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A completely different Universe than The Z-Fighter Universe. This universe comes with a handful of opportunities. What will you become? The protector of mankind, or the Emperor of The known Universe? the possibilities are unlimited.
Time is one thing that many know of, one thing that binds all beings together, whether they be gods or mortals. Now, at the beginning of time, before the creation of the 18 universes that existed in the multiverse, the king of all had attempted to try something new, or rather, his father. The former Omni-King had originally created 10 universes to begin, creating a Grand Priest who crafted the angels to assist the gods in each different universe. Each universe was assigned a title and overtime, planets were created by the Supreme Kais, the Gods of Creation. Each universe has over 100 planets, but the main universe to focus on is known as Universe 8, the one this story shall be focusing on. Join along to choose a side, will you be a hero or one of the many threats to life as we know it? Powerful events will take place, stories will unravel, and the past will be known. This will become the story of Dragon Ball Zenith Supaku.

The RP will follow a power level system, and will have different roles for races and such along with having transformations and so on, coupled with boosts. New things will arise as well, some canon and some non-canon. As for what your character does and who your character is, that is up for you to decide.
¡Bienvenidos a Comunidad Z! Esto más que nada es un Server de Rol hecho y para fans de Dragon Ball.
Donde podrás crear tu propio personaje en una ficha y derrotar a villanos como Cell, Majin Buu, Freezer, cooler e incluso otras personas que rolean.
Las razas son: Terrícola, saiyajín, namekiano, majin buu y la raza de freezer (Demonios del Frío). Podrás disfrutar de torneos (cuando haya mas gente en el servidor roleando) derrotando a otras personas y demostrando que tu eres el mas fuerte.
El sistema de roleo es un poco complejo, pero se puede aprender en menos de 20 minutos.
¡Disfruta este servidor e invita amigos!
¡Te enviamos un Kamehameha!
The Multiverse of Sora is a small community where everyone and anyone can roleplay with OCs of their creation or any canon character in a highly action packed manner! The majority of our content is sort of based off of Dragon Ball, but we branch out as often as possible! We have power scaling that is progressive towards activity and skill, and have engaging events every weekend to spice things up! We also have a special partnership system where you can engage with different universes canonically, so your character can always experience something new and entertaining! We hope to see you join. Don't be shy; we welcome everyone!
Welcome to Dragon Ball X Generations!

200 years ago, a saiyan by the name of Son Goku defeated the Universe 11 warrior Jiren in a universal martial artist competition called the Tournament of Power. Ever since then the fighters of Universe 7 had found peace(at least until Broly came around).

Now, all the fighters have gone and passed on to the next life, except for the few exceptions that have longer life span. But besides that, everyone is dead, and a new generation arises...

This place has very great staff members!

We do not allow canon characters apart from Staff, so you are free to make your own OC with whatever you please, as long as you can reach it of course.

In this server we allow creative ideas as long as it is reasonable with responsible and reasonable staff members.

Create moves, fighting styles, even customize your own personal soundtrack!

Come on and rock the dragon with us in this new era of Dragon Ball, Featuring: YOU!
A New dragon Ball server that I have really high hopes for! We have many features, such as making almost everything customizable!
Here's the story:
Dating 250 Years after the broly movie, Every Z Fighter has passed away, even goku. But suddenly people from all around the corners of the universe come out of hiding, creating almost like a community of fighters, heroes and villians. Now it's a scramble to see who will be victorious!
Bienvenue dans un serveur rp de dragon ball !
Il y a une histoire différente a l'originale, et nous avons créer un système qui est assez facile a comprendre !
Ici, vous vous combatterez en faisant des jet de dés, car c'est sur cela que repose notre système.
Amusez-vous bien !
The year is 750 Age, and the North Galaxy is at an odd peace. It has been about 20 years since the destruction of Planet Sadala, and 14 years since the destruction of the last Saiyan survivor colonies. North Galaxy had been ruled by the Great Arcosian Emperor Glashur, but with his passing, the Empire has been divided between his children- Galatica, the only female and the weakest and youngest of the three, but most intelligent and cunning. There is Arctos, the middle son- both in strength and in age, and Frosticon- the strongest, but prone to fits of rage that justifies his empire's small size. The peace will not last however- the tension between Arctos and Frosticon has been growing rapidly..

Meanwhile, the planet of Earth has also been at peace. United under a single monarch long ago, the annual Martial Arts Tournament- Tenkaichi Budokai looks ready to start. But the Dragon Balls- having laid dormant for thousands of years, have finally awoken and burst off the planet and into the stars. Finally, Sydron Systems have created the first off world base- on the Earths moon of Luna.

But things are changing. Times are changing, and these two separate worlds look ready to collide...
In our server we RP mostly about dbz and DBS, we talk about gaming, memes, and pokemon as well
Welcome to the Dragon Ball RP server. This universe is different from the usual DBZ fandom, as you can create your own OC and travel the universes. There is also a 13th universe, one where the OCs live within. Come and join this friendly environment. We are in need of members as this is a new and fresh community.
Dragon Ball History. Rooted in stone, the flow of time flows over it like it does in all other timelines. But what if some of the more.....interesting combinations happend? What if different points in time collided?

This is what this role-play is based on. Different scenarios, created all by character interactions with others and the universe around them.

What may happen is only decided by YOU
❤a dragon ball server or you can call it a family❤
many events happen and many people looking to make new friends
the server is about many anime/none anime topics , dragon ball , gaming etc
meet new people and have fun participating in the event that happen daily with rewards you profit from in the server
have conversations with strangers which can by time be your friends,
❤so hop on and join us ❤
A server about anime and games also roleplaying! Peaceful and non toxic chat room with many things to keep you happy like events or karaoke. It is the right place for you to hang out with your friends. It is well protected with experienced staffs and it is mostly active depending on the time zone.
In a World Where the Z Fighters Never Existed, You make the story. This is Dragon Ball Z: Intertwined Fates. Will you be the most powerful warrior that ever existed, or the most brilliant scientist? You get to decide.
A Dragon Ball (Z/GT/S) Based Roleplay that has completely different outcomes and scenarios. From Taking over the entire Universe, Defeating Deities who have infinite power, To just wanting a good old fashioned fight with anything on sight... You can decide the outcome of your story!
Hi we are a DBZ RP Community that would appreciate your stay here! We will have Sagas and chances for your character to get strong, so join us and enjoy your stay!! KAMEHAMEHAAA!
Hello There
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a all fandom friendly server cursing is allowed ofc- just a nice place to chill and meet new people!
Dragon Ball: Alternative is a DB roleplaying server that takes place in a timeline without Goku, or any of the primary cast of heroes. Dive into the story of Dragon Ball Z, but with a twist! The story, while loosely based on the main Dragon Ball timeline, will take unexpected twists and turns depending on the actions of your characters! Live the lives that Goku and co. followed, and take your place as a great hero of the universe."
this is a server for the very fun game dragon ball z dokkan battle. its not a large server but we are very active. We also have an active account selling and trading section as well as a bit of stuff for Legends.
Welp long story short this server has the potential of being a good rp but I'm messing around for fun.
Welcome, You have been Invited to join the mystical world of Dragon Ball: Defiant Soul's.
In this alternate time line of the original Dragon ball universe. Universe 7, aswell as the rest of the other remaining universes have been reset by the Grand Zenos. With the time line reset things have played out just a little differently. Create or add your character and unleash your Evil or Pure Soul!
Join us with our:
-Unique Character Customization
-New Lore
-Custom techniques and Transformations.
-Alignment system (Good and Bad)
-Growing and active community
-Ever expanding story.