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The place for dokkanbattle & all gacha game(s) alike!
Request all the help you need here with over 2k+ members.
100 emotes, 128kbps VCs, tournaments, giveaways, trading, group summons, leaks, live news, custom bots & so much more!
(You may also post any other related gacha games here.
E.g. tokyoghoul, duel links, ninja blazing, brave souls.)
This server is mainly designed for those who want to play Dokkan, and have a fun time. Anyone is welcome. Giveaways, Team-Building assistance and much more are available to members. Currently a new growing server and ready to help the community
La Communauté Française de Dokkan Battle se rassemble ! ici on discute, on partage ses avancements, on s'entraide et on échange nos reroll
A friendly dokkan discord that allows selling and trading, and we provide mm's for safe trades
We're a pretty laid back server that has minimal rules, nsfw chats, memes, and other shit. We like dragonball and anime. we play dokkan battle alot. feel free to come and discuss dokkan, hang around, or just shitpost
S.H.A.F.T of course stands for:
Heaps of
Fodder and

And Dokkan: Agents of S.H.A.F.T is a decently large server, sitting just under 150 members, sometimes hosting giveaways for things like steam keys, Dragonball Heroes cards and more depending on how much money I have to blow.

We have things such as:
An NSFW Channel, a memes channel, Pokecord Bot, some other cool bots, Anti-Raid protection And some custom commands to play with

I'm dragging this on for way too long, so just join, join the server. It's good probably.
[2$ 1000+ STONE REROLLS]
This is a small server of people that are interested in playing Dragonball Legends and/or Dokkan battle! We update news as regularly as possible, so you don't miss out on anything. This is a relatively friendly community too, so feel free to talk!
This server is mainly designed for those who want to play Dokkan, and have a fun time. Anyone is welcome.
—(••÷[ The Lookout ]÷••)—

We are a Dragon Ball, Anime and Gaming based discord with a focus on games like Dokkan Battle, Dragonball Legends, and a lot of other games. We currently provide the following:

- An active and fun staff team.
- Several discord gaming and XP bots. (Mudae, Discord Ball Z, Pokecord)
- A trading / selling / buying market for Dokkan Battle and Legends.
- Lots of channels to talk in and promote yourself with.
- Giveaways and community events.
- A chill atmosphere that we intend on keeping.
- A ton of emotes.
- A level up reward system with cool roles.

and a lot more!

Feel free to check us out!
brand new dokkanbattle discord... please stop by & leave suggestions on how i should run this!
Welcome To Kool Kids Klub where you can chill out, relax and enjoy the inactive staff and toxic members.
At 30 member i'll do a giveaway :)
20 Invites and you get an account dokkan battle with 1200 DS
35 invites and you get an account dokkan battle with 1500 DS
45 Invites and you get an account dokkan battle with 1800 DS