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Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the server!
A literate sandbox Dragon Ball RP focused on plot and character development.

We replace Power Levels with a Tier System that rewards in-game character building and personal progress through interaction and advancement over endless training extract grinding.
+ We are a fully literate server that enforces a minimum post-length requirement to ensure everyone is playing up to a standard for the betterment of all of our players.
+ We offer the chance to play 30 different races each with a progression list catered solely to them. (With other DBZ races being allowed too) with a mix of both combat and non-combat related characters fully supported and encouraged.
+ We offer lore that breaks away from the norm to offer open-ended stories not bound by the usual constraints. Allowing you to input the character YOU want to be into our world seamlessly. As well as events catered to individuals, putting you in the center of your own personal stories.
+ The opportunity to play anything, we can work the systems around your play-style and allow you to play the character how you want to, this includes custom techniques and forms!


A rogue figure has broken into the chamber of the Kai of Time, stealing the records to use for their own gain. Combining that power with their magic, they have broken out of their timeline, fashioning their own universe out of reach of authority.

Using the power of their rifts, they have begun to steal worlds from different timelines to add to their collection. Random planets from numerous different eras along with people from various timelines and alternate universes.

You are amongst them, ripped from your life, pulling through a rift into this new world.

With only traces of your power and the faintest of memories, what will you do?

Come and show the universe what you're made of!
Dragon Ball: The Hunt is a friendly Dragon Ball Super Roleplay server for those who don't like the overwhelming problem of power levels and all the arguments over it. We are a more relaxed and friendly server more focused on the plot rather than who's strongest. We are always looking for new members to contribute to the ongoing story of both the canon retelling and the OC events we hold. We also allow the chance to alter the way the Super story goes with each new arc. If you have some ideas or even just wanna test out an OC we'd love to see you in here!

Things We Offer!
- A retelling of the canon events of Dragon Ball Super that allows changes and differences for a more fun and detailed story
- OC Events for those who aren't interested in the canon story
- Over 150 separate Roleplay channels for you to have fun in with friends
- Friendly Staff who are always able to lend a hand if needed
- And just an all around fun server for you to enjoy!

We are just now starting our version of the Goku Black arc with plenty more story to come. We all hope to see you join the community of Dragon Ball: The Hunt!
Dragon Ball Universe: Revised is set 1,000 years after the Dragon Ball Z story, you can create any character you so wish, make sure to read the rules and information tab before you do though. You can become a famous hero across the galaxy or become its most feared tyrant, any path you take will alter the universe, for better or for worse.
Welcome to Dragon Ball Parallels! Here, we take a step back from the chaos of your average DBZ server. No complex dice mechanics, no insanely strong invincible characters, and no Power Levels. That's right, there are no power levels, and combat is not based around who has the higher power levels. So what do we have?

Combat: We have a simple to understand combat system that rewards unique play and makes it so everyone has a chance to win
Races: We have all of the main races to choose from, each with unique playstyles.
Progression: We have a nice progression system that rewards you for RPing and being active!
Story: Make the story yourself as you fight against villains or other players.
Community: Besides all that, we have a tight community of kind and competent people.

In a world with all types of races roaming the planet, we are at peace. Will you help keep the peace, or will you become the villain and cause chaos? Find out now, on Dragon Ball Parallels!

If this seems interesting to you, please join! We're still very small and new, and we would love to have you!
Forge your destiny in this alternate dragon ball universe RPG set 400 years after the start of Z. A FORUM BASED ROLEPLAY; We have original characters, a dice and stat based battle system, progression tied to how much you write, and numerous events running. Don't miss out: WORLD MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT COMING SOON, Spring 2020.

Our website:

Hey, if you are a Steven Universe fan and don't mind some DragonBall Z in it, then please join here. We made this to share gemsonas, make friends, and share our story/AU. If you're into a series that has action, comedy, drama, and much more then this server might just be for you. It is a Safe For Work server, so please think about joining.
A fresh roleplay full of excitement and ripe for destruction. In such a new reality, the world is yours for the taking. Join us and grow strong. Show your power and become legend in a warm community full of unique and interesting characters to make your dragonball story just as wild and incredible as the original.

Play as the characters you know and love with whatever zany twist you want on them or even play as your own original creations! Come enjoy an adventure like you've never known before, and could never know otherwise.
[LORE]This happens 500 years after Goku and Vegeta’s fatal final battle. For the most part most things are running smooth during this time, the earth is at peace and stronger than ever! The Namekians are thriving thanks to no predators coming for their race. For now the Acrosians stay silent in their terror but remain at large. Majin buu’s offspring is a race that seems to grow double the size everyday as more of his descendants settle down and have children of their own. The Kais and Demons simply wait and watch ready intervene in the mortals lives when they see fit. Finally hybrid and pure saiyans are actually more prominent now than ever as generations of saiyan dna turn into a pure saiyan or a hybrid one.

