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Wanna Join a Cyberpunk Rp server with it's own lore? Then Altrina is the place for you! Come check us out!
Future Eden is a server set in 2045 where California has seceded from the United States of America by force from the powerful corporate entity known as Eden, which now runs California. We bring you a cyberpunk roleplaying server intended to be fun and feature various factions to join. Will you join one of two Reaper factions who want to bring down Eden's rule or join Eden, the powerful company controlled by angels which rules California? The choices are yours in a dystopian future.

-Additional races to choose from, you can be a cyborg, mutated human with animal features, a person with pointed ears, android, vampire or even their counter known as the cybervamp; you can also attempt a special ritual to become an angel or demon as well.
-A cyberpunk setting featuring a California seceded from the United States. The year also being 2045.
-Choose from various factions to join such as the brutal, violent vigilantes known as the Death Agents; the nonlethal rivals of the Death Agents known as Shadowed Ghosts; the powerful government-corporate entity known as Eden that rules California; and the Enforcers of the law.
-Fight against dangerous gangs, other factions, and even the genetically created Monsters.
-An overall fun roleplaying server with a developing story.
-We even accept RPers of all skills, even those new to roleplaying or roleplaying for the first time!
we are a server trying to grow, we have simple rules to follow, great admins/mods, and nsfw bots, music bots, and many more(:
we are a cyberpunk based server with a small community getting larger as we speak. if you join it'd really help! <3
Cyberhell is a synthwave/cyberpunk themed discord server for every fandom out there. Whether you're into gaming or into painting there's something for you here. We VC alot and have public video call capability.
-Public video calls
-Self assignable roles
-Ranking system for perks and more
-Self promotion section
-Giveaways (handled by event managers)
-1 on 1 chats to have private conversations
-Venting channel to let all those frustrations out
-Offensive chat
-Meme chats
-Domesticated thots
Here you can satisfy your cravings for hard drinks, hard gambling and hard sex: a fetish-cyberpunk themed nightclub with a sassy android bartender, a casino with slots, blackjack, roulette and even a robot-chicken fighting arena. Age-verify to gain access to the seedy ADULTS-ONLY VIP floor and mingle with other deviants exploring any perversions they desire.

We have cyberpunk roleplay section with a dice-roll resolution system.

There's a growing media archive dedicated to cyberpunk art, aesthetics, vaporwave music, dystopian movies, user created original art, and 24/7 smut-feeds to quench any pornographic "needs".

Use self-assignable roles to identify your gender, orientation, structure (biological, android, cyborg, AI, etc), and other basic traits. There are additional roles for VIPs to associate with your specific kinks and relationship power dynamics.

The Quantum Dragon isn't big. It isn't fancy. But for some, it's a place to be accepted, a place to be themselves. To those people, this little hidden pit of vices is their go-to escape from reality.
Join if you're looking for a tight community building an archive of various art forms from music to fashion to architecture or if you just wanna shitpost
Venalvain is a cyberpunk, semi-dystopian roleplay set in a futuristic world, set in 2074, on the man-made island of Venalvain that exists just off the coast of Ireland and Wales. About 3 times the size of London, the place is a sprawling megacity with technological advancements far beyond our imagination - Cybernetic and Bionic limbs, robots with incredibly advanced thought, hyper-realistic androids, and a scary threat of illegal genetic treatments, with mutants slowly appearing from the underbelly of the city. Run by the fierce president, Maura McMenomy, or alternatively, 'The Banshee of Blessington', an Irish woman responsible for the huge class divide and almost militaria police prescience and oppression of anyone who can't pay their way past the police.
Hello traveler!
Welcome to the 𝘾𝙔𝘽𝙀𝙍𝙋𝙐𝙉𝙆 server. We are a pretty new server but we hope that it will grow together with you.

