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"May the Gods smile with favor upon you, and may all my efforts not be in vain."

⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰
⛦ Welcome to Phantasia Academia ⛦
⊱⋅ ──────────── ⋅⊰

Established as a safe haven after the War Against Salem in 1693, Phantasia Academia is an academy designed to protect and rear the most promising students supernatural society will ever have the privelege of having amongst their ranks. You, dear student, have been chosen from among your peers as the best of the best your hometown has to offer. Whether you contribute in academics, sports, or the arts, each student at Phantasia Academia has a role to play in the functioning machine that is our dedicated student body. As a warning, we do encourage all of our students to remain on high alert around the more secluded areas of our campus and the town of Wysteria surrounding us. There is a reason we do not peek behind the curtain, even magic has it's demons.

☟We Offer:☟
♢ A magical highscool experience for your ocs.
♢ Rp classes w/ google classrooms and actual personalized report cards.
♢ A dedicated Staff/Head Staff.
♢ Gender neutral housing & bathroom options.
♢ Mysteries to unfold
♢ Narration & Events
♢ Secret Student Societies
♢ A chance to get into the highly specialized Project - A class.

☟We Encourage:☟
♢ Literate RP
♢ Respectful Behaviour
♢ No OP/Godmodding
♢ Creativity

⛦ We Hope To Have You Enroll Soon! ⛦
This server is a massive role playing world, with pages of original lore. The rp is set in a fantasy world called the Heartlands, where gods are scheming to kill each other, the royal families are desperate to climb the political ladder all the way to the top and above all else, there’s a lot of fighting. There are guilds to join, unique quests for your character, side quests, main quests which can have a huge impact on the world. Right now the players are all involved in a shady scheme and have all been recruited by a hooded man. We have limited spaces, another 8 spaces left, so don't wait around to join! The rp has recently gone through a bit of a change to make it more DM orientated so that players can interact with gods, royalty important characters and just to make the quality of the "gameplay" much better, which is also why we have limited spaces.
Welcome to Euslai! A multi-genre roleplay with RPG aspects! Create your character and explore the world of Euslai, while interacting with other people! We are all friends here, and have amazing staff to push along stories and engaging quests. If you're looking for a good roleplay, chances are, the world of Euslai has what you're looking for.
Fantasy NSFW is a server dedicated to roleplay similar to D&D, allowing erotic roleplay and NSFW content for a more adult experience. Members can join up in parties to go on quests, explore the realm, and generate your own narratives.

What we have to offer:
-Lewd chat for random, smutty roleplay and chat!
-Hentai Haüs, for all your fapping needs!
-Super easy registration process!
-Combat roleplay!
-Sooo much more!
Welcome to the Voidless Realm!

-We are a fairly small, but active roleplaying group that aims on growing its community and helping fellow roleplayers interact!

-Our server consists of:
🔹 A growing community of 250+ members! 👐
🔸 50+ channels for all of your needs 😮
🔹 Dank memes, of course 😄
🔸 Medieval and Fantasy stuff for nerds-alike 🤓
🔹 A pretty hecking chill staff team, if I do say so myself 🔥
🔸 Some pretty intense events to get your blood running 💦
🔸 Fun Bot Commands to waste away your life with! 🤤
🔹 Have I mentioned we have memes? 😏
🔸 Combat RP for venting your anger out on imaginary characters! 😅

Fantium is a fantasy world based on mythologies and legends with a twist. It can be a wacky world and dark at times a place that allows creativity band diversity amongst its roleplayers.
Hello! Wolfsevian is a Growing Community Of Roleplayers with a Discussion Channel for all your arguments, Tons of RP Rooms and A NSFW Category! Come on in!
Hells Point, the popular cyberpunk roleplay, is back and exceedingly better than before.
Cyberpunk embraces Elfpunk, as Elves, Halflings, Synths and Humans come together to coexist on Proxima Centauri b, the hellish cityscape that towers into the sky, dominating the surrounding planet and insulate it's citizens as best it can from the pestilence and beasts that are itching to get in...
Come live your life, find romance, produce enemies, make your money and rise up against the corruption and malfeasance that seeps into every wall, doorknob, railing and dust grain.

In our server, we offer to you:
☢ Active and amiable staff team!
☢ Highly detailed and comprehensive lore, of which a condensed version is available for those willing to dive in over time.
☢ A marvellous and supportive community!
☢ Freedom coinciding with a structured format!
☢ Create your own races and abilities!
☢ A full-blown and easy to understand economy~
☢ Fun game bots!
☢ Appropriately labelled lewdity channels that can be effortlessly avoided or hidden if needs be <3
☢ Open-minded events/questlines that you can influence!
☢ Swearing allowance~

Please note that some content may be unsuitable for minors, please take caution!
Dear Lord or Lady,
You are Cordially invited to the amazing Fantasy Roleplay “World of Marin!”
Adventure is to be had!

If you're looking for a literate and fresh RP, this one is definitely for you. We request that you create your own OC for this roleplay.

Although it is easy to join, you need to create a bio for your character! A faceclaim, while not strictly needed, is recommended. Interested in learning more? There are many sources to find information! World of Marin has been around for a few years, and we boast a variety of outlets to help you get your bearings. We also have a Lore Room, and although most of the information there isn’t to your ability to Roleplay with us, it’ll certainly help you get a feel for the chat!

You might have recognized us from Chatzy. We are relatively new to discord, but are hosting the same world.

We can't wait to see you.

As always, enjoy!

⊱Ӝ━⊰ Kingdoms of Malenna ⊱━Ӝ⊰

♕ What our server offers ♕
Welcome! This is a medieval fantasy server where you can explore different kingdoms and meet new people. We welcome everyone role player or not. It's all about character development and yes erp is allowed but we're not an erp server, we're just allowing it. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the Kingdoms of Malenna!

◇ Server events ◇
What kind of server would it be if we didn't spice things up now and then?

✰ Fun bots! ✰
I know it's common but it's worth a try.

☁ Friendly staff! ☁
Our staff is normally online throughout the entire day, we have a lot of patience with everyone and we're happy to answer any of your questions!

❃ Lil note ❃
Our server is still small and can be quiet sometimes so it would be great if you share the link bellow to invite some role players! We'll like to make it great so we want you to join!
We Are a Pokecord server for people to chat and be chill in. Along with the basics such as duels, trading, and even auctions. We have:

- Giveaways (provided pokemon get donated or someone wants to give something away)
- Gym battles
- A fully functioning daycare service to help level your pokemon
- Individual-levels and ranks
- Private rooms
- Donator Ranks (with benefits)

And a great community that I'm proud to be a part of.
If your looking a place to talk and chat about pokecord and sometimes just talk in general!
Then step into our Realm
✧ Welcome to Kingdoms Of Zekunda! We are a fantasy RP server based in the Renaissance period, and are very accepting of everyone, and are always willing to help you make a bio to fit this world! Develop characters, stories, and interact with other people on your various missions. Anyone can make a character, and anyone can make their own unique story! ✧


✧ ❃ ╠══ We are an active server with helpful and chill staff 👋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Always looking for new staff 📩 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Creative lore, races, and social roles 📚 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A varying group of people, from pirates, to royalty, to just simple travelers 🌱 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Fun bots, and creative members 🎨 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ Lots of NSFW channels 💋 ══╣❃ ✧

✧ ❃ ╠══ A very accepting, non-toxic community 💕 ══╣❃ ✧


✧ Come join us today, I bet you’ll find something you like ✧

In a world of creeping vegetation, dangerous creatures and flowers that can snap you in two with one lazy bite this world isn't for the faint of heart! Come join the few races who dare to dwell on this hungry planet and save it from the infectious rot that threatens to devour it. Magic and machines meet in a incredible melding pot of whimsical horror and imaginative wonder. The Rot takes place on a discord server and we would like it to become a welcoming and active community where people can not only role play but make lasting friendships. Details: Occasional dice use, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.
Of mortals and Gods is a modern day fantasy rp server
Before there was gods, now none remain. No one knows what happened to the gods but what we do know is that the city is attacked almost daily by corrupted Mythical creatures. Perhaps you are a chosen one, handed a small amount of power by the gods to help defend the city and find out the source of the corruption? Perhaps you are mortal, just trying to help as best they can against impossible odds? Or maybe you're a mythical creature, trying its best to not only help protect the city you once built in harmony but also to help your corrupted brothers and sisters?
The choice is yours what you believe. But Gloria needs your help, that is certain
Just a cool fantasy server to hang out and roleplay on. Join us, you might have some fun! Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and not everything is complete. We are based on the Lord of the Rings.
A server filled with amazing opportunities to talk in or out of character.
It features a wide variety of bots such like pokecord and rhythm, along with possible games to play like Cards Against Humanity, talking to people in other servers, bot reactions with gifs and many more.
Currently with over 50 RP channels, with even more to come. The server has lore, voice channels, location images and gainable roles that come with perks such as character approval capabilities and your own private character channel!
This server also contains 2 NSFW channels, one in character, the other out of character, these channels can be toggled on or off by choosing your desired *Under 18* Or *Over 18* role when you join.
If you like memes, showcasing your art or sharing songs or funny videos on youtube this place is for you.
If you dont like actively roleplaying, there is a role that allows you to have access to the roleplay channels without being able to type in them so you can read all the active roleplays to your hearts content.
Join today and see where your imagination and creativity takes you!
Ancient Dewdrops is a casual fantasy roleplay, set in a medieval-style world with magic. We have a small but active community, so whether you're just looking for a cool place to chill, someone to write a story with, or a place to roleplay, this server should suit your wants and needs. Our roleplay operates under an 'opt-in' system, so you'll never be forced to participate in something you don't want to. We aim to allow players to opt-in to events, instead of forcing them to try and opt out. Whatever your roleplay style, we should be able to cater to it proficiently.

