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◼️ We provide Free Coaching and detailed map guides For Rainbow Six Siege.◼️

Join for:🔻
🔹 Custom Callouts Maps
🔹 Spawnpeek spots
🔹 Mira spots
🔹 Valk Cam spots
🔹 Maestro Cams
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Salut ! On est une communauté grandissante de passionné du jeu vidéo, chez nous tu trouveras du fun, des sessions à plusieurs, des conseils et des mates avec qui jouer ! On est tous chill sans pression et accueillant à tout le monde !
En bref : des gens sympas, pleins de jeux différent comme GTA, R6, Rocket league, heartstone, Risk of rain, apex eeet pleins d'autre, du fun, de la rigolade et de la bienveillance, bon...tu attends quoi pour rejoindre !
The Commoner Club is a community which plays a variety of games such as GTA RP, Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft and more. The owner is a twitch streamer with 1k+ followers and streams regularly. The Commoner Club is a welcoming community and we would love to have you with us!
Operation Phoenix

‘Team Rainbow has been deactivated since 2012. In their absence, many new terrorist organizations emerged as a result. One such organization, the White Masks, came into prominence in 2015 by spreading chaos all across the world, sharing no discrimination with who they terrorize. With their ultimate objective unknown, they become a large enough threat that Team Rainbow was reactivated. Under the leadership of Aurelia Arnot, Operators were gathered from all across the world. After successfully stopping a biochemical attack on Bartlett University, Six performed a eulogy for those who had lost their lives in the attack and many like it but also told of how Team Rainbow was back and that they would be ready to defend the world where needed. In 2018, Aurelia Arnot resigned from the position of Six and was succeeded by Harry Pandey.’

Amongst the beginning of a new decade, a volatile threat looms. Once lurking in the shadows, working covertly with mere whispers of their actions, the Whitemasks are developing to a more present figure of peril, prompting Team Rainbow to be called to action. In a time where information is money, the Whitemasks are an opulent, persuasive group with eyes in every corner of the globe, gathering intel in deadly silence.

Government agencies have revealed that the group is in possession of a sizable amount of uranium and international intelligence, calling the previously dormant team to act. Under the watchful eye of Harry Pandey, the task force is set to traverse the globe in an attempt to neutralise the hazard all the while growing in lethality. Division will lead to harm and unity to prevalence, it is down to the operators to guide their team to victory and your actions to decide the course the world will take.

16+ rather realistic setting with little deviation from canon ideas, OCs are allowed, however they must be detailed and believable. Players are generally in control of the course of the roleplay, and are highly encouraged to take an active stance in developing missions etc. A level of literacy is important, at least one solid paragraph per post is acceptable.
Hey!.. You! yes you! Do you want to join an epic Server which supports every culture and fandom? Well this is the place for you!

Would you like to have freedom?
maybe even play some games with the Purgatory bois like Rainbow 6 siege?

Well This is the server for you! We have some of the most epic staff and the chillest community out there.. I'm not lying!

some context to the server:
(project Purgatory was created as an non discriminatory platform for all people looking for new friends and people to chat to)

Getting banned from this server is near impossible if you play nice <3

Now scram and hit the join button!
A gaming community where everyone is welcomed, come make new friends whilst playing the games you love.
An LFG community for Rainbow 6 Siege players and more particularly, renown farmers. Look for your teammates here!

If the Join Server button isn't working, you can use this direct link instead:
Zapraszamy na serwer Rainbow Six Siege! Serwer stworzony dla społeczności owej gry. Zbudujmy razem dobre Community!
Zapraszam i zachęcam zapraszania znajomych, którzy również w tę grę grają! :D
This is a server for chill vibes, sweats, and memers, to have fun. There is a spot for everyone. Please join it would mean a lot.
✥Dies ist der Server von Chill Lounge Gaming.✥
Hier triffst du viele nette Menschen und das Server Team ist stets für dich da!

