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👋 Hi there!

Dox Community offers:
🤗 Great Community and Staff
🤑 Fun, and interactive bots!
✅ Giveaways
🔥 Chill Members

Join Dox Community Today! :)
Hello! Discover a family-friendly server ★彡 Friendly Gamers 𝔽𝕒𝕟 ℂ𝕝𝕦𝕓 彡★ If your looking for a place to have some entertainment and and talk about real life, or game related things or anime then this server may be good for you.Currently, we have 33 Bots, and 54 Users Here is what you should expect when entering the server:

*Friendly community and staff who will help you the best they can,But watch out , there might be a dark side.
*Entertainment, Gaming channels for different games and Anime channels

*Nice Bot Channels for talking Bots and Point collecting Bots and others etc.

*International channel to speak multiple languages

*Spam to do all the spam u can do for fun instead of making mess in main chat with spam. *

*Selfies, Memes, Photography and artwork channels

* Self roles but colour roles will be coming soon

* Custom emojis to make the server fun with emojis

* Suggestion channel for ideas that you think could possibly make the server better

*Staff application channel to be a staff (looking for new staff members and partners tooo)

*Custom Ping reaction role so you decide if you want to be pinged
We look forward to welcoming you to our kind anime gaming server !! See you there
Heyu! Come join our brand spanking new server and satisfy your SFW needs! We have friendly staff and welcoming members! We also have roles and channels dedicated to create a perfect atmosphere! Don’t be shy come join the fun!
The Wrong Side Of Heaven is a friendly server where you can make new friends, share your likes and interests and much more. We are warm and accepting community. It's not a religious server I just like the idea behind the name. Everyone is welcome as long as you are not toxic.

We got quite a few channels and bots you can chose from
We got self-assignable roles
Verified and regular selfies.
NSFW/Cursed images channel
Quite a few bots that you can chose from
A star-board system
We are also looking for staff if you would like to apply
Soon we will start doing events as well.

We would love to see you in our server. Come hop in and give it a try.
Descripción: Un server para aquellos que les gusta 🗣️socializar🗣️,🔞el Nopor 7u7🔞 y mucho ➕mas➕
🤖18 Bots para todos miembros!
Tales como
💱 Unbelievaboat💱
™️27 Emojis™️
Servicio al miembro:
Tenemos nuestra página oficial para soporte al miembro
Usuarios: No tan activos pero lo suficiente para iniciar conversaciones
Sistema de confirmación de usuario:
Con un comando de MEE6 desbloquearas todos los chats, pero solo si lees las reglas
Upgrade.Chat allows server owners to sell roles on their Discord™ server.


✅ Sell Role Subscriptions
✅ Sell One Time Roles
✅ Free Trials for Roles
✅ Paid Trials for Roles
✅ Coupons for Roles
✅ Forever Coupons
✅ One Time Coupons
✅ Custom Welcome Messages
✅ Custom Server Terms of Service
✅ 1 Week Subscriptions
✅ 1 Month Subscriptions
✅ 3 Month Subscriptions
✅ 6 Month Subscriptions
✅ 1 Year Subscriptions
✅ 12+ Languages
✅ Remove User on dispute
✅ Remove User on Missed Payment
✅ Remove User with No Grace Period
✅ Answers to "Upgrade"
✅ Answers to "Donate"
✅ Answers to "Purchase"
✅ Track Users IP Address
✅ Record Username & ID
✅ Sort Customers by Role
✅ Sort Customers by Username
✅ Custom Missed Payment Grace Periods
✅ Search Customers By Username or ID
✅ Reduce Chargebacks with More Info
✅ Cancel Memberships From the Chatroom
✅ No commands to remember! ALL WEBSITE!
✅ Free Subscriptions (No PayPal Fees)
...Ein weiterer deutscher Gaming-Community Server? Ja! Hier soll es allerdings schön übersichtlich sein und Rollen zeigen direkt, wer was zockt etc. Jede_r ist willkommen und Mitbestimmung wird groß geschrieben – Ihr könnt euch also gerne mit einbringen. Es gibt keine Ränge ala „Veteran“, „VIP“,… , da hier jeder gleich ist.

Wir sind erst ganz frisch online gegangen, das heißt du wirst einer der ersten sein – ich hoffe du hast ein bisschen Geduld, damit wir eine schöne, große Community werden, in der man jederzeit einen passenden Mate finden kann (oder auch nur so jemanden zum Quatschen).

See you und GG! :D
♡・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・♡
♡・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・♡
Our goal is to have a sweet and chill community where you can hang out and meet new people ^^
♡・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・♡
☆About us ☆
◇ ・this is brand-new server (that’s been in development for 3-ish months!!!) And has a small group of people <3

◇ ・we have self-assignable roles (for example, age, interests, etc.)

