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Are you looking for a fun, active roleplaying server, with a great, welcoming community and a good story with thrilling events? Then Dragon Ball Hyper is the place for you! We’ve got many different races to choose from like Saiyans, Humans, Arcosians, Core People and Tuffles and lots of different moves and transformations, even custom ones! Anyone is welcome on the server, no matter who you are. No history with DBZ? That’s no problem, our staff will help you out and the system is simple to understand. Will you become the strongest in the universe?!

Join now!
A freeform Dragon Ball RP focused on plot and character development.

The original creators of the Tier System, used by many of these servers lately. You progress and strengthen your character through advancement of your own story lines, no more wasting time with repetitive training passages.
+ Our system is in-depth enough to allow limitless customisation, but rigid enough to stop god-modding and other poor RP practises.
+ We offer a lore that breaks away from the norm to offer open-ended stories not bound by the usual constraints. As well as events catered to individuals, putting you in the center of your own personal stories.
+ The opportunity to play anything, we can work the systems around your play-style and allow you to play the character how you want to, this includes custom techniques and forms!


A rogue figure has broken into the chamber of the Kai of Time, stealing the records to use for their own gain. Combining that power with their magic, they have broken out of their timeline, fashioning their own universe out of reach of authority.

Using the power of their rifts, they have began to steal worlds from different timelines to add to their collection. Random planets from numerous different eras along with people from various timelines and alternate universes.

You are amongst them, ripped from your life, pulling through a rift into this new world.

With only traces of your power and the faintest of memories, what will you do?

Come and show the universe what you're made of!
Gods of Supreme Justice is a panfandom roleplay server centrally premised off of Dragon Ball, but includes characters from various other franchises and OC's. New role-players will be greeted with a warm-hearted welcome from the community.
{Dragon Ball: Forgotten Universes}

You might be Asking Yourself "What Makes this Server different" We are a Growing Community Of People with the same interests, same likes and same desire to please you all with a fun, active server.

Our Server is LGBTQ+ Friendly and We always Welcome You No Matter Race, Ethic Past, Sexuality or Gender.

A very active Helpful Staff Team that is always willing to pitch in and help you with anything you need

A Very Active Roleplay. We Always have some Event or Giveaway going on to help the community come closer as friends and members.



We Will Have Different Games Also Like Simon Says and 20 Questions with the Winner Getting Special Roles!!



A Cool Staff

Awesome Roleplayers

Awesome RP locations

And So Much More!!!

Nearly 400 Different Channels Filled with Possibilities!!!

Literate Roleplays and Major Events that Change the story

Easy to learn Training and Fighting Mechanics

A way to live your dreams in dbz

Dragon Ball: Unknown

Lore Run-Down
10 years after the Tournament of Power, almost everyone involoved in the Dragon Ball series has disappeared. They left no trace, not even a memory. Memories and even their presence in time seemed to have vanished, apart from a sellect few. Whether they are dead or taken hostage, nobody knows. Is it possible for you, or somebody else to find them? Or are they lost for good to an unknown force? It is up to you to decide the fate of yourself, and others.

What we have to offer
In this server, each race has made great strides, giving everyone the choice between the following races!
-Frost Demon
-And Tuffle

If none of the above catch your interest, that fine! We allow you to create your own race, with it's own perks, transformations, location, and much more!

Here is a list of things you can expect from the server.
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Customizable techniques and transformations
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: A great expanse of documented transformations for each race
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: A great expanse of channels, allowing for lots of diverse RP
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Legendary giveaways
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Carefully planned events
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Dokkan/Legends/Xenoverse chats to keep up with others
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: And much more!

NOTE: We have an approval system to prevent bot raids. Just type in the approval chat and one of the mods will give access to the rest of the server. Please be patient.)

