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We are a growing sci-fi rp server with both an rp side and community side. We have daily updates and plot is formed around how players rp and interact.

You can play as a Titan pilot, Non-pilot (soldier), Civilian, and if your lucky Nano Warrior. Each class has their own ranking system and unique classes to further customize your own unique character!

Customization and creativity is urged and with over 50 channels to engaged in rp.

In the year of 2132, mankind has been brought into extinction due to the greed of the nations of the past that has driven humanity into a fallout. Now, the mechanical robots they once controlled have gone berserk and destroy any living creature they see, but some have been taken over and are able to be used against them. Trust no one, not even yourself, for if you are irradiated you will no longer be called human...

There was once a Past, There isn't a Present, But can there be a Future?
Welcome! (`・ω・´)”
We're a fledgling server dedicated towards the Armored Core successor Daemon X Machina! Come join us!
Humanities is at war...
25 years ago the first portal opened up..and with it a invasion on dragons came... Humanity wasn't prepared. Since then portals opened at random to unleash a raid of dragons only to close later. Humanity developed Mechs, proving effective against dragons once refined. Schools were made to teach others about them hoeever dragons had seemingly endless numbers..
This roleplay takes place in one such school.
(Inspired by Cross Ange)
The SynCh Project is an RP server, taking inspiration from things such as Gundam, Macross and Evangelion to make its own unique universe.

Make a character and customise your own SynCh Unit mech as part of the Global Union as you fight against and uncover the origins of the mysterious ULF and other SynCh squadron known as 'Deadly SYNs', or strengthen your bonds with other pilots within The Capital to take advantage of the CHimera Link System. The pieces have been set up, it is all up to you to play the game
In the far future of Earth, humans had been slowly destroying the Earth with technology and pollution. The Earth lived on by the very humans built a way to fight off Humans as they hurt and destroyed the planet. It created beings called Beastmen, which piloted mechs and killed more than half of the human population. The rest that survived hid underground, forming a resistance against the Beastmen and using their mechs against them. This is, Kemono Sensō.

♡ Fun Bots ♡
♥ Growing Community ♥
♤ Raid Battles ♤
♠ Mudae ♠
we are a new server that protests, does rants, and argues about the fortnite mech
Do you like mechs? Do you like big ol' metal fists smashing against eachother? Do you like fighting giant kaijus? Do you like cyberpunk? Do you like complete character freedom? Our server is for you!Astraeus is a mech Roleplay server made with its own, handmade, custom rolling system! We offer mech fighting, racing, and even hunting large kaijus!

Station Serenity was founded in the 2400s, following an era of technological breakthroughs with mechanized warfare. Mechas, bipedal assault weapons, became the norm in battlefields and were quickly adopted in sports as well. As can be expected, this technological advancement brought much strife, the mechs beginning to be used by terrorists, political enemies, and criminal cartels around the entire United Front Space. Due to this, the United Front placed strict regulations on who can own a mech, limiting them to military personnel only, nearly killing Mech Sports in the matter of a year. Two major companies, Lockenstif, and Ferenhid, both big-league mech production companies, thought of a brilliant idea: making a haven, free of the United Front's regulation, on the Outer Rims, forming their own Satellite Station and creating their own government. With their mass amount of wealth, this was a rather easy ordeal, and the birth of technological wonder, the birth of Station Serenity, heralded in a new era.
Current date of submission - 6/24/19

> Logging on
> User: DR_S
>>Enter Password: ********
>>>Password Accepted

The current year is 2095. Thirty years ago our world of Earth has been invaded by a technologically superior race of beings known as the Airen empire. Unleashing and showcasing their technological might with advanced warships and tanks, we pushed them back for as long as we could before The Empire released their most terrifying force upon us yet;


All different types, some more powerful then others. Too combat this, we constructed our own kaiju fighting force. Stratiotis project. A mechanical fighting robot program with the intention of defending us from those threats, and fighting a war for us in more ways then one.

If you read this message ; Find your way to Haven. Enlist. Help defend humanity from the threat of The Airen Empire. We need you.


Stratiotis Project ; The First Wave, is the first chapter in a colossal scale story about humanity's survival agents a race of technologically superior aliens and their army of Kaiju. You will be given two characters, a primary that will be fighting in the line of duty and will be your star character during the first chapters... and a secondary, who is a child of your primary. Whilst the primary is fighting the secondary will be training too take pilot and operate a mech for the purpose of humanity's survival. Join today!!

