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This is a Rp server where u have to choose ur race and this will be constantly updating adding new forms, and races u can also hang out and talk about a lot of things dragon ball.

Once 20 people join I will be starting events that match up with dragon Ball news/games/movies and the shows
200 years ago, a saiyan by the name of Son Goku defeated the Universe 11 warrior Jiren in a universal martial artist competition called the Tournament of Power. Ever since then the fighters of Universe 7 had found peace(at least until Broly came around).

Now, all the fighters have gone and passed on to the next life, except for the few exceptions that have longer life span. But besides that, everyone is dead, and a new generation arises...
A completely different Universe than The Z-Fighter Universe. This universe comes with a handful of opportunities. What will you become? The protector of mankind, or the Emperor of The known Universe? the possibilities are unlimited.
Hey new members! 💚 i'm 💚~𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓵𝓪𝓲-𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷~💚! Or if you're Subscribed i'm Zen-chan! But New User you have to wait 10 minutes before entering! ⌚ So after 10 minutes explore our discord, hangout, and rank up ✌ peace!
This server consists of a mixture of communities, often discussing random shit and making db memes and what not. If you want to feel the freedom of cussing unlike other annoying anime servers then this is the place for you! Be sure to enjoy your stay, after all, we have no drama involved so it’s pretty chill.
Welcome weebs. We have screaming, shiny hair spray, shiny lights, and big orange balls. We also have a stat system, a stat gain system, and stuff like that. Fair staff.
i hope you have a fun time in this server and that you will make alot of friends,aswell that you don't break any rules or there will be consequences as of banning,kicking and mutting
What you will find here is alot of interesting stuff like

-Alot of events

-Question of the Day


-Role playing with your favorite races


-Listening to music

-And lots more
Dragon Ball Fight Club is a nice place to talk about Dragon Ball as a series, Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, discuss strategies, swap user IDs, or just chill. We're open to newbies and veterans alike. Of course, you're not limited to just talking about Dragon Ball franchises. We also have channels for other anime/manga, and games. On occasion, we even have faction wars for Dragon Ball Legends.
Somewhere in the midst of time, created by the gods, exists a separate era of timespace. This place is far from the normal canonical world you all know. After enjoying the tournament of power so much, these worlds were created by the Zenos as a new source of entertainment. Here they brought in a multitude of strong warriors from all over. Many races, many transformations, and many spaces to explore. But with all the good, there is also bad. What are you? Will you fight alongside good or evil? Welcome to: Dragon Ball: Galactic Warriors

"This takes place several hundreds of years after the events of Super. By now, the Earthlings all have hints of Saiyan blood within their veins. The Majins become a second intelligent race to populate the Earth, as well as a fair amount of Namekians. Some members of Frieza's race also reside on Earth along with them; it's a multi-racial galactic utopia."

"...Well, not quite."

In this server, you'll be greeted by friendly staff and other users that share your interests. Be it dragon ball or something that isn't, chances are some of us will like it.

A story has been in the works and still is, it will be constantly evolving and adding new things along with it! You can even create your own stories with friends and make new ones in the process, as long as it doesn't interfere with the main story line of course.

There will be a World Martial Arts Tournament after every year IRP that passes.

Giveaways will take place every now and then, like your own custom race or even cool perms!

We also have fair and just rules that shouldn't be broken unless you want to have a bad time(insert punny skeleton man).

Keep in mind that this is a new server with a new story, so don't expect over a thousand people saying how good of a server it is. Feel free to judge for yourself and advertise it anywhere you can.

The server is now open, and staff applications are ready to be received and reviewed!
Travel through distant lands.
Advance your Powerlevel to the highest and become the strongest being. Hero or Villian, fight against or along side enemies or allies.
Achieve stronger transformations and unlock greatness.
Destroy races and spread fear amongst your name.
Create your adventure.
HEY THERE! Miss the good old days of dragon ball where power levels were charted and fights had strategy? Come here to Dragon Ball: Lost Dimension!
We are a lovable group with fun role plays. That's right we roleplay. You have to work your way up from scratch like anything else but we are the best server around with the best quality admins. Join us today!
Rp as any dbz character you want in this exciting world of Universe 7 (Possible universes collide / Universe 7 and universe 13 meet)
A new and fun sever for all to enjoy! Can’t wait to see you there! 😁
-Epic battles
-and many other things like giveaways and events!
Words can not express how fun it would be to have you there so see yah! 😁
You Really Should Join This Server If Your A Fan Of DBZ, Jiren Will Be Waiting For You, I Hope You Join! It Includes, Memes, Chats , DueUtil , Creations And More!
this is a server for the very fun game dragon ball z dokkan battle. its not a large server but we are very active
Come and join us at Dragon Ball Remastered. We have a new, original story for you guy to enjoy!
Welcome to Anime Force! Do you like anime? Do you like roleplay? Well this is just the server for you! Anime Force combines every kind of anime and roleplay into one server. You can roleplay out the characters you want to be in this server!