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It's the same as Naruto except... In this world, the canon timeline existed until the second Hokage, Tobirama. Died. There's a new threat too. Someone, that everyone believes as Madara Uchiha has risen and manipulated the new S class team. The Akatsuki. We need hero's to protect all the nations from the Akatsuki. Will you be the Shinobi worthy of fighting against them? Or will you join them?
Welcome to Noragakure, a city shielded from the outside world by two great walls, built to protect its citizens from the demonic creatures outside. You are a shinobi; a warrior, an explorer and peacekeeper, shouldering the eternal task of driving humanity forward.

🩸 A Naruto AU created to give fans of the series a new, exciting experience, without losing its accessibility and familiar themes.

🧬 A world made to be advanced forward through the actions (and inactions) of every player.
⚒️ Countless secrets to be discovered. The Horrors have been the apex predators of the world since the beginning of history, but what are they and where did they come from?
💣 Easy-to-use stat system to ensure everything runs smoothy, without bogging down the roleplay with countless numbers and graphs.
📀 The ability for every player to create not only custom techniques, but weapons and even entire cities.

🧭 Prior knowledge of the Naruto universe is not required. We are always here to help newcomers.

The shinobi academy of Noragakure eagerly awaits your application — Godspeed! 🏔️
This is at the time of the 5th Great Ninja War. This war started 50 years after the death of the great Uzumaki Naruto. Shinobi have fallen one after the other. A new age of Shinobi has risen. The Hokage declared war on Iwagakure after the alleged belief of Iwagakure bombing the Konoha gate. After said Allegations, Sunagakure allied with Konoha against Iwagakure. The Tsuchikage didn't know of such but decided to defend their village instead of clearing up what happened. Kumogakure hopped on the boat of Iwagakure and are there to help defend their village. Kirigakure is on neutral standing. Now, it's up for the Gutsy Ninjas to change the tide of this war!
The inevitable tides of life and death continue to flow despite the end of the third great war, and the cataclysm that only left two nations.

Age of Shinobi is a roleplay server taking place in an AU of the popular anime: Naruto.
Unlike the many competitors, AoS has a wonderful plethora of benefits that make it a great place to enjoy an RP session.
* A combat system that is easy to pick up without at all limiting writer creativity. *
* Steady progression that allows the dedicated to earn power over time, newcomers to catch up reasonably, and people with a busy life to stay relevant.*
* A friendly community that properly balances respect with a competitive edge. Reason to kill, with admins preventing griefing, and maintaining universal roleplay rules.*

Become a god among shinobi, or destroy the last remnants of tranquility.
Welcome to Way of the Shinobi! This is a Naruto RP Discord where you can RP as one of ten villages provided in the server. This is a slightly alternate timeline in order for everyone to have fun and RP as who they want to be. Any questions just DM me @Kard#1238
Een kleine Nederlandse community server, waar we babbelen met elkaar en plezier hebben met iedereen. Je bent van harte welkom om deel te nemen!

🎥 Aan het streamen

😂 Memes
🎵 Muziek
🎮 Gaming
📺 Films

🍺 Café Algemeen
📺 Bioscoop
🎮 Gaming

【•Che cosa puoi trovare unendoti a questo server?•】

•Otaku Chat•
•Comandi Bot•

╚»★«╝🎙Canali Vocali🎙╚»★«╝
•3 Vocali!•
•3 Canali Vocali Musicali!•

╚»★«╝🍱Roleplay su Naruto🍱╚»★«╝
•Creare interazioni tra i vari ninja (compresi anche: Cacciatori di taglie, i vari Kage e qualsiasi tipo di ruolo esistente nel mondo dei ninja) in un classico Roleplay, potendo scegliere se fare parte della vita cittadina o esplorare le insidie dei vari Paesi, e con uno shop pieno di oggetti, armi e armature.
Inizierete dal Paese che volete scegliendo tra: Paese del Fuoco, Fulmine, Acqua, Terra e Vento •

Hey! We are a Naruto Server! We are super accepting and fun to talk to, and we will talk about anything! We have fun color roles, and awesome bots, plus it'll be a fun time!
Prosty serwer z przyjemnymi zasadami dla każdego. Dołącz na serwer i wspólnie z nami rozgrywaj roleplay w świecie shinobi! Jesteśmy otwarci na współprace i propozycje co do zmian na serwerze by móc polepszyć naszą małą ale zacną społeczność.
We are a forum based naruto role play based in the world of naruto, but with custom story elements. We have custom Bijuu, custom villages, custom story lines and even custom jutsu and weapons. We do have a discord server where all of our members hang out and chat, but all of the role play takes place on a forum that is integrated with our discord.
We're NRPG Discord server.

• Music BOT
• NSFW Content
• Naruto Content
• Tons of roles
• Great Community
• Great Discord Bots
• News about ROBLOX
• Reddit posts /r Naruto
Welcome to Bakufu, this is a roleplaying server based on the feudal era in Japanese history along with some mythology thrown in. There are a few clans to choose from that are actual clans from the feudal era but more will be added as this server is developed more. We have many features in our server including a class system with abilities that come with them. You can be anything from a loyal samurai with their trusty katana to a sneaky ninja who is never seen. But beware the oni beasts which will be a challenge for even the most skilled warriors. Join Bakufu and have a chance to become the shogun!