> Literate Roleplay!!
> Helpful staff
> Easy to use character creation.
> Engaging story.
The year is 3063, and House Steiner and House Davion are in a massive civil war, known as the Fedcomm Civil War spanning hundreds of star systems across the Inner Sphere!

You, are either a mechwarrior, tanker, soldier, or aero-pilot in this great conflict. Whether you are House Steiner, House Davion, or a mercenary paid by either house in the conflict, your job is clear... Win the war for your House!

Come join this new community for Battletech and Mechwarrior related things! We have a simplistic, but effective combat system in place, and are looking to grow!

Well MechWarrior? Are you in?
A huge organisation who made their money off of healthcare, oil and tech slowly branched out until they controlled all the main resources and media, including the law. They were called CyberCore, and were considered the most powerful corporation of all time; until the incident. There was a major bombing on on of their control centres, and it was carried out by an alliance known as the Operatives of Industrial Liberation, also knows as OIL. Due to this, many other factions sprouted up in an attempt to gain back their power, leading to an ongoing skirmish for land, materials and most importantly, rad mech parts.

This server is based on the movement and development of several main factions. There is mechs, guns and all kinds of tech that don’t exist today. So, in short, go wild!
You as the player are a new recruit to the hyper fleet, a group whos goal is to one day destroy the destroyers and protect all planets from destruction. When making a character check out info on Esper and Gaia and ask the admins and such about what you can have we love creativity but dont go overboard and no godmodding.
If youd love to join the hyper fleet then come on and join us and we will love having you join us. 3 races to choose from and more to come potentially in the future. We are LGBT friendly and welcome everyone to our server as long as your polite and respect the rules set forth your always welcome.
With an extraterrestrial threat looming over, and the fate of human life resting in their hands, will these cadets be able to hold a candle to what lies ahead?

-A mech rp, with a human vs extraterrestrial style story!-

What this server offers:
•Helpful staff, working as often and as hard as they can to ensure the best experience possible
•Original characters and races
•A welcoming community
•Fair play, PTK
•Open mindedness

All are welcome!
In the midst of World War 3, spanning from January 7th, 2020 to September 27th, 2030 an invention called Mechs were created. The Mechs were powered from an unknown star material that suddenly began to fall during July 5th to the 23rd of 2028. The material gave off unimaginable amounts of energy and even Magic, they dubbed the material as Etherium. The Mechs were powerful, just a few being able to take down whole armies, and never run out of energy.
But on September 25th, a small country that began to develop in Antarctica called Enigma created Missiles that contained 'Pure Etherium', declared war on each of the other countries. It shot the missiles at each of the world powers, and erased them from the world, destroying most of their highly populated cities and the locations of important government facilities, and spilled deadly radiation over the areas of the blasts. This affected many nearby lifeforms and re-structured their DNA, it changed them into creatures that were mindless, but few survived and gained powers that would be called Ether which would give them abilities over the elements or simply giving them abilities that would been as super-human. These blasts affected many of the mechs and made them go berserk, to the point that they began killing off all life around them and leaving nothing in their path of total destruction. On the 26th, the mechs began creating factories to upgrade or repair themselves, or even make more of them. On the 27th, 70% of the global population was annihilated from the mechs and irradiated lifeforms, all countries fell to anarchy, and the rest of humanity was left to wander their now darkened grave of a home. But, time has passed and it is now 2134, and more things are beginning to unroll...
It is the year 2666, most famously known as the 'Year of Hell', People have begun building fully functioning and destructive Mech in attempts to expand their territories, causing many massacres to happen. An alliance had formed in an attempt to stop this, known as the 'United Alliance'. In this RP, you're part of the United Alliance, and you must make your way up the ladder to get stronger Mech suits to further help the United Alliance win the war and to do that, you must complete exciting quests and missions.
Welcome to the N.C.S Stardamizen! Historian, Scientist, Android, Mech--Whatever or whoever you are, you are welcomed for a safe and enjoyable flight in the underbelly of the ship which holds a bustling city for of excitement! See you on the ship~
The two Maids
Both treated as gods. These maids are the creators of this world. Pretty much they deserve their high treatment. Both are unable to die of age, can create things, and have great kindness. Although they are powerful, these maids have only built two things in our world today. The sky and the sea.
= (more info in #npcs )=
These two maids of Damenier had created a world for us to enjoy with the help of life. Life is an ability passed down to people, but currently, neither of the sisters have it. They wished to have it but are unable to wield it because of how much power they already have. The sisters lived a life before Damenier though, one in our world. They were just kids but had a creativity and imagination one could only dream for. One day when these sisters were writing one began to cough up blood, the other did too. When the parents of the two took them into the doctor's office in an attempt to help, they ended up starting their life in the hospital. The sisters claimed to have a force pulling at their lungs and stomach. Often making them wheeze and throw up. They claimed it was like a being trying to pull them away from reality. The doctors thought something was getting to their head and continued to treat them. One day they both died suddenly after coughing up blood as they did initially. Their consciousness did not die with their bodies though. The same force that was making them sick took them into nothingness. But their imagination and ideas for games or comics, even series or books. It lived on and created a world. Damenier. The two formed a magical world full of fantasy-themed creatures. Their memories of our planet they once lived in faded just as their bodies did. But with hard thinking, they could recall bits and pieces of the memories they had before. With this picture in mind, they based their world off of it. You can see things such as lamps or beds like in our society. But there are also things such as battle cores that people use to fend off monsters. Not only is it futuristic the entirety of the world is in the sky! Will, you survive in this new world or end up being left behind in the heat of the moment?
Mankind is now on its last legs, our homeworld having been sieged by an extraterrestrial threat. We now rely on the help of man-made fighters, large mechas called “Stratiotis” to defend ourselves and finally turn the tide. It’s a race against the clock now, and we’ll need all the help we can get. Are you in?

