child she had was killed before the founding of the town. From then on out the humans and dark fae fought over Juno. Till across the nation, war broke out between light and dark fae roughly 300 years after Lumia Juno was killed. Then the Great Genocide happened in Juno all creatures of the dark and ones that didn't side with light were killed. This only made the curse worse for the town. The war its self has been over for 200 years but people and fea alike can repeat history.

🧚‍♀️ Expandable Species List
💗 Friendly Staff
💫 Lots of new things and events to have fun with
😇 Very sweet owner -not just putting that because I'm the one typing this up. It's true I'm awesome and chill...
🚪 Your own spaces
🤣 Funny interaction
😘 Erp if you like on server if you have the role.
📜 Cool lore, and new places coming soon so it won't just be the town you explore.
👥 Clans to join and make...
🦄 Some op af ocs and original ones only
New server, not a lot of people currently, so be patient as we grow.

The Kingdoms is an RP server that offers a fantasy RP set in medieval times where you can play as a Knight, Lord, Squire, Peasant, Sorcerer and many others.
Welcome toThe Trke of 1,000 Years! A server that literally started two minutes ago! We’re super chill as we’re run by two old friends who’ve been RPing since forever! Come and join the fun! We have:

-We have a toxic-free community
-This just started, So now is the prime time to become involved
-We Treat Community members like Family
-We are willing to work out problems with everyone!
-We offer help in various ways
-Our server has many different timezones so you might always have a friend to rp with
-Anything goes as long as rules are read!

Hopefully you will join us on our adventure!

No beginning, no end.

MidRealm sits in a universe of its own, it is a parallel to all conceivable universes and times. Past, Present, and Future all meet and exist in tandem. The Sovereign selects adventurers from other worlds with a divine Algorithm, many adventurers arrive near-death or at a point of something significant in their lives. Those who prove themselves worthy of this gift can bring forth untold prosperity and ascend to God-hood.

The planet of MidWorld has all sorts of creatures inhabiting it either born from the world itself, or travelers from distant universes. Midtown is the primary center of civilization for this world, and is the most welcoming.

- Heavy OC Oriented
- Powerbalancing
- Active Admin and Events
- Elections held every 25 Members
- Est 12/26/2017
Hello and Welcome to The 4 Kingdoms

You're welcome to join! This is a server that focuses on a Medieval Fantasy roleplay that you can endlessly work in and improve in your roleplaying skills! This server is extremely new, so all features might not be ready, nor will there be a giant community. But anyhow, we hope to see your face here in The 4 Kingdoms!!!

The main idea/lore is right here:

It is the Medieval times in four seperated dimensions; Celestial, Telestial, Terrestial, and Hadean! The dimensions (kingdoms) had lived in peace, but as controversy and evil spread throughout the kingdoms, all hell broke loose. Wars begun, and friendships were broken. Now it's up to you to choose a side, and decide who's the friend, and who's the enemy.

Now, here are some features of the server:

Staff that will answer any questions that you may have, role play or not!

A music bot, and a voice chat so you can roleplay while enjoying your favorite music!

Many Channels to roleplay in to expand your experience with the server,
and roleplaying in general!

Quests to venture on to gain respect and karma. Oh, and don't forget about sweet, sweet loot!

React roles for colorful nicknames!

A small, active community!

Owners: @tato, @Elkrok (LatEyeGod), and @🥰Hoot🥰 !

We hope you enjoy your time here!
~ The Owners, staff, etc.