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The Brotherhood Of Ruin is a 15+ role play server based in the universe of the medieval-type fighting game For Honor. You can choose between a variety of 24 current heroes in the game to base your character off of, and after that it is up to your imagination and nothing less. It is not required for you to actually play the game, you may join if you just want to rp in a medieval setting. We are not strict with the way members want to role play, you may do whatever you see fit, within reason. If you need a new area for an activity/adventure/quest you wish to do, simply message an admin telling them what it is you want to do and where you want things made and they will be made (9 times out of 10). We have a main story, with multiple small arcs branching off of it based around things members have wanted to do.
We also have:
~ a unique economy kept realistic (WIP)
~ a calm, casual and fun playerbase
~ fair, turn-based combat with a variety of magic archetypes and weapons
~ a unique bounty system where no crime goes unpunished
~ three unique military divisions within the server's main force for attack, defence and intelligence
Hi there, this is a new version of my server, (because old was destroyed)Here you can find friends, And have fun with bots! In the future i will make Medieval roleplay, But for now welcome!
This is a server where new and pro players can chill and fight in For Honor. People can help you. There ranks for how skilled you are. Don’t be scared to hang out and fight!
The Shadow Legion is a server for For Honor players who want to get together, we accept all consoles whether you are a pc chad to a god whom uses a Samsung smart toilet (you don’t need for honor to join tho)
Welcome to Hall of Honor! This is a For Honor server, here you can connect with other For Honor players and talk and play with them. We also have a general tab decked out with text channels for: memes, pokemon, music, anime, and other games. Every Faction has its role and text and voice chats. The server will change like any other during time and we hope you enjoy your stay here!
Knights versus Vikings versus Samurai versus Chinese? Quite simple right? Wrong. Warriors of different cultures exist everywhere, each with their own personal codes as a people and as a nation. When new factions begin to join the fray, how will the game shift? No one knows, but one thing is for sure, the Song of War shall still be sung for days to come.

Make friends, enemies, and love with four unique factions and 27 classes, and change the game between nations!
100 years after the Great Cataclysm, in an alternate universe where Apollyon and the Blackstone Legion do not exist, the peoples of Ashfeld, the brave Knights, Valkenheim, the ferocious Vikings, and The Myre, the intrepid Samurai, have been at war for a decade, recently joined by the Wu Lin: a faction of Chinese warriors.
Outcast is a laid back server. We are PS4 users (some PC) and currently playing MK11, For honor, and any recent PSPlus games. No we are not trash talkers, drama starters, or some kind of battle clan. We are just here for FUN. (Age 15 - 30. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE)
Welcome to the **No U Gaming Club.** We are a small high school gaming club, where our main purpose is to grow a gaming community, and bring people who have similar interests together. Originally started as a way to listen to music while we game, we soon decide to branch out into a community discord. Our members play games which include:
⚽Rocket League⚽
☠ Dead By Daylight☠
⚔For Honor⚔
🔫Call of Duty🔫
🔫Rainbow 6 Siege🔫
🛡League of 🛡Legends🛡
💀7 Days to Die💀
🥇Apex Legends🥇
🥊Smash Bros 🥊
And other titles. For any streamers that want to join, we do allow you to plug your twitch streams in our dedicated livestreams channel. Must be preferably 13-20 years old. All players are allowed to join, including Xbox, PS4, PC, and even Switch players.
We just want to help out, have fun and chill.
Hope to see you soon 😋
This server is for artists, streamers, cosplayers or really anyone who wants to give a creative input to the for honor community. We welcome all you do not have to be a creative as long as you come with a great attitude and a smile!
The For Honor Public Community is for players of the For Honor community including all platforms and people. We are a friendly majority of people and provide a NSFW Section for your Lewd Images if wanted too, just request for the NSFW Pass and It will be provided! Thank you for taking a look into us and we appreciate it dearly. 😁
This server is a small server that is used as an open, chill and relax place, but it’s mainly a place for RP within the For Honor universe! As said before the main focus is the RP but simply talking and hanging out is also a good thing. We are very open and would love if you came to check our server out. Help it grow for a place to hang out and socialize with people that like what you like! We need active users and rpers alike!

Thanks if you give it a shot! <3
A fun all around group of people who just want to play games and have fun. :)
Sinister Empire is a Community founded in 2019. We are a tight knit group of friends playing mostly on XBOX, looking to expand and find new people to join and play games with. If your ok with some inaproprate language and very suggestive references then this is the place for you
A friendly, yet small server! We like and welcome Everyone
What do we have :
Unique for honor Legions rank system
Wars between Legions
Many bots
And more

Feel free to Jump into it! For honor and glory of the Ashfield!
We are a pretty tight knit group of people! We play many games and will always try to include everyone if possible. You get to have hidden channels based on the games you play with simple rules to follow :)
This is a gaming server if you like games this is the server to be we just started but I think we can grow bigger
A Legion for For Honor, dedicated to protecting our small utopia in Ashfeld.
Hi! We are a for honor discord server looking for active members and cool staff so we can make an enjoyable discord server for everyone!
This server is just a chill place. Hopefully, in time, it will become home to many beautiful people who enjoy the fromsoft games and For Honor. I (Grossly Incandescent) will be taking suggestions from joiners and some mature and respectable members will receive the "Lord of Cinder" role, which is essentially moderator. Hope to see you soon. Good luck and Praise the Sun!
Welcome to Oni. If you’re looking for people who will actually recognize you and appreciate your presence, Welcome to Oni. Tired of incompetent teammates? Welcome to Oni. Looking for funny people who don’t get butt hurt over the slightest things? Welcome to Oni. Looking to kick ass and put your name into the mouth of your obliterated foe, and be feared around the land? Welcome to Monty python ( jk welcome to Oni )
We are a small clan mainly based in Scotland, join us in our crusade against the weebs and neckbeards, FOR HONOR!