I hope you choose to join this server and enjoy your time there and maybe we can create a legendary story together!- Tom
A friendly server that mainly revolves around anime feel free to join and do you best to be at home :))
Welcome, to Dragon Ball: Iconic legends! In this server, we allow both canons and OC's. The lore has some guidelines, but can be altered and is shaped by the players. We allow custom sagas, and all movies are canon! Meaning that you can play anyone you want! Even... alternate versions of characters, but we're saving that for later. As of right now, we've just opened up. If your interested in join this server, click the link below! However, there's some ground rules.

> Ocs are allowed, but don't make direct face claims.
> Respect the rules as long as your here!
> Enjoy your time here and RP! Make sure to be active.

Now that we got that out of the way, if your interested, and want to learn more, just join the server! We hope you enjoy your time here.
We are a marketplace community based off the mobile games Dokkan Battle, and Dragon Ball Legends. We hold events/tournaments and giveaways.
Bienvenue sur KameHouse Dokkan [FR] !

Sur ce serveur, vous retrouverez une communauté de joueurs de Dokkan Battle actifs.
Le but de ce serveur est de réunir tout ce qui concerne Dokkan : parler des nouveautés, de sondages, des invocations, des stratégies, des teams et de s'entraider.
Nous faisons concourir les joueurs le désirant grâce aux événements chronométrés. (Dokkan Event, Goku Rush, ect…)
De plus, il y a un système de rôle progressif et de récompenses pour les meilleurs joueurs et/ou les plus actifs !
Des événement sont organisés pendant lequel les participants pourront rentrer leur score et gagné des rôles prestigieux et unique !

Nous espérons vous voir nous rejoindre car plus il y a de participants, plus il y a de défis !
Welcome to Dragon Ball: The Dormant Rage! We’re a (very) new role-play server, and we’re looking for active members. We offer a simple character sheet, so you can get right in on the action here! You can choose from over ten races, with most having transformation trees. You can even have your own custom transformations and moves to use!

Here, you make YOUR story! We offer story arcs that are entirely focused on our players, allowing everyone to be involved in a story, even if you just joined! We even offer a large, overarching story, in which a Demon God is attempting to break through the cracks of reality, and is testing Earth to see if it's worthy of life. Our staff are very competent, with each one having a long background in moderating servers.

Here’s just a short list of what we have:

-Literate roleplayers
-Competent staff
-Custom transformations
-Custom attacks
-Custom races
-Unique, player-based storylines
-A unique, larger storyline where everyone has a chance to shine
-Entirely customizable OCs
-A unique, balanced power system
-And so much more!

Feel free to come on down and visit us! We promise, you won’t be disappointed!
Welcome to. . .


DBRP:FF is a text-roleplay server based on the Dragon Ball franchise!

You'll find our most enjoyable trait includes the immense creativity you are allowed to have here, which can be shown through original-characters, custom races, forms, planets and more!

Please note, in this AU, none of the canon characters within the offical Dragon Ball timeline are present, as they never existed in the first place.
The three characters that are exceptions to this are:


With that being said, I hope you enjoy your stay in DBRP: Fast Forward.
Welcome to Dokkan Traders!
Our vanity URL is:

If you want to hang out with an active bunch then this is the place for you, feel free to join and stick around for:

- A market which consists of Selling/Buying/Trading channels for any Gacha game

- We offer free middleman services, so please be safe and use one!

- We have a seven deadly sins grand cross channel where experienced players will be able to give you advice.

- We have many bots to interact with

- We have a Reddit feed channel which posts everything from r/DBZDokkanBattle for those who don't want to change between sites/apps

- We have milestone celebrations, we are currently celebrating the servers 1st year anniversary and it hitting 2.5k members

- We also have a currency channel in where you can gamble to purchase roles

- We have server design competitions where the winner will win nitro and will have their logo/banners be the servers logo

- We are a level 3 server which has consistent 30+ boosts

Please read the rules when you join and enjoy your stay!
Have you ever wanted to RP in a server that offers multiple anime’s to choose from? Well, this might be just the place for you! Welcome to Rebirth’s Anime RP, a place where multiple anime’s crossover to make one big world on Earth Prime. From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to Naruto this server crosses them All with their amazing races and abilities. With a unique storyline, it offers abilities that not many other RPs do like the control over Godspeed from HunterxHunter or the ability of the Titans from Attack on Titan. It’s a server meant for those who feel left out! We offer many things that could satisfy you like:

• A detailed Storyline with Canon Characters

• Canon abilities and techniques from certain Anime’s

• Staff that work day and night to provide the server for you

• Unique areas from certain Anime’s

• An easy to understand Tier System to not confuse people with Power Levels

• Giveaways and Events!

