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Some random dbz server idk read #rules #story #what-to-know and all that shit for an actual description.
PS: I'm a lazy cunt
Welcome to Realm of Dieties!!
Here we have to offer :
-A great well managed staff team
-A big section for socializing and getting to know people
-A active and very positive chat
At the origin of time, a singular being existed, A being with powers beyond anything imaginable. This being had no name and was extremely ominous, No one knew what or who they were....A giant flash hit the omegaverse as timelines, Universes where created...And in a single universe, Beings from every other universe existed...This was called...The Colossal verse....

Now it's your time to shine! Make a character! Pick a side! Good? Bad? Neutral? Young? Old? Weak? Strong? It's all up to you!

Welcome to Anime Universe: Collision Roleplay!
Welcome to a Role-Play server based on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! Here you can create any sort of character you desire(as long as you follow the limitations), and interact and battle as you please! One small thing that we of you, that you are at the very least semi-literate in your Role-Play. We hope you have fun when you join us!

Another thing: If you decide to join, don't just leave in 2 seconds. It's a tad bit irritating.
Hey you, How about stoping Scrolling and checking this out ?

Welcome to Dragon Ball: Infinity Saga, A Completely New Free-for-All Roleplay Server, Based on Very Popular Anime and manga Series "Dragon Ball". Here you Are not to be a 2nd Face, and have Main Characters ruin all antagonist Fun ! Every Character is able to get their Own Tale or history !

~Basicly everyone is Capable of being a Main hero of their Story Arc.

~You are Able to Create your own OC and Techniques !

~"Unique" Training system ?

~Completely new ! Be the first one to be the strongest !

~You can Become a Super Saiyan God or a Super Saiyan 4 ? What will you Choose ? (There are some AF addons, Meaning SSJ5 is a thing.)

~Soon we will Have a Legendary Genetic Giveaway, SO be sure to join !

So what are you waiting for ? Come Join us !
Somewhere in the midst of time, created by the gods, exists a separate era of timespace. This place is far from the normal canonical world you all know. After enjoying the tournament of power so much, these worlds were created by the Zenos as a new source of entertainment. Here they brought in a multitude of strong warriors from all over. Many races, many transformations, and many spaces to explore. But with all the good, there is also bad. What are you? Will you fight alongside good or evil? Welcome to: Dragon Ball: Galactic Warriors

Hi! This is a new DBZ server that is currently work in progress, but we hope to be done very soon!
We love seeing new faces and our friendly staff are more than happy to help out those that need it!
ESForces is a fast-paced, 3rd person fighter based on the hit anime; Dragonball Z.

We are painstakingly recreating the world of Dragonball Z as a Half-Life 1 mod where you can select your favorite fighter and go wild. You can do almost anything ranging from recreating your favorite battles to purely beating each other up.

Features include; Melee and Energy attacks, Flying, Powering up, Running, Swimming, Jumping and even Transforming!
Ultra Fandom is a DBZ community meant for anyone that watches dragonball and anime!
- We host tons of giveaways and events!
- We have over 15 color roles that you can get!
- We have over 30 roleplay channels!
- We debate about dragon ball and more!
- there are tons of NSFW channels here!

