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This is a dedicated farmer/seller/MM community, we help one another talk and play games. Do daily giveaways and enjoy one another!

Come have a look you will love the giveaways!
✨ {Hello! Are you interested in a dragon ball legends discord server? Your in luck!}✨
⚡ Welcome to the dragon ball community discord server!⚡ 
We have

A Meme Channel✅

A Music Channel✅

A Channel for Bot games (for example,Akinator,Hangman,Guess That Pokemon,etc)✅

Group Events such as Polls, Huge legends tournaments every 100 members,Art contest  (coming soon) and more! ✅

Social Promotion and Server Promotion channel✅

Friend code sharing✅

Pvp recruitment✅

Legends youtubers notifications (no @her or @everyon included in notifications) you can enter your channel to show too! (Just make sure you upload legends) ✅

Bot info channel on stuff like youtubers,twitch streamers,anime and manga✅

Your basic ol general chat where you can talk all games and all anime and even stuff in real life✅

Announcements on future legends updates
And rumored updates 👀 ✅

And even MORE!

💎 Moderator role application not open yet. But being very kind,active,and helpful can you score you it like it has a few others💎

Moderation is pretty loose and moderators can face punishments too dont worry 😃

💎 Grouper helper role given when 10+ people are invited!💎

💎 Level up roles given every 5 levels!💎

💎 Highest role at 100 is a high rank role!💎

💎 Certain roles allow only a certain amount of people in them (for example god of destruction only allow 12 like the anime!)💎

💎 Very kind community. in our past only 2 people have had action taken against them in a form of a kick. We rarely ban here unless neccesary💎

♨ Come on down and check out the group if this appeals!♨

🔥 (Searching for nitro boosters! Nitro boosters will receive a special high role!)🔥

❤ We hope you consider joining!❤
Dragon Ball fans

Dragon ball gaming and Social Server.
Join us for awesome roles and level powerups.
We host monthly dragon ball legends account giveaways and more free stuff.
Tournaments every few weeks.
Chatting/voicechat And More!
Non-toxic, SFW community focused on Anime & Games such as Dokkan Battle,Dragon Ball Legends, Seven Deadly Sins, Rainbow Six Siege, and more! Friendly staff, warm atmoshpere, events and giveaways! Everyone is welcome! 😊
A fun server with a lot of dokkan discussions or just normal talk. We also discuss legends and trade dokkan accounts here. We assist people with team builds as well!
1) Join now! We are a small community trying to get big and active. Chat with other dragon ball fans!

2) You can also have debates with people if you're trying to prove a point.

3) We try are best to keep the server from being toxic so that everyone is welcome!
This server...isn't really like other servers. In this one, you can be a character from the series, or you can make your own character! I know many of you may not like it...but, I tried to be different as much as I could from other servers.

Directly after the T.O.P. and Broly's visit, more warriors from across the whole universe have started to appear. Will they be good?...or evil? Find out now in Dragon Ball: Unlimited Potential!

We are just starting out and I really hope you join!
Hello! We're the dokkan lads here to bring you some good ol' dokkan content.
We're mainly a DBZ-Dokkan Battle server, but we do have some Dragon Ball Legends stuff as well.
This server has all of the following features:
-A weekly giveaway ( Dokkan Battle only )
-A little series called Unit review ( a series of which I review some units, and the best teams to run with them)
-2 separate Dragon Ball legends fighting rooms (for when you need to speak with your opponent)
-And a small, yet loving community
-Partnering is available (see the partnering rules in #rules for more info)
we made this server so that those who don't have anyone to play dragon ball legends can come here to play. We are also for those who research info about new updates as soon as they come out. Or maybe you are a veteran like me and my friend and have played since day one. This is just a place for those who love a mobile game to came and hang out with others.
Welcome to the ATK family!
This server is for everyone, be it a gamer, a memer, and anime lover or a Pokemon trainer!!

We have fun stuff such as:-
-> Pokecord (With constant Tournaments)
-> Mundae Bot, Waifu Bot (For the Otakus out there)
-> Dank Memer, Neko, Yui, Slotbot and Pengu for the fun
-> Rhythm Bot (To Bop your head to your perfect beat)
-> Pokedex (To know the info of your favorite Pokemon)
-> Giveaways and Pokecord Tournaments!
-> Dyno and Unbelievaboat as the Law and Order
-> AND Most Importantly, a Fun Family of Friends
Anime and Gaming, This is a judge free place where we celebrate our passion for the things that makes us happy, no matter the cost.
Join the server! It vary from different types of fun bots! Listen to music with Rythm. Catch pokemon with Pokecord! Look at memes with Dank memer! Support the YouTube channel Shadow_Beast as well!!
It's a friendly and Welcoming server. We play Xenoverse 2 (cracked), FighterZ and Dragon Ball Legends. We play other games than Dragonball games too. Anime Chat is also there with a debate and discussion channel. Frequent Tournaments of DB games are there. A help-section is provided for those who are in need of help. NSFW content is there in a specific channel only. Polls are frequently done and everything is done with votes of members. So, be active.
Hi! This is a fairly new server and what we do here is fairly common with the mobile device games known as Dokkan Battle, and Dragon Ball Legends and their respective unofficial Discord's. We talk about the things we do and get on the games and debate, and just hang out. Please consider joining us.
Communauté multi-gaming qui pour l'instant est basée sur fortnite, dofus, dokkan battle, ici on discute, on partage ses avancements, on s'entraide et on s'amuse !
Des jeux et des concours auront lieu chaque semaine !
A fun place to chat and have fun! Mainly focused on the mobile game, "Dragon Ball Legends!", but you can chat about whatever you want!
Hi there! Welcome to the server we are a small anime community server that is still growing so if you would join it would be really appreciated we do talk about dragon ball but also about other anime hope you will enjoy your stay here!
This is NDA (National Dokkan Association). This is a server where you can hangout talk about dragon ball (or other games), play with a currency bot or use a waifu bot!
A server where you can come and talk about dragon ball to your heart content! Its pointed towards the mobile game but feel free to talk about all forms of dragon ball