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This is the server that nobody asked for, but everyone deserves.
If you're in need of a place to voice your opinion than this is the perfect server for you! Talk about topics of any kind, and suggestions are always welcome.
A server were we worship spoons. It's kind of weird.
Radon is a server with a good community, events, and places available to become staff. If none of that interests you, but you're competitive, try out the levelling system on Radon and compete against others!
Hello and welcome to MONSTER WORLD RP. A world full of odd and bizarre creatures all from the imagination of our rp community, thats right! Anyone in our rp community can create any monster they desire! (As long as its not a DIRECT refference, or too op) so come along and rp with us! (Lore bellow)

This is a tale of modern times, long after the Human world and the Monster world were divided forever! Supernatural monsters fight for territory in their super natural world, and the humans live normal lives in their normal world...and this is the natural order of things...
Hey! Are you looking for a nice, friendly server? You should consider joining Infinity!
We're just a small community looking to grow larger, feel free to join if you would like to make some new friends, talk about anime and play games!
We offer a levelling up system and rewards to go with it!
Active staff!
Friendly people!
Welcome to 9Lounge. This server is a great place for fun, discussion, and to make new friends. We have an amazing and active team of staff who are always happy to have a conversation, and get to know everyone of our members.

Here's just some of the things we'll offer:
- Fun events!
- Amazing giveaways!
- Exciting game and movie nights!
And so much more!

Join today!
An awesome social server with tons of fun stuff to do.

Some of the things you can enjoy on the server.
Milestone roles
Democratic voting for server changes or new features
Fair and respectful staff
Lots of fun channels (would you rather, truth or dare etc)
Pokemon and waifu catching
Our own custom bots you can suggest new features for
And more

Come join us, you'll 💗it

Permanent invite link:
**Welkom op de N1T3 F0RT Discord!**
Lees alles even goed door en kom gezellig praten, chatten en gamen met de fortnite community in #🌍algemene-chat of #🎮games !
Nodig met deze link je vrienden uit voor deze discord server:

:star: **Ranking:**
Wij hebben op deze server een rank systeem. Hoe actiever je bent in de chat, hoe meer xp je kan verdienen en hoe meer levels je omhoog gaat! Dit laat zien hoe actief je bent op deze server.
Bekijk dit in de #⭐rank chat!

-Heb respect voor elkaar
-Luister naar de staffleden
-Als je iemand regels ziet breken raporteer hem/haar bij @Staff
:heavy_check_mark: -Gebruik de juiste kanalen voor de juiste berichten/spraken
:x: -Niet schelden
:x: -Niet met opzet vervelend doen
:x: -Niet spammen
:x: -Niet onnodig @Staff taggen
:x: -Geen ongepaste linkjes sturen
:x: -Niet andere discrimineren
:x: -Niet andere bedreigen
:x: -Niet adverteren
:x: -Geen overtollig caps gebruiken
:x: -Geen 18+ gerichte zaken

Als je deze regels niet volgt kan dit lijden tot een temp mute, mute, kick of in het ergste geval een ban!

!fm (ps4) (xbox) [Fortnite naam]: Fortnite stats player
!fm shop: Fortnite shop van vandaag
!fm link: Link je Fortnite account met de Fortnite account
!youtube: Zoek elke youtube video
!rank: Laat zien welke rank je bent
!levels: Geeft de leaderbord
!ikhouvanjou: Kijk of de bot je mag
!kopofmunt: Krijg kop of munt
?afk: Zet AFK status aan
?emotes: Laat alle emotes zien op de server
?rps (keuze): Speel 'Steen, papier, schaar'tegen de bot
?randomcolor: Krijg en random kleur
?dog: Krijg een honden plaatje
?quote: Krijg een random quote
?joke: Krijg een grapje
?dadjoke: Krijg een random 'Vader's grapje'
?bird: Krijg een vogel
?country (3 cijferige land code): Bekijk de land status
?weather (locatie): Krijg het weer informatie van een plek
?cat: Krijg een katten plaatje
?catfact: Krijg een random catfact
We are a small Community and we would like to grow! Welcome to Yoshi's House where you can communicate and have fun with other
Hello!, Welcome To Dank's Community!, We have a variety of things to do as well as fun and loving staff!, We even have a vast leveling system! We hope you can have a fun time in this server!

We also have a channel dedicated to NSFW (Dm me or the admins for the role)

Love <3--Stixi#4032
Just a small community that wants to make something great and enjoyable! We have: {Xp/Level System} {Music} {Role-Play} {NSFW} {Fun Emotes} {Staff/Partnership Opportunities}!! We would love to see you join!~ <3
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
Welcome To Paradise!
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦

We are a fun social community who is looking to make new friends and have a great time with all.

✫▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬✫ 𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐀𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐔𝐒 ✫▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬✫

🎉 - Self-assignable roles ~ Personal Roles and more!
🎉 - Partnerships ~ accepts partnerships from every server
🎉 - Giveaways & events ~ occasional events and giveaways
🎉 - Advertising chat ~ advertise whatever you want to advertise
🎉 - Tons of fun bots ~ a lot of fun and interactive bots
🎉 - Anti-raid system ~ bot raids are impossible here
🎉 - Friendly staff and community ~ very friendly server
🎉 - Active chat ~ we are very active here
Hello! Our server has 1000+ friendly members & friendly staffs! We have partnerships so you can share/partner with our server! Come on and join OUR SERVER now!! We would love to have you there!
If you're lonely or you're looking to burn time on discord, this is a great option for you, we're a small server where you can chat about anything in general on a daily basis, we offer a music section as well as a nsfw section and on top of that we have self assignable roles ツ
Hello and Welcome to Dragon Ball Lost Galaxy. Here we gain pl to raise our class rank. We also use this server to talk to one another and discuss topic wether it is about the server or not. We have fun and train and you can pick from all kinds of races including your own personal races. I wish to see you all at Dragon Ball Lost Galaxy!!!!
Ok, je vais faire sa vite.
On est une petite communauté autour d'un petit streamer, on attend plusieurs release sur switch et on fait nos prédiction. On est ouvert à toute suggestions/jeux.
Tout le monde est bienvenue!
in this server we will giveway money and stuff and we are gonna do some
tournaments every day on all kind of games and its gonna be funny stuff you can make friends and play games with them.
A server with fun bots, a lot of roles, and a lot of channels to explore.
The server is managed by one person currently (ME) so you can most likely help.
The ranks in the server are based on currency in the server.
(Warning it has a NSFW channel in there but can be blocked with a role)
(Also cursing is allowed but certain words aren't)
This is a server for a YouTuber 09Quantum. He hasn't posted any videos yet but he will have some coming soon...
In the Meme Lord Hotel, we share all the memes possible. You can hang out and play video games, or just send memes all day! Your choice.
Designed to help smaller and all youtubers grow and help each other out
Meet newer youtubers and check each others channel out