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Our server, MTG Arena Hangout, is a network where the MTG Arena online community can come together to communicate to each other verbally over the internet, and get tips to better themselves as an MTG player. We welcome all new people.
its a server made for an arena pvp dnd style campaign/ you start at level 5 and fight in tournaments to level and by items and rank up
The Ashen Alliance, a community full of mystery and trust with a lot of friendly pirates that's based around the Sea of Thieves!
Currently, we are an LFG server until more people join who are steady active in which we will then be able to start Alliance servers where you will be able to sail the seas in peace.

Well then recruit, are you ready to join the fun? We'll be waiting for you!
Phoenix Arena
Combat/proving grounds rp
Train hard to fight a god and when you win become a god yourself!!
Get jobs as Hunter Trader Beast tamer Or give suggestions for a job you want!!
We are all friendly here and Love to spar so if you’re interested come on in. Choose a god to follow and let’s get started
Thief Labs is a Sea of Thieves LFG community full of amazing members ready to adventure the seas!

We offer a ranking system, looking for group channels, multiple voice chats, and more! All we ask is for you to be respectful. We hope to see you hop aboard!
❤️ Friendly
▫️Daily arenas
▫️Custom discord bot
▫️RANKED bi-weekly online tournaments

Improve your Smash skills today!
Everyone is welcome! Anyone can learn. Anyone can play.
Final Destination is a brand new server focused on the Super Smash Bros game franchise.

The server is primarily a social server for discussion around the franchise alongside being a place for members to participate in SSB games, tournaments, and other Smash-related events.

If you want to improve your game, or play casually FD is the place for you
A fairly new PvP/arena server!

IP: Not released, Yet...

Social media’s:
None atm

The new afk arena family with lots of bots and afk arena players. We got lots of people
Сервер создан с момента ЗБТ для участия в боях на 5v5.Здесь вам помогут разобраться с игровыми механиками.
**__Welcome everyone to Neo Babylonia.__

**A city of adventure, bloodshed, passion, and romance. A place where all are welcome to explore their sexual curiosities or epic fantasies through writing. There are a few exceptions to the races allowed, but if your character is well developed even minor demons and angels are allowed.**

There is one important rule enforced above all others: No minors! This is strictly an 18+ server. You are encouraged but not required to verify your age. Just know the pantheon could request this if deemed necessary.**

Welcome to the server! Don't worry if you only see a few channels at first. As soon as you grab a few roles and get started with a host/hostess you can see more. In the meantime, please introduce yourself in the welcome lobby, have a chat, and familiarize yourself with Neo Babylonia’s rules. Once you have done this you will be one step closer to initiating your epic adventure!. Don't worry if you're only interested in the SFW areas of the server. We have something for everyone here, and we will make sure you do not have to. see something you don't want. Before heading out to the lobby, do us and yourself a favor. Please have a few minutes before pinging a host/hostess there is a channel viewable to guests so you can see who is available.

The experience here will be that of a Multiverse hub on earth. You'll be met with characters from all sorts of universes, lore, and pantheon.
The year: Sometime in the near future.
The setting: Earth has experienced a fracture in the spacetime and on an interdimensional level. Portals started to appear across the planet. These portals are allowing people from all sorts of universes to travel on earth. Heroes, catgirls in maid uniforms, demons and a whole lot more. The earth has quickly become an epicenter for all sorts, humans and demons alike. The World's governments have decided to grant the newcomers an island created to welcome all. This is where your epic officially begins The island is about the size of Texas and currently maintained by a small group of gods. Their power is unchallenged and will always remain that way as they keep the peace in Neo Babylonia.

__What we offer__

Smut, adventure, fantasy, Sci-Fi, crime, all genres are welcome.

**__Server Games__**

Word association

One Sentence story.

Last Letter

More to come. Some games will go in time but some might end up staying.

**__We have fun bots__**




**__Music bots__**

Hime and Groovy


Antiraid, antispam, password for entry in the rules.

