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We're an active and welcoming community of chill people with over 2k members with focus on socializing and having good time. In our server you'll find people with similar interests in things like gaming, anime, music and maybe even in-real life activities. We like to chat about actual topics instead of spamming and memeing and if that's something you appreciate, there's a big chance you'll find some good friends in our community.

Some features that our server offers:
- Activity-based leveling system.
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights and more to come.
- Hand-picked, mature staff members from around the world, online 24/7.
- Optional NSFW content achieved by assigning NSFW role to yourself.
- Assignable roles for color and your favorite games.

Extra link:
1 hours ago
[Golden] is a multipurpose server with over 1.2k members, you will find very friendly people with similar interests such as Anime, Gaming, Art, Food, Pets, Memes and other real life based activities! Go grab a coffee cause you're about to meet the chillest people in this server!

Some features that our server offers:

- Activity-based leveling system.
- Activity-based currency, which allows you to gain custom roles, custom colors & much more!
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights, Music Nights & more!
- Very professional staff & Members all around the world, online 24/7!
- Other optional channels such as NSFW which you can achieve by assigning yourself the roles!
- 4 Main Role Categories: Personality, Others, Ranks, Special Tags.
- Leaderboard, which rewards people with special tags for inviting people in the server!
- Overall a very active server & very professionally edited.
4 hours ago
A new community based on sharing hentai and other lewd content!
Levels, Events, Custom Groups, Daily Rewards, kawaii ranks and more!
Lewd people all across the world are welcome to join us!
This is a NSFW Server. 18+
9 hours ago
We are a unique, small-growing community of passion gamers. Gaming, Anime, Music, Memes and much more.

🍆 Growing Community
😄 Friendly Community and Staff
🎮 Game Channels
🎶 Music Chillout
⚡ Fun & Clever Bots
18 hours ago
This server is brand new! It's a social server where you get to talk to others and share things. We also have a section to share your art, if you're interested in that. Please join :)
3 days ago
This is a community where you can find friends and gaming buddies. We have all kinds of crazy characters in this server.
7 days ago
Community server for all. 24hr Mod. Cafe and Kingdom based. Find new friends!
9 days ago
An Open Letter To All
You are cordially invited to a banquet at the Abyssal Mansion, courtesy of the Lord of the Manor.
This important dinner we will be discussing many things, from the world to you, from hell to heaven.
We hope that you enjoy the lavishly decorated foods and expensive wines.
Regards, Wadaw
10 days ago
Relatively new and small community, looking to grow!
Made this server originally just to give friends and others a place to chat and chill out but feel like it would be great to have more fun people to socialize with

We are currently looking for a few staff members along with a hopeful multitude of new peeps.

Anime Room
Therapy (for discussing irl issues)
Advertise your Youtube/Twitch
NSFW (Vanilla/Extreme/Roleplay)
Leveling/Self-Assignable Roles
Fun/Cute Emotes

Drop in and say hello!
11 days ago
A democratic gaming community, where anyone can be elected admin, and the most active users get cash! Including custom user rooms, custom leveling systems, and more!
13 days ago
An friendly server for friendly people, who would like to talk with you.

Also our server is using a lvl up systeem, everytime you say something, you will get points between 10-20

just be nice, and we will be nice to you
15 days ago
~ Cagayake🍰 ~
Currently a small discord server for topics such as Anime, Games, Leveling, NSFW and more. We would love to have more active people so come on and join, grab yourself some roles and get to know others! Post your art, talk about your favorite anime/manga & find some fellow gamers for what you play! We have channels for all desirable things, we also offer partnerships for other discord servers as long as you meet the requirements, we also have bot currency giveaways sometimes ^^! If you join we hope you like what we have to offer ♥!
22 days ago
A regular server that wants to grow, we offer a variety of stuff. What we offer is down below, if you would like to partner up and advertise your server here then, please... Dm the owner!!!

We offer;
» Staff Roles
» Operating Bots
» Economy
» Memes
» Levelling System
» Music Lounge
» Voice Chats
» Great security
24 days ago
This is a realistic roleplay server taking place in the golden age of piracy. There are 3 paths to choose from and 2 islands to choose from. You can be a pioneer, join the navy, or travel around on your own ship as a merchant, coming from Serpent island, the island of danger and war, or Prospectors island, a place of defenders and wealth. The two islands are currently against each other and anyone caught trespassing on an island that they do not belong to will be punished. Currently, it is only small fights and attacks, but with the increased aggression from Serpent island, will these small fights turn into war?
96 days ago
Vojtasonic's Hub is a friendly community server with it's own Discord bot. Participate in chatting and make new friends while also levelng up and unlocking bonuses!

Join Vojtasonic's Hub today!
102 days ago