(Server link)
Hello. I started this server to talk with others about Dragon Ball. If you are interest i would appreciate joining. You can share your opinions with others, talk with other Dragon Ball fans or just chill in this server. Any suggestions are helpful.Also this server publish new games and mods.
***__Dragon Ball: New Beginnings__*** Is a brand new, unique roleplaying server for Dragon Ball fans and non-fans alike, with a welcoming community, a unique spin on power progression, and an opportunity to experience enthralling stories unfold in the world of Dragon Ball! 👍

Our server features:

🔶 | An easy to understand lore, which leaves much opportunity for character development. 👍

🔷 | A stat system completely unlike the common and tedious grind of power levels, that ensure no godmodding, fair fights, and a fun experience for everyone no matter how strong you are. 👍

🔶 | LITERACY! Our roleplayers are ranging from paragraph to multi-paragraph writers, BUT no matter who you are, whether you're new or have been doing this for 15 years, we offer everyone the opportunity to grow as a writer! 👍

🔷 | A variety of story opportunities, not only for the entire server in arcs, but for YOUR character personally as well. A chance to explore your character's personality and develop an interesting story for them! 👍

🔶 | Custom techniques! With, mod approval of course. Don't worry, as long as it's not unfair for everyone else, and can be reasoned into the world of Dragon Ball, you'll have an easy time getting your techniques through! 👍

🔷 | Every race in Dragonball. And if those don't suit you, you can create your own custom alien race with your own custom transformations and techniques! 👍

🔶 | A great mod team that are more than willing to help you with any questions or problems you might have. 👍

And a welcoming and loving community that are happy to answer any questions you might have and to make friends with!

If you desire a great story and combat experience in the world of Dragon Ball, then this server is the right place for you! ☑
If you love Dragon Ball and you love Hentai/Rule34, you are going to love this new server! We want to create a friendly community that loves everything Dragon Ball related. NSFW content, so it's 18+ only.
new dbz rp server looking for members
all role play skill levels accepted
This Server is a remake of the popular “Dragon Ball: Infinity Saga”. It however comes with everything that was used in the old one, so Power Levels, Transformations, what fun!

•Make unique custom techniques!•

•Interact with other people, and experience a great time!•

•Staff tends to wing it on villains trying to make things interesting every once in a while!•

•A [Optional] rolling system you can use if someone is godmodding!•
/ NOTICE - If you join, please don't leave immediately. Give it a shot and just ask around, it gets annoying when someone joins then leaves like a minute or less later. \
Dragon Ball New Day is a Semi-Literate RP using the canon characters like Goku and Vegeta from the series, but it does also use OC characters that you can request and put in the storyline, which is starting from the beginning of Dragon Ball to forge a new story, one with our choices embedded within it. We use a power level and training system along with multipliers for forms and so on. We have giveaways, polls you can join in, and channels where we can all just hang out, such as a theory channel, an anime discussion, an art channel, character discussion, debates, and you can also ask the staff questions if you're confused. But make sure to read the rules and story when you first join. Now then... we hope your experience is sparking!

Long ago, a new timeline was created, thanks to a world shattering battle between an omnipotent being named Garvola and a few heroes who stood up to him. These heroes were Goku, Vegeta, and Broly. Though powerful, even after the first two fused together, they struggled. But in one final clash, all three working together, they were able to kill Garvola, but there was a cost. His goal was achieved and he destroyed the entirety of the multiverse, creating a new one to begin things from the start. This is the new universe.
Hello! Allow us to introduce the newest RP server to give you a great time! Introducing DBZ: New Era! Enter the action-packed world of Dragon Ball Z as your own character! Choose from a Saiyan, Namekian, Human, and more and grow your character in both power and personality! Engage in thrilling IRP Events like tackling movie bosses for prizes and searching for the elusive Dragon Balls themselves! Make a name for yourself as a part of a brand new history for the Dragon Ball Z storyline! No prior DBZ history? No problem! Our mods and admins have your back and will keep your experience as simple to understand as possible! We’ve also constructed a balanced progression system to prevent overpowered characters and give everyone a fair shot at glory. We have a plethora of familiar places to RP in straight from the series, and staff positions are available! Join now, or Mr Popo will demolish your reproductive organs!
Welcome to Dragon Ball Z | Generations! We are a relatively new Dragon Ball role playing server with 40+ members.

