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-The Lost Site-

The SCP Foundation.

We Secure. Contain. Protect.

But why?...

The truth is long ago man hid in the shadows being in the state of fear, fear of the abnormal and the anomalous. Man cannot go back into that state, the normality must be kept in order to keep the world free of fear, civilian you have been recruited because you are trained to not fear as men did once long ago, you can keep calm whilst combating/researching the anomalous

Victory does not await, join us! As we long to contain the anomalous far from normality and keep peace within this world we know!

Welcome to The Lost Site, a server with the face of some other normal SCP server but with some dark secrets to uncover

Features we have:
•Tons of roles and departments
•Many places to explore
•Special and weird events that need solving
•Friendly and active staff members
•Anti-bot system
•All of the MTF units
•Weekly roles and channels updates
•Deep secret lore
Welcome to Site - 91,We are a new SCP server that keeps a rather serious community. This server is of course based on the SCP universe, where one can make their own OC's. This includes both staff and SCP's. There is the option of rping as the canon SCP's if one desires. At the moment our numbers are small so if you'd like to help us grow you can hop in and make a OC today!
Secure. Contain. Protect. That's what we're tasked with. We are humanity's shield, serving to protect from the unknown. We work in the dark, to protect the light. We research daily and learn more about these strange anomalies. Our goal is to prevent a global apocalypse, that's why we do this. For the world. For your family. For you.

Founded on June 23rd, 20XX, Located in [REDACTED] United States, Site 60 is an SCP Facility that contains all sorts of strange anomalies.

But now you- yes you! Can be apart of this (not so) secret organization.
Ever wanted to be a scientist and interact with mysterious anomalies? How about a soldier in the Mobile Task Force, tasked with Securing, Containing and Protecting anomalies?
What about a researcher in the Foundation? [Don't worry, it's completely safe!]

If this isn't for you, maybe you can be a rogue; Join the Chaos Insurgency and save others from being tested on while causing chaos.

Come on down to Site 60 and be apart of a wonderful community!
Site 19-B is a "Sister" Site to Site 19, located just a few kilometers away from Site 19, the newly built Site 19-B holds the same advance security systems and similar interior layout to it's original

It's able to hold Keter, Euclid, and Safe class SCP's just like it's brother. It's able to host many Foundation Personnel complete with an array of barracks, offices, and cafeterias.

okay, so you can basically rp anyone, your character or a cannon character that isn't already taken or an SCP, again, it can be one that't on the wiki, or one you made.
the jobs include
I'm too lazy to type it but there's a huge list in the server, and if what you want isn't on the list then you can just ask-

this is one of those rp servers where each place is a different channel.
also there's some fun stuff like meme channels and whatnot
and stupid commands I made.

there's a time zone thingy, so you can tell what time it is for everyone, and so coordinating events and stuff is easier.
speaking of roles and stuff, there's roles for like everything, this includes ooc roles, and rp roles.
we even have those fancy react role menu things.
there's a bunch of dumb meme channels too and its gonna be real fun once the server gets more then like 4 people.

so join this server you won't regret it

I'm prolly gonna change this lazy description later.
Welcome to Site-57(Armed Containment), we hope you enjoy your stay and make a character so you may join in the rp. Unlike some other servers, we try to be less restrictive when it comes to roleplaying, so simply try and enjoy yourself!

+Focus on Mobile Task Forces.
+Friendly Community
**SCP Foundation : Site-19**
We are low on personnel and we lost lots of scp during a containment breach and they are roaming free. We are looking for new personnel, security, and NTF to re-contain any and all escaped SCPs, and save the world from this horrible nightmare.

FoundationOS v11.3
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
> login: [email protected]
> pass: andwewillpraythatthereisnogod
[SYSTEM MESSAGE]: THANK YOU. The time and date of your access to this terminal has been logged and reported to the Records and Information Security Administration (RAISA)..
Last login: ███ ███ ██ ██:██:██ 2019 from SITE 19.
All access to Foundation systems is logged.
> load missionstatement.fdoc

Loading . . .

Mankind in its present state has been around for a quarter of a million years, yet only the last 4,000 have been of any significance. So, what did we do for nearly 250,000 years? We huddled in caves and around small fires, fearful of the things that we didn't understand. It was more than explaining why the sun came up, it was the mystery of enormous birds with heads of men and rocks that came to life. So we called them 'gods' and 'demons', begged them to spare us, and prayed for salvation. In time, their numbers dwindled and ours rose. The world began to make more sense when there were fewer things to fear, yet the unexplained can never truly go away, as if the universe demands the absurd and impossible.

Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, and we must stand up for ourselves. While the rest of mankind dwells in the light, we must stand in the darkness to fight it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane and normal world. We secure. We contain. We protect.
— The Administrator

> load metadata.fdoc

Welcome to Secure. Contain. Protect., a Discord RP set in the SCP universe.

