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An amazing role play dragon ball z server. The rp has none of the canon characters which means character progression has a lot of room for growth. We have skilled Role-players and a diverse community.
You Really Should Join This Server If Your A Fan Of DBZ, Jiren Will Be Waiting For You, I Hope You Join! It Includes, Memes, Chats , DueUtil , Creations And More!
Come and join us at Dragon Ball Remastered. We have a new, original story for you guy to enjoy!
Welcome to Anime Force! Do you like anime? Do you like roleplay? Well this is just the server for you! Anime Force combines every kind of anime and roleplay into one server. You can roleplay out the characters you want to be in this server!
It's a dragon ball z server, full of cool people, a large supply of bots, and fun role play. We have a developed system for Power Levels, time passage, and fighting. We've made sure to go into detail with every race and planet we could to ensure you have a fun and open experience on the server.

We have made transformation limits, training gains, and much more to ensure a fun but also fair experience.

We have made sure to include as much information as possible to not only ensure you're informed but also for easy access on the server for information so you don't have to dig through the wiki to find information.

We have plenty of active staff that're friendly and are willing to help at any moment of the day.

Unlike a lot of DBZ RP Servers we also have covered the original Dragon Ball show/manga and we already have a few people planning on making characters based on the Dragon Ball material

We consider DB, DBZ, DBGT, some of DBS, and the movies/some of the games canon

So please come and join. You'll enjoy it, I promise

A really young (hentai e)rp server which loosely follows the original story of the manga/anime from Dragon Ball, to Dragon Ball Super.

In it, you can play almost all races : human, earthling anthro, namekian, saiyan, acrosian, any alien race you can think of which would fit the universe, androids (from mechanical to bio, without forgetting the cyborgs), majins, demons and also, gods (although, aside from the weakest kais, these will be available only after you reach a certain power level).

You can also play canon characters, although, you'll have to play original ones first.

Power levels are determined in advance. Each new player starts off low, and gets to grow through the training system ! ^^
For the fights, we keep it logic (descriptions-based combat), with a few rules to follow, to keep everything fair, fairplay and logical.

Also, you can of course find the dragon balls and make a wish... well, if you find them all (although, the dragon can only be summoned once every year in-RP, which represents every two real-life-months... on each planet there's one on).

So if you wanna try out an ERP Dragon Ball server, but which still gives importance to the combat and the overall lore, this may just be the server for you. ;)
Finally, you got what you asked not that, you're disgusting. You are finally adult and you are working hard for that priceless palace, hiding you secret identity too, wait aren't you hero/villain?
Features we include:
- 🏁 - all kinds of races accepted in community
- 😂 - Humerous comedians on the server!
- 🍎 - Heroes vs villains, with neutral people in between.... getting troubled....
- 😍 - very expensive dream palace and store (with real life items to help you RP your life)
- 🐶 - An animal friendly community!
- ❗❗ - NSFW channels and chats for you silly sausages!

Join us with the available link:
Dragon ball roleplay we want new friends :3 and you are looking pretty good for the job we like to rp so feel free to join
Hello! We're the dokkan lads here to bring you some good ol' dokkan content.
We're mainly a DBZ-Dokkan Battle server, but we do have some Dragon Ball Legends stuff as well.
This server has all of the following features:
-A weekly giveaway ( Dokkan Battle only )
-A little series called Unit review ( a series of which I review some units, and the best teams to run with them)
-2 separate Dragon Ball legends fighting rooms (for when you need to speak with your opponent)
-And a small, yet loving community
-Partnering is available (see the partnering rules in #rules for more info)

Welcome to Zenkai Battle, a canon-based play-by-post Dragon Ball Roleplay hosted on Proboards. Come and join us in the Zeno's World, and take part in this confusing era of adventure!
We have:

- Canons and OCs available for play
- A completely loose power system focusing on story
- A variety of variants of canons, meaning if your preferred character is taken we can possibly work something out.

