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"I’m speechless...Actually I wrote a speech...You know. Forget it let’s just fight."

Apex Legends Europe Server is waiting for you to show your skill on the Field.
This isn't your typical Server, with us you will find everything you need to know about the game, a good Comunity, friendly Administration Team and plenty of Game Rooms to Join and hang out!

Join our Community and meet some new people, help us grow, incraese the Activity.

"Well this is one way to make memories."
Welcome to DokkanZTraders
This is a Dokkan Battle server and we provide the following
•Trusted Middle Men
•Farming Services
•Team Building
•Pokecord, Mundae, Discord Ball Z, Android 21
•Dokkan/Legends News

Sanctum is a server full of all different types of personalities and people. Our main focus is Mobile Legends. This server was made in hopes to bring gamers together while building a community that can strengthen and provide support for each other.
Hello everyone! We have prepared a neat, family-like Discord server for all the Apex/Titanfall lore enthusiasts out there.

Have you ever been into writing stories or just roleplaying in general? Do you love Apex/Titanfall and the large, expansive universe? Look no further~

For those who just want to find friends to play with and get to meet new people, this is also an option. Feel free to join, feel free to look around.. feel free to do anything you like <3

We will be looking forward to meeting you there~

Cya soon o/
- Solace
Welcome to the server of PurelyAlpha and DBZain!
We provide a lot of things-mostly related to Dragonball!
We also allow other gacha games like Naruto!


We provide:

-Dokkan/Legends Trading Services
-Middlemen and Farmers
-Friendly Staff
-A lot of bots, including Android 21
-Reaction Roles
A server mixing Legends canon, Disney canon, and your own OCs for a new adventure. Craft your own story in the Star Wars universe, or just lay down for a quick one with some of the galaxy's hottest. The choice is yours.
After the death of Palpatine, the New Republic has been established across most of the Galaxy, however, Imperial Warlords vie for influence over the bones of the Empire. And a new power is rising with Mandalore and the revitalized clans. The Jedi Praxeum established on Yavin VI by Luke Skywalker leads force users on a path of Light, while the Shadowy Sith Imperium on Korriban calls out to them with the power of the Dark side. And in the middle, the Grey Jedi Order on Dantooine, walks precariously between. Will you take up arms against the aspiring tyrants or join them to tear down the illegitimate republic? (Legends Continuity.)
We are an open community for LGBT gamers and allies to socialize, make new friends and have fun playing League of Legends! This server was made to be a safe place free from toxicity for gamers of all levels and skills!
Come join to trade, sell, and have fun! We do a lot of giveaways as well. We also have the best pets available!
- Giveaways DAILY
- Third party selling (verified sellers)
This is a dedicated farmer/seller/MM community, we help one another talk and play games. Do daily giveaways and enjoy one another! We allow trading of Dokkan battle must reach level 5 in our server won’t take long to reach

Come have a look you will love the giveaways!
Are you looking for a roblox ninja legend server? If so, join us! We have:
-Ninja legend invite rewards
-Robux invites rewards
- And many more!
What are you waiting for? Join now!!
Descubra a melhor comunidade de Apex Legends no Brasil! Aqui você vai encontrar aquele squad campeão e mais, temos serviços com Bot para mostrar e atualizar seu level Apex em tempo real no discord e tudo que você quer para jogar Apex com seus amigos ou conhecer jogadores tops do cenário, só falta você!
We are a fun and active server that is trying to make a community that is enjoyable for league based gamers, we solely focus on making the server more enjoyable for people who play League but also don't mind supporting other games :)!
Świeżo otwarty polski serwer League of Legends od fanów dla fanów. Szukasz ludzi do gry? Team do turnieju? Miejsca, gdzie moderacja nie ma kija w dupie? A może po prostu serwera na którym możesz popisać i poznać nowych ludzi? Właśnie je znalazłeś, rozgość się ;)
Mamy specjalne role i najlepszych ludzi. Wbijaj i przyczyń się do powiększenia tej społeczności, przywoływaczu.
The official DokkanX server.Welcome into our server here is a bit of what we have:

Daily giveaways.Two categories of giveaways #short-giveaways and #long-giveaways.

We have Trading and Selling channels where you can trade your "Dokkan" accounts only. We also have trusted MMs to MM for you.

3.Farming Services
We have trusted farmers who can farm for free,but there are even the other farmers who you need to pay to farm your whole account or sbr and the hard events,etc.

4.Team Building
We have Team Building for Dokkan.

5.Gaming Bots
We have gaming bots including: Pokecord,Mudae,Discord Ball Z and Android 21 in their specific channels
Mudae goes to #Mudae channel
Pokecord to #Pokecord channel
Discord Ball Z and Android 21 to #bot-room

6.Dokkan/Legends News
Get the latest news from dokkan and legends in #dokkan-news and #legends-news

Enojy your stay!
Join our brand new Ninja Legends giveaway server, we have the best pets in the game to give away!
-Daily giveaways
-invite your friends for prizes!
YOU STUMBLED ACROSS.......................


╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝

🍧 Please join!
🍧We allow fun and friendly people here.
🍧 We love everyone around the countries, even international ones!

What do we have here you may ask?

🤖 We have lots of bots you can play with!
👫 Lots of friends that you can make!
🎨 You can share your wonderful talent!

What do we offer you may ask?
💀Fun and friendly staff!
🌾 Quotes and wholesome.
🏹 Vcs.
🍄 Staff applications!
☠️ LGBT friendly.
🎠 Art related channels.

So come on down to pandemic
An organized community for Apex Legends part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Welcome to the Infernal League- where we have League tournaments for Gold-Plat players in 5v5 matches. Players can buy-in to matches and tournaments, and then compete against teams to win cash prizes.
A Friendly market Dokkan server that also has...
-MiddleMan Service
-Daily Giveaways
-Teambuilding Assistance
-Farming Service (Mostly free!)
-Bots (Pokecord, Mudae)
-Account Shop