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Welcome to the MTG Arena Discord Server! Everything here is about the game Magic The Gathering. Here you can discuss your questions or decklists with us or even look for opponents. We are an open-minded and friendly gaming community and look forward to your visit!
❤️ Friendly
▫️Daily arenas
▫️Unique SmU5h discord bot (tailored to our community)
▫️Free bi-weekly online tournaments!!
(Gift cards, and nitro boosts for our monthly events with prizes!)

Improve your Smash skills today!
Everyone is welcome! Anyone can learn. Anyone can play.
__**The City of Neo Babylonia**__

The city is a hub as is the server. We encourage all sorts of writing, play styles, and character building. That is just not everything that you can do here. We have an assortment of things to do from writing to music channels and even some voice and music bots. I Rambler welcome you on behalf of the pantheon and staff to join us on a grand ongoing epic. We will help you settle in as you arrive. The economy will be or is dependent on when you join very much alive. We have regular voice chats with not only myself but we have a few dedicated categories. For starters, we encourage D&D and ERP but we are not limited to that. As time goes by we are adding more dedicated areas. We have a great staff who are very helpful, don't let their kindness fool you. We do want everyone to feel welcome so we do take the rules seriously and do enforce them. Please do stay for as long as you like and make us your go-to for writing, reading, and other wants and needs.

notesMusic bot
microphoneVoice Chat
globe_with_meridiansServer Partners
slot_machineBot Games
Roleplay SFW
:monkaS: Memes
Welcome to Team Hato!

We are a competitive fortnite team fueled by talented esports players trying to improve all together. We have a concentrated ambition to achieve new and special goals.

Team Hato is an Asia based team who strive to show their names in the leaderboard. We are looking forward to the great experience and the hardwork we are putting into the team.

We are here to face.

- Team Hato

#FearHato #HatoAsia
The Arena of Morrigan, founded in a place beyond time, where war is eternal and blood flows endlessly.

Made by the goddess to find her true champions, Warriors that honor her in War Blood and Death. Thousands of dead warriors have passed through the mountain pass into the arena and thousands more have been sent into the pits

Through the years two have risen above all. Alexander, Dubbed the King of War and his wife Lex'iian, Queen of Death. Now they hold a contest and open the Arena to the rest of space and time to find their third, the Prince or Princess of Blood.

Will you challenge the Arena for your chance at the Throne of the Blood?
A fun server looking for members where you can have fun with an arena, socialize, and meet new people. Come join us.
A new minigame with cool features, enter the arena and kill other players in your fight to the top!
Welcome to Ætherena! You've been brought by unknown means to a strange arena where the layout can be changed to anything, and the players can be healed of almost any injury. Will you fight your way to the top for victory and glory? Fame and fortune? Or perhaps a chance to escape? You can be almost anything (so long as you're not overpowered), and use just about any weapon, from spears and broadswords, to lightsabers and laser rifles, and anything in between. Almost nothing is out of bounds, so get in here and kick some ass!
Hell, odd.

You woke up in what seemed like a room, the room was designed to be somewhat fancy, white walls, bed that is enough for 2 people. But you're the only one sleeping on it.

The only thing you seemed to remember is how you act, what's your name, when you were born, but something made you rather surprised, there is a cart infront of you, with what seemed like- . . Weapons, on it, upon grabbing onto it you suddenly felt a sudden zooming energy went through your body, as if the weapon bonded to you. Not only that, not only weapons, no. Some other people woke up, discovering a newfound gift, they're allowed to manipulate electricity, flame, acid- . . Anything, almost, anything.

As soon you walk out of your room, you're faced with what seemed like a normal neighborhood, other Contes- People! walked out to the street, looking confused, the only thing caught their eyes is a large stadium, almost larger than the average size of a normal soccer stadium.

What are you doing? Who knows, but you get a letter, that said only one word.


So, you have discovered that- . . You may or may not have to fight! For what? Amusement! But, eh, you're fine with it, i think? you can fight for your amusement too, if not, we'll force you to! The backside of the Letter will explain something, read it!

So, you're sent here- . . For fighting! Why not? Why now? You ask, because- . . We're bored, yes, yes, you think you will die, but no, actually no. We have a person who specializes in all kind of medication, healing power and such, he can revive you! So- . . Fight all you want, you'll be provided with food, water, and natural human interactions.

And let us wonder, who will be the strongest of them all!

But- . . You can break out of here, how? Who knows, ahah, will get shot down on sight if you attempt to! - . . Be sneaky!

Welcome to what seemed like a new shitty server, stick along with us!

