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We are a linked server between the community server Aequinox.

We provide an opportunity to let you to play rainbow six siege competitively. If uou fail the cut uou can always join the main server Aequinox , only a selected few gets to join.
We are a growing community mainly fouced around rainbow six siege , We provide a friendly environment to help new players or players seeking improvement , we host occasional community events such as scrims and tournamnets , you also can easily LFG here as we have people from all around the world
Salutations à toi visiteur, nous sommes une communauté de joueurs et de personnes qui aiment discuter et s'entraider, nous faisons régulièrement des concours sur notre serveur avec des lots à gagner. >>> REJOINS NOUS <<< Tags de nos jeux : Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto, Counter Strike, ETC
This is a server meant for people who like to play video games and chill out (although it is named for R6S, we play many more) I’m looking forward to seeing you on base!
Welcome to our server! This is an gaming clan, and we're playing games such like: Fortnite. R6 and cs;go!
There is an YT channel in progress what soon will be out!
Discord link to our server:
Recently refurbished server, looking for chill members to talk and game with
This is a Rainbow 6 Siege server dedicated to people in the Australian and New Zealand server region. You can meet new people and play with them, and also talk about the game.
This is a server mainly based on the well known Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and we have plenty of channels so make sure you join and bring some friends with you!
Join the multi servers to be apart of one of the greatest communities on the planet. no toxicity at all...i promise... we play an large assortment of games. and thats bassically it, so join!
Hey so this is my Discord server I use to get groups together for games, have bots and multiple text chat rooms for sharing different things (even NSFW) as well as some voice chats. (I stream and it’s announced in the discord as well)
190+ Members | Awesome Community | Custom Bot | Active Member Roles | Rank Specific Voice Channels | LFG Channels
Hello everyone,

I'm PhosphorTV and I am representing the Rainbow Six Scrims Community as the Owner. Our Discord is for finding scrims quickly and easily without hassle by using our custom developed scrim bot which is updated on a regular basis.

Our scrim bot is absolutely fantastic for quick and easy scrim set-ups with very little effort required. You can send out a scrim request with all the necessary details in one quick command without having to look on twitter or make posts and wait for ages to receive a response. You can also enable private scrim requests. This means you will receive scrim requests from other people privately through your DMs if you wouldn't like to check the channel everyday. This feature can be enabled or disabled depending on prefernce with ease by using !sron or !sroff. Our Discord has over 200 members who are always quick to respond to any requests which means you spend very little time looking for a scrim and more time focusing on setting up the scrim.

How the Scrim Bot works:

You can send a scrim request with the following command:

!scrim [Region] [Day] [Time] [Timezone] [Number of Maps] [Tier]

The Scrim Bot sends this scrim request into an extra channel where you also can see scrim requests from other people!
Hello, i am a new Content creator. And this is my discord & community.
Link -
I'm trying to make a good server. I'm trying to get active people, if you want to game with me or just talk come here!
We welcome players of all countries to join this server to support our expansion and to get yourself involved in discussing about the game, throwing as many ideas as you can to our passionate members. This community is already not thriving with 100+ members being reached in the last month inclusive of players discussing, squading up and aiming to climb higher in the ranks, casually playing and getting to know each-other.
A small competitive R6S community looking for Xbox One R6S players in the EU to join us.
Just a small server looking for new people to play with. This discord is based off my Twitch.
This discord is for multiple games such as: Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and CS:GO are just some of the games that we play in the server. We have very active Mods and Admins that keep the server friendly. If you want to have people to play with or just simply chat about your favorite games the join this server!
We're a discord server/clan for Rainbow Six Siege which is active and want members to play with us. We are gold/plat. All is welcome.

League Of Legends

e molti altri...

buon divertimento (il linguaggio è moderato).
Hello there,

we are FRZ Rainbow Six Siege team

Frequent Events for Rainbow Six Siege
Team Finder
Casual & Ranked
New-players friendly

need more players
we are soon open fro pubg to if u wanna join at that
We are a Rainbow six Siege team
and we are looking for player some wanna play for us
A server where everyone is welcome mainly for gamers. We play games like Rainbow Six Siege and many more! Request to play games or just talk about stuff in general. Out golden rule is to have fun.