We have self-assignable roles and custom emojis.(more will be added)
Hope you give us a chance by checking us out.
ShadowHaven is a Shadowrun 5E living community where PCs take missions from a job board and are put into temporary teams to complete these tasks. This simulates the in canon aspect of freelancers working together in the short term. Our setting has memory and events impact the direction of the overarching story. Make decisions that impact the fall of corps, the rise of anarchists and who will own the drug trade. Join ravenous advocates for less fortunate people and corporate managers organizing megamergers in a cyberpunk dystopia. Make personal choices for your PCs that will either reverse the flow of Ponzi schemes and bring comlinks to under served communities or gather lobbyist allies, corporate power and black markets serving your whims. Use your faction reputation to have the police falsely arrest enemies or have hacktivists spread forbidden corporate knowledge and drive down stock prices. Discover insights in our role-playing rooms where players share details to reveal hidden plots. Explore our history with an extensive player driven wiki. Join our discord and have helpful staff help you build your first PC!
Lennox is a land of technological advancements that were never thought possible; robots being able to procreate (wanting to add more but can't remember). However, with such advances comes great consequences, known as the experimentation and dehumanisation of people with special abilities or of special origins (aliens). The revolutionists are against it and believe that the technology can still advance but finding another way to test it while the government is set in the experimenting ways. The land is actually on a large ship in space, after the destruction of earth. As a protective measure, the jets on the ship were made to handle one speed blast when in danger, and then people farm a radiated plant to regain the fuel. Due to this, there are hand rails everywhere for people to clip themselves onto so they don't fly out of the ship, however, people can still get slammed against walls and the floor and die from a harsh enough tug.
The Cor2 Files is a cyberpunk RP set in post-apocalyptic America. The Megacorp, Corrigan Corporation, or Cor2 for short, has seized control of almost the entirety of the Site. The government fights back, but are no better than the corporation that has nearly swallowed them whole. Vigilantes, rebels, mercenaries, and more are forged in the trial that is Site 17.

Characters can explore Site 17, the corrupt trading hub of the 20 Sites, and choose to fight the corruption or be a part of it, or anywhere in between. The RP features a custom RPG-style combat system, different factions, classes, and secrets galore, as well as certain specialized mechanics to keep everyone wondering just who is really human.

18+ ONLY. This shit gets real bloody, real fast.
A character roleplay set in an alternate universe where magic and mythological creatures have existed alongside technological advances. There is more information in the server. Don't mind the picture it is a placeholder.
Alixby! The city of daydreams!"

Alixby was founded as one of five cities used as a showcase to present to the world how cities of the future should be. The world loved these cities, especially Alixby. With the showcase being a major success, the government chose 500 lucky people to be the first people to move in. The city boomed and began growing after the first 500 moved, soon those numbers doubled and then tripled; it was a neon metropolis, attracting all different kinds of people. All was going well for the city until the crooked mayor, Katherine Pelligreen, was elected. When she was elected, she began implementing laws that caused tensions to rise with people of the city. Her laws and propositions were unethical and just not fair. She created an oppressive society that had demonstrations outside of the mayor's office and weekly protests. The city experienced years of civil unrest with the people. It only got worse as she was reelected. The crime rate rose higher and higher the longer she stayed in office. Police began abusing their power, gangs prospered, crime was everywhere now. Will the city ever be completely safe again?
In a world full of death and crazed ghostly creatures called Dusk: Join one of the last sanctions in the world by adding your own OC's here to help fill out roles in this cyberpunk fantasy city, including the job to hunt down these Dusk.

Warning: Mature subjects are always active. ( Drugs, violence, and laws)

Satan's state is a crime city cyberpunk role play server with a twist you can be a famous singer or artist even own your own business be a human trafficker drug dealer or pilot a mech but beware there is danger around every corner even in the safest of cities will you survive or will you fall like many others join today and find out for yourself
Hello all! I am currently making a cyberpunk roleplay which takes place in Europe. At the moment we are looking for more roleplayers and possible admins to hopefully expand our small community :D

The year is 2689. After the First Mutagen War which began during the latter stages of the 25th century and ran until the early 26th century, mankind had lost its title as the apex predator of the world. Its been almost 50 years since then, and the United States has finally gotten back on its feet. An expedition has been planned for Europe. Are you ready? The colony of New Hamburg awaits you. Whether you choose to hold a rifle in your hands, or metal cooking utensils, to a simple pen, we the colonists of New Hamburg welcome you.