⫸ 14+

⫸ An die, auf dem Server gegebenen, Regeln Halten.
a server thats nice to everyone no matter who you are we have many sorts of genres in the server and you can chat and make friends
Gaming District Community discord Server

- Custom Bot
- Looking for partnerships
- Partnership managers too just DM head admin an apply
- Mostly R6, WARZONE COD RUST and Frantically looking for a Among us Party
- come and vibe with Us and chill
- basic aesthetic and nothing special
-not to active but tight knit group looking for more members
A nitro-boosted chill server with a bunch of people who play siege. Join our active community if you're looking for chill people who play siege and many other games! Looking for staff members and active members!
Hi, my name is TooDozeyy and this is my server. You can join if you like however its completely up to you we do constant events like karaoke and talent show contests make sure to join if your interested and if you love anime then meet some ppl within our server that love anime :) thanks for reading !
Welcome to the Herd of Wolves! Looking for friendly and chill people? We are a small growing gaming community looking forward to find new members!

➣ Friendly people!
➣ Memes!
➣ Music bots!
➣ Find more friends!
➣ Can play with everyone!
➣ Active environment!
➣ Emojis!
➣ Lots of bots!
➣ Tournaments!
➣ Game Stats!
➣ Roles!
➣ Lots of game channels!
➣ Partnerships!
➣ NSFW channel!
➣ And more stuff!
Stiamo cercando player competenti simpatici.
Non imponiamo nessun tipo di livello di esperienza sugli giochi che giochiamo, ma vorremo che vi sforzaste al massimo.
.Howdy people,

So i run a D&D discord server, super original idea i know, but anyway I'm looking for some new members. DM's, Players, Artist, shitposters, Roleplayers, nerds, you call yourself you're welcome to join.

There are few active games running in the server but i would like to have a few more going.


We recently started doing giveaways for the active members in the server in the form of giftcards for sites like Kraken Dice, Hero Forge, D&D Beyond, Sometimes Discord Nitro, etc.


Past, Future or current, you can grab the DM role and chat with other DM's in the server, there is no requirement for you to run a game, and there are no rules about how you run your game that is entirely up to you.


Well idk what I'm actually supposed to say here, so umm hi how ya going, wanna play some D&D? press that nice link at the bottom of this post.


In the server we have a section for you to show of your art, get commissions should you choose to take them, and chat with other artistic peoples.

Shit posters:

Well we are know what you are and who know who your are, but everyone loves a good shitposter and that's why you get your own channels, so you can shit post to your hearts content, and don't worry, unlike some other servers we aren't soft cocks, so post whatever you want in your channel, it is for shit posting after all.


In the server we have a section called "The Fat Dragon", its a tavern/inn where people in the server rp their characters with others, in the past we had some drama that hurt a lot of people that where involved in the rp chat and since then its taking a bit of a dive, but I'm hoping that a few characters and some wicked people to go with them, we can make it better then what it was.

For those who love gaming, regardless of your platform, we have something for you, from sweaty crucible game in destiny to loot hording in ESO and Even Plat teams grinding ranked in Siege, you can find a group for the games you play and if we don't have an LFG set up for your favorite game, let the admins know and you'll get one.

well i believe that sums up everything.

Thanks for reading you legends
----❗✨This server contains✨❗----
- games 🎮
- NSFW channel 🔞
- Memes
- music channel 🎵
- minigames
- Afk channel 😴
- Rank up system ⬆️
- suggestions channel : so you can suggest things we should add ➕
➡️We are planning to do even more

✨We would be happy if you join✨
A friendly community server for the YouTuber SiegeTales []

What we can offer you:
A nice community
A friendly staff team
Rainbow Six: Siege tournaments
Giveaways for active people every now and then
Rainbow Six Siege
Hi, we are a server made by a small group of friends in order to get some more people to play siege in a more friendly, rather than toxic, manner. We also have a large focus on Siege eSports and are looking for trusty mods in each region (EU already covered).
+Many bots to mess with.
+Mods that are willing to interact with the members.
+Various server events that are being added to.
+Chill members :)
👉Roles for general use, siege use and to show support for eSport teams + ⚠️Notifications(pings) whenever your favourite teams are playing, if this would be an issue then we suggest not getting the fan roles.
👉Casual emotes and the logos of the different eSport teams (also used for reaction roles).
👉Support for most Siege regions.
👉Rank specific Voice Chats.
👉Small areas to play other games that aren't Siege.
👉Many general areas to chill in.
👉Pretty lenient rules but active moderators.
👉Happy to do Partnerships with any other server due to our lack of Niche.
welcome to sus cult cuties <3
- server to make friends n play games
- cool roles n colors (mayb)
- semi-active server
-13-18 only pls