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We are the Mancave. A place to get away from the stress of life and just relax. You can hang out with the community, play games, or talk about your favorite things. No matter what we are a group of people that will always be there for you.
:rocket: Hello travelers :rocket:
This is a growing server and we are still looking to grow!
:blue_car: Categories :video_game:
At the moment we have three different categories for you to talk in. We have gaming, cars, and roleplay. As we grow we will create even more channels!
Vehicle Chats:Green_Check:
Memes :Green_Check:
NSFW Channel :Green_Check:
Self-promotion :Green_Check:
:handshake: Partnerships:handshake:
There are no requirements to partner with us!
:rocket: We hope to see you there:rocket:
The Car Community

This server is focused on cars and automotive things. It’s a fun place to chat with fellow enthusiasts, and maybe even make a few friends.
This is a server for the people who like cars and car related things. Almost everyone here likes the show Initial D and we are heavy touge culture fanatics.
Join in a racing server If you want. We have f1, Le mans and more
⭐Welcome to LSX Nation⭐
We are a growing community that is mainly focused on gaming and vehicles, we now have 500+ members!
⭐ Friendly server⭐
We have friendly and helpful staff and members. We hope we can make make you feel welcomed here.

♦️Self assignable roles♦️
We have multiple roles for you to choose from in #self roles, hope you can find someone to match your preferences.

⭐The dankest memes⭐
We have a SFW memes channel, we also have a NSFW channel for all your edgy/nsfw desires!

🚗Vehicle related chats🚗
We have a channel for any of you gear heads, where you can talk about anything vehicle related!

🌹Chats for different categories🌹
We have a chat for any of you gamers, artists and more. We would love to see you express yourself in your own way! We also have some fun bots that you can use.

We have no requirements, we just don't @/everyone or @/here. We have our own pingable role partnering.

📍Self promotion📍
We have a self promo channel, but you have to be level 1 to promote in it.
Server link:
Welcome to a Huge experience of a thing we call the Horizon, where Everywhere in the world is a spot for action and fun, Most to The people who are driven to Race around the world, But not everyone has to be in a car to have fun around here, Powers can even be allowed!
This is an automotive discord! I do hope we can build a strong community here, and have lots of fun at the same time! Here we talk about cars in game, or in real life. I did however manage to type up a little sorta map so to say. I hope it is useful! You know, so we don’t get lost, or anything like that. c:
Hello! This server is for people looking to make new friends on FH4/Forza Motorsport, join the server and come talk to us all, make new friends and play online.
The official discord for r/GolfGTI! We are a group of car enthusiasts that enjoy hanging out and discussing everything VW, GTI, and car related. Come hang out with us!
Peaceful Valencia, California has all of your roleplaying needs! From snowy mountain driving to cozy cabins, to neighborhoods and endless crop fields! Twisting and turning roads are here as well, too! This server is mostly focused on cars, but it allows everything! From car chases to wild J-Turns on the highway and dramatic car crashes, we've got it all here in California! So if you're interested in cars and roleplaying, come join us! We've got 18+ members and 5+ intuitive bots! We hope you enjoy your stay in peaceful Valencia, California!
World wide community of gearheads and tuners, making and breaking stuff, share your project with us!
a server for Car and Weeb People

We offer:
- Non-toxic community
- Specific Channel
- Voice Chat & Music Bot
- Level & Roles
- etc.

We welcome everyone and hope you enjoy ^^
✤✤ 🌎 Global Transport Spotting and Racing Sports Spotting 🌎 ✤✤

💠 Looking for a server to just hangout? Or possibly travel through discord? Join our server today!!

༶• Our server is based on spotting all sorts of different methods of transportation. ༶•
Things we provide :

🚅 Train/Aeroplane/Boat/Car spotting channels!
🚙 Self assignable roles to become a spotter!
✈️ Transport Spotting Videos
🤸 Active and Friendly staff!
📥 Channel to take your suggestions!
📓 Partnerships
🎮 A lot of fun and amazing bots to interact with.
。・゚゚・ So join today and become a vehicle spotter! ・゚゚・。

Server Invite:
~•~ The Car Community ~•~ is a welcoming and friendly place for new people to the car community or even elders from the car community. We want to help to the newcomers with whatever questions they have and want to give the elders a place to chat about their knowledge of cars and even let the newcomers see what's going on. It's also a family friendly server, so everyone is welcome here!
This is a new forza horizon 4 community we are gonna do so many lit things such as races drift events car meets forza olimpics and also a few mini games at the side join if you play forza and you will have the most fun you have ever had.
🏎Car meets
🏎Car shows
🏎An much more

Join for a great experience
Speed Weebs!
A server full of weebs and car enthusiasts combined!
Currently a very small community, we try to have a fun vibe with a side of competition in racing!

We do provide..
- Occasional racing events of various games
- 4 Music bots
- A massive variety of channels
- Roles with special access to certain channels
- A ton of emotes to use

Even if you're not a fan of cars, it's entirely okay!

We also do partnerships now, so why not?
Hey! We offer a cool place for non car enthusiasts and car enthusiasts to chill together and have a good time talking about cars or just chilling! We offer a bunch of channels and want to become a fun, tight knit community, so come join us! We promise you won't regret it!
If you like anything about cars, this is surely the server for you! Join the server, and you'll be bombarded with creative ideas! Jump the ranks in the server by collecting guild score, done by staying active. As you grow your points, you can have the chance to start a car collection of your own with our new car collecting reward system!
ATTENTION!! Your invited to join Just Car Meets FiveM!
I mean, the title speaks for itself, right?
Just Car Meets is just for car related things, especially car meets and cruises. There is no regular rp, so you can purely focus on getting some time to enjoy driving cars, and we offer allot more!
We host weekly events, such as drag competitions, cruises, and track days on the famous Nurburgring Circuit.
At Just Car Meets we take things to the next level, and offer you things other servers do not. For a start, our server has safety vehicles, personalised to the server, so if you have any accidents on the race tracks, or even on the roads, then we have your back.
We do have a cop system, but its for anyone to use, so you can just use the police cars if you want be a party pooper and shut down car meets...
Just Car Meets is whitelisted, purely so that only people with desire to join our server can join, and get the best out of our server. If you disagree and want us to make it private, come tell us in our discord!
We have over 100+ vehicles so far, and the server owner is adding them daily, and relies on your suggestions, which means if you want a car, you will get it in game! Pretty sweet, right?
We have 2 drag strips and the famous Nurburgring racetrack, so you will have plenty of things to do.
Now, if you and your friends have a crew or team that you call yourself under, say Supra Squad for example, you can fill in a quick application on discord to be able to get your own roles for our discord server, so that you and your friends can be recognised as a team or crew. From there, you can talk to other teams or crews and get wars and events happening, so that you always have something to do!
We are also looking for staff, so if you want to be able to join our staff team, read the rules in the discord!
Our server can offer so much, and we hope you are interested in joining our server!
Here is a link:
A community themed heavily around Cigars, Cars, Games and our Podcast known as the Techtonic Lounge.
:beginner: | Friendly no-toxic community
:red_car: | Car enthusiasts community
:star2: | Levelling, Rewards & Giveaways
:video_camera: | Screensharing & Webcam voicechats!
:joy: | Memes & NSFW
:bust_in_silhouette: | Self roles & colours
:kissing_heart: | 3:1 Female to Male ratio
:movie_camera: | Movie nights & Music bots
:video_game: | Gaming night
Drift Club is a place where drivers alike can share an interest in cars and motorsports. We also have game chats and various activities such as programming and music channels.