• A brand new server, meaning for a brand new start to claim what you want!

• A Friendly community with other people there (We’re new so, not much people)

We hope you have some time to check out this amazing server!
Join the Saiyan Race to take part in many Dragon Ball related discussions, events & giveaways!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Android 21 🤖 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Based on DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mobile game by BANDAI NAMCO.
◻️ Collect iconic characters
◻️ Take on story missions against various enemies found in the Dragon Ball universe
◻️ Battle your friends
◻️ Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Server 💬 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Anime & Game discussions
◻️ Weekly Giveaways
◻️ Events held regularly
◻️ Bot & Suggestion channels
◻️ Staff spots open
In the far future of Dragon Ball a bored Zeno decided it was time to press that big red reset button. With that done history itself was rewritten for the entire multiverse of Dragon Ball. Planet Vegeta was still destroyed in the end but that was due to a freak accident. The Saiyans however still live on and train to become stronger. The namekians were able to get into communication with Earth and they gave the planet their own set of dragon balls. The Arcosians are starting to build an intergalactic empire under one name. The humans have all started to realize the necessity of training and combat that the rest of the universe stresses itself on and with their scientific advancement were able to create new ways to get stronger other than just training relentlessly.

This server moves in saga's and arcs meaning the players decide when the story moves along as many arcs will make one saga. Here this RP will deliver a challenge in getting stronger to avoid making people too op in the beginning. We invite everyone of every background to come and give it a try. This is a new saga in dragon ball one where you have the chance to push your character to levels you never have before.
Join 𝐃𝐁𝐙 𝐇𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐢
If you love Dragon Ball and you love Hentai/Rule34, you are going to love this server! We want to create a community that loves everything Dragon Ball related.
NSFW content, so it's 18+ only.

We have:
✪ Organized character channels with daily updates
✪ A leveling system - Be active and ascend to a higher form!
✪ Giveaways for real premium porn access
✪ Lots of amazing emotes
This is a crossover rp server that takes place in the RWBY timeline. The server has star wars, dbz, Godzilla, transformers, halo, ect. You can play any of your favorite characters, and you can oc's but they aren't allowed in the main story if they are on a main character team or if I say they are allowed, the rp is more about main characters from other shows/games interact with the main cast of rwby. But if you don't feel like rping, that's fine. We have a few nice chat rooms where you and your friends can hang out. This server is done, but it will add on when time gose on. Ex: more channels, and bots. We are a nice community and we'll be happy if you join us. For this is the rp story of.... RWBY, Power Within.
𝐇𝐞𝐲 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞!


I see you’ve noticed our server out of the pool of all the other ones, well let me ask you a few questions then! Are you seeking for adventures? A balance between fighting based and story-driven roleplay? Maybe you want to join in and just hang out or maybe you are feeling dangerous and want to be the lead in a full-front assault against an alien army! Well, let me introduce you to the world of... 


シスチキラミこちりり !


Long after the events of Planet Vegeta, human as well as galactic civilizations evolved through the eons, reaching an advanced stage in the progression of cultural human and alien evolution

Planet Earth has changed alongside humanity and has evolved into the planet we know as Octavia, a planet open to extraterrestrial life like Namekians, Saiyans, Arcosians, and even some new races never seen before! Many years of trying to adapt have led the inhabitants of Planet Octavia to be able to live together and help each other thrive for years and years to come! However, not all is as peaceful as it seems, evil is slowly revealing itself and it’s up to those who have the strength to take on and threat to fight against the strongest of foes and the mightiest of villains for the better of the world! 

In this server, we wish to show we have many things, we try to be welcoming and help people get into our story as we fight with many factions and enemies to show our unique rp styles. There will be development and character progression, power growth through training and rivalries with our bond system, this world is a vast playground for all warriors, scientist or simple spectators to come and enjoy the world we’ve built

What will happen in this amazing world you ask? Well! You’ll just have to find out by joining and figuring out what’s next, on Dragon ball Octavia!

らそかちひにち ! | 𝘿𝙍𝘼𝙂𝙊𝙉 𝘽𝘼𝙇𝙇