We are looking for experienced roleplayers capable of producing a usual amount of at least one paragraph (3+ sentences). We include a GM and dice-based system and are open to help those not accustomed to it, so please don't think you're under qualified. We would like that those joining are mature enough to experience adult subjects.

{❀> A detailed world

{❀> An occupation system - you decide the path your character takes

{❀> An ever-growing world set in a post-apocalyptic Europe

{❀> A huge array of weapons, armor, and items

{❀> A unique combat system

{❀> A lore website

{❀> Talented roleplayers

{❀> The free ability to create your own storyline

Place: Satellite, Michigan, USA.

Year: 3052.

What do you do when the end of the world finally comes? Do you lay down and die or give into the chaos? If you're the citizens of Satellite you do your best to hold onto what normalcy you have left.

Ages ago there was an event known today only as "The Downfall." No one remembers what caused it and the archives of the old world are few and far between. All that is known is that it resulted in the direct collapse of many superpower nation's governments around the world. America, Russia, China. They all fell like a house of cards and soon chaos set in. What was left behind was a new world. One that had been marred by its people.

While Hong Kong, Paris, and even New York delved into the nothingness of a lawless world some cities managed to stay standing as beacons of hope, lights in the dark. One of those cities was none other than Satellite. Now a new war wages in the new era of man. Man versus machine, Sinners versus Saints, but it's not a world-spanning one. It's a fight for the survival of the fittest. A dog-eat-dog where no punches are pulled. Will you rise up to the occasion and carve out your place in the history of a world flipped on its head or simply rot away with the rats? Only you can decide. Welcome to The Lost Eden.
Red City est un serveur communautaire français regroupant des gamers, des artistes ou bien des fans d'animes/manga et bien plus encore sur le thème CyberPunk. Libre à vous de partager vos passions et de discuter de tout et de rien, tout cela dans la bonne humeur !
Welcome to the future, a lot of possibilities lie in your hands now. With the corrupt and strict U.S government, the sumo tech company Mindswarm.Inc continuing its destiny onward for a "better" future, and of course the rebel group Swords of Liberation trying to put an end to the "bad" in the world. There are three sides to choose from, all of them promising a better future. Who will you choose?

Hello this server has been in development for a little bit now, as of writing this there is only one person in the server (me) I put a lot of effort into making a sever that I can only hope brings many people joy and a great story. So feel free to come on down and join.
Welcome, to the city of O'Cyrus which takes place in the year of 3001. The city alone is split into separate sectors, each having their own purpose in meaning. You can decide which sector you'd like to be born from. Along with deciding what road your character will go down. At the moment we are slow, mostly because we had to deal with some trolls, but other than that, I hope to build this server into something better.
Year 4182. After the world reaches a new crisis due to an expansive and aggressive advance of technology and global warming, Kemuri City (ケムリ市) becomes one of the biggest industrial cities in the world, having millions of citizens. Ruled by aristocrats and corporations, Kemuri is the only hope for many, but also is a city made of exploitation, corruption and filth. Crime rates are over the top, the rich get richer and Kemuri is divided in several areas and sectors brutally unequal to each other. The only defense against the monstrous machine is the technology itself, which allowed people to develop high-tech weaponry and abilities. Many groups coexist in this toxic city made of steel, smoke and glass:

- The Seniors, the dominant and highest class who accumulate the power and money to run the city and do as they please with the help of a corrupt police system.
- The Apostates, rebels and vigilantes who wish to defeat the new government and free the people by taking control of the natural resources.
- The Shikkan, those who moved from distant areas around the city that were contaminated by industrial waste and ended up developing animal features in their human bodies.

Normal citizens, travelers, outsiders, everyone seems to be trapped inside Kemuri City. What side will you chose?
A Cryberpunk themed rp, that has it all, we're fairly new and looking for suggestions and admins
In 2080, Delirium City was named number 1 party town in the United States, with it's collection of bars and other hot spots it quickly became a haven for crime and corruption.

Cyberpunk RP/hangout server.