Join UF and be part of the community, rise through the ranks and become #1!
This is a chill server (maybe some toxic peeps) where you can talk about My Hero Academia or any other anime of your liking, I would really appreciate you joining and getting to know people. 😁
Are you Looking for a community that loves the same things as you i.e. Gaming, Anime, Manga, and many more?
Well come down to Zen-Oh The King Of All's Palace!
It's loads of fun and has a great community talking from a range of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, DBGT, And Dragon Ball Super! With the new addition to the Japanese exclusive series Super Dragon Ball Heroes! Also don't miss out on the Dragon Ball Z Mee6 commands where you can say !{any dbz/super special move} for role play. (for example !Kamehameha a GIF will pop up of Goku shooting a Kamehameha).
Also DON'T miss the weekly tournaments we hold in the #🥊tournament-battles🥊 channel where at least 10 or more people can battle using yggdrasil and win the @🏆World Champ🏆 which places you on the top of the server, and once in a while we will host a special type of tournament called the* ULTIMATE TENKAICHI BUDOKAI TOURNAMENT* WHERE YOU CAN WIN $15, ONCE YOU WIN DM @Papa J (More prizes can be won), also every winner will be honored in the #🏆tourney-winners🏆 channel. (if you want to see more about tournament, check the #📌🥊tournament-info-rules📌🥊 channel.
Everyone will be notified when a new episode releases, so if your a big fan of any Dragon Ball content, then this is the place for you!
Not only do we specialize in just Dragon Ball but we also talk about more things as, Upcoming Events, More anime i.e. My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and much more!
We also play a different variety of games such as Fortnite, XenoVerse 2, PUBG, and more!
Still think this server seems obsolete?
Well check out our role systems! Ranging from different colors and role names! Do note that you must rank up and be active on this server to earn you skills or team such as, The Z-Fighters an amazing group of skilled fighters that learned The Kame style or Crane style of martial arts!
Come down to Zen-Oh's Palace today!
We'll hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome weebs to a roleplay based on screaming and lasers. We have balanced races and a stat system, as well as freedom of speech. Don't wanna say what every other server says, so. Yeah.
This is my dragonball roleplay server called Dragon ball legacy ( i'll think of a better name later ) You must be 13+ to join here and roleplay and i hope you have fun, just remember to follow the rules.
It is Era 900, Around 101 Years after Goku and Vegeta killed eachother in their final fight, Namekians have moved onto Planet Earth and Majins are now considered a race on Earth as is Namekians, Them finally recognising that there is Alien Life and Peaceful Alien Life at that...However, Things aren't all that peachy: Time Breakers from different timelines, Not so Friendly Groups such as the Saiyan Legion and more.

But there is always hope with new races and more coming to Earth in this time, Becoming a Nexus for many people and this is where our story continues on from there with whatever comes next!

This RP does not use bullshit Power Levels or Stats, We use Fun for our RPs, I hope to see you joining the server and have what it was made for: FUN!
A new and small Dragon Ball Roleplay server. This RP takes place in an alternate timeline in the future where Demons took over the Universe. I hope you enjoy this server! (We're waiting for the server to get more accepted characters so that we can start the roleplay.)
A friendly roleplay server in which you can play as an OC or you can negotiate with the owner and play as a canon character that is still available! This is a friendly community that has multiple text channels to roleplay in that simulate the areas in the Manga and Anime! It features custom arcs and a custom backstory. See you there!
Hello, and welcome to the Microin Force! We allow all kinds of RP, and all forms of media! We allow all forms of powers and abilities (I am a walking and talking Jojo No Ken reference ゴゴゴゴ). So come on and join up!
•We are a nice community
•We have a built in Arc system
•We have a roleplay system
•Full on training system & more!
•New Server!

DBNG(Dragon Ball Next Generation ) Is a fun community for people of the Dragon ball fandom.. Follow the rules and you’ll have. a great time! If you have any problem report it to Staff! And most importantly... HAVE FUN!!
This is a roleplay server based off of Dragon Ball, kind of made by a really, deeply invested Dragon Ball fan and it's also kind of really hard to get into. The server is overall fun and enjoyable if you have people that roleplay in it and just enjoy the server for what it is, which is the setting of super hard, kind of. If you're someone who doesn't really like writing long-posts consisting of multiple sentences and many, many replies that I suggest you just turn the other way and recommend this for someone who does like that. This server was made and designed just for the people who work really hard at trying to level up but usually get absolutely nothing just because the training system is very flawed and appeals to those who are lazy and are just active but send out poor messages. Luckily for you however, if you are that person who's mad that every server has an unfair training system then just join this cause I fixed that problem, I hope. Anyways, I can't really explain everything about this server aside from advertising it as the Dark Souls 3 Dragon Ball Z mod for typewriters but anyways, if you're interested then please join and thank you for joining.

Thank you, again.
A project I am working on with my friends, we're looking for members and devs!
Love Roleplay? Love Dragon Ball? Join now! The possibilities are endless. Choose your race between Majin, Saiyan, Arcosian, Namekian, Human, Android, Demon and Bio-Android. If you prefer you can make your own race! Custom moves! Custom Transformations! Start with a power level of Each Race Variy to begin your journey to become your universe's greatest fighter!
Just a small Dragon Ball roleplay server looking to grow! We need 5 roleplayers with accepted characters to start the roleplay.