Hope to see you there!
TimeCraked and the Staff of Zenkai Battle.
Tired of the same-old same-old from all of these Dragon Ball Roleplay Servers? Well then, you're in luck! Just join Extreme Tenkaichi Budokai! Over here, we've got a friendly community, a heck of a lotta memes, an artwork section, a nice set of rules, a half-decent training system, and, last but not least, Custom Characters, Races, and Forms! This may not sound like much, but compared to some other Dragon Ball Z servers, this is a palace. This entire roleplay will follow the storyline we all know and love from the original Dragon Ball Z (Give or take a few differences), so it shouldn't be anything too complicated. Right now, we just started the Saiyan Saga, so why don't ya make like a Burter and dash over here! Join Extreme Budokai Tenkaichi today!
Very small, and quaint server I made a few months ago. This server is mainly Dragon Ball related but we are ok with any discussion related to anime, and other things. We have a custom rank system with 4 unlockable ranks with MEE6.

We love music too, so we have a music bot for you to listen with your friends, and a Voice Chat Waiting-room for when you're waiting for someone, hence the name "waiting-room".

Honestly just trying to get this server to grow, so we hope you enjoy the stay.

All languages are acceptable, but we have special channels for 2 specific ones, Spanish and Portuguese. All languages can be spoken in the General chat.

This is a Dragon Ball RP that takes place many years after the end of DBGT. The Saiyans have lost their homeworld and are spread throughout the universe as a diaspora, the Arcosian Empire looks set to take over the universe as their ancestors did many years before, the Tuffles are thriving, Namek is going through a golden age...

while Earth remains a backwater.
Forge your legacy! Join DBRP- Legends and Heroes today!
This is a Roleplay server for Dragon Ball Super/Z. Give aways every oncebin a while. Original characters are apreciated and most of all have fun.
When Zamasu was erased by Zeno, a piece of his existence survived. It wasn't much due to having his entire body almost completely erased. The piece of Zamasu slowly started to grow into a new being. It was a lot different than Zamasu in several different ways. It was faster, smarter, and most importantly, stronger. 500 years after the T.o.P, a vortex formed in the middle of the city. The city started to rise above the vortex and it would appear to be a floating island, but in reality, the vortex was lifting the entire city. The vortex sucked anything that came near it. This is where we start our story.
Many, many, years ago...
"So, you're saying you can use the Potras? You're not even a Kai!"
"So? Lets find out. You ready?"
The mysterious figure shook his head.
At this time, the first fusion was done with a mortal. Two mysterious Sayians somehow used the Potras, and fused into one. Though most modern fusions are done through dances. Fusions were made for the Kais, though, mortals soon learned how to use this to get stronger.
However, giving mortals such a power, usually doesn't end well...
Jump cut to now, Cooler and Frieza had obtained the Potras, and became one. Teaching their most elite men how to fuse, they became almost unstoppable. They took control most of the known universe, and are unrivaled.

Though, a small group of fighters wish for this tyranny too end..
The time is now. The universes have become peaceful for far too long. A new generation or warriors is born to face an impending evil. Goku and the other Z-Fighters aren’t around anymore, but we don’t need them. What we do need is for you to join in the fight!
This A Dragon Ball Roleplay,With Multiple Fun People.And The Lore Is: At the end of the Super ark Android 17 wished for the return of the universes, that is when Lord Zeno gave universe 13 another chance, this is universe 13, The Saiyan universe, A lot of Saiyans survived the destruction of Planer Vegeta and came to earth. The God Of Destruction in this universe is the Super Saiyan god, Aeron! He was so powerful he went down is every history as The Super Saiyan God.
Krusty Krab Pizza is a hangout place with memes, media, gaming discussion, bots, Krabby Patties, Krusty Dogs, and more!
Hello, and Welcome to the Universal Stage!
Dragon Ball - Universal Stage is a newly created, freeform roleplay, set in the Dragon Ball universes, making use of the wealth of interesting lore and races to create original new stories and characters. The room intends to take a more story-based, writing focused approach to roleplaying in the Dragon-Verse than other rooms I've found before that are more akin to RPGs than stories.
The setting of the room is the newly created and enigmatic Universe 13, an experimental universe created by the Omni-Kings following the Tournament of power, pooling their favourite pieces of the other 12 universes to create a universe full of amusement for the Kings of Everything! With the colliding of races and beings alike those from other universes, all the eyes of the gods are focused on the wild new 13th Universe - an all new adventure awaits, with all eyes on the Universal Stage!

Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope this all sounds like something new and fun for all my fellow Dragon Ball roleplayers out there! I look forward to seeing any and all new members!
- Oz