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Fun loving, easily entertained group of 30 somethings looking for other easily entertained 30 somethings for general fuckery and laughs. All you can eat graham crackers and room temperature Brie.
A world where there is anything you could think of in moonlight city, a place home to angels, demons, and even talking cats! we look forward to seeing you all soon. This RP is completely fanmade accepting anything within limits such as being SFW and not being a metagame OC. We have helpful staff and are looking for mods with easy authentication to become a mod and other than that it's getting in and begin RPing as your story begins!!
Small, mostly wholesome server, starring a group of old friends. We're always happy to meet new people, especially now that we're all stuck at home, in quarantine, hoping that the toilet paper doesn't run out. 💖
Hi all, Cake Mania TM is a completely family friendly server with lots to offer such as: 😊Friendly, helpful and active staff😊 🎵Music channels🎵 🤖Lots of bots🤖 🏫Homework help🏫 and lots, lots more..... We have a fun, relaxed and positive environment and we take every suggestion into consideration. We hope to see you there.
Hey there, i'm Callsign_Crossroads and id like to welcome you to Walmart! A relaxed, SFW, fun loving server with a good community. I and all the staff look forward to seeing you there :D
Karaoke Lounge is a community dedicated to create a fun, and relaxed enviroment where we can all sing together and have fun, regardless if your tastes or skill level.

Our Web:

Come sing with us! it's fun!
i can't promise you that we're any different than every other server out there but we're trying to be original and more user friendly. making the server more hands on and more interactive for each user that comes in. we're just hoping to meet a lot of new people and make new friends! so go ahead and join if you're looking to do the same. (please note that this server is recommended 16+) CMON AND JOIN OUR WATER BOTTLE FAMILY!!!!!

things that we hope to provide for you

✯ a kind and welcoming community

✯ interactive and fun activities and events

✯ active vc’s & text chats

✯ music channels

and lots mooorre.
Hello, hello! We, the Shrine Maidens, invite you to join our little Touhou Room!

This discord is just a relaxing place to chat about anything that isn't too negative, play around with some bots and all around have a good time! Trust us, we're all friendly and will be more then glad to have you in!

As a 2hu room, we mainly talk about the video game series Touhou, so if you're a 2hu fan it'll be even more fun for ya!

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to dm the Shrine Maidens! We want everyone to have a happy and fun experience here, with hopefully, no stress involved!

Now, what are you waiting for? Come in and enjoy your stay!
A chill SFW server where you can hang out and have fun. Join us and invite your close friends.
Hello if you are reading this you are intrested. So i welcome you to a chill place to relax for every person out there. Our community is not so big yet in fact pretty small, but i hope that YOU will make a difference in that. So after reading this page of the Bible are you willing to join?
This brand-new history server is focused on discussion based on the academic and professional historical field. While there are many great, casual servers, we want to build one with high-level discussion with a focus on peer-reviewed materials. Those without professional or college-level experience in the field are welcome, but are still expected to strive for the academic standard in their discussions. Hope to see you here!
A fun server that has less policing as other Ace servers. Just be cool and not an ass and you should have fun in this server.
SSL is a small community server that is laid back and quite unlike a lot of servers. Here, we don't care who you are or what you're into. We won't judge you for anything you do as long as it's not against discord's terms.
Hello! This little server is for all things gay, come by and relax and chat with friendly people, no negativity here!
Looking for a fun Clan to join in Supercell's "Clash of Clans"? Well, you've come to the right place! Empire Deimos is a level 12 Clan looking for new, active, and friendly members to join our ranks! We are an English-speaking server with a focus on wars and tight-knit community. If this sounds like the place for you, click that 'join' button and we'll see you there!
Ever wanted to play rust with some furries? Here's your chance! With zero bots and zero verification processes we keep everything simple here! Will I regret it? Most likely, but the risk is worth it!
Time Well Wasted is a nice relaxed server with kinks, nsfw, porn sharing, games, events and much more.
Paws 'N Maws - A furry server with a big pocket of vore lovers. Currently small yet tight knit with regulars, we're lookin' to expand the hug!
Hello, my name is Valentine and this is my little server! We are an LGBT-focused & disability friendly server where the aim is to have fun, game, and discuss our hobbies! We have an uncluttered, simple layout- the focus is on sharing our passions and making friends!
I am very active with the server, it is just getting off the ground and I'd love to have everyone who joins help shape it. I truly want it to be a loving and tight-knit community.
We have:
• Dedicated hobby channels- art, music, photography, any kinds of crafts, cooking, and collecting of any kind!

• Dedicated rooms for each popular genre of coop and competitive games! Organize sessions with each other and discuss the finer points of your favorite games!

•Dedicated support channels- need to just talk to someone? Chances are someone's online and willing to listen.

•We have self assigned roles that will be expanded soon, so if you have suggestions feel free to share them! ♡

•We also have a unique bot with color-changing commands, birthday celebrations, and a less invasive mentioning system.
Come join our group of misfits that accept you as you are! Where we have dreams, memes and play for both teams!

( +18 only please. We are law abiddin' citizens here, Thank You! )

Welcome to the Sanctuary!

this server is called therapy corner and it’s for those who are looking for advice / need someone to talk to. it’s also for making friend and meeting new people.
Right then, to start and what to say about "Cool Lounge"...You will find possibly the chillest people you could find, that is probably a exaggeration but we are pretty chill. ;3
Keep in mind this is a WIP and if you are to join please be expecting changes and update.
Oh and i will say we are very friendly and i hope you will be to.
Main people is Jammy who is the primary owner and I, Bean~~
You will find ii tend to be a lil soft and give second chances and well i hope I wont need to give you a second chance.
Now thanks for reading and if you are to join i hope you enjoy yourself <3~~ love and thanks to those who do