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SRTB is a text-based roleplay adventure server based around the SCP universe. The lore of SRTB is based off of the in Canon lore of the SCP universe but not to the exact as several things have been changed for the sake of an easier and better RP experience. Several lore devices can be found later in the document. Members are free to create their own characters to RP with. Choices of characters include enlisted security, intern researcher, or D Class. Advancements and promotions will become available to you as your character progresses through the story.
Do you enjoy the SCP
Foundation? Do you wish you could roleplay in the SCP Foundation? Do you ever find an SCPF Roleplay server, only to realize it's cluttered full of people who either want to be an Anomaly, or Doctor Bright, and wish that it wasn't?

This server is for you.

Introducing Area 88! Located on a top-secret facility in the middle of the Arizona Desert, Area 88 is home to some of the most popular SCP's (in our modified SCP Canon) including, but not limited to:


and whatever else the fucking plot demands!

You have the choice of working as a member of the Foundation - maybe a security officer, or a Researcher? However, you could also be some of the higher-up members of the Foundation, such as the member of our very own MTF Squad: Mobile Task Force Vita-7 (Phoenix Alpha!), which focuses on the protection and maintenance of Area 88, due to it being such a high-priority Area!

Besides the Foundation, you can also be part of one of the many GOI's included in Foundation Canon! It all depends on what you're feeling.

The roleplay there will be conducted mostly by the people, with a third party looking in and operating (called a Roleplay Curator, though could be compared to a DM from DnD). This way, people can't perform unfair actions in combat, or any other wacky things!

I'm looking for a bunch of people. People to roleplay, especially, but also people to help me set up and organize the channel better, Roleplay Curators, and Moderators.

Sound interesting? Come on down!
Welcome to XyberC Discord, a place for gamers, geeks, nerds and the like to meet and chill out!
XyberC is all about creating an environment for avid fans of games, anime, music, manga, writing, and many other interests; especially for those who live in the ASEAN region!
[SCP Roleplay] Site 33 is a text based role play server within the SCP universe and set around the non canon Site 33. You can jump right in and play as your own or an already existing character within the SCP universe. Currently hosting special events and awarding members for well written rps and characters.
"The future of the foundation is now in your hands, the original SCPs and some new one have been brought to these sites as a way of continuing the research process from the original SCP foundation. Many dangers come about and allies will be made to confront these. A series of events could happen at anytime and it will require certain beings to stop it. If an SCP breaches be warned, an O5 May come for it if the MTF can’t handle it. Other powerful entities lie in wait for a chance to attack the foundation when possible to cause mayhem world wide. Don’t let these events happen."

But on a more light-hearted note, this is an RP server meant for people who enjoy the SCP Foundation Community and wish to join. The community, while small is quite friendly and we hope to see you join and stay for a nice time. See you there!
SCP: Hardline is a realistic SCP Discord based game. You start out as either a menial worker such as a cook, a D-Class, or another lower level foundation job,and then your destiny is yours from there out. We have a salary system, and an in depth economy. SCP: Hardline tries to accurately portray life at the foundation , in all its bleak glory. When you inevitably die, you will be dead. You will have to completely start from square one at death, and thats just life at the foundation.
In this server we have people create characters that go on missions to level up their characters, or they can do character development back at the base. This server also allows players to host and create their own missions so they can be the dungeon master.
Tired of illiterate roleplay servers? Well, this server is your solution!

Being a fairly new Creepypasta server, literate roleplay is our priority here! Regardless of whether you plan on RPing or not, we are welcoming of all. Feel free to join!
Welcome to the foundation. You are expected to perform to your highest standards. Researcher, MTF, SD, FTP or Numeros. Hell.. Even if you are Class-D. Anyway we test, mess around, post memes.. We do everything as long as it is sensible.

Yo welcome this is a new CP server where you can voice chat, chat, and rp with other CPs. There’s a list of open and taken characters and it’s first come first serve, but you can also be an OC. It’s a pretty chill place to rp and share things so come on in and hang out.
Welcome to the SCP Facility. This is a server based on the indie horror game titled "SCP Containment Breach," and is full of many other SCP lovers. Here you can discuss the game itself, people who play the game, the works of the facility, SCP anomalies (both canon and fanmade) all with a community full of people who know SCP. We hope you will enjoy your stay.
Secure. Contain. Protect.
Secure. Contain. Protect is a RP server set in the SCP universe. We don't strictly follow Canon but we try to make it enjoyable with great staff and members. We hope to see you soon.
Site 19. Time when we grab more SCPS and find new employees for them to work for us and then we research them to find out which object class they need before being let in containment
Similar to the SCP Foundation, COSHAM [Containment of Special Humans and Monsters] Looks to contain humans and monsters that are considered to be a threat to society. COSHAM has most of the same staff as SCP, with scientists and soldiers, though they do not have Class-D's.

I dunno how this will work but come if you want
This is an scp fanclub by dr bright, please stop letting him clone 173.
Well, you are bad at combat and you want to learn combat. You want to recontain SCP's. And you play ROBLOX? Woah there buster join this server for some training to contain SCP 173 and SCP-049 and more.

We are currently making a SCP roleplay game with new SCP's, new guns and more! gun scripters and GFX designers please help us out!
Данный сервер предназначен для рп и обычных разговоров, добро пожаловать в фонд
The Ivanov Family
Pings: @here,@everyone
What we got:
• Cool People
• Good Staff
• Not to strict on rules
• Self-roles
• Music
• SCP stuff
An SCP server made just for fun.

We are Site: 11, and are a small (Roleplay) Site for containing anomalies, objects, creatures, and more.
Heck, we even contain a farting tree frog. #keterfrogfarts
So, we are just a small community of people who love SCPs and roleplaying.

Have a good day!
With the SCP foundation trying understand the anomalies they had contained a new experiment has been set to understand how they react to one another. On an undisclosed sight some SCPs are brought here to understand what they may do to one another... or the general public.

~things this server has to offer~
~ OCs allowed
~ Roleplay as scps
~ Non Canon
~ Yet canon scps
~ become a canon scp
~ Containment breaches!