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Welcome to Mediatical! The one stop shop for battles between virtually every person and character in history!
A great new place to meet people that just wanna chat and have fun!
Anime, Gaming, Media, Memes.
0 moderation
Perfect for businesses (especially start ups!)
Nowadays, every business has at least an Instagram and a Facebook page.
There’s nothing more attractive to customers than having thousands of likes, followers and views.

Come and check out our services at and get started on your entrepreneurial journey!
Welcome to the Starlight Bar, just a relaxed place to hang out and talk to people. We are LGBTQ friendly here.
So why don't you join and come chat with us. We'll be waiting ready to welcome you.
Come and join the Creative Corner server! We are an art server that is growing to fit people's needs.
There are many places to share your work, have conversations about creative mediums, and promote your social media with others!
You can even host your own events if you so, please. Just ask me if you want to set up one!

High Moderation and Strong Antiraid Bot
Events/Contests Based on Your Opinions
Memes Galore Including a me_irl Bot
Self Promotion Section for Your Social Media
Art Livestreams From Me and Members
Suggestion Channel to Suggest Any Changes to The Server
Writing Corner for Any Writers Out There
Art Sharing and Critique Sections to Talk About and Share Art
Minecraft Server
WELCOME to Croissant Con !
Croissant Con offers a whole lot for everyone who is intrested in or even talented in these areas!
Such as in Croissant Con we have
~ Fashion
~ Modeling
~ Weeb
~ Photography
~ Art
~ Music

Our owners and co-owners created this environment for you to chat or meet people with similar intrests!
We provide the following
~ Roles
~ Announcements
~ Memes
~ Social Media
~ Selfies
~ Music-sharing
~ Mixtapes
~ Soundcloud
~ Voice chats
So join us and check us out!
Come and explore something different!
Официальный информационный паблик посвященный различным новостям, фильмам, арт, музыке (развлекательный контент для досуга) а также темам которые подвергаются цензуре и запрету в соц сетях
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ Free Drops™ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

The best place to trade, buy and sell anything Fortnite related!
Run by a very experienced owner, you don't need to worry when joining our discord as we have a zero tolerance policy on scamming!
Insanely fast growing server!!!

➢ Daily Giveaways 🎉
➣ The BEST Invite rewards 💵
➢ 24/7 Staff 👫
➣ Partnerships 🤝
➢ Active and fast growing 🤯
➢ - Recruiting Fortnite Droppers! 🤑

My last server had nearly 5k members, lets get this one even higher!
[ Never expired link: ]
@everyone @here
This server is for talking about how LGBT characters are portrayed in the media we watch. That's the topic, but we're more than that! We are an /lgbt/ server that promotes positive attitudes toward those in this community. Whether you're here for discussion or support, our members are great people that you can lean on. Hope to see you there!
Shangri-la is a paradise in the clouds (get it?), where you can meet new people and learn new things!
A server where you can chill out, talk about things that interest you, share art, memes, music,gaming and more! An LGBT friendly server as majority of our admins are part of the community.
]|I{•------» [ CHECK IT OUT ] «------•}I|[
This is a server of a YouTuber named SnugTheBP, who nearly has 4000 subscribers (unfortunately, the activity is dropped😔). If you want to chill out or make new friends - we welcome you! Admins and moderators here - professional media makers with their own YT channels (from 300 to 12000 subs!) Here we have:
✅2 Economy Game Bots:
💰 CoinMaster
☕ Café

✅ Funny Bots:
😎 NotSoBot
😂 Dank Memer
🔧 Zephyr

✅ ☎ Global Calls - Yggdrasil Bot
✅ Music Bot

✅ No NSFW or other 🔞 content


✅Nice Moderation

✅54 roles and 24 channels in total!

✅ Simple verification system that allows you to choose: proceed further or not!

✅We are counting to 50000! Help us do it! (you must ask staff to allow you count)

✅And so on!

We also discussing about video editing, YTPs and other.
Help us grow!
Have a nice time there!
Are you getting tired of Discord, finding Skype really annoying, or hate TeamSpeak's timeouts?
Well, there is a new kid on the block!
Take you and your friends over to Collaborated. It is a new "social media"/VoIP service that lets you integrate all of your other social medias and even has its own social media area too! It was inspired by Discord but is quite different. It is for all ages, even people under 13! If you are under 13, you will not have access to very much and will only be exposed to stuff appropriate for children.
Come and join, its at your fingertips after all :)
Hello we are nebula. The purpose of this discord is to make friends and be kind. Enjoy or server and stay awhile.
Basically Conspiracy theories server.
Chat about conspiracy theories
Post youtube videos
Media channels for selfies/art and other things

Come join the smoking lounge and meet new people. Climb through the ranks and get yourself some fresh cancer in the lounge.
Awesome Life On Earth

We are chill community that is connected to instagram "Awesome Life On Earth".
We want to tell most people about nature and disasters that may our lifestyle bring. So we're protecting the Earth!

Right now you can expect this:

**->** We are searching for moderators, admins and dev.
**->** Chill community, you can talk about everything.

Join us too!
A server that was just created! It is a RP server, I don't really feel like retyping everything about the server, so just join and read the rules, if you enjoy it, thanks!

We've (Me and an admin) established roleplay lore, so if you want a role, you got time now
Hello! Thank you for checking out our server! KawaiiDiscord is a new server with tons of features! Our main focus is to connect people from around the globe in our little community, no matter their religion, ethnicity, or age!
We are a server that loves Media, Roleplay,
Art, Music, Gaming, and more...
We are kinda low on people so you could join and become staff or higher.