We don't have that much to offer but please- stick along with us,
"You've been invited to the Arena! Fight to your heart's desire, right here!"
any character, any genre, any power level, anytime! The Arena is an active and diverse roleplay with a multitude of different themed arenas to fight in as well as chill community and bot channels to stave off boredom between matches. The Arena is always growing and improving! it's already been a year since it's creation!
-use as many characters as you want.
-unique lore that welcomes ALL kinds of characters.
-scoring system keeps track of wins and losses, and can be used when deciding who you'd like to face next.
-relaxed atmosphere, chime in whenever you want.
-bounty system, target certain characters for a boost to your score.
-multiplayer raids! take on hard targets in wars of attrition or survival!
-pokecord and Nadekobot for fun.
-50+ emojis!
-relaxed and open community, welcomes new members and brings them into our friend group!
-a couple NSFW channels.
(Rule fix!)
This is a small server that i want to grow so people can chat with each other and share strategies, decks, or anything in between. So why dont you join and see what this server is all about
In the island of Nousu, Champions battle it out in the Arena to prove their strength, and you too can be one of them.
Lay waste to your opponents, disgrace their family and rip their bodies into so many different pieces that the janitor will kill himself.
Play as a number of different races and classes with so many combos that I had to make a spreadsheet to balance them.
Welcome to the Fokir Arena! Here, we converted this entire planet into a large amount of arenas for fighters to fight in! Since there is no room for our adoring fans to be on the planet, there is a station where the crowd watches live footage on a holoprojector, which isn't a normal blue holoprojector, but instead in full color! The final battle is on the station's mega-arena, for a possible final triumph and retirement. Come on down to the Fokir system's station and enjoy this with us! Note: All fighters have their brains monitored, copied, and ready for if they die, they are remade using replicators.
Dieser neue Sea of Thieves Discord besitzt eine nette Community er ist noch in der Aufbaufase und unser server Team freut sich über neue Mitglieder. Die Mitglieder die wir schon haben (35) sind aber sehr aktiv.

So you may be wondering, what is Aeskar?

Aeskar is a medium sized plane of existence.. an island the size of madagascar floating in the twilight sea, which is an endless ocean of stars and planetoids.

What kind of fantasy setting is this?

High Fantasy, which is to say Dragons, Magic, Swords and Spells. If it can happen in Dungeons and Dragons it can happen here.

What kind of roleplay is this?

The roleplay focuses around the Arena, so heavy combat. However.. we will expand on the Village over time to provide a more relaxed and immersive fantasy life experience once the server begins to prosper.

What Race can I be?

All races are welcome. (Yes, even Furrys.) That means Elves, Neko's, Sentient Dragons, Fae, Were-Beasts, Tieflings and Aasimar's, all can be made and played here. Again, if you can do it in Dungeons and Dragons you can do it here.

How strong can I be? Can I bring in one of my old characters?

Aeskar is designed to make everyone, even seasoned veterans, be challenged here. If your character is normally a god of time and chaos, they are little more than a mage who can slow down time for a brief moment and spit a few lightning bolts at people. You lose any Immortality here, anyone can be killed, even gods.

Which is not to say you remain weak, everyone is given the letter grade of D when entering the roleplay. You can climb the ranks all the way to SS and earn or recapture your true power once more.
Welcome to the arena! Prove your might against the strongest warriors you may ever see. Fight to amuse our Gods and work your way up to be our next GRAND CHAMPION!
FPS Games!
Come and find pro Fortnite players!
Need a Warmup? Join this server and 1v1 Randoms!
The Glitch Discord is a Team Discord that is getting bigger and bigger every day! Team Glitch is a Fortnite Team. If you want to have a chance to join a Fortnite team this is it! All you have to do is Step 1: (Join the Discord) Step 2: Make a RC (Recruitment Challenge) with Your Fortnite Clips. Here are the Open slots.
For Scouts and Casual Team you can tryout for, But for Comp Team, you must make a RC! Thanks, hope you have fun in our Discord!
Comp Team: 7/12
Casual Team 0/8
Montage Makers 1/3
GFX Artists 1/2
Scouts 2/3
For those who play Onmiji Arena! We are a server for those who wish to find duos in the NA region!
Hello good people of this discord community, I would like to introduce a minecraft server owned by me and my friend, called LegendGaming. It's orientated around player versus player gamemodes, but it will have a touch of player versus environment feeling (as in Survival)
Currently it's under development, we just started with a bunch of ideas in our minds.
Hey! We're a new up and coming server called "Anime Arena". It's a server where we host fun little events, and play yu-gi-oh duel links, shadowverse and other cool games like that!

We talk about any type of anime here too! Feel free to debate in our debate channel!

We hope to see you soon!
Blood Rose Arena is a Fantasy RP set in the mystical country Sky-haven in the continent Ruld, the city of where it is set being unknown to Gladiators. The Arena is a large site that citizens come all around to watch. Gladiators are fierce and strong and are all willing to survive the arena by using there skills in combat.
Gladiators are usually slaves or prisoners, used for the hands of entertainment fighting for a lost freedom.

The citadel striker is a fully-Immersive digital world that takes place in a modern mega-city and is based around the concept of arena-combat. Players will compete in battle for the currency of the world, credits, and the one with the most at the end of the season wins. This world covers a wide range of battle types, but focuses mainly on sci-fi arena combat. During testing no injuries were recorded, but we cannot be responsible for any negative side-affects that you may experience.