Our security is set through perms, bots, and a strict verification system(optional, this is not mandatory but is encouraged. As an eighteen and up server we do ask for maturity.

Our friendly staff is always happy to help. As the server becomes increasingly organized, this document will be updated.
An online anime based web game, no flash required, quickly create an account and enjoy from over 15 animes, 160 characters to play with against other players! Rank up and enjoy missions .. Join us today!
"The Roleplayers Collective; for roleplayers looking for any kind of roleplay, from the casual variation to the more serious combat and everything in between."

There is no set plot in "RC", meaning that it is a blank canvas for you.

The server has a few basic areas of course, such as a forest, a lake, a city, even a tavern, and a set of arenas located within different elemental regions, like Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. These are subject to change depending on what you are looking for.

The goal is to have fun, and to be a decent little community base where everyone is welcome. This is a new server, so it is empty at the moment.

This means there is going to be no tolerance to sexism, racism, or bullying in general.

**Looking for partnerships and assistance**
Welcome to Ætherena! You've been brought by unknown means to a strange arena where the layout can be changed to anything, and the players can be healed of almost any injury. Will you fight your way to the top for victory and glory? Fame and fortune? Or perhaps a chance to escape? You can be almost anything (so long as you're not overpowered), and use just about any weapon, from spears and broadswords, to lightsabers and laser rifles, and anything in between. Almost nothing is out of bounds, so get in here and kick some ass!
✪ Join us for-

+Gameplays Updates Guide Stuff Strategy..
+Access to Exclusive Emoji's ,Roles..
+Patches Changelog MARS/KSO News,faq..
+Channels for different languages
+Share art work, memes ,ideas, gameplays
+Privacy protected
+Additional channels for games, Off Topic & Spams(ping disabled)

Find more interesting things join our community and make it bigger
┃┃┃_-- KSO --_┃┃┃
Palsambleu ! Tu trébuche sur une pierre et tombe dans une cave sombre marqué de symboles sataniques... Une jolie Daemonette te propose sa main pour te relever, elle te regarde avec de grands yeux brillants, espiègles, piquetés d'une lueur de malice. Tu accepte, fatale erreur, tu as conclu un pacte sans le savoir ! Te voilà entré dans la communauté de l'Arena...

Serveur amical et chill, avec un salon rp👍

Toujours actifs, accueillants et plusieurs bots d'aides, de fun ou de NSFW. On accepte tous les délires, tous les fétichismes et toutes les orientations et religions. D'où que tu vienne et quoi que tu fasse on est toujours la pour taper la causette.

Signé Coco et Cléa ! ^^
Team competitiv creado en 2019 *Fortnite*
Para pasarlo bien y conocer a mucha gente.
(Reglas en el servidor)
Welcome Efkeria academy

Over 900 years ago there was a great war it was so incredibly massive and devastating that it nearly annihilated the human race and destroyed the planet, this war was between the human race and the demon realm it seemed almost impossible to win the only remaining kingdom 100 years into the war being the kingdom of kondier, this kingdom wasn't prepared for the battle ahead and the only way the king saw of them winning was to turn to the witches of whom they had despised so much, but their megic could be the entire key to getting an edge on the demon onslaught thus they created a new soldier a new warrior by mutating ones spirit into something even more powerful, these soldiers where called dauntelions they each had strengths based on their personality and hundreds where created down the last 120 years of the war. When the war was over the dauntelions where no longer needed for wars so they where used in arenas and contests there was also a school made for them it goes by the name of efkeria academy, allot of the dauntelion population has declined over the many years only 30% of the dauntelion battle spirits are still remaining passed down from generation to generation over the years making them very rare overall.

We are accepting of everyone, from furries to anime fans!
Please follow the rules as we want all our members to feel safe and comfortable as much as we can.

A fun little place to talk about and play some MTG.
We do tiny unsanctioned tourneys on MTG Arena, sometimes we have giveaways too... Mostly it's a fun community to chill and play some MTG with some fun people.