◇ ・This server contains money, music, call bots,

◇ ・and Awesome emotes!!
♡・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・♡
The queen of hearts welcome’s your stay <3
(also were LGBT friendly ^^)
♡ ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・♡
Hentai Thighrule is a friendly NSFW community server for all people, all kinks are welcome, enjoy your stay!
***Join Chat Zone!***
→ *Self Roles*

→ *Great Staff*

→ *Giveaways*

→ *Invite Roles*

**Join Today!**

Invite: []
We are a NSFW gallery server with a side of fun activities and a relaxing atmosphere. Roles: Show off to everyone who you are and what you like. Partners: Have a server you want to show off? Ask our admins for a spot to give a shout out. SFW Channels: Memes, Video Games, Artwork, Selfies, and General Chat to talk to members. Bots: Mantaro, Rythm, Pokecord, Pokeverse. RP Searching: Looking for a bit of RP or DRP fun? Post in there to find a partner~ Lewd Pics: New pics are posted almost daily~ R34 Pics: For those more specific images you want~
Everyone is invited to come and check out Trouble Maker. Enjoy what we can offer
MBTI Server, personality thing:
- min basic self-assign roles via emojis
- minimal rules
- server emojis
- Includes other typology such as: enneagram, love language, zodiacs, Big5/Ocean & DISC (for funsies)
- Also includes Socionics channel
- server focus on voice channels

* New * Small * Fairly Active (I'm there 99% of time😉)
Disney Cafe is a server for all Disney-franchise fans who can come and chat! We have many fun roles, bots, and members!
Funski is a LGBT friendly server with things being added, removed, and edited. We hope to see more active members and active staff members. Our server is about coming together, talking, and helping each other out like a family. We all love each other and will do mostly anything to make each other happy. Hope to see you around. :' )
Welcome to Rhapsody Gardens! A relaxed server with fairly chill rules, where we like to focus on having fun and making new friends. Our staff team is chill, and we hold lots of events, and listen to the people for new updates.
A server, particularly, meant for Mexicans but everyone is welcomed. We offer a variety of custom roles and new emotes being added each day. Sports channels and more!
-=-=- Nerdy's Pub -=-=-
This channel is for gamers to join together into a community and have fun together.
__we are a server just starting out and are open to suggestions for improvement. __


-=-=- Content -=-=-
-This channel is for gamers and artists to join together into a community and have fun together.
-We sometimes watch movies together and play a lot of course.
-We have a variety of bots where you can play a minigames for economics and reach to the top of the leaderboard on the server, catch Pokémon and level your's up while chatting with other members of the community.
-There is a Self-Promote channel as well to promote whatever you would like to.


-=-=- Thank you -=-=-
Hope you consider joining, anyone is welcome! :D
♡ Hello~ Welcome to ✧ Fun Times ✧ ♡
We are a fun hangout server with great stuff to offer such as-
✧Daily Polls
✧Self Roles
✧An Art Channel
✧Level Ups With Prizes
✧Friendly Staff
and so much more! We hope to see you soon! We are also open to suggestions on how to make our server better so feel free to message the owner or any of the mods ♡

The largest Rome server on Discord! If you love ancient Rome, this is the server for you.
Whether you just love Total War games, the Gladiator movie or you're a history buff with a special interest for Rome, our server has plenty to offer.
Here's what you can expect if you join our growing community:

- A dynamic and interesting role system.
- Elections for most important roles.
- Interesting debates.
- A friendly place for all Rome and history enthusiasts to share their ideas.
- Quizzes, contests, and debates.
- Awards based on merit.

We listen to community feedback and always try to improve our server by adding new features.

We welcome new members to join the server and start their Roman adventure!


Roma Invicta!
Welcome to SadBoy Sings! This server is a user-friendly music performance server with ranks earned through audition. We work our hardest to keep trolls and mingers out of here. You can work to earn many roles through leveling, auditioning and applying for staff! Currently looking for staff and evaluator positions.
Chill server , Role Playing, worship demons (because why not),and a couple of roles to try out. So just have fun I hope you like poptarts and we have the weeb shit, nsfw shit and last but not least staff applications (I need people).

I hope you decide to join our server, we will provide you with:

1. Too many bots
2. Lengthy Rules
3. Caring community
4. Art channel
5. Gamer girls

pls join im actually desperate
.bumpset description
Here at Tea Sis 💅✨ we offer many things such as...
✨Epic bots
✨ Friendly members
✨ Partnerships
✨many image channels
✨5 amazing VC's
✨Toxicity but don’t get too toxic ((:
✨Many text channels
We are friendly and we don't bite, that's the mf tea sis.

Owner: @kayy

Invite link:
⭐ {Welcome to the Corner} ⭐

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
This is the small chill-out server with
channels to explore! 🏞️
Here you can share your pets in the
specific channel for "animals". 🐈🐕
You are capable of sharing your
photos if you wish to in the channel
"photography" 📷
If you're an artist or managed to draw
something interesting, don't be shy to
share your creations in the channel
"art-drawings" ✏️
You can also send your funny memez
in the "meme" channel. 😂😆
Of course you can communicate with
people through the "Voice channels"
that are prepared for usage. 🔊
=And there is plenty more to look into!
**Partnerships are Welcomed** 🤝
⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️ ⬆️

-> So don't hesitate to come in. You have abilities to make new gaming groups with people and possibly new Friends. ✨