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A server to connect with other fans that share the same interests like kpop, anime, kdrama, etc, and memes. Just to make friends and chat!
Kinda small server, give us a little bit to grow.

Need some people to help, already got some.

People to talk to other people when needed.

Sensitive subjects may be said so don't freak out.

Memes, you gotta have em no matter what.

C'mon and check it out.
**Crazy Creators**

We are a small community that was meant
for my discord, but now I am making it a discord for everyone!😀

We have:
-Self Roles🤪
-Suggestions tab👀
-A promotion for YouTube and twitch👍
-Weekly shootout's of your choice of social media!😏

What you can do:
-Make friends😉
-Grow your community😝
-Get feedback for your content🤷🏻‍♂️
-Give feedback to everyone💭

-Fun game bots👾
-Economy bots💵
-Casino bots💰

-We have a few mods!
-They are active, but some are shy!
-We are now taking applications!

-Need to be in my server📍
-Need to be mature and ask nicely after joining📌
-Need a decent ad📚
-Don’t dm me with an ad unless asked🤝
-Will accept anyone that has this🙌
-If accepted, don’t forget to post my ad on your server or your ad will be removed!👎

You can do so much! I will be listening
to everyone and I'll be working hard to grow
this server as well as grow everyone who are
trying to get help! Enjoy your stay and don't
do anything rude!! Please follow the rules!!🤘
A chill, active group with regular voice chats, movie nights, and game nights. Come, enter the void. // ❝ I need not to be afraid of the void. The void is part of my person. I need to enter consciously into it. To try to escape from it is to try to live a lie. ❞
Honestly, just a server to do whatever, discus whatever you would like 💗 all people are welcome but try to at least follow the rules x
This is a voice chat server with a few text chat channels
If you love talking and using your vocal cords then join this server.
Learning and practising foreign languages from scratch to fluency. Through the quality education implemented by our volunteers and community, it is our commitment to educate, teach and help anyone who lives in this cosmopolitan world.
It's All About Languages!

and more!
This is Scoopity Scoop.
We are a friendly server, in which you can discuss the topics you want, talk to new people, review the latest memes out there and joke for a while, having a great time.
And remember, Poopity Scoop, woop.
join or we will get the gang to your ends.

we active too with nice roles so you might aswell be here.

[Looking for Partner managers]

The Empire
-Anime -Partnerships games -Great Debates -Memes
400+ Members and Growing Fast!
1:1 Female to Male Ratio
Chill Staff
Many Channels
Multiple Fun Bots
Best Leveling System
Many Emotes
Fun Giveaways
Fun Bot Commands
This is a raiding server, our history of banned discord servers are uncountable, but this is a new revelation of raiding... you have anyone to hate? Come to this server.

You may look at our server, thinking it is a nonsense server, I want to tell you, it is. We just raid in our free time, not all the time, only when necessary.

As we don't have many people as of now, we need to grow, right now let's depend on what we have now, but if you join, remember, you are adding one more person to the raiding society
This smol' server is just a place to make some friends, talk shit, share sum moosic and meMes and lend an ear if you need to vent, rant or just receive advice. We're all pretty friendly here.

Just a simple server for us simple people. <3
what we offer
1.Zone wars stacked lobby's 24/7
2.A nice community that is always wanting to play
3.We have NAE NAW EU OCE players
4.You can look for a duo partner
5.You can look for a squad
7.over 1000 members
***So we hope to see you there!!***
hi, this server is a fun place to hangout and make new friends! join and say hi 💗we will also do nitro giveaways occasionally
➶➶➶➶➶➷➷➷➷➷➶➶➶➶➶ Hello!! Welcome to Sulki's Cafe! This is a WIP server. It's barely been created today. But we hope it can explode. ♡

🤖 This server has lots of fun bots!
🎵 We got music bots and channels!
🗿 And of course, the memes.
➶➶➶➶➶ ➷➷➷➷➷➶➶➶➶➶
we hope you enjoy your stay here! much love ♡♡

- damian
Let’s chill is a place for all people to come and talk about a multitude of subjects, have fun
if u wanna make friends, just join. if u need to rant, we are here :) (we dont have many people rn bc i just made this lol)
What we like:
∆Games(Mobile/PC/or just regular ice breaking games........
∆Some of us like kpop and dramas~
∆Music(All genres)
∆Many other things ~

What about my server?
This might look like a rp server but it is a server where you can just chill and do whatever~
Welcome to The Mystics!
Are you alone, cant sleep, or just want friends to talk to? Well then The Mystics is for you!!!
Really Friendly Staff and Members that'll be a welcoming environment for all people
Active Vc's where anyone can talk and have fun
Cool Bots where you can gamble or listen to your music or meme to your hearts content
Fun Events like karaoke night and gaming nights
CSGO and Siege gaming teams to play with
Friend Nation! Feel down? Lets pump you up with a bit of positivity! We have giveaways chats and other things as well!
The best community discord with active members. It's full of friendly people, male and female. Most people here are teenagers.
Our server is made so you can breathe!!
If u need an excuse to escape reality or life,
this is the best place to do it.
We have active members and staff that respond to pings immediately and ofc if u need to vent we have special members who can help u release stress!!
We provide:
self roles
active members
and we don't do daily pings unless of emergencies!!! We accept all ages, so come and breathe with us, I hope everyone has fun!!!
Nous sommes une communauté francophone, sur laquelle vous pouvez faire de nouvelles rencontres, discuter, écouter de la musique, partager...