》 Player-driven lore
》 Twelve playable Foundation Departments, four GOIs
》 200+ playable roles

Our Goal:

To obtain objects and organisms with anomalies that we can use to our advantage; to understand them and use our knowledge to our benefit; to show the world to embrace and accept these anomalies; to guide them towards the next step in human evolution; to make us stronger as an Insurgency; to help us reach our goal of a better humanity.
= = = = = = =


Before the advent of logic, we were kept as the prisoners of ignorance. We were exploited, subjugated and misled, as the ones in power told us that knowing lesser was the better option. Those few  refusin gun willing submission suffered  oppression, persecuted by the intolerant ones who feared the truth, and hid it from us. These people sent humanity to senseless wars with the  blood of men  on everyone's hands. Only through will and mission did one mind bloom after another, as, over time, people finally saw reason. The future we wanted was within our grasp, but it was taken back from us.

The thinkers among us have reverted to the roles of our previous oppressors. They utilize  logic against logic, keeping the promised knowledge from us. The new millennium has passed and we are more ignorant than ever. We pursuers of thought walk a path lined with taboos. Only  we  tread this rejected path, for no one elsewills where we walk. If we are to take back our future and take our rightful place, such sacrifices must be made for the greater good. For our destiny! Only we can bring the future. Only we can change this stagnant world. We are the force against the onslaught, the sole effort making a difference. We are the nucleus of the new army.

We are the Insurgency of Chaos.

-The Commander
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
What we offer:

•Over 100+ RP Roles to choose from!
•Staff are always active!
•Raid Free!
•Utilize anomalies rather than containing them!
•Tons of bots!
•Always partnership opened!

Server link:
[Foundation access....]
name: admin-06
password: *********

[Accessing File Invite.exe]
The SCP Foundation welcomes you to the current realm of researcher and deadly aspects of life.
We advise you to read and follow all guidelines by heart so that you at least survive the first day on the job.
And again we welcome you to this site of operation and the V.E.C.T.O.R. initiative.

-O5 Concile
[Server Features]

➤ OOC channels created for social interactions and memeing about!
➤Guidlines provided by the SCP Wiki to work out your characters and SCPs!
➤Roleplay channels to live out your dreams of interactions!
➤5 Bots standing ready to be used as you see fit.




The current solution
Our current solution is to keep the Insurgency as busy as possible, not allowing them a second to breathe and think about their plans. This does, sadly at times involve allowing the capture of anomalies and documented SCPs, as well as the turning of personnel. This is only a temporary solution while we try to find a more permanent one, other than the full destruction of the Insurgency, which has proven fruitless and unachievable.

Your Place In the Plan
Where did you fit in? Anywhere you find it fit to be. We need as many brave and hopeful people as we can possibly obtain. I pray to God that this nightmare ends before the next generation of personnel has to deal with it. This is all I have time to write, save for this bit of wisdom: do not fight with the others. Do not fight amongst yourselves. We need to be united against this group that wishes nothing but death and destruction upon us. Attempt acts of peace with the other GOIs. We need them as much as they need us.

Thank you for reading this and godspeed.
-[O5-5] "Ghost"

<Begin Log>
Üdvözöllek a parkban!

Szerverünk egy SCP/JP orientált roleplay szerver, ahol te formálod meg karaktereid jövöjét és karakterisztikáit tetszésed szerint. Sokoldalú szerepjátékot kínálunk, egy családias közösséget és sok eventet.

A háttérsztori:
Az SCP Alapítvány új épületkomplexumját Isla Tau-ra, egy elhagyatott szigetre tervezi telepíteni, viszont egy probléma fent áll. A sziget régen otthont adott több tucat kihalt állatnak és lopott anomáliának. Fő feladatunk a régi épületek megtisztítása és az anomáliák, későbbiekben az állatok elzárása.

Dolgozz anomáliákkal körülvéve az SCP Alapítványban, szabotáld őket a Chaos Insurgencyben, vagy lépj be a Global Occult Coalitionbe!
Legyél részese te is!
<End Log>
Hello! We're a relatively new group of SCP enthusiasts with the theme of our server being the Group of Interest, Gamers Against Weed. We welcome everybody that wants to read more whether you have read all 4000~ articles or you haven't read even a single one.

We provide every member with a unique role and color of your choosing, preferably SCP related, but can be anything.
We have a myriad of channels for every non-SCP and SCP related hobby, including a suggestions channel if your specific interest is not yet included.
The owner has a list of Tales and SCP's labelled and linked for stories that he has enjoyed.

We'd love to have you drop by if you want to!

Disclaimer: We're not actually against the use of drugs, but due to some members past experiences we'd prefer not to have conversations about that or any drug, including nicotine and alcohol.
This server is a roleplay of a custom site called Site 86, This is an SCP Roleplay, We support multiple departments and have multiple O5, We're looking for Staff and members.