We have a balanced power level system, a fun community, and great staff. Come role play with us and create your own character from the many races available!
In a timeline where none of the main characters except a few do not exist, the ones that exist are the Supreme Kai's, the G.O.Ds, and of course the Omni King Zeno. Most planets in the galaxy are taken over by a being named Fro-Zen, the King of Frost Demons, a sadistic, ruthless, evil, and selfish Frost Demon. The King of the Saiyan, Paragu, is currently at war with the Frost Demons, and it has been going on for almost a decade now. The Galaxy is not safe until this war is stopped, some planets such as Earth and Namek seem to be safe..For now at least, other planets could be under the dictator, Fro-Zen, or Paragu, forcing the strongest beings to fight with them, though, if they find the planet unworthy, they'd either keep the species as slaves and claim the planet, or destroy the planet entirely. The war seems to be at a stalemate, for now.

Hello! This is a new Dragon ball server, and we're trying to get it to grow! So come on down and join us! Here's what we have:

-NSFW Channel (Requires the role)
-Dokkan battle/FighterZ channel
-Meme channel

We don't have power levels because they don't really make any sense. We have different types of races you can choose from and roleplay as. So come on down and help us grow!
We're a pretty laid back server that has minimal rules, nsfw chats, memes, and other shit. We like dragonball and anime. we play dokkan battle alot. feel free to come and discuss dokkan, hang around, or just shitpost
IMMINENT IMPACT - DBZ/DBS ROLEPLAY is a RP based over the DBZ/DBS universe. The RP is happening in a different Timeline where you can be a Saiyan, Human, Demon, Android, Core person, Majin... The only limit is your imagination for your OC.

-We're working with a Dice system. We have a fighting system, training system, etc. We also have an active community, and fair staff members.

What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see you join us!
We made a reset, so be sure to join if you wish to begin fresh !
Join the Saiyan Race to take part in many Dragon Ball related discussions, events & giveaways!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Android 21 🤖 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Based on DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mobile game by BANDAI NAMCO.
◻️ Collect iconic characters
◻️ Take on story missions against various enemies found in the Dragon Ball universe
◻️ Battle your friends
◻️ Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Server 💬 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Anime & Game discussions
◻️ Weekly Giveaways
◻️ Events held regularly
◻️ Bot & Suggestion channels
◻️ Staff spots open
This is a Dragon ball roleplay server were we talk about all things Dragon ball!! We keep the same timeline as dbz and dbs! You can have an oc or be a canon character!! Only dragon ball characters allowed! We would love to have you join! (Admins and Helpers wanted!!)
The place for dokkanbattle & all gacha game(s) alike!
You can request all the help you need here with over 2k+ members!
100 emotes, 128kbps VCs, tournaments, giveaways, free MMs, group summons, leaks, live news, custom bots & so much more!
(You may also post any other related gacha games here.
E.g. tokyoghoul, duel links, ninja blazing, brave souls.)
This server is for players who own dragon ball fusions on their 3DS. Our goal for this server is to keep the dragon ball fusions community alive while having fun at the same time.
This role play takes place years after the ending of Dragon Ball Super & The Broly Movie. Goku and his companions have saved Earth and united their Universe, making Earth a safe haven for all creatures. Many of the Z Warriors have gone on to have children or even grandchildren! But peace doesn't last forever. It has been foretold that a great evil will fall upon Universe 7, threatening to wipe out all life. It's time to put it to the test if the warriors of today can replicate the feats of their heroes.
This universe made by mistake when future zeno come to the past and a wormhole type thing form which became a universe when two zeno destroying the universe in tournament of power as this universe was made by mistake there are too many errors in this universe like the god of destruction here is way too stronger than other universe God of destruction and mortal here are also too strong if we compare to other universes mortal, also the god of destruction here is stronger than his angel (this is uncommon because in other universes angel are stronger than god of destruction)
Hello, welcome to DragonBall Revealed: New Generation!
Here, you can roleplay as your very own fan-made character! Any new members are sure to be given a warm welcome, and to ensure this server is always fun for everyone we've established rules that are reasonable and understandable to everyone! We hold special role-play events that are for everyone to join in on and the staff are always here to help if you have any questions please feel free to private message them at any time. We hold giveaways for canon characters and power level boosts to keep things interesting. So? What are you waiting for? Join now!
Looking to partner up with servers! If you're interested in partnering up with us, feel free to directly message the owner, Zina.
Official Website: