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Welcome to the Hidden War, as its name suggests; this is based off a hidden war between three countries, all powerful and all with some special trait exclusive to them only that will suppress the others. However, a dangerous source of power is beginning to grow; mysterious deaths has occurred and the Seven have grown old. A competition will be held between each of the kingdoms to find new talents and the New Seven.

- Hey, this server was just made so it's pretty small but don't be put off by that! Join and stay for a while

- This is a literate roleplay server.

- We're looking for partners! :)

- Friendly staff

- And growing lore!

So join the Hidden War and make your mark on history!
9 minutes ago
welcome to the realm of the monsters, fantasy characters and colourful islands, this is a fantasy rp for anyone and everyone who is interested in rp, we recently made it to 50 members, will you join the crew and make this roleplay grow to your idea? share what you like?! come join us and figure out if this is the right place for you
~fantasy rp
~chats for everything, from nsfw to art and memes
~amazing mod and roleplayers
~over 50 members
~many active members
~active owner, admin and mods
~open from sci-fi to fantasy
~every character and every kind of roleplayer is welcome
~level system
~limit of characters allowed goes up along with levels
~simple rules
25 minutes ago
Of mortals and Gods is a modern day fantasy rp server
A great war wiped out the gods for reasons yet unknown but before they were all wiped out each selected a mortal to gain their powers and continue the fight! Now stuck in Glora city trying to regain powers of old while fighting against the new mythological creatures that terrorize the city and its people! Do you have what it takes to regain the powers and take your rightful place as God? Or shall you fall to one of the many creatures that crave your defeat? Join today and find out!
-NSFW channels
-Bots ofc
-Simple yet fulfilling story
(We're a bit small right now but we hope to grow larger with your help! ;3)
34 minutes ago
In a modern world where everyday life continues onwards these three rival schools have a very different conflict. Maple Ridge being able to control mental magic, Waterford controling Elemental magic and Cross Valley controling physical magic has not reunited the schools but has furthered the chaos. Especially after the destruction of two schools caused by the rebels carrying the forbidden fourth magic.
Now the three rival schools have merged and must try to go through everday school life without completely destroying one another. Three new headmistresses overwatch them as fights break out. But the outside world knows not of these magical powers
Which school will you attend? Will you be able to win fights and attend classes while keeping your magical powers unknown to the outside world?
Join Triumvirate Academy today and see what mysteries you'll unfold~
35 minutes ago
Hey there! Interested in some medieval fantasy RP? If yes, then come join us! We are very welcoming of many different races you may choose to be (within reason). We have interesting lore, polite staff, friendly community, you name it!
44 minutes ago
Rishovia is a growing community of skilled text roleplayers. It is based within the advanced medieval fantasy setting of Rishovia.
1 hours ago
LXVI is a friendly fantasy role-playing server set in the modern day. The server focuses on vampires, hunter and werewolves providing a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. You can enjoy fighting others or simply role-playing a normal life led as a supernatural being, whatever the purpose you will have fun on the server.
1 hours ago
a fantasy setting with a little bit of steampunk
let's make an interesting story together

i'm kinda new to this so i hope this works out

our rules
1. Don't be a dick/asshole out of character
2. Characters need to be checked by an admin before participating in the rp
3. A second language can be hard to learn so grammar and spelling mistakes are fine if everyone can understand what you are saying
4. No censorship, make it as gory or lewd as you want NO LIMITS!
5. Actions have consequences
6. Don't kill someone's character without their permission (unregistered npc's are fine to kill without permission but be ware of rule 5)
7. One can own multiple characters just keep it organised
8. Don't create overpowered characters
9. (not nessisary but can save you some extra effort ) try to update your character sheet as often as possible
10. I am a pretty flexible person so rules can be changed or added if the need arises
11. Please use common sense
12. The staff wil usually play the npc's if there is no staff available feel free to play an npc
1 hours ago
⚪Join for friendly Roleplaying and socializing.
⚪Approx. 30 channels
⚪Hella dank memes inbound ;)
⚪We got some fabulous NSFW bots, too ;))
1 hours ago

Welcome to **The Alliance**! A BRAND NEW roleplaying server!

Meet new people and make new friends! The Alliance is full of friendly people who are waiting for you! 🤗❤️

Choose which guild you want to be in! Are you a **Fujikage** or a **Tuonkoji**? 😏🤭

We allow ERP and NSFW content but only in the NSFW channels and dorm rooms! (This is not an ERP/NSFW server!) 😈👀

We have VCs for karaoke, listening to music and just talking! We also hold a competition for best singer of the month every month! 🎧🎤

We have meme bots and game bots! A lot of fun bots! 👾🤖

A meme channel for all you memers and jokers out there!! 😂🤔

There is an art channel for you to show off your amazing skills! 🎨🖼

Filled with fun and friendly people to chat and laugh with! 😝😎

If you’d like to be staff we have an application for you to fill in! 🤑😍

Rule breaking will result in a warning! 😠📄

Open to partnerships with ANYBODY! 😜😊

So, what are you waiting for? Come join our awesome server!! 😛🙂

Permanent Invite:
1 hours ago
Design your own Nation and compete against others! Accompanying dynamic maps track your growth. Roleplay elements like quests and duels are included as well.

Now with unique National Buffs. No Nation limits.
2 hours ago
Sanctum: A World Divided

In the beginning, there was a ball composed of the four basic elements; fire, water, earth, and wind. The massive multi-elemental orb was floating through the vast Void of darkness, never ceasing to move. Then, there came a council comprised of multiple Deities, all of which governed a certain aspect or aspects of life. This council had discovered this orb not too long ago, and it intrigued them. They discussed how fascinating this natural phenomenon was to them, and decided that it would be useful. The council had differing opinions on what to do with the anomaly, that was, until the chief Deity decided what would be done with it.
What had been decided for it on a majority vote was that this strangely intriguing phenomenon would not be harvested nor destroyed, but rather they would create life on this newfound planet after their own image. Therefore, the anomaly was gifted the name Sanctum, a place for their creation to reside. However, with the decision, although the majority of the Deities agreed, there were some that disagreed. With that, rivalries were born and thus forth caused the council to be fractured, Deity turning on Deity. A civil war was born, splitting the council apart and giving birth to an eternal fight; Good versus Evil, Life versus Death, and most importantly, Creation versus Destruction.
With this, the creation was given both blessings and curses, such as the blessing of life which, in turn, gifts them with the curse of death. Another powerful example would be the everlasting battle between good versus evil which gifts the creation with free will which is both a blessing and a curse. After having done all of this, their creation being involved with their affairs indirectly, the Deities decided that it would be time to gift them with names. There were multiple races that the Deities had created, being plentiful in diversity and . Through the creation of life, numerous other aspects were born, as well as concepts!
2 hours ago
Hey!! a small rp server called "The School Of Power" (TSP) Would like you to join!! here are some things that they have.

~>Friendly easy going staff

~>Always taking suggestions!

~>Fun events happening randomly!

The owner is `Jessica | Maria` join and add her to know more!!!
2 hours ago
It’s a role playing server all are welcomed follow the rules and we will get along great
2 hours ago
Four tribes each harnessing the power of an element. They have struggled to maintain peace in their lands, instead focusing on their individual needs and the cravings of The Gods. These Gods have protected their lands for so long, isolating them from modern society. Until one day, a strange metal boat appears at the shore.
3 hours ago
A mature fantasy rp experience with! Guilds, characters and much more. Explore the places of Arkiynia and talk to fellow residents. Join one of 5 guilds, Depraved Shadows, Royal Warfare, Blades of the Fallen, Frost Abyss and Raider Assassins. Arkiynia is a world full of magic and wonder. Where living things of a mythical nature come to wonder. And you can live out your new life how you want it, this is your Arkiynia!

Welcome to the fabled land of Arkiynia. Where living things of a mythical nature come to wonder, where your imagination can explore endlessly in the world creating new stories and meeting new and exciting people. Caves and forgotten temples scattered everywhere, no explorer will go empty handed. But under this facade is a deep corruption, the whole history has been manipulated and change by the ████████ ███████ to make a utopia. A utopia where curtain people don’t exist and even mentioning these people would sentence you to death. The evils of Arkiynia have returned with fiery vengeance to kill everything and everyone, corrupting your closest friends and turning them into mindless slaves for the most evil thing in the totality of the universe. It is soon that Arkiynia and ██████ will clash, but one question is what will come out on top, will our world be manipulated into a clone, a mirror of ██████ and what it holds, or will ██████ collapse finally setting peace that we needed for a long time...

Please have fun!
3 hours ago
Hello all! We are a fairly new server to discord looking for people that wanna roleplay! We have a fantasy kingdom type theme. We also have ERP for people that want that also but please come try out the Kingdom!
3 hours ago
Welcome to the hidden city of Ascura, set in the time 2027. This world is an urban fantasy city where the supernatural live amongst the humans. Come join the fun!
We have:
• SFW/NSFW Roleplay Locations.
• Many parts of the city to explore!
• NSFW Lewd Channels (LBGT+ welcomed!)
• Many Races to choose from.
5 hours ago
In a land engulfed by darkness, many magic wonders exist. This is the land of Merra, and it is a heavily forested land, with deserts and mountains near the borders. No one dares to go past the borders of Merra, because anyone who ventures there never returns. Many people enter Merra and when asked how they came, they never seem to remember. Most of the confused visitors never stay longer than a week. The land of Merra is inhabited by many magical animals and wizards, who always seem to get into battles with one another. Most animals in Merra are very intelligent, some even more than the foolish wizards who dare to attack them. The wizards each have their own special brands of magic, and magic is very common among them. Merra is ruled by several mysterious creatures and wizards who no one has ever seen. Some say they have the power to venture beyond the boarders, but there is no fact behind this. The rulers of Merra reside in the desert, and they are protected by immense magic power.
6 hours ago
The world of Gaia is in imminent danger. You must choose a side, and thus, the fate of the world. What will you Choose? Will you hunt or be hunted? Brand new server!
6 hours ago
Hey! This is a magical girl roleplay for anyone who wishes to join. We accept all genders, sexualities, anything. We hope you enjoy the server!
7 hours ago
Relatively Odd is a growing 'over the garden wall' inspired roleplay, with a wide variety of creatures, a deeply-thought out lore, and many secrets to uncover.
7 hours ago

No beginning, no end.

MidWorld sits in a universe of its own, it is a parallel to all conceivable universes and times. Past, Present, and Future all meet and exist in tandem. The Sovereign selects adventurers from other worlds with a divine Algorithm, many adventurers arrive near-death or at a point of something significant in their lives. Those who prove themselves worthy of this gift can bring forth untold prosperity and ascend to God-hood.

The planet of MidWorld has all sorts of creatures inhabiting it either born from the world itself, or travelers from distant universes. Midtown is the primary center of civilization for this world, and is the most welcoming.

- Heavy OC Oriented
- Powerbalancing
- Active Admin and Events
- Elections held every 25members
- Est 12/26/2017
8 hours ago