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Welcome to the Starlight Bar, just a relaxed place to hang out and talk to people. We are LGBTQ friendly here.
So why don't you join and with us. We'll be waiting ready to welcome you.
It's another Discord server - aimed for talking and sharing media.
This server is all about the community and having a fun time!
This is a chill server where you can meet all kinds of new people.
Noah's Hotel is an amazing place were you can
talk to other people and have an amazing time.

We've currently only just started up and we're looking for staff and many new members.

We're hoping to make this a big chat group and
to make it grow quickly. Please join today and
have an amazing time!
Hello! Thank you for checking out our server! KawaiiDiscord is a new server with tons of features! Our main focus is to connect people from around the globe in our little community, no matter their religion, ethnicity, or age!
Официальный информационный паблик посвященный различным новостям, фильмам, арт, музыке (развлекательный контент для досуга) а также темам которые подвергаются цензуре и запрету в соц сетях
A server where you can chill out, talk about things that interest you, share art, memes, music,gaming and more! An LGBT friendly server as majority of our admins are part of the community.
This is a brand new server. I need staff and members that enjoy the secrets of earth along with the music.
WoWboost is a cheap, reliable social media boosting service that has just started! We are launching our discord to the public join now!
We are The Confederate Army of Fort Bagg's. We play games Like arma 3, war of right, When it's out of course And a bunch of other games. We are a social Community For people that supports the Rebel flag or likes it It's fun Server But may be Inappropriate, For some users/Kids.


What is this?
This discord server provides you with a place to find your talents and find a way to earn a small amount of money.


Support Rep. (Finding)

What else can I do?
You can share your experience with other members and give other advice!
Simple and easy to use!

How can I earn money?​
1. Please head to #commands and type -new to get your roles!
2. Head on #⚠request to find out people that need help with!
3. Head on #offering To share your talents and see if someone would like to hire u!
4. Head on #service-teams that could let u find teams that hiring new members and find a different kind of forum posts!
Back on the grind, we're rising up again.
New server, new admins, no more messing around!
*Roleplay, Gaming and Media roles! Members help dictate what channels get put in, as their voices WILL be heard!
*As seen above, we support all kinds of different interests, and encourage others!
🌹Welcome to Hidden Ember🌹
}~This Server is solely meant to be a relaxing community server that you can make new friends in!
}~This server also has other fun things to do like mess around with bots, Write, share art, and many other things!
}~When you join please make sure you read the rules!
I created a server where you can chill, hangout, make friends, etc...

You can talk about ANYTHING.

You are absolutely free to join our server! :)
(This server is SFW)
A friendly server with lots to talk about ranging from LGBT to political debates. Gaming and art seem to be the main thing here. Stop by and say hello!
Just a server that's been up for a bit and we'd like to grow it's population much more
Community Spotlight is an active community of users with diverse lifestyles and interests. Users are encouraged to take part in our occasional community game nights, movie nights, and trivia nights, as well as our community spotlight interviews that highlight our active community members. Participation in activities amongst community members is encouraged to maintain an interactive and enjoyable experience for all.
All aboard the Banter Bus. and join Dan_O-Banter as he plays through some of todays popular games.
Join the community and Meet like minded individuals, Teams and much more.

.Do you have a channel you want to promote? Why not become a Banter Bus Partner. Ding Ding next stop Friendship!
.Interested in Graphic design or content Creation. Well then you are in luck BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TOO!
.Fancy a little responsibility?? we currently are on the look out for dedicated Individuals and groups to Join our Mod team and Stream team to boost engagement on the channel. Think you have what it takes to be a TOP MOD?

So get on down and join him live!
Post Apocalypse Fans a server celebrating the genre of post apocalypse. What we offer :




Voice Chat


and much more!
The Village is a small community where people can get together and chat, we also have 42 animated cute fox emotes for those with Nitro.
Yo wazz good, if you wanna join our discord which is currently, growing so it may take time before its active. If you want music parties, talks and convos bout technology, todays, media, editing, filming, choreography, gaming.
We will also highly appreciate you helping us grow.
Welcome to the Tech Haven! A server for all your neo-needs!
Join us in discussion about Cyberpunk/futuristic related media and roleplay.
When you join there will be an introduction process consisting of a couple questions.
Agath is a new and small, yet promising server. We have a game corner where we can play games together with Game Masters. So far we only have one game there with an eligible GM, but we're more than open to suggestions for new games. (DND is something we're looking forward to including, so GMs and players are much welcomed!) We also have an archives to post your art, funny screenshots, or poems or stories you've written. We also have Discord Duels in order to settle disputes like MEN. Lastly, we plan to include an NSFW channel later on, but it'll only be accessible if you give yourself the role to see it, so you won't have to see it if you don't want to. Any newcomers are welcome and we hope that you enjoy your first impression enough to be an active member.