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The place for dokkanbattle & all game(s) alike!
Request all the help you need here with over 2k+ members.
100+ emotes, 128kbps VCs, tournaments, giveaways, trading, group summons, leaks, live news, custom bots & so much more!
Welcome to DokkanZTraders
This is a Dokkan Battle server and we provide the following
•Trusted Middle Men
•Farming Services
•Team Building
•Pokecord, Mundae, Discord Ball Z, Android 21
•Dokkan/Legends News

Hello! We're the dokkan lads here to bring you some good ol' dokkan content.
We're mainly a DBZ-Dokkan Battle server, but we do have some Dragon Ball Legends stuff as well.
This server has all of the following features:
-A weekly giveaway ( Dokkan Battle only )
-A little series called Unit review ( a series of which I review some units, and the best teams to run with them)
-2 separate Dragon Ball legends fighting rooms (for when you need to speak with your opponent)
-And a small, yet loving community
-Partnering is available (see the partnering rules in #rules for more info)
Welcome to the server of PurelyAlpha and DBZain!
We provide a lot of things-mostly related to Dragonball!
We also allow other gacha games like Naruto!


We provide:

-Dokkan/Legends Trading Services
-Middlemen and Farmers
-Friendly Staff
-A lot of bots, including Android 21
-Reaction Roles
We are a marketplace community based off the mobile games Dokkan Battle, and Dragon Ball Legends. We hold events/tournaments and giveaways.
The official DokkanX server.Welcome into our server here is a bit of what we have:

Daily giveaways.Two categories of giveaways #short-giveaways and #long-giveaways.

We have Trading and Selling channels where you can trade your "Dokkan" accounts only. We also have trusted MMs to MM for you.

3.Farming Services
We have trusted farmers who can farm for free,but there are even the other farmers who you need to pay to farm your whole account or sbr and the hard events,etc.

4.Team Building
We have Team Building for Dokkan.

5.Gaming Bots
We have gaming bots including: Pokecord,Mudae,Discord Ball Z and Android 21 in their specific channels
Mudae goes to #Mudae channel
Pokecord to #Pokecord channel
Discord Ball Z and Android 21 to #bot-room

6.Dokkan/Legends News
Get the latest news from dokkan and legends in #dokkan-news and #legends-news

Enojy your stay!
💫Join The 👑King Gamers Dragon Ball Server⭐️! Here You Can Talk About Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2, ETC. Chill And Chat. You Can Also Get Tips And Advice. We Have An Active Server With Active Staff And Events Like A Zeni Shop, Giveaways ETC.✨

🌟Join Now!🌟
We are a server that is up and coming, and we want to try to build a good Dragon ball fanbase that is relaxed. We aren't harsh mods and we allow you to have fun and not be hardened but harsh rules. Join our server if you want to join in on this experience and we will be glad to have you. If you are wanting a server that is not like a Reddit base server then you'll be great here. We hope to see you soon.
Are you looking for a growing community that would appreciate your being there?
Well you’ve found the right place!

Dokkan tournaments
Account giveaways
All things dragon ball
Easy partnership
Self promotion for those who don’t wish to partner
Mod, admin, and partnership manager positions available
Play your music
And so much more!

if those things sound good to you, be sure to join spaghetti sauce
Cool server with a great community, Mostly talk dokkan but feel free to join for any games, anime or not. Plenty of giveaways if you are new! Be sure to stop by!
Free Dokkanbattle farmbot.
For PC, mac, android, & Discord bot for iOS.
(Farming website coming soon!)
account recovery support & datamine tutorials.
700 members Dokkan Battle and Legends discord server with tons of great emotes and nice people! We also do dokkan giveaways!
We are a server that talks about dokkan and legends,we sell and trade too and we have bots,a lot giveaways like nitro giveaways and dokkan accounts giveaway, lot of roles, staff ready and strong and a lot more. When you join you'll recive a warm Welcome. We hope you can have fun in our server
Welcome to Dokkan Traders/Bot Zone!
If you want to hang out with an active bunch then this is the place for you, feel free to join and stick around for:

- A market which consists of Selling/Buying/Trading channels for any Gacha game

- We offer free middleman services, so please be safe and use one!

- We have trusted farmers who can farm your dokkan account for you

- We have many bots to interact with

- We have a Reddit feed channel which posts everything from r/DBZDokkanBattle for those who don't want to change between sites/apps

- We have milestone celebrations which are celebrated with giveaways that consists of free console games, gift cards and even direct PayPal cash such as $50, make sure you are eligible for the giveaway requirements by increasing your rank with talking in general(you have plenty of time)

- We also have a currency channel in where you can gamble to purchase roles with unique different colors, if you get enough you can also buy a custom role where you would be allowed to select any name and color you want

- We have server logo competitions where the winner will win nitro and will have their logo be the face of Traders

- We are a level 2 server which comes with the benefits of extra emotes

Please read the rules when you join and enjoy your stay!
This is a dedicated farmer/seller/MM community, we help one another talk and play games. Do daily giveaways and enjoy one another! We allow trading of Dokkan battle must reach level 5 in our server won’t take long to reach

Come have a look you will love the giveaways!
Welcome To The Official Server Of The KnightlyParadox!

What does this server provide?

- Dragon Ball discussion
- Dokkan Battle Trading,Selling & Buying
- Miscellaneous Bots
- Self Roles
- Giveaways and more!
Join now for the full experience!!
A Friendly market Dokkan server that also has...
-MiddleMan Service
-Daily Giveaways
-Teambuilding Assistance
-Farming Service (Mostly free!)
-Bots (Pokecord, Mudae)
-Account Shop
Dokkan T&J
Your average dokkan chat and trade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Features include:
➼Team building ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
➼Dokkan Related Discussions
➼More to come!
this is my server, i upload videos every couple days, hopefully youll join, we are a small server but i think we can grow.
We love dokkan community and if you join it will be awesome . And we give away free dokkan account with 1500+ stones
Hi! Name is Scythe and my sever is for mobile games and having fun in the discord. Sever is recently new and I'm trying to get it growing so just stop by and give it a try 😀