We also have features to boost the roleplay such as:
>Multiple roles and titles, attributes and abilities for you to choose from. You can spec out your character with feats and skills.
>A progression system - the more you roleplay the higher rank you get, and the more abilities you unlock.
>In-character gold and items, with a shop so you can save up cash to get the perfect weapon. Gold can only be earned via roleplaying.
>Writing bonuses. Get more gold for better work. This allows slower posters who produce quality to climb the ranks just as easily as those who are more casual with their style.
>Quests, which operate similarly to writing prompts with an in-character reward for completion.
>Loremasters and Arbiters that add to the world by GMing for others and creating little snippets of lore.
>A custom drawn map, courtesy of EZR#9382.

Our server is currently a new and growing, so the world is malleable. Perhaps the story of your character could shape the world in greater ways than you might expect.

We also have following bots: WaifuBot, Pokécord, and IdleRPG.
A realistic rp with realistic face claims this is a prep school for the top students in the world. There’s also a few secrets of this school that you can find out while you stay here. So feel free to join this rp server and make other friends who RP.
Set in Japan in a mysterious location, a small camp known as Camp Comet makes itself at home. It remains a safe haven for every wandering teenager who needs it, boasting a reputation for being a place where anybody who needs it may stay.

A long time ago, twelve comets struck the Earth and imbued the human occupants with magic. Named after the astrological elements of our skies, each cabin features its own unique powers. From Mercury's dark magic to Earth's elemental magic, from Sun's illusion magic to Moon's shadow magic, there is a magic for you and your wonderful OC.

There is never a lack of drama or romance, and we are consistent in keeping the server spicy and seasoned with plenty of active RP and fun plotlines for each individual! Join this camp for an opportunity to experience magic, drama, romance, and more. We boast cool lore and powers for you like Dark Magic, Healing Magic, Telekinesis, Mind Magic, Invisibility & Stealth, and much, much more. Have fun roleplaying with us!

-Extensive lore
-Very developed powers/magic that's both complex yet easy to RP with if you're new to the whole RP thing (whatever your speed is, we can support it)
-LGBT+ friendly romances
-Literate roleplay (but always down to teach newbies ;D)
-Active staff or discorders always down to RP!
-Plenty of channels for your creative smol hearts
-Constant plot and events to keep RP stimulated!
-A supportive community both in character and out of character
-An optional NSFW category for the good stuff and the gory stuff

Freeform RP for everybody with a developed universe! Don't be worried though, if you join, you won't regret it! We promise.
Years and years ago,dragons lived in an unsafe and cruel world where they were often hunted by humans and other creatures,sometimes dragons would have to kill other dragons in order to survive.Years later, the 10 alphas have found a land far from human life,a safe haven where they can seek refuge in.Soon after they discovered this land,they brought the rest of their elements to the paradise.Over the time the dragons have evolved improved this land into the Dragon's Den that you know of today,where dragons of all kind can live in peace,away from the wrath of humans,No human had ever found the dragons den (or lived to tell the tale) but will all of that change?(hello! This server is pretty new and is just a replacement for an old server that is show in the pfp,we might make an art contest for the pfp and the winner will have their picture set for the servers pfp,anyways thanks for joining and let's have a good time!)
Welcome... to hell. Literally.

In this fiery realm, monsters reign supreme. Demons, dragons, fallen angels, and more populate the land.

Create a character and explore Hell, making friends, defeating monsters, and other things along the way.

We have:

-Interesting and engaging RP channels
-Fun OOC channels
-A somewhat sane staff
-And more!

Enter... hell.
This server allows all races...maybe just depends on what you want too be but either way! Welcome to Pantha a home away from home where you can almost be any race or species but be warned there are two main gods that should be noticed. These gods are the God of Death and the God of Life. There are others but they are not as powerful as the main two. There’s also Demi gods for example Hercules. Well he’s not here but you can make a OC close to him but not as powerful. Maybe unless you’re a moderator. So if you want too make more powerful characters I would consider on being nice and helping out the server.
well... I'd hate to break it to you... but you're kinda dead. I know I know... still haven't won a Fortnite match eh? I know you wanna get back up there so you can try to win one now but if you decide to do that immediately, then you have a .0000000000001% chance of actually becoming what you once were. I knew someone that was once a majestic swan so beautiful but after the reincarnation they became a frog that was smashed under the foot of some Youtuber... I forget their name... anyways, you're going to have to go back through high school. Hope you enjoy!
-Headmaster Hades