Well done You have been chosen To Join Site 76 Either because Of Your Scientific Knowledge, Your Military Skills or You are a Terrible criminal, You will see Monsters known as SCPs so Be careful and remember the foundations motto
С прибытием в Imperium! Наш проект предоставит Вам площадку для приятного времяпрепровождения как в нашем discord-сообществе, так и на игровых серверах проекта.
Основное направление нашего дискорда — поддержка игровых серверов SCP:SL.
У нас есть три реализованных сервера
- NoRules с интересными плагинами, полный веселых моментов, интересных ситуаций и экстравагантных ивентов. Так же на сервере присутствуют администраторы, следящие за отсутствием читеров.
- Default для тех, кто предпочитает оригинальную SL,
- Roleplay с правилами, нацеленными на серьезную отыгровку РП, для тех, кто хочет примерить на себя роль работника Фонда или одного из SCP-объектов. На данном сервере наиболее активный и численный админ-состав, призванный сделать вашу игру наиболее комфортной. Особенностью сервера являются RP-ивенты, подготовленные и исполняемые максимально качественно.
Также имеются отдельные чаты и разделы для других игр, в котором наши участники могут кооперироваться между собой и проводить вместе увлекательное время в различных играх.
Hello! We're a server that focuses on roleplaying as your own, non-canon SCP, or foundation staff. All you need to start is to submit a quick bio for your character and wait for it to be approved, then, go ahead!
Hello, Ever wanted be in Secret Organization called SCPF? Then now you have chance. We are hiring much HR's as O5's, L-5's and L-4's. We have group too so first join it. Our site will be relased early just need to complete some dev things. We are looking for Active, Mature and Good Grammar.
Welcome to Berkham! Berkham is a small town in the rural English countryside, it's population only adds up to around a thousand. Despite this, Berkham is a restricted area in England, nobody is allowed to leave and nobody is allowed to enter, this was made a rule back in the early 2000's, the reason? An old military barracks was built in the area and are the site of extensive military work to get rid of unexploded bombs from the Blitz. Due to this, certain places in the town are off-limits, the old military base is one of those sites and so is the old railway station.

The most common person in Berkham is the Native English person, however, due to an aeroplane having to land in a nearby airport and many passengers being re-routed to the local hotel, many other nationalities are trapped in Berkham. There is no cell signal and no WiFi, supplies are brought into the town through a military checkpoint at the front and the entire town is surrounded by a fence that reaches 15 feat tall with razor wire on the top, those who try to leave are rarely seen again.

After complaints at the beginning, the military refused to budge... Life goes on normal in Berkham, despite its isolation from the rest of England...
Welcome to Site 55!

You have been abducted and taken to a remote location...

You don't know whats going on due to you being blindfolded, but you feel that you are descending underground...

You are then sat down, and there is a woman standing in front of you. She says, "Welcome, to the SCP Foundation."

Now, it's up for you to decide what happens, join the server, create your own character, and live the life in this secret organization the way you want to.
This is a server for the best people. Only the best.
We have some NSFW, but mostly gaming and streaming.
We also offer a Windows 10/Bedrock Minecraft realm.

We are currently looking for moderators.
=======Site [REDACTED]=======

<Starting Audio Log>

Hello, this is Dr. [REDACTED] of Site [REDACTED]. If you are hearing this then you have been especially handpicked to become of of our many personelle here. It also means that you know what you'll be doing here with us. Whether it's research, mopping floors, keeping security, tending to wounded personelle or having the privelidge of becoming one of our elite MTF units, I'm certain you'll Excel at it. As you know, this Site is stationed in the harsh and frigid Canadian Yukon, high in the mountains which is only accessible by vehicles equipped for heavy snow, and Helicopter. We will provide heating and proper clothing. We do have a few rules for employees when they work here.
1: Keep your work strictly to yourself. We are an organization that is invisible to the public.
2: Use common sense and don't do anything that will require your mind to be wiped or for your termination.
3: Stay only in the areas your keycard allows you to go. Anywhere else is off limits.
We have more rules for you regarding the event of a containment breach but rest assured we will give them out upon your arrival. Having said that, welcome to the family.

<End Audio Log>
Welcome to Site-53, here you can be a SCP, Human or even your own faction (if you can provide a reason it should exist). You can be your OC SCP/Human or preexisting ones(except Dr. Jack Bright). You can also just chill and talk about your submissions to the SCP Sandbox with others.
!! SCP:F - The Ascension is not the game! This is a SCP-RP! !!

----[ Accessing Databank ]---

---[XK Scenario, Access granted.]---

Welcome to the SCP Foundation, by reading this, you have probably realised that the world is in deep [REDACTED] right now. We are offering you protection and supplies, but you have to be loyal towards us. Visit us in Site-001, it is easily reachable by one of our many airports around the globe. It is also possible to meet our troops attempting to reclaim this dead planet. You are now safe, enjoy it.

---[Connection lost.]---