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We're just a small community looking to grow larger, feel free to join if you would like to make some new friends, talk about anime and play games!
We offer a levelling up system and rewards to go with it!
Active staff!
Friendly people!
milky way is a fresh kpop server that was made to build another discord community for both kpop and non-kpop fans.
Fun server for all anime lovers we are a fun and nice community so please join.
Welcome to The Castle

Partnerships are open to everyone
We have fun bots and gaming channels (Will add more if requested)
We will accept any suggestions that will help/benefit us to grow and make a bigger family.
We have NSFW channels for your personal needs :]
We are here just to have fun and play games!
Eve's corner...a small community aimed at making friends! We have partnerships, assignable roles, leveling & events! from movies to games, everybody is able to join~
If you join our server, we hope you'll enjoy your stay!
★ ··´¯·· ··´¯··★

The Boring Server is a community where you can chat with strangers and gain XP to upgrade to higher levels. Each time you get higher level you get a new role. Every 10th level contains a special reward that you can claim and show off to lower levelled members. We're hoping to see you on our server.
We offer:
• Role rewards!
• Fun bots
• Friendly Staff
• Leaderboards
• Partnerships
A server for all your lustful needs!
Includes economy, other bots, levelling up, good staff, and porn. No shortage of porn.
ENGLISH - Public server for anyone to join, chat with others, make friends, chat about life, music, chill out listening to the radio bots, more bots will be added soon for fun games ect. All the gang leaders (Pemrs) are chill and they'll be happy to say hello. Custom coloured roles for level 10+. NSFW Channel too. Moderators will be picked at every milestone (Each 50 members).
Lynx is a community-based discord with a leveling system where people like to talk to each other about other topics. The server is very welcoming and nobody likes to leave people out!
This is a fun gaming discord server with a variety of game channels and a helpful staff. We always enjoy new people and we have common updates. I hope you join and well... I hope you enjoy my server!!
**Welkom op de Namnaard Discord!**
Lees alles even goed door en kom gezellig praten, chatten en gamen met de fortnite community in #🌍algemene-chat of #🎮games !
Nodig met deze link je vrienden uit voor deze discord server:

:star: **Ranking:**
Wij hebben op deze server een rank systeem. Hoe actiever je bent in de chat, hoe meer xp je kan verdienen en hoe meer levels je omhoog gaat! Dit laat zien hoe actief je bent op deze server.
Bekijk dit in de #⭐rank chat!

-Heb respect voor elkaar
-Luister naar de staffleden
-Als je iemand regels ziet breken raporteer hem/haar bij @Staff
:heavy_check_mark: -Gebruik de juiste kanalen voor de juiste berichten/spraken
:x: -Niet schelden
:x: -Niet met opzet vervelend doen
:x: -Niet spammen
:x: -Niet onnodig @Staff taggen
:x: -Geen ongepaste linkjes sturen
:x: -Niet andere discrimineren
:x: -Niet andere bedreigen
:x: -Niet adverteren
:x: -Geen overtollig caps gebruiken
:x: -Geen 18+ gerichte zaken

Als je deze regels niet volgt kan dit lijden tot een temp mute, mute, kick of in het ergste geval een ban!

!fm (ps4) (xbox) [Fortnite naam]: Fortnite stats player
!fm shop: Fortnite shop van vandaag
!fm link: Link je Fortnite account met de Fortnite account
!youtube: Zoek elke youtube video
!rank: Laat zien welke rank je bent
!levels: Geeft de leaderbord
!ikhouvanjou: Kijk of de bot je mag
!kopofmunt: Krijg kop of munt
?afk: Zet AFK status aan
?emotes: Laat alle emotes zien op de server
?rps (keuze): Speel 'Steen, papier, schaar'tegen de bot
?randomcolor: Krijg en random kleur
?dog: Krijg een honden plaatje
?quote: Krijg een random quote
?joke: Krijg een grapje
?dadjoke: Krijg een random 'Vader's grapje'
?bird: Krijg een vogel
?country (3 cijferige land code): Bekijk de land status
?weather (locatie): Krijg het weer informatie van een plek
?cat: Krijg een katten plaatje
?catfact: Krijg een random catfact
Come and join Empty Space and meet new people and have some fun!
Here are some of the fun things that we have!
•𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐜-Chill and listen to some jams with friends or by urself!
•𝐏𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝-Come and catch some cool pokemon and do awesome battles with them!
•𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠-Mine and unlock cool pickaxes and unlock cool things
•𝐂𝐨𝐨𝐥 𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬-A Super cool leveling system so that you can level up and get cool ranks and permissions
Yes I know were not the biggest server but help us change that by joining and making a great community
We're an active and welcoming community of chill people with over 5k members with a focus on socializing and having a good time. In our server, you'll find people with similar interests in things like gaming, anime, music and maybe even in-real-life activities. We like to chat about actual topics instead of spamming and memeing and if that's something you appreciate, there's a big chance you'll find some good friends in our community.

Some features that our server offers:
- Activity-based leveling system.
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights and more to come.
- Hand-picked, mature staff members from around the world, online 24/7.
- Assignable roles for color and your favorite games.
**NSFW, 18+**
18+ NSFW community with over 250K images and active users.
Whimsical Woods is a new server, looking for awesome members to join this community.
We have many features in the works for this server.
Features that are available now:
-Themed Roles
-Custom Emojis
-Secrets Cemetary, where you can post your secrets anonymously
and of course, our Treehouse General chat!
Just a small community that wants to make something great and enjoyable! We have: {Xp/Level System} {Music} {Role-Play} {NSFW} {Fun Emotes} {Staff/Partnership Opportunities}!! We would love to see you join!~ <3
A new community based on sharing hentai and other lewd content!
Levels, Events, Custom Groups, Daily Rewards, kawaii ranks and more!
Lewd people all across the world are welcome to join us!
This is a NSFW Server. 18+
Welcome to Chill Vibes!
We hope you enjoy your stay in the server.
Here's some things we have to offer in this server

Self-Assignable Roles
Fun channels; memes etc...
Vent and Rant channels
Friendly community
Very active staff
Community events
Leveling System
Share your arts
Clean and Moderated Server
У нас игровой и общительный сервер , заходи! Найдешь с кем поиграть!:)

Welcome to Moon Man’s Hotel! It is a small establishment right now, where you can do many things. Including Roleplaying, we have an entire area dedicated to those of you who enjoy role playing. We have chats to talk about all sorts of thing including but not limited to, politics, games, life, and more! We would love to see you in Moon Man’s Hotel Soon!
A server created by our Founding Fathers, a Journey is being Bestowed Upon you, are you willing to take up the offer?
-Custom Commands
-Lots of Emotes
-Mee6 Levelling Roles (up to lvl 30)
This server is a mostly chill server, not many people in it at the moment. It is mainly a server for friends, but the one goal, is to be the ultimate bongo master!
Join Now • Custom Roles • Leveling System • Friendly Community & Staff
Heck Dang is a newly created server. It has many features and fun channels and bots to make sure you have an enjoyable time here. We are inviting to anyone who wants to join. Have fun!