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Fur and Games is a new furry gaming server that welcome all types of furries looking for players of other games. Feel free to join just to chat or to find some friends. This server has a custom coded bot with custom modules for the server and are looking for new members to join us!
We are a growing community based around rainbow six siege , chill out and find players to join you easily , here
This is a server meant for people who like to play video games and chill out (although it is named for R6S, we play many more) I’m looking forward to seeing you on base!
Welcome to Halcyon Gaming! We are a start up competitive team/twitch stream group that primarily wants to meet and connect with new people. If that's your thing, c'mon by! We are also looking for moderation staff, so apply for us if you feel you can handle it!
The SRM Gaming Discord server is a great way for you to meet new people to play your favorite games with! We host weekly and monthly giveaways! You can even connect with your favorite members from our organization on this server!
A brand-new and welcoming server to talk about Rainbow Six Siege and the other Siege games. If you join and find we are lacking something, feel free to make a suggestion so we can add it or fix it! Hope to see you there!
Hi, we are a new clan called Vz we are always recruiting new members we play on xbox one and we have a very friendly community we would be very happy if you join!!!
Salutations à toi visiteur, nous sommes une communauté de joueurs et de personnes qui aiment discuter et s'entraider, nous faisons régulièrement des concours sur notre serveur avec des lots à gagner. >>> REJOINS NOUS <<< Tags de nos jeux : Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto, Counter Strike, ETC
A server where everyone is welcome mainly for gamers. We play games like Rainbow Six Siege and many more! Request to play games or just talk about stuff in general. Out golden rule is to have fun.
A group of R6 players ,who mostly play ranked ,we have a large range of skill levels and lots of different types of "people" so you'll be bound to find someone to play with!
Most of us play other games like League ,CSGO ,Total War ,so if you don't want to join just for R6 ,you can join for other games or just to chat!
We're a discord server/clan for Rainbow Six Siege which is active and want members to play with us. We are gold/plat. All is welcome.
Notre guilde Neko's Shelter est une guilde multi-gaming, elle est principalement entretenue par des joueurs dit "fun", donc des gens qui veulent s'amuser sur leurs jeux.. Mais rien n'empêche aux personnes souhaitant jouer sérieusement, voir à y mettre leur vie en jeu, de nous rejoindre et à trouver des joueurs voulant "try-hard". Vous pourrez y rechercher des joueurs avec qui vous passerez de bons moments lors de vos games, participer à des évents ou encore créer votre team dans notre communauté.
Bunch of friends coming together to play some fun games!
Some of us watch anime some of us don't
We play games like CSGO,R6,Fortnite and much more!
This server is for everyone. Even if you don't have any Aim Skills, We also have a have a Furry Role!
R6 Losers - A discord made for people looking to squad up in Rainbow 6 to either tryhard in some ranked, or just mess around in casual. So far we are a small community that started on 5/7/18 and are looking for some new members to help us out.
Hello all, hope you're doing well. My name is Tom, and i run a discord called "None of the Above", we are a friendly PC community currently hosting rooms for R6s, CSGO, PUBG and Gmod. We are currently one member away from hitting the 50 mark, and I would like to invite you all to join me and my friends in some games; no one likes to queue on their own. If you are interested please join and simply message me or any of the moderation team which games you play to get your roles. All the best - Tom
We like to have "fun" on this server, this server is a gaming server don't come in here with your toxicity if you are toxic, join this server please! We need members!
A server for all languages! We have many game channels and non-game channels. We also have NSFW channels. This server is mainly about our rust server but we allow anyone in our community as long you are nice to us! We also have many bots including music bots!
Gaming server for all platforms. Cussing and offensive talk is the point of this server.
Welcome to gamesense!

We are a community who enjoy the company of others.

Located in the Southeast Asia region, our aim is to create a friendly environment for you to hang out and meet new people.

Community Nights are held every so often to bring the community together through gaming.

Everyone is welcome!
A small discord server used for general conversation and playing games, our server has a few bots. Also we have a large array of people many are active and are online everyday we have a variety of different games such as R6, Fortnite, and more.