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An aspiring upcoming community server centered around members having a space where they can interact with others while enjoying role rewards, server currency, Pokemon, premium rewards and more! Do check the server out, and have a fun time while you're at it!
Welcome to Fabricated Reality
This is a new server and looking to grow,
We have:
A welcoming audience,
and Friendly Staff,
Come try the Fabricated Experience
Come and join for a fun experience
With man gone, animals now thrive on the continent of Africa. Boasting over 200+ channels for roleplay alone, each country in Africa being a category for rp, we require a noble animal like yourself to tackle the newly unseen lands!
**NSFW, 18+**
An NSFW community that is *generally* nice and wholesome. Fun, games, bots, music, selfies, and more! 18K+ members with over 600K images and growing fast!
The Boring Server is a community where you can chat with strangers and gain XP to upgrade to higher levels. Each time you get higher level you get a new role. Every 10th level contains a special reward that you can claim and show off to lower levelled members. We're hoping to see you on our server.
We offer:
• Role rewards!
• Fun bots
• Friendly Staff
• Leaderboards
• Partnerships
This is the server that nobody asked for, but everyone deserves.
If you're in need of a place to voice your opinion than this is the perfect server for you! Talk about topics of any kind, and suggestions are always welcome.
Welcome to The Basement! This is a chill, hangout place to chat and game with people. Feel free to invite anyone you please to help the server grow!

○ Friendly members
○ Good staff
○ Lots of fun bots
○ Self-assignable roles
○ Leveling system
○ Organized channels
My first Anime server!
In this server you can find many cool stuff.
-> levels
-> giveaways
-> self advertising
-> bots
-> no rules chat
-> voice chats
-> radios
You can always apply for a Moderator or Community Helper!
Please join! or be eaten by a army of Lolis...
Hey there! New server is here!
What this server have?
Features:Custom Rank,Special rooms,leveling,funny memes,some giveaways,get Rare achievements and get prizes! Have Fun!
We are a small server

what we have in our server

we have

Game Chats
Just a casual server with gaming enthusiasts looking to grow big.

Server Features:
>MEE6 bot leveling system and server protection.
>Dank Memer bot.
>Tons of fun mini-games to play like an economy bot, cs:go case opener and userphone.
>Very friendly staff that respond quickly.
>Open to ideas, any suggestions will be accounted for.
>And much more!
Solo? Sin friens?? Sin nadie que hablar??? Bueno pues si es haci te recomendamos unirte a nuestro server, que no solo es de hablar si no que contamos con cosas como:
⚒️MEE6💻 'Para un pequeño tour y unos subsistemas'
⬆️TATSUMAKI⬇️ 'Para los Niveles'
🏡Unbelievaboat💵 'Para eventos y juegos'
Entre muchísimos más bots por descubrir!
Con más 30 Emojis personalizados y también sus sugerencias! La comunidad importa!
🗣️La comunidad importa:
Contamos con una página de internet para que nos envien su FeedBack y FAQ
💻Link📱=> <=(solo si el de disboard no funciona)

Lynx is a community-based discord with a leveling system where people like to talk to each other about other topics. The server is very welcoming and nobody likes to leave people out!
Welcome to the WingifiedZone! This is a community server where you can talk, and have a good time! We have a leveling up system, bots, competitions, and more, join the server and have a great time! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A new community based on sharing hentai and other lewd content!
Levels, Events, Custom Groups, Daily Rewards, kawaii ranks and more!
Lewd people all across the world are welcome to join us!
Overwatch Legends is a highly organised server based on Overwatch levels. You can find someone to play Overwatch with. Depending on your level you get a certain role.
.С.К.И.С. - это замечательный сервер для времяпровождения с друзьями.

Сервер батотает по принципу уровней. Величина твоего уровня решает твои привелегии.

На сервере присутствует справедливая, но при этом добрая администрация.

Самые свежие и аморальные мемы в МемЧате

Удобное распределение ролей и приватные комнаты.

Музыкальный бот заставит танцевать даже безногого

Сервер находится в разработке и ты можешь стать участником его постройки.
A cozy anime-themed server mainly for chatting and sharing anime art. We're safe for work and have our own bot. Come and say hi~
A server were we worship spoons. It's kind of weird.
Welcome to Beyond Here!
This server has been created by a group of internet friends that decided that they could create a great server together.
Beyond Here is our final creation, the perfect place to be yourself and have fun with others.

We offer the following:
Chat Rooms
An “Internet” zone for sharing links, news, etc…
An “Instagram” zone for flexing, sharing selfies, etc…
Bots for playing some games, listening to music, and for a little competition.
Dedicated Voice chats for talking with others.
A VIP area for people who are dedicated to the server.

We offer a roles system which works in the following:

From Level 0: Your rank will be “Hi, my name is:”
You will be given access to the server! You will be given the option of the starter colours.
From Level 5: Your rank will be “Unlocked Achievement”
You will have access to new colours and a new voice and chat room.
From Level 10: Your rank will be “Weeaboo”
You will have access to new colours (+ bronze) and a new voice and chat room.
From Level 20: Your rank will be “$500+ on Games”
You will have access to the silver colour and a new voice and chat room.
From Level 30: Your rank will be “Stark Internship”
You will have access to the final gold colour and the final voice and chat rooms.

Whenever you reach one of these level milestones, PM a Haxxer and they will provide you with the new rank. Happy levelling!

We would like to wish you a warm welcome to the server. Please check out our rules, but our most important one will always be on everybody’s mind. Have Fun!
Just a small community that wants to make something great and enjoyable! We have: {Xp/Level System} {Music} {Role-Play} {NSFW} {Fun Emotes} {Staff/Partnership Opportunities}!! We would love to see you join!~ <3
We are a war thunder gaming discord,you can promote your discord or anything you want just msg me