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Welcome to the No U Gaming Club. We're a small highschool gaming club and discord server. We play games such as
⚽Rocket League⚽
⚔️For Honor⚔️
☠️Dead By Daylight ☠️
🔫Rainbow Six Siege🔫
🧙‍♀️League Of Legends🧙‍♂️
We would like other gamers to join us for fun gaming sessions. Once our discord becomes slightly bigger, we plan on doing major tournaments/events with prizes to win. When were bored, we like to use the mini game bots we added, as well as send memes to each other. We mostly play on PS4/Xbox, but PC players are also allowed to join. Must be between 13-20 to join.Also have twitch support
Knights versus Vikings versus Samurai versus Chinese? Quite simple right? Wrong. Warriors of different cultures exist everywhere, each with their own personal codes as a people and as a nation. When new factions begin to join the fray, how will the game shift? No one knows, but we do know, that the world has gotten a whole lot bigger.

Make friends, enemies, and love with four unique factions and 27 classes, and change the game between nations!

Become the Deadliest Warrior you've dreamt yourself to be.
This server is a small server that is used as an open, chill and relax place, but it’s mainly a place for RP within the For Honor universe! As said before the main focus is the RP but simply talking and hanging out is also a good thing. We are very open and would love if you came to check our server out. Help it grow for a place to hang out and socialize with people that like what you like! We need active users and rpers alike!

Thanks if you give it a shot! <3
Sinister Empire is a Community founded in 2019. We are a tight knit group of friends playing mostly on XBOX, looking to expand and find new people to join and play games with. If your ok with some inaproprate language and very suggestive references then this is the place for you
Welcome to Oni. If you’re looking for people who will actually recognize you and appreciate your presence, Welcome to Oni. Tired of incompetent teammates? Welcome to Oni. Looking for funny people who don’t get butt hurt over the slightest things? Welcome to Oni. Looking to kick ass and put your name into the mouth of your obliterated foe, and be feared around the land? Welcome to Monty python ( jk welcome to Oni )
We are a small clan mainly based in Scotland, join us in our crusade against the weebs and neckbeards, FOR HONOR!
we are a english speaking server with people all over the world (most of us are from europe). we play all kinds of games. we mainly play on pc.
if you have any question don't be afraid to ask them.
This is a gaming server if you like games this is the server to be we just started but I think we can grow bigger
Do you like the game For Honor or want a good community server and like medieval games? If so then join today if you don’t know what For Honor is then look it up and watch a video or two on it. The game is available on Xbox,PC and PS4 I personally play Xbox one contact me if you have questions my gamertag is MasterC1002 and my Discord account is MasterC1002#4791 Thanks for reading join today. Also this server will have swearing aloud but no NSFW pics!
Read this, because this is very important. Only join this discord if you’re PC, Interested in participating in tournaments via 1v1 and team based brackets, and you must keep mentions injured so you receive my pings when important information is available. We allow other clans to participate, but no recruiting from here or be met with a swift kick or ban. Enjoy, and kick ass while making friends while you’re at it. And yes, we twitch stream/record these events.
We just want to help out, have fun and chill.
Hope to see you soon 😋
Un server creato da pochissimo che ha bisogno sia di utenza che di staff, aperto a tutti. Per quanto il server sia momentaneamente piccolo si espanderà in base alle esigenze dell'utenza. Il server presenta un music bot con annessi comandi e richiede principalmente utenza, ma anche amministrazione(soprattutto di ambito tecnico per quanto riguarda la gestione dei bot e delle stanze apposite).

Per quanto queste premesse possano non suonare convincenti sarete i benvenuti.
We're a small group of friends hoping to gain members! Anybody with any category of game is welcome! There are no requirements(not excluding rules), so feel free to join and relax, game, and have fun with new people. We hope to introduce people to new games, or give people a place to join others playing the same thing they are! So if you're looking for people to play, listen to music, or chill with, then go ahead and join!
Hello! We are a new server that is still WIP, however the essentials are set up and we're looking for people to join our community!
Murasaki is a welcoming community and we hope to grow it into a thriving one, we have plans to make sub communities within one, purely to maximise the experience for every individual, after all, it's the people that matter- not the size.
"Do you know what kind of creature waits for its own slaughter? Sheep. The Knights of the Iron Legion were once unconquerable. No longer. They now bend the knee to lords and ladies who have forsaken the wisdom of war. The Samurai of the Dawn Empire are fearless, disciplined warriors, yet their emperor dishonors them with his laws and decrees for peace. Most heartbreaking, perhaps, are the Warborn, the Vikings. These ferocious clans have set aside their axes for their feeble family. This will be an age of wolves. Through me, the wolves among them will rise again. I am war."

— Apollyon

Apollyon has fallen, but war still reigns supreme in this dammed world. We thought we could end it, but another faction has risen from her ashes, from her Marching fire. They have been nothing but a burning thorn in our efforts in peace. If that was not enough, the Samurai have aligned themselves with those Wu Lin. But, we have aligned ourselves with the Vikings, who seem to be fine with cooperating with us... odd. These Samurai and Wu Lin have seem to lost what it means to be a honorable warrior... they have resorted tactics that could wipe out an army in a snap, disgusting... So, will you fight?


Hey! I'm the creator, Shame-ish, and i'm here to tell you that you can be apart of this wonderful new For Honor based RP today! We just got started, but don't worry, we'll get things running as soon as possible!

What's in store...
-Events each month
-An easy to learn fighting and RP'ing system


Note: ERP is an option in the server, but must be taken to the DM's
Yo mates what’s up 👋
Welcome to my Xbox official server🥇
Ever wanted to get away from the PlayStation players who brag about PlayStation being better? ❌
Well worry not, life gambling is here for you! 🎰
Ever raged so hard at a game you just wanted to rant to everyone? 🤬
Well worry not, life gambling is here for you! 🎰
Ever just wanted to talk regardless of console and have a fun time? 🤗
Well worry not, Life gambling is here for you! 🎰
So stop on by, community’s small but it’s growing! 🥊🙏💸
A Gaming Community Dedicated To The Games For Honor And Rainbow Six Siege PC, Xbox, And Playstation Users Welcome. Fight On Comrades!
This is a For Honor RP server, just put in your bio, wait for admin approval, then hop in! This server is not for the sensitive or the easily offended! Though erp is not the focus, we do allow it, and though this server is, as said before, not for the sensitive or easily offended, we will not hate on you just because you're LGBT, or for your political views, or whatever
The "Unbroken Regals" is a For Honor Guild made to connect other For Honor Players with one another.
Players can help eachother, share their experiences and tips with other players, as well as simply find other honorable fighters to align and play with.
The 4 Armies is a Discord RP server for For Honor that is text and custom-game based. The four armies are:
The Samurai
Roman Empire
This is a nice server to dick around with and just have fun with everyone