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Hi there! Welcome to the server we are a small anime community server that is still growing so if you would join it would be really appreciated we do talk about dragon ball but also about other anime hope you will enjoy your stay here!
A fun place to chat and have fun! Mainly focused on the mobile game, "Dragon Ball Legends!", but you can chat about whatever you want!
This is NDA (National Dokkan Association). This is a server where you can hangout talk about dragon ball (or other games), play with a currency bot or use a waifu bot!
Hello! We're the dokkan lads here to bring you some good ol' dokkan content.
We're mainly a DBZ-Dokkan Battle server, but we do have some Dragon Ball Legends stuff as well.
This server has all of the following features:
-A weekly giveaway ( Dokkan Battle only )
-A little series called Unit review ( a series of which I review some units, and the best teams to run with them)
-2 separate Dragon Ball legends fighting rooms (for when you need to speak with your opponent)
-And a small, yet loving community
-Partnering is available (see the partnering rules in #rules for more info)
Fun server to talk about Anime as well as Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball Legends!