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This is a W.I.P Server! in fact we Need a little help,so if you're willing to help,Please Join!

Long ago, a great world beyond you wildest imagination was conceived by the collective ideas of mankind: Aletheia. It was a land so magnificent yet a land torn between an unending battle for conquest. It is here that lies both the troubles of life and the hardships that come with death. Humans, fae, spirits, beasts and other creatures make this land their home.
9 minutes ago
The origional person to fall into a volcano, Yellowstone, was Obsidian, followed closely by her husband Pyro who fell in directly after her. As they fell into the volcano they were granted the ability to shapeshift within the volcano, but when they left the surface pool they were stuck to whatever form they were in before reaching the magma again. As more people fell into the first volcanoes Obsidian or Pyro would save them, bringing them into a sancturary where they would find life after their inevitable death. Soon people caught on that there were odd beasts, the shapeshifters saved, that would appear in the world. They started hunting the shifters, Magmites, as they would call them, saving them for study or for labor as they found, when killed, the shifter would turn back into a human. The human's technology is still advancing, far off from what we have now, but their traps and cages are a force to be reconed with. Capable of holding almost any form no matter of size or shape.
29 minutes ago
The Realm of Mirkhundar is a new fantasy roleplay server that hopes to grow big over time.
*The Plot - After the events of the Mortal Era both the Elven and Human kingdoms were fairly weakened losing much of their forces during the war. Karath didn't merely stayed and sat without doing nothing and slowly called out for some of his loyal worshippers to prepare rituals for his army to arrive in the mortal realm of Mirkhundar. With the whole world torn apart, it's up to the heroes to bring unity back once again to the continent of Ilocrith and stop the forces of darkness with the aid of their allies.
*We use pretty much most of fantasy lore ranging from the existence of elves to magic, but besides that we do have some of our lore unique to our universe.
*A small,dedicated and kind staff team
*Low number of players but we wish for that to change in the close future
*Upon joining you will not see all the categories and channels, but if you decide to make a character we will give you access to them all including the roleplay area's.
*Organized server
*We promise that you will have a good roleplay experience with us
*A few RPG mechanics such as leveling system,rolling combat system and so on
*If you want to find out more about our server we welcome you to join us!
52 minutes ago
A friendly community of roleplayers, founded by two LARPers who started this over 2 years ago. Come and join the fantastic fun!
58 minutes ago
A medieval fantasy roleplay server. Takes place in Benken (St Gallen), Switzerland.
1 hours ago
Modern high fantasy roleplay. Not a high school RP. | Alt Inv:
1 hours ago
Other 19
Casual roleplay server with a modern-day, urban fantasy setting with a little alternate history.
1 hours ago
Adventure Games 20
A roleplay server.
Powerful gods have been fighting over this land for centuries. One that wishes to preserve while the other wishes to destroy. While they fight, a powerful warlock has been searching for a key to unlocking the true power of the god of destruction so that he may reign chaos upon the land. And so the search for the key and the one that holds the power of the gods is on! While you simple traveler may wish to help, to hunt or to simply live their life. The choice is yours. A world of fantasy creatures await for you to explore!
The Land Of Arcke shall be happy to great and welcome you weary traveler. Nerds and Lords are the people you seek to help you get started on your adventure into this fantastical world
1 hours ago
Only for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content.

Join the fray of an open-world medieval fantasy roleplay where two kingdoms and an empire fight for dominance on an expensive continent with their unique histories, cultures and religions. Grasp the setting’s races, regions and more using meticulously made lore to create your personalised character. Indulge in the pleasures of working the land humbly or the court royally to earn the means to live and thrive amongst other individuals. Whatever path you desire, you may take it in this world of infinite opportunities and untold mysteries.
2 hours ago
The Land of Karyki is a new roleplay server, come and join! We are fantasy, medieval, futuristic - anything that tickles your fancy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

When the Angels fell and called on the power of creation, the land of Karyki was made, a home for all supernaturals and modified beings. Finally they had somewhere to go. The archangel Sitri sacrificed his power to the island, creating life.

The land of Karyki could finally breathe, and gained a multitude of colours and hues: from the vibrant greens of the plants, to the rich gold and silver of the earth, to the emerald and sapphire of the sea and sky. The four guild leaders were in charge of running the island, in honour of the angels.

However, the land was quickly corrupted by conflict and anger, and war broke out between guilds. The lord, furious at the leaders, banned them all to Exile, trapping their souls in cages of suffering. Generation after generation, the leaders were all banned to Exile, the lord no longer having hope in them.

Now, Karyki having no ruler, it's up to the supernaturals to live alone, without the lord's guidance. The land is hundreds of years old, and new leaders are beginning to step up, taking charge and responsibility of Karyki's future.
3 hours ago
Lorovieth is an open RP (Role Play).The land was once free for dragons, but now some hide in fear, while others stand and fight. The humans that came, now choose to help the dragons, or to capture them for their own cruel reasons
6 hours ago
a free roleplay server for all roleplayers!!~~ we just opened so we barely have any members
7 hours ago
A new fantasy rp experience with! Guilds, characters and much more. Explore the places of Arkiynia and talk to fellow residents. Join one of 5 guilds, Depraved Shadows, Royal Warfare, Blades of the Fallen, Frost Abyss and Raider Assassins. Arkiynia is a world full of magic and wonder. Where living things of a mythical nature come to wonder. And you can live out your new life how you want it, this is your Arkiynia!