Some of the things you could do in Bakufu:

Hunt legendary yokai with a party of friends

Participate in battles that will change the history of Japan

Battle the feared and powerful oni

Form a powerful army to take on the other clans

Become a wizard and use your magic to heal your companions in battle or become a dark sorcerer with the ability to summon yokai

Infiltrate castles as a ninja and preform deeds that will change the course of a war
Olá sou Kazuma, mostrando pra vocês nosso novo rp de Naruto!

O rp foi inspirado e melhorado, onde tem vários sistemas, de luta, treino, jutsus, bijuus, etc. Ele é bem complexo a primeira vista, mas você entende rápido com apenas uma lida.

- E essa é a história que se passa no nosso Rp!
aqui vários dos ninjas se forma e vira kage e etcs... nesse universo estamos em Naruto shippuden depois de 9 anos apos a 4 grande guerra ninja mais personagem tipo naruto sasuke sakura não existem aqui porque eles salvaram da guerra nê?sim por cima deles temos muitos shinobis kunoshi que derrotaram os inimigo....., ou como a akatsuki ainda n esta falida todos estão vivos ate o pain/nagato e o evento da massacre do clã uchiha não aconteceu mais personagens como sasori e kisame etcs....ainda esta vivo..., se você MATAR um deles e levar pra sua vila sera RECOMPENSADO e o MINATO NAMIKAZE ainda esta vivo como hokage e kushina também então.. bom jogo :wink:

Entre já, e participe do nosso Rpg de naruto!
si vous voulez un jour devenir un ninja ou tout simplement les voir en action c'est ici
ici vous aurez :
un serv sécurisé 『✧』
-un staff a l'écoute des demande 『√ 』
-un serv semi RP 『♖』
-un serv plus ou moins actif 『❆』
et du fun a coup sûr 『❅』

Cependant le monde est encore en construction rejoignez l'alliance Shinobi et entrer dans se monde parallèle du monde que tous le monde connais !

-Mizukage du village de Kiri
Shinobi’s Eternal Trinity is the follow up to Shinobi’s Eternal Vow and Shinobi’s Eternal Vow 2. As this will forever be the best Naruto Server put to discord, we aim to please as many people as possible and love suggestions so do feel free to come and join us on our long and hard journey to be the best!
❝This is placed in the boruto timeline, the only difference is Canon Characters don’t exist! This is for every canon except for Kaguya, Hargoromo, Indra and Asura. Everything is peaceful throughout the lands, and there are no threats big enough to cause any problems. New Jinchurriki are ready to be selected, along with the recent sealing of the nine tailed fox. Society is booming, and little are poor anymore. Konoha seems to be the village which is thriving the most, there are new Genin being trained and they certainly look hopeful! All five kage have formed an alliance meaning there will not be war anytime soon. But is there a bigger threat..?❞ Find out more once you join!

What We Offer:

✎... A well written plot for future events in the server, the server is also PTK so you will not have to worry about your oc dying.

✎... Lots of channels in order to fill your roleplay desires, we will also add channels if you request them.

✎... There is many spots open for clans still, since the server was just opened up to the public. There will not be overpowered oc’s so don’t worry!

✎... We also accept partnerships, feel free to dm staff if you would like to partner!
Heya. In this server we follow the shinobi world but the main villan and main characters never existed.
Feudal Japan - RP, is exactly what it says it is, you can play as any role whatsoever as Long as it is friendly to the time period. We have a friendly set of staff and accept all people ☺️
We are a new naruto server fully set up just wating for more people we dont do roles like sasuke and naruto you might be able to get a custom dojustu and sage mode thats up to other people and depending on how op you make it so be careful and feel free to ask questions ill help you myself if im on

~yin Karatachi
"When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew"

This is our Naruto RP server for the Hidden Mist Village. It is linked to our main server Will of Flames which is the land of fire. How this rp works is each village is is in their own server and the main server is the Will of Flames RP consider it like a hub. We are trying to make these RP's community driven and the events we host will be mainly swayed by your decisions! We hope you have a good time
you start as Genin then you make your way to hokage or jounin You is a really fun server we talk about the manga theories and others join the server!
A new Naruto RP server with.. No Hidden Leaf, none of the other canon villages and a completely different world?! Yes, you heard that right. This is a completely fresh roleplaying experience, with three interesting, original and diverse villages to choose from.

Will you choose the Village of Magma and fight to restore it to it's former glory? Will you join the Village of the Typhoon and take over the continent? Or will you pick the Village of the Gale and bring peace and order to this new Ninja World? The choice is yours.
Naruto: Shinobi Legion is a Roleplay Server I've been working hard on, and hope to continue working hard on. I'm releasing it now, as I believe I have everything I need except for people. More locations will be added soon, and I'll gladly take suggestions from new members via the suggestions channel in the server.
Welcome to Naruto: Art of the Shinobi! We're a server trying to grow and gain more members and we are overall a friendly community. Taking place around the same time as when naruto and his friends were gennin, though they don't exist. It's up to the shinobi of this era to make a name for themselves and prove worthy! Will you take the path of becoming a great kage? Or will you go down the path of revenge and join the akatsuki? All of it is your choice in "Naruto: Art of the Shinobi"