-Another Mecha rp, but not based off of anything that’s come before it!-

What we offer:

•Helpful staff, working as hard as they can ASAP
•Original characters and races
•A welcoming community
•Fair play, PTK
•Open mindedness

Feel free to join in! All are welcome!
In the year 2078, Earth's ecosystem has finally collapsed. Races and species from all over the galaxy have combined their knowledge and wealth to construct a gargantuan spaceship named the Valkyrie, to search throughout the cosmos for a planet capable of sustaining human life.
What will happen aboard the Valkyrie?
Will it be sexual?
Will it be romantic?
The choice is yours.

Heya. I'm Ryn, and this is a brand-new server. We really need traction to get us up and running properly, so if you could join, that would be amazing.
We have bots to make things more convenient, like hugging your senpai or slapping a baka.
Thank you so much for reading, and we hope to see you there.
The Surging Tide takes place in a futuristic apocalyptic world that is not our own. The Surface of the planet Stratos has been broken and changed, and it will continue to change. The reasons for this is up for you to find. Your objective is simple, live, survive, and explore. Expeditions are the main way this roleplay works. Expeditions are paid for by the sponsors, who send down freelancers, protectors, mechanics, and even scientists to retrieve items or various other things, luckily there is no deadline to finish the expedition. The world itself remains a mystery, and with each expedition, more and more information will be found and put into the timeline for you to read to explore the lore of this world. Just so you know, the lore is heavily important, as it explains and will hint at further events and changes in the world, some that may affect your characters, others not so much.

The civilization which the RP follows has been able to develop a type of military vehicle similar to a tank, a CETT or what it is commonly referred to as, a Mech. Bipedal, Spider, Trilegged, they are customizable so long it is possible.

Features of the RP
• Freedom of Customization (Weapons, Mechs, Guns, Characters etc.)

• An Active Community (Small, but active!)

• Great and Responsive Staff Members

• Battles Requiring Thought

• A Plot That The Player's Actions Influence

• The Ability to do Side-Plots
Mercury is a roleplaying group placed in the future, Here you will embark on a wonderful adventure as a mercenary under the contract of Captain Aurora of the Capital Ship Mercury.

Here you will embark on missions under her command and jurisdiction. This process will completed by performing the following:

- Reading the missions board and accepting a mission via a direct request in person to the Captain.
- Accepting a direct request from the Captain or appropriate messenger.
- Events that periodically occur.

other than that you're more than welcome to come visit and chat!
Welcome to the world of Infinite stratos. Its a roleplay server based on the Infinite stratos anime dont follow everything to do with it, such as certain people have a Custom IS and such. Still in major development and better Description will be added soon