Welcome to the fabled land of Arkiynia. Where living things of a mythical nature come to wonder, where your imagination can explore endlessly in the world creating new stories and meeting new and exciting people. Caves and forgotten temples scattered everywhere, no explorer will go empty handed. But under this facade is a deep corruption, the whole history has been manipulated and change by the ████████ ███████ to make a utopia. A utopia where curtain people don’t exist and even mentioning these people would sentence you to death. The evils of Arkiynia have returned with fiery vengeance to kill everything and everyone, corrupting your closest friends and turning them into mindless slaves for the most evil thing in the totality of the universe. It is soon that Arkiynia and ██████ will clash, but one question is what will come out on top, will our world be manipulated into a clone, a mirror of ██████ and what it holds, or will ██████ collapse finally setting peace that we needed for a long time...
9 hours ago
Liasum is a fantasy medieval world full of magic. There are six country within this world, Björm, Elweal, Kingaur, Storra, Waero and Yarka. It is a polytheist world but each land has more faith in one of the six Gods : the Air for Björm, the Thunder for Elweal, the Water for Kingaur, the Fire for Storra, the Earth for Waero and the Light Yarka.

At the creation of the world the Gods created six powers. It's a capability not very well known to people, even those who know what it is aren’t sure. They say that six chosen can give a special talent. To give an idea, it makes the person more powerful than the Gods themselves. For the communities it's a very old legend, for others it's a skill that they seek for decades. The aptitude to give one of these capacities is given by the priests, in the shape of a key that they implant in the heart of the chosen. If they accept it, they get a minor drawback, like having problems to see clearly, getting tired easily… If a chosen doesn’t accept the key, their body will change and they will have to handle a disease. A disease that can make you disabled, or get you trouble to breath, anything that could stop you from living a normal life.
10 hours ago
Anime and Manga 12
In a certain city, angels, demons, and hybrids live together with humans. Every human is assigned an angel or demon by birth. Together, the different races try to live and adapt to each other as they're still not quite used to the way the other's live. A fun and chill roleplay server!
10 hours ago
The idea of having a Vampire Diaries / Originals Roleplay has been brought to light on April 15 2018. We will be having updates very often and we strive to make it reach the most potential that i believe the idea will ever reach. We understand that not everyone can but try to be literate writers to add more detail and make people want to roleplay with you.

Available Roles:




Discord link:
12 hours ago
A fun RP sever to goof off on, join if you'd like. We have all kinds of RPs, and still adding more! You can always request a new rp if you have ideas.
12 hours ago
Ah.. The city of Amutoa. A magical place full of wonderful people. Amotoa takes place in 2035. There isn't a single thing thats wrong. Till now.. This is where your part takes place.
12 hours ago
A Fantasy Steampunk Sky-Islands Roleplay

We welcome roleplayers of all kinds to participate in the world of Altera, a world of airships and exploration. Stay a while and tell your story.
12 hours ago
In a modern world where everyday life continues onwards these three rival schools have a very different conflict. Maple Ridge being able to control mental magic, Waterford controling Elemental magic and Cross Valley controling physical magic has not reunited the schools but has furthered the chaos. Especially after the destruction of two schools caused by the rebels carrying the forbidden fourth magic.
Now the three rival schools have merged and must try to go through everday school life without completely destroying one another. Three new headmistresses overwatch them as fights break out. But the outside world knows not of these magical powers
Which school will you attend? Will you be able to win fights and attend classes while keeping your magical powers unknown to the outside world?
Join Triumvirate Academy today and see what mysteries you'll unfold~
13 hours ago
RPG Games 81
a newly opened ancient fantasy role-play. We have many races, magic, and skills to pick from, plus awesome places to role-play in. We are unique from most discord role-plays with a wide range of new and advanced role-players. Please make sure to read the rules and most importantly, have fun!
13 hours ago
This Role-play server was turned anew, recycled and currently under maintenance, but if you join early and offer help, you'll earn deep respect and maybe even become a cast member/moderator. Right now we have Modern, Fantasy, Island Survival and Sci-Fi, and others to come soon! We'd appreciate having you stay through the final product of the server, and hopefully you will appreciate us and the server in return (We're in need of members, so please invite friends who might be interested)
16 hours ago
⚪Join for friendly Roleplaying and socializing.
⚪Approx. 30 channels
⚪Hella dank memes inbound ;)
⚪We got some fabulous NSFW bots, too ;))
16 hours ago
Welcome to Ethera, this is a growing and ever expanding fantasy and op role-playing server. We have a simple set of rules that as long as they are followed, there will be no issues. Come by, have some fun, and help shape a world.
18 hours ago