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Looking for people to join the server and have a chance at getting staff to improve the server and to grow larger every day, we just started this server and are looking for staff and members, we do giveaways when we have accs, u can trade and sell but, if u want to farm for others u must be verified!
La Communauté Française de Dokkan Battle se rassemble ! ici on discute, on partage ses avancements, on s'entraide et on échange nos reroll
The place for dokkanbattle & all gacha game(s) alike!
You can request all the help you need here with over 2k+ members!
100 emotes, 128kbps VCs, tournaments, giveaways, free MMs, group summons, leaks, live news, custom bots & so much more!
(You may also post any other related gacha games here.
E.g. tokyoghoul, duel links, ninja blazing, brave souls.)
Dokkan Reroll Giveaways is a discord where we strive for daily giveaways, preventing scams, and for people to talk about dokkan, and get help when needed.
Dokkan Akatsuki focuses on the gacha gaming community, but we’re so much more than that. We have an anime central for anime fans, a NSFW section for the dirty, and a meme section for the dankest. We have the best staff with little to no moderation.
•We are a nice community
•We have a built in Arc system
•We have a roleplay system
•Full on training system & more!
•Hakaishin System
•Great Server to play on!

DBNG(Dragon Ball Next Generation ) Is a fun community for people of the Dragon ball fandom.. Follow the rules and you’ll have. a great time! Please don't join the server to just trade Dokkan or Legends accounts. It gets annoying. If you have any problem report it to Staff! And most importantly... HAVE FUN!!
A Dokkan Battle Community to Buy/Sell/Trade Dokkan Accounts or to just talk about the game or Anime.
Anime and Gaming, This is a judge free place where we celebrate our passion for the things that makes us happy, no matter the cost.
Welcome to KnightlyParadox Of an official Dragonball/Supercell and other gaming experiences!

What does this server provide?
- Self roles
- Gaming discussion
- Anime discussion
- Fun bots to use
- Teambuilders
- Giveaways and more!
Join now for the full experience!!
This is a dedicated farmer/seller/MM community, we help one another talk and play games. Do daily giveaways and enjoy one another!

Come have a look you will love the giveaways!
Just a new server I created to combine two of my interests together. Currently looking for new people to help me start it up. See ya here!!
[Welcome to DragonBall Tea]
We are a welcoming community that plans to get big as we progress. We will have tournaments, races and such daily! We have MM applications as well. DO NOT TRADE WITHOUT AN MM.
Note: This server does have an NSFW channel that's for mature audiences ONLY
Anyways, I look forward to having you all.
Amazing server mostly for Dragon Ball Legends if you need QR Codes we are here for you. also dokkan battle and we talk about anime including pokemon yu gi oh and naruto. very friendly.
This server is mainly designed for those who want to play Dokkan, and have a fun time. Anyone is welcome.
[ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴅᴏᴋᴋᴀɴsʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅ]
This server is still in growth. Feel free to join and help the server out!
Hi! This is a fairly new server and what we do here is fairly common with the mobile device games known as Dokkan Battle, and Dragon Ball Legends and their respective unofficial Discord's. We talk about the things we do and get on the games and debate, and just hang out. Please consider joining us.
On parle de Dokkan/Legende venez vite nous rejoindre!

Contacter les fondateurs lait2vache#2571 / zefty27#8341
A server you can discuss your favorite characters, debate on multiple topics, and flex your pulls on gacha games as well. Then what are you waiting for? You should already be in this server by now!
Dragon ball Dokkan Battle, Dragon Ball Z Legends, any Dragon ball game, you name it!
If you love Dragon Ball like I do, you are at the right place. Dokkan Battle (GLB)
Une communauté francophone et fan de DBZ vous attends !
Accounts Giveaways, Hacks/Mods for most of the Android Games, support, Youtube Video. Even some Hacks for mobile if you would like to watch you Favorite Anime in HD!
this is a server for the very fun game dragon ball z dokkan battle. its not a large server but we are very active. We also have an active account selling and trading section as well as a bit of stuff for Legends.