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Our server is small but looking to grow into something amazing! We emphasis inclusion and celebrating each others achievements. You wont find any drama or toxic nonsense here! We aim to share our knowledge and bring back some of the social aspects of gaming. As the server grows in activity we can start adding things like events, voice chat parties and so much more!

We have:
All kinds of channels.
Server currency.
Fair staff.
Exp levels with roles and perks.
and an amazing community!
Come check out the server and see if its a good fit for you!
☵☵☵☵☵☵ ☾ ƬӇЄ ƊЄƔƖƛƝƬƧ ☽ ☵☵☵☵☵☵
❍ **We are a friendly non drama server that is welcoming to everyone,
we also have active staff watching over the channels and here for all your needs!**
❍ **What we offer:**
➧ Partnerships~
➧ A place to meet new friends and people~
➧ We offer self assign roles~
➧ VC with willing people whenever you feel like it~
➧ A channel with some bot commands listed, so you could try out things you never knew with the bots we offer~
➧ A server which offers support, help, and advise to anyone with the role Support deviant~
➧ A chilled environment~
➧ A range of fun channels~
❍ Fun bots to play with, such as:
➧ Dank memer~
➧ Discord fast foods~
➧ Pokecord~
➧ Nadeko~
➧ Mantaro~
❈ And a range more! ❈

➽ **We hope you can consider joining our server! thank you for reading-**
❈ **Server invite link** ❈
This is a server created to be a friendly, drama free community. The members are some of my closest friends and I'd like to make more. The server has people from all aspects, such as gamers, artists, writers, roleplayers, etc. Everyone is welcome!
tea•cafe; a chill, welcoming, no-drama community that is supporting and caring! join us today 🍵
• 13+
• responsible mods (i think lmao)
• great community
• chill vibes
• lgbt+ friendly
• looking for moderators
join us, we have wi-fi and cookies~
🌸🌸🌸🌸Looking for a chill server? New friends? Drama free zone? Well you came to the right place!! Come join us!! We try to be active 24/7!! We have both genders in the server! Yes we support LGBTQ+!! So don’t be afraid!!! The admins are really nice unless you piss them off. Age groups go to 14+. Try to get us big on here!!! You can find me at ❦ℍ𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕪❦𝔹𝕒𝕓𝕪❦𝔹𝕖𝕒𝕣❦#1042. Please get us big!!!!🌸🌸🌸🌸
welcome to colorful magic! 💕, where anybody, no matter who or what you are, you can join! this is an hangout, where you can chill & make friends! this is also a drama free server! also, we just made a server a few mins ago, so it’s not even finished! but if you want a place to stay! this is the joint! 💋
⭐ New server.
⭐ Friendly.
⭐ Positive vibes.
⭐ Needing staff.
⭐ Join today.
The home of the dankest

Join 1st Dank Company today!
The Dank army has all kinds of
ranks that you can earn even
admin in some of them When
you join the Dank Army.
- Earn rank
- Have fun
- Self Promo
- Try it maybe you'll like it ; )
The server where everything is pink! Emojis, roles, etc. Fun bot and a fun community
▅▆▇ 💖 Welcome To Social Central 💖 ▇▆▅

We offer a little bit different atmosphere than most of the servers you will join. Everyone who joins is joining a family not just a online chat. We are dirty minded and love dark humor. here you can find the best of friends or even love. We give respect to those who come in giving it. we have 0 tolerance for bs and drama. come join us we would love to get to know you!

We Offer The Following but not limited to:

💙 Supporters of LGBT
💜 Dating Channels
💙 Verified Access To NSFW & DDLG Channels
💜Gamer, Artist, Stoner & Fitness Hobby Channels
💙 Self Assignable Roles
💜 Events with real money prizes
💙 Spam & Drama Control
💜 Open minded staff who care about everyone's best interest
💙 Graphic Designers
💜 Active Voice Chatters

Come check us out! you really won't regret it!

We offer free hugs upon request.
Dragon Mead is a server for everyone! Come here for a nice chat with like minded people, to just post memes or play games with friends!
Come join Weebs and Cosplayers United!
We're a small but wanting to grow community of anime lovers from all over the planet!

-Channels for cosplays and cosplays in progress so you can get constructive feedback
-Meme channels for all of your spamming needs
-Drama never tolerated
-Lewd bots for all of your saucy needs
-Meet fellow anime lovers!
-Ranks for being active!

We hope you would like to come join our small community!

∽ Rules ∽

1. No drama or shady stuff.
2. No toxicity.
3. No NSFW or inappropriate content.
4. No online dating.
5. No harassment or anything inappropriate to members.

∽ Side Notes ∽

You can apply for a staff member position/role, but if you anyhow violate any rules or anything, will receive a warning. If actions still continue, you will be removed of rank and also maybe kick. Have fun in the serve, make new friends. Just don’t do anything drastic, don’t care is you are into kpop or anime, as long as you are respectful and is having a good time. Memes are allowed, just don’t get too inappropriate or anything. Anything wrong shall be reported to the staff members.
Made to be a place with no drama, dont get salty or offended here just be chill and we'll get along fine. :)
The Respite is a small and relaxed server for any and everyone. It's designed to focus on hobbies and general chat about life without drama or stress. We perform member sweeps and have a member cap to keep the server small and cozy.
We're an active, steamy NSFW club (18+) full of energetic people, naughty images, and kinky fun!
A community of artists and crafters who want a fun, drama free environment to share artwork and talk about the fandoms